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					Road Rules Governing the ‘No Parking’ Zones – Prospect Rd and Victoria

These areas are sometimes referred to as the ‘Drop Off’ zones or ‘Kiss and Drop’ zones. The following
gives the details on how the system operates.

1. The ‘No Parking’ is operational during the following times:
         a. In the morning between 8.00AM and 8:45AM
         b. In the afternoon between 3:15PM and 4.00PM

2. Drivers must not stop in this area unless the driver:
         a. is dropping off, or picking up passengers or goods; and
         b. does not leave the vehicle unattended; and
         c. completes the dropping off, or picking up, of the passengers or goods, and drives on, as
            soon as possible and, within 2 minutes.

3. It is an offence if a driver leaves the vehicle unattended. If the driver leaves the vehicle so that the
   driver is over 3 metres from the closest point of the vehicle, the driver is deemed to have left the
   vehicle unattended.

4. Each time a vehicle shifts a space forward, the drivers have an additional 2 mins to wait. Once a
   vehicle reaches the top of the queue the driver has an extra 2 minutes after which they must travel
   around the block and rejoin the car line. This must be done to allow everyone an equal
   opportunity to collect his or her child.

5. For Junior School parents, please have your son’s name clearly displayed on the left hand corner of
   your windscreen.

6. Junior School boys must wait until in the School grounds under the supervision of staff.

7. When a Junior School boy’s parent reaches one of the first four car spaces in the queue, the
   supervising teacher will call out the name of the boy to indicate that the boy may go to his parent’s
   car. Parents should only leave their car to help their son when their son leaves the School grounds.

8. All belongings should be placed in the passenger compartment of the car by the child or
   in the boot by an adult. No child should be allowed to walk between two cars at any
   time. It is preferable that the boots of the cars are not used if this can be avoided. (If a
   driver is distracted in the queue, they might not stop and could hit the car in front or the
   person placing bags into the boot of car.)

9. The following Parking Offences will result in on the spot fines by Council Rangers or Police:
         a. Stopping in a ‘No Stopping’ zone                   $179
         b. Double Parking                                     $179
         c. Stopping in a ‘Bus Zone’                           $179
         d. Blocking Driveways                                  $ 77
         e. Illegal U Turns                                    $231
         f. Exceeding time in ‘NO Parking’ zones               $179

                                                                            Peter Green       Senior Master

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