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					                                   Road Rules and Trams
This page is provided for the convenience of road users who find themselves sharing the road
with trams in Bendigo. It is a summary of Victoria's main road rules and driver responsibilities
as they apply to sharing the road with trams.

Safety Zones and Tram Stops:
    Slow down when approaching Safety Zones and Tram Stops. There is always the risk of
      pedestrians getting off a tram and crossing the road without looking.
    At Tram Stops where there is no Safety Zone between you and the tram, you must
      stop and give way to all pedestrians walking to and from the kerb.

General rules about sharing the road with trams:
   Do not overtake a stopped tram.
         o You must stop level with the rear of the tram and wait for the people to get on
             and off.
         o You may only overtake a stopped tram:
                 if there are no pedestrians on the road and you are facing a green traffic
                 when a uniformed tram employee signals you through,
                 and you must not exceed 10 km/h when passing the stopped tram.
   You must give way to a tram moving into or across a roundabout.
   You must not pass on the right of a tram unless tram tracks are at or near the far left
     side of the road.

Passing or overtaking a tram that is not at or near the left side of the road:
    The driver must not drive past, or overtake a tram if the tram is turning left or is giving
      a left change of direction signal, unless the driver is turning left and there is no danger
      of a collision with the tram.

Further Information:

For further information, visit the VicRoads website in order to download a copy of Driving in
Victoria: rules and responsibilities [PDF, 1.56MB, 104 pp.] This VicRoads document provides
information on the main road rules and driver responsibilities in the State of Victoria.

Detailed information regarding the Victorian road rules can also be obtained from the VicRoads
website page listing the "Acts and Regulations administered by VicRoads".

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