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New Mexico Veterans Motorcycle Association Road Rules


Dell - Winston Solar Challenge is not only a speed competition, it is a mobilization of all teachers and students participate in a "mental sport." Chelsey Johnson 17-year-old boy along the Texas highway speed of 35 miles per hour forward, toward the 1,000 miles outside the Arab city of Cocoa, Florida. In front of him, watching a lead vehicle driving conditions. Behind him, a trace of the truck, loaded with a team of students with laptops, running speed and battery power mark, sent instructions to him by radio. This is not a video game, this is Dell - Winston Solar Challenge, teaches high school students to master a solar car program. 1991 by Winston in Dallas, Texas private schools initiated the first tournament attracted 90 schools to participate, a total of three vehicles are eligible to participate in the final race. Today, the program has 22 countries from 900 schools.

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