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									Overview and Status
February 2002
Operation Paycheck
   Objective:
     – Quickly prepare laid-off workers for jobs in demand
       occupations that relate to their skills.
   Program Design:
     – Community colleges and vo-tech centers retool vocational
       curricula in job fields where demand is strong to grant laid-off
       workers credit for job and life experience;
     – Common fee schedule developed by education partners for
       use by all education institutions;
     – Workforce One-Stop career managers identify and assess
       workers who could benefit from career change training and
       authorize payment to certified training providers through OP
     – Education and WF system make job placements
     – AWI manages payment and reporting systems
Operation Paycheck Eligibility

   Separation from employment after or related to the
    events of September 11, 2001.
   Must be laid off/terminated or received a notice of
    layoff/termination from employment and are unlikely
    to return.
   Must be eligible for unemployment compensation
    benefits with the following exceptions:
    –   Not eligible for benefits due to insufficient wage credits; or
    –   Not eligible for benefits because former employer was not
        required by law to pay unemployment compensation taxes; or
    –   Was self-employed but now unemployed due to economic
        conditions or natural disaster.
How Operation Paycheck Works
     DOE                                   AWI
                                                        •Financial processing
•Curriculum                                             •Performance management
•Skills match matrix
•Fee Schedule
•Coordination of
education response


Regional Workforce                Information Sharing            Certified Training
      Boards                                                         Providers
 •Counseling & Support Services
 •Skills Assessment                                         •Deliver training
 •Training Authorization                                    •Report student progress
 •Job Placement
                                                            •Submit invoices for payment
                                                            •Job placement (coordinated with RWB)
How to Participate in Operation
   File claim for UC benefits via Internet;
   Go to one-stop nearest your home;
   Tell receptionist that you are interested in
    Operation Paycheck; meet career manager;
   Describe work experiences/skills; develop
    plan for re-employed.
   Discuss OP training opportunities and
    providers that are appropriate to your skills
    and experience.
   Ask career manager to authorize and arrange
    for training.
Implementation Status, Feb. 2002
   Letter introducing Operation Paycheck has been
    sent to everyone who filed UC claim since
   More than 20,800 people have expressed an
    interest in Operation Paycheck.
   More than 3,500 customers have already been
    enrolled in OP training; 2,255 are awaiting
   Almost 68% of all OP customers are enrolled in
    high-tech training.
Workforce Resource Contacts
   File UC claims via the INTERNET at:

   Look for work at :

   Call for assistance: 1-877-872-5627

   Find out more about Operation Paycheck:

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