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 PURCHASING NEWS (PLUS!)                                                                  Summer 2007

                                                                                         Volume 3, Issue 1

                A Message from the Controller
                                                                                   Inside this issue:
Hello! from Steve Allison, Boise State’s new controller.

I’d like to thank Carol Joyce for her leadership in communication. I think
communication is one of the most important customer service principles.            Controller’s Message      1
We’ve received some nice feedback on this newsletter in the past. We wel-          A Message from            1
come all feedback, good and, well….constructive. It’s how we improve.              Management:
                                                                                   Carol Joyce

The “Plus” in this newsletter’s title indicates a step toward improvement.         A Message from            2
Over time, we’ll include updates from other Controller’s Office departments.       Management:
This issue includes updates from Marilyn Griggs’s Administrative Accounting        Kim Joslyn
Department. You’ll see more from other groups in future newsletters.
                                                                                   Important Dates           2
We’ve got a lot going on! I’m looking forward to meeting more of you over
time and learning how we can best serve your financial management
                                                                                   Personal Reimburse-       3-5
needs. Thanks!                                                                     ments: A Closer Look

                                                                                   Avoiding Process      5
Steve Allison, Controller                                                          Pitfalls: Payment
                                                                                   Requests and How You
                                                                                   Can Help Avoid Delays
                From the Desk of Carol Joyce
                                                                                   Payment Guidelines        6-7
It’s hard to believe, but we are just a few weeks away from FY07 year-end and
the beginning of FY08. It’s a busy time for everyone, and we appreciate the
support we receive from the campus community during this period. The focus         Purchasing News from      8
of this issue is reminders about year-end cut-off dates for processing financial   Director, Terri
requests, and review of procedures and backup requirements for processing
payment requests. The goal of our Newsletter is to communicate better with
campus-wide departments, keeping you informed of current business proc-            Current Contacts          9
esses and procedures, projects, timelines, events, and changes in staff. We
plan to produce four issues per year—Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Even-
tually, it will expand to include information from the entire Controller’s unit.

I want to give special thanks to Cathy Charlton for accepting the role of editor
and for her diligence to produce our Summer issue before year-end. Your in-
put is welcome, so please let us know what you like about this issue and what
you would like to see in future issues. Comments and suggestions can be
emailed to

Carol Joyce, Manager, Accounts Payable
                              Volume 3, Issue 1                                                  Page 2

                     A Message from the Desk of Kim Joslyn

Hi, everyone.

I would like to introduce myself, for those of you who have not already met me. I am the new Assistant
Manager of the Accounts Payable Department, and I have been with the department since October of
last year. Among other things, I manage the daily workflow of the department, as well as supervisory
and problem-solving tasks. My goal is to help Carol run the department efficiently and courteously, and
to get the many, many payment requests that we handle audited properly and paid in a timely manner
to our vendors. If you have feedback in regard to our workflow and processes, please feel free to con-
tact me. I look forward to working with each of you as we go forward.

Kim Joslyn, Assistant Manager, Accounts Payable

                             “There is strength in a team.” -- Anonymous

                                     Year End Deadlines

 Please visit Administrative Accounting's website for important in-      “I love deadlines. I like the
 formation on year-end deadlines. The following link will take you       whooshing sound they
 directly to their Year-End Deadlines page, where you will find due      make as they fly by.”
 dates and contact information.                                           —Douglas Adams
                                                                                             Page 3
                               Volume 3, Issue 1

                      Personal Reimbursements (The Basics)

For a variety of reasons, personal reimbursements tend to be the most
problematic of all types of payment requests. However, by following spe-
cific procedures, you can help ensure the successful and timely processing
of your payment request. When completing a request for a personal reim-
bursement, please review the following:

For business meeting, BSU event, or entertainment expenses:

Complete a Payment Request form and attach a Reimbursement Request for
Entertainment, Food, Meals, and/or Meeting Expense form. Include original
itemized receipts and obtain appropriate authorized signatures.


•   Dates, amount, vendor, meeting times, and location need to match
                                                                              Things to
       supporting documentation.
•   Provide a business purpose that substantiates the expense.
•   List participants.
                                                                              • A purchase becomes
•   Form must be signed by requestor and the requestor’s supervisor (at         taxable if submitted to
        least one management level above the payee).                            Accounts Payable af-
•   Receipts should show a list of specific items purchased, as well as the     ter 60 days of the pur-
                                                                                chase date.
        vendor name and the purchase date and time.
                                                                              • Include original item-
•   Printed receipts should show vendor name, date, and amount paid,
                                                                                ized receipts.
        including tips, with a $0 balance due.
                                                                              • Business purpose
•   Meetings or BSU events require an agenda, flyer, or announcement.
                                                                                must be substantiated.
                                                                              • An authorized signa-
Personal reimbursement for services:                                            ture must come from
                                                                                at least one manage-
                                                                                ment level above the
Generally, personal reimbursements for services are not allowed. Contact
Accounts Payable prior to making this type of purchase.

(Personal Reimbursements continued, page 4)
                             Volume 3, Issue 1
                             Volume 3, Issue 1                                              Page 4

                            Personal Reimbursements, continued

Although it is strongly discouraged, there may be circumstances in which
an employee may be required to make a business purchase with personal
funds. Boise State University Purchasing Policy 6470 (Section 2.I) states   A policy is a temporary
that employees “may be reimbursed for a maximum of $300 when it is          creed liable to be
necessary to purchase business-related goods and services with personal     changed, but while it
funds. Documentation required for reimbursement shall include an            holds good it has got to
original paid itemized receipt and a full description of the items pur-     be pursued with apos-
chased. Other information should include the business purpose of the        tolic zeal.
expenditure, dates, places, and other pertinent information. The request
for reimbursement must be timely, usually within ten (10) days of return.
Reimbursement is subject to department approval and availability of         —Mohandas Gandhi
funds. In addition, reimbursement can only be made if the items pur-
chased with personal funds were not restricted in any way, and were
obtained from a source with which Boise State would normally be
permitted to do business.”

For a complete description of BSU policy on employee reimbursement,
or for more information on BSU Purchasing policies, please consult the
policy manual online at:

For reimbursement for supplies, equipment, or products:

Complete a Payment Request form. Provide accounting information. Pay-
ment requests must also be accompanied by:

•   Original itemized receipts
•   Statement of business purpose for the purchase
•   Authorized signatures (at least one management level above the


Requests need to be made within a reasonable amount of time. This is
normally considered to be within 10 days of the purchase date.

(Personal Reimbursements continued, page 5)
                              Volume 3, Issue 1                                             Page 5

                              Personal Reimbursements, continued
For Reimbursement for Internet Purchases:

Complete a Payment Request form. Include:

•   Itemized receipt(s) from merchant
•   Credit card statement that provides the last 4 digits of your
        account number, date and amount of purchase, and
       merchant name
•   Statement of business purpose
•   Signature of person requesting the reimbursement
•   Signature of authorized personnel (at least one management
        level above the payee)

For more detailed information on reimbursements and
Accounts Payable procedures, visit our webpage at the following

    Common Problems with Payment Requests and How You Can Avoid Them
Delays in processing of payment requests can be avoided with a few simple steps. Missing information
is the most likely culprit when paperwork is returned. The most common problems are:

•   Missing Vendor Information form (Substitute W-9 form)
•   Missing receipts
•   Receipts that are not original or that are not itemized
•   No clear statement of business purpose
•   Lack of appropriate signatures
•   Missing forms, such as:
       -Reimbursement Request for Entertainment, Food, Meals and/or Meeting Expense
       -Vendor Information Form and Statement of Services
       -Statement of Cash/Gift/Award Payment
       -Service Agreement form

A checklist can be a useful means to prevent delays when submitting payment requests. Our guidelines
on the following pages can be printed out and used as a quick-reference tool.
                           Volume 3, Issue 1                                               Page 6

                    General Guidelines for Payment Requests
                 Payment Type                            Forms and Backup Documentation
Vendor Payments less than $2,000                 Payment Request form
(University P-card is preferred method of pay-   Itemized original invoice
ment for goods and services less than $2,000)

Payment may be requested through A.P. on a
Payment Request form after goods/services have
been received

Vendor Payments between $2,000-$5,000            Requisition
Usually processed through Purchasing on a        Purchase Order
purchase order

Vendor Payments greater than $5,000              Invoices route directly to Purchasing
Bid process                                      through A.P.

Vendor Payments greater than $50,000
Department of Purchasing

Vendor Payments greater than $250,000
State Board of Education

Personal Reimbursement of business               Payment Request form
meeting, BSU event, or entertainment ex-
                                                 Entertainment form
                                                 Agenda, flyer, or announcement of event
                                                 Original itemized receipt(s)
                                                                                               Page 7
                              Volume 3, Issue 1
                 General Guidelines for Payment Requests, continued

                 Payment Type                          Forms and Backup Documentation Required
Personal Reimbursement for Supplies/                 Payment Request form
Equipment/Products                                   Original itemized receipt(s)
                                                     Statement of business purpose
                                                     May require additional supporting documents, such
                                                        as credit card statement of canceled check

Payment for Services                                 Payment Request form
(Independent Contractor)                             Vendor Information form
Before payment can proceed, the department           Independent Contractor Status form
must determine if a service provider is classified
                                                     Statement of Services Rendered form (less than
as a regular vendor, an employee, or an inde-
pendent contractor (see: BSU Independent Con-           $600 in a calendar year)
tractor Services Policy at                           Contract for Services (equal to or less than $600 in
                                                        a calendar year)
Gifts/Awards/Prizes                                  Payment Request form
Require prior review and approval by A.P.            Entertainment form
manager                                              Agenda, flyer, or announcement of event
                                                     Original itemized receipt(s)
May be taxable to recipient                          Statement of Cash Gift/Award form
                                                     Statement of business purpose
May use P-card for promotional item purchases
but must have approval from P-card administrator
Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement                    Payment Request form
Non-taxable under BSU accountable travel plan        Vendor Information form
                                                     Non-Employee Expense Reimbursement form
                                                     Original itemized receipt(s)

                                                     May be taxable if required backup documentation
                                                     not provided

Non-Resident Alien Payments
Require prior review and approval by A.P.
                                                                                                Page 8
                               Volume 3, Issue 1

                           From the Desk of Terri Spinazza

The BSU Purchasing Department is pleased to welcome our newest
buyer, Mike Carr. Mike joins us with experience from the Idaho State
Police and the Idaho Transportation Department.

P-card holders and approvers are very aware of the conversion project
with Wells Fargo from SmartData to CCER. The conversion process
has been completed. Anna Pollworth gets an enormous thank you for
managing this project that required working with dual systems for the
past six months. We continue to work with Wells Fargo to improve
report capabilities and response time from their Technical Services
desk. Your suggestions and feedback are encouraged!

Purchasing provides a means to acquire a variety of goods and services
to meet the needs and challenges of our campus community, while en-
suring compliance with federal, state and University rules/regulations.
Get us involved EARLY with your purchasing projects so that we can
work with you in developing the best approach. Contact any staff
member with those “how do I?” questions. Our contact list is found at .


                                  We would like to offer a heartfelt congratulations to Aaron
                                  and Carol Lunt on the birth of their daughter, Rachel.

                                  Rachel was born on May 7, 2007 at 4:10 am. At birth, she
                                  measured 18 3/4 inches tall and weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces.

                                  Our best wishes to the Lunt family!
                                  Volume 3, Issue 1                                                 Page 9

                                            Accounts Payable
                                            Current Contacts

PRIMARY CONTACT and                    Non-Compensatory Payments       Relocation
SECONDARY CONTACT:                     Kristin Jackson      426-2159   Peggy Davis                426-1539
                                       Aaron Lunt           426-2916   Carol Joyce                426-2929
Inquiry Referral/Main Contact
for Accounts Payable                   Non-US Citizen Payments         Travel Examiner
Lois Santillanes           426-3434    Carol Joyce          426-2929   Peggy Davis                426-1539
Kim Joslyn                 426-1589    Kristin Jackson      426-2159   Nancy Conlin               426-4816

Diners Club                            Paycycle and Outstanding        Travel Payables
Peggy Davis                426-1539    Check Research                  Nancy Conlin               426-4816
Nancy Conlin               426-4816    Liz Wieneke          426-1017   Peggy Davis                426-1539

Fuel Card Administration               Personal Reimbursement/         Utilities/Phone
                                       Entertainment and Business
Peggy Davis                426-1539                                    Janet Eld                  426-3977
                                                                       Aaron Lunt                 426-2916
                                       Jennifer Acker       426-1549
                                       Kim Joslyn           426-1589
Independent Contractors                                                Vendor Information
Lori Kolasch               426-3101                                    Amber Howard               426-2439
                                       Petty Cash
Kim Joslyn                 426-1589                                    Celia Clemens              426-2438
                                       Kim Joslyn           426-1589
                                       Aaron Lunt           426-2916
Internal Payments                                                      Newsletter and Webpage
Aaron Lunt                 426-2916                                    Cathy Charlton             426-4360
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