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									If you would like to make a donation to the John Paul Stevens Theatre Department and
don’t know what we might need…here’s a basic list! If you have items to donate please
call 210-397-6555 or email josedehoyos@nisd.net or jenniferfriedrich@nisd.net .

Paint brushes and rollers
New Eyeliners
Masking tape
Duct tape
Nails, screws and carriage bolts(various sizes)
Folding tables (long or card)
Blank cds
Used cds and tapes
Clothing that is vintage (especially men’s) and Dancewear
Basic furniture pieces(chairs, loveseats, chaise lounge, antiques)
Wigs and wig heads
Safety pins
Bobby pins
Hair spray
Empty bins (various sizes)
Ink Pad (for stamp pads)
Prop items (rotary phones, non-electric typewriters, goblets, etc.)
Dishes and Drinkware
Baby Wipes
Baby Oil and cold cream
Costume Jewelry(pierced and non)
Laundry soap
Magazines and newspapers
Flat or accent based paints
Lobby brooms and lobby dustpans
Dolly(Flatbed or upright)
Febreeze and Lysol
Make-up applicators
Hair Accessories
Map Pencils
Latex gloves

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