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					Environmental Protection Agency
Partners in Technology Industry Briefing 1 June 2007

Environmental Protection Agency
Total ICT Budget • $7.5M Operating • $0.5M Capital (excludes client business systems)

Operating Environment • 2500 desktops • 100+ Servers • 38 Brisbane and regional networked sites + 92 Parks by satellite, ADSL and Business IP • Desktop Environment – HP hardware, Microsoft based MOE

Environmental Protection Agency

Service Delivery Model
“Protecting the environment for a sustainable future”

EPA Business

Business Support

Strategy and Planning
Solution Design and Service Specification

Relationship Management

Service Management
• ITIL • Regional

Solution and Service Delivery

Environmental Protection Agency
Information Management and ICT Strategy
Real-time information

Governance and control

Information Available

Network and manage Knowledge/Information

Business systems Technologies and practices


Environmental Protection Agency
Business Systems Context • Administrative – WoG Offerings
– – – – Finance – Agency SAP -> WoG SAP – August 07 HR – Aurion -> WoG SAP HR - ? Records – CARMS Library – Voyager

• Service Delivery Specific – Mix of OTS, Bespoke and In-house • Preferred model is Reuse, Buy, Build


Environmental Protection Agency
Key Systems – Service Delivery • Eco Track – permit/licence tracking • EcoSteps – web based permit/licence issue • EcoMaps – spatial information • EMR/CLR – contaminated land • Estates Register – protected areas • Herbrecs – Herbarium flora records • IA Parks – Park camping/vehicle booking • SAMS – Park asset management • Wildnet – plants & animals database • CHIMS – cultural heritage database

Environmental Protection Agency
Major ICT Procurements Plan • Web Content Management System • Corporate Risk Management (underway) Business drivers • Improving internal and external communication channels • Effectively manage all risks in a consistent and timely manner – build on success of Not One Not Ever (NONE)
Minor Procurement (under $100,000) • Details not available

Environmental Protection Agency
Hardware Procurement • Significant Procurement (over $100,000) – None currently scheduled • Minor Procurement (under $100,000) – Mainly servers covered by established SOA’s.


Environmental Protection Agency
Dealing with the EPA • Small agency but very diverse (Parks) • Focus on Sustainable Procurement solutions • Utilising partnerships within Government under Shared Services initiative • Actively involved in Smart Services Queensland service delivery • Standing Offer Arrangements are in place for acquisition of services • Demonstrated successful partnering with industry


Into the Future
• Committed to implementation of Service Delivery and Performance Commission Report including Technology Consolidation and Identity and Directory Integration • Responding to increasing demands due to prominence of environmental issues in the community • Increased sharing and integration of information, including spatial, at a whole of government level


Environmental Protection Agency
Sustainable Procurement • Manufacturers commitment to environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. ISO 14001 certification, national packaging covenant • Use of recycled and recyclable products for packaging. • Recovery of packaging materials • Waste management practices of suppliers. • Recovery of old / obsolete equipment and environmentally friendly disposal of the equipment (Reduction of landfill and management of hazardous material) • Low energy use. (Star Ratings)

Contact Details
• Michael Boyle (ICT Strategy and Service Delivery)
– Telephone: 3227 6187 – Email address: – Responsible for: IT Services

• Peter Muir (Procurement)
– Telephone: 3224 8961 – Email address: – Responsible for: Purchasing Services


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