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									Throughout       the    industrial   structure,     the    company       split   into    a
   Entrepreneurship generally consists of two aspects, one is kicked out of the courage
that kick, the second is do good and not for the grassroots spirit. As long as the
customer needs to seize on one or two points, start small, we can start up.
But in today's sudden coming of such a winter season, when the courage of
entrepreneurs still need, but can not be like the early days has been as small and
focused, but should look from above, look at industry structure, and make discerning
judgments and confidence to fight the. Biru, blood loss for those who do not
immediately die business, this winter should be yes right after the spring two to three
years Jinxingbuju, Yinweiweiji after all Hui Guo Qu, Er who can grasp the peak of the
growth 机 会             Weilaizengchang depends Shuinenggouzai present This
forward-looking in the winter layout. The only way to turn
"crisis" into "opportunities."
Today, entrepreneurs need the courage of the early start, but needs to have
forward-looking commercial insight. Of course, the same as with the early start is also
important to plan carefully, but only by detailed accounts and the calculation of small
accounts, can not really escape from this crisis, let alone change the
"Crisis" as a "machine" was.
CEO of the venture will also have a corporate mentality changes, but all things are not
the only business in place, top-down system with very important, mature company
will have the opportunity to change themselves. Multinational companies tend to be
quick decision-making, The various business units, low efficiency, such a Lai
Huoxuyinggai to maximize human capital Fen Jie Dao output of small units, which
are then formed a company Shiti small units.
For example Houweierqi General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt era, has taken too large of
small, strategy, General Electric split into a separate entity operating a small business.
ABB in the global management way is the business unit Zuo Xiao, Zhe Yang Du You
each business unit start-up company's size and goals, with Shang suitable
mechanism properly, one Nenggoubijiao Hao Zhe's state of mind to
maintain the business.
IBM in the Gerstner helm, they discovered the problem, so Gerstner was a
heavyweight on the look for VP, for a new role - EBO (Emerging Business
Opportunity, new business opportunities). The company has specialized for the EBO
process, that is, the organizational structure in the original investment to create new
companies, to ensure that these small, short term benefits may not see an opportunity,
not a traditional IBM service process for large projects by denied. It has developed a
number of the best creative results, without relying on the leading force in the case of
the company, but also to achieve the maximum profit. (November 15, 2008 China
Business News)
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