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?Psychology class, Professor Zhou Zheng is taught:
Under the previous lesson, a boy handed the piece of paper, "I am a
relatively shy person, no expertise, no football, no basketball ... ... the only hobby is
writing. Enter college, see students around the exchanges work both ways, like a duck,
free and easy skill, it is envy. we should go through life, and I how to plan their own
future? ... ... Professor Chow, I think I was better as a writer , a person, not bad, you
say? "
   "Do not answer to this question?" Professor Zhou Yang
Liaoyang in the hands of the note.
   "Back - A -" great interest from students, writers dream but a
lot of fear in the competition straw man ah!
   Professor Zhou put down the paper, "Well, today I will personally reply
to the classmates - my attitude is simple: Those who do 'writers
dream'          of    the     people,   are     escapism,     and     incompetent
people ... ..."
   Voice did I hear, the following is a boo.
  ?"I'll ask you, a pen, a piece of paper to do, who does not?
When the writer is that simple, everybody. I always say, first-class talents in the
military and the business sector, second-rate talent in the politicians, third-
professionals in academia. on the soldiers, the hundreds of thousands of people you
lead, I led thousands of people, not skill, and the death of 100 000 is for you. Here is
the overall quality to be, a challenge, so military people are the most strong. business
as well, put two million, three months later, it may ruin and death, you do it? want the
same quality. politics is different, he can adjust, circuitous, and policies can not work
again and again is room, but to be responsible. and academia, one not work twice,
three times ... not work ... can not work forever. success or failure of the military and
businessmen at a glance, the only way writers can into retreat, does not matter the
outcome of success or failure ... ... " Some people nodded thoughtfully.
   "A famous writer to do in a university lecture course, some students
asked him how to become an author? He said, 'First of all, to feed your
family, say when the writer!'," Professor Zhou taken seriously
with you, eyes naturally reveals a deep love and care, "" The
Analects of Confucius "records: once Confucius came to defend the
country, see the defending many people say 'Shu carry on Zai',
meaning 'Great Patriotic many people ah'. next was asked
'both Shu men, and how additional Yan? 'means'
many people, how do?' - question is, was, many people, how do? do we do
it? you think, how would Confucius say? "
   "Education of the -" We are confident, great educator Well.
Professor Zhou smiled and shook his head, "Master said: 'the
wealth.' - Confucius said: 'Let them get rich.' Do you
think people should have education, did not know before in education, we must first
make people rich . other people asked: "'both the rich men, and
how        rich     people       plus      Yan       ?'--'           after,
   "Education of -" you laugh.
   "Yes, the only conditions for rich people to receive education. Food is
not bad to wear when warm, education is an empty phrase, no safety Moreover, the
National People's Congress on the food and clothing to talk about
education, this act itself is not kind. Confucius is indeed all education, him that
'not rich do not teach' the meaning is very profound! in
accordance with the psychologist Maslow's hierarchy of needs, people only
meet the basic physiological needs of the future, would be to consider the safety, love
and be loved needs only a self-fulfilling needs. "
   "For example: belt-tightening live in the couple, to a
Valentine's Day, the husband of a bite, give wife a large rose bouquet, this
time the wife does it feel?"
"Romantic, right?"
"A waste!" The students compete together.
"I might as well get a pair of fur gloves too! You see my hands this winter
and cold, and the net waste money ... ..." Professor Zhou humorously
rebuke Road, we have the sentiment in the laugh.
   "When people live are tight, is not thinking about romance, it is the rich
enjoy. Ask you a sense: to know when the male pursuit of females, given what is
   "For ah, a send worms, the female will be intended: the stronger the
viability of this guy, along with it, and in the future our children will not starve. This
is a even a bird will understand the truth."
The following extremely quiet for fear of missing any word Professor Zhou.
"'Etiquette Depository really makes me know, food and clothing
enough to think of honor.' Since ancient times, people will say
'hungry from the Pirates of the Heart'. Eat well and dress well,
live in peace only after a normal life for younger people. If there is no something to
eat, even things the parents will be grabbed to eat, not to mention the brothers. in the
lives of people caught in the worst state, it gave up any moral. This is true of human
nature. Chinese philosophers as early as a few thousand years ago, had pointed out
that the true shape of human. "
   "In the food and clothing can not be met, still able to maintain the
protocol, which is something mere mortals can not do."
  ?"If you want this beast will not arise, we look forward to revealing the
best of human nature, and to maintain social order, improve the moral, polite to each
other can understand, and use a happy life, we must ensure that everyone can have
their own income. For words, to let you make money. based on obligations, we have
to make money 才行. "
Must        make       money!        -     It      seems      that      the      so-called
"people-oriented", we do not know more than the ancients.
   "Male loss of viability on the nature of the loss of the male talent.
History shows that man's unfortunate, unfortunate nation from poverty. The
so-called          'Poverty              and          ill      health',
'atrocious' ... ... Therefore, you must understand: money is
morality, we must attach importance to money. I tell you: boy, you can not play
football, not basketball, you can not write, will not play the piano, do not cook. can
nothing will, but must will make money. "
   Professor Zhou's words fell valuable, incisive. I feel the eyes of many
boys in her light, I wonder if they still want to see is the pressure?
   "Finally, to give you an example, you think carefully. For example, the
Spring Festival approaching, and my wife said: 'The Spring Festival, and
Zanba our mother wanted to come to the Shenzhen side, we take a look and small
grandchildren.' Her husband immediately said: 'to Sha for? not
need to! 咱 been windy and busy, and let them come, net chaos! Besides, this way,
the elderly and more convenient!' What is the status of this man now?
   "Angrily!" Was answered with a smile.
   "Remember, all men are the poor man angrily. But the other one, his
wife said: 'My husband, ah, faster than the Spring Festival, and the old
people we want to come back to the year did not see it!', Said:
'Oh , OK good, and should allow them to come. In this way, you let them
fly over. 'This man is not frantic, he was very calm.' There, you
see, our family's house, this three-78, desolate, and no one accompanied
the child to play. my grandparents came, or grandma grandpa came home, there are
angry, angry over Chinese Lunar New Year are good! 'Why did he say?
because this man money, he was not afraid, He has a place to live, money to the
parents come. he means to show his filial piety, and such men often do not temper.
because he has great control, have a good foundation, anything to have him here can
be resolved, can be treated calmly. then, the family happily over the New Year. old
people go when asked about his wife: 'What are the requirements they have
no parents?' No, no, they are happy, not the requirement that . ',
said:' I heard, they said the third son to get married, no house to live, they
want to empty out a house to live in old house. This is how you can do? Thus, in the
home to spend 60 thousand dollars, we have a 30 000 , third brother to take 30,000,
built a two-story house they live in, parents do not have to move. 'heard
this, his wife holding her husband could not speak, so wife does not love her husband
does not appreciate what what? well, our home has become the younger brother that
brother is a good man, the envy of the village, parents happy, a happy life. 30 000
dollars, but his month's wages, he is willing to come up with the 30,000
dollars. "
  Professor Zhou said in conclusion: "Which one is willing to do, you
choose. But remember: knowledge may not bring money, money is the ability to rely

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