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According to "First Financial Daily" reported on June 4 to 7
days, the world's most elite gathering of mystery - Bilderberg Conference
(Bilderberg Conference) in the Spanish town of Xitegesi (Sitges) hold. This quiet little
town 20 km away from Barcelona, has always been known homosexuals gathered,
and now it ushered in more than 100 political, military, business, financial and
academic world's top chiefs, the whole town suddenly alert guarded.

For the world's most mysterious, and the Chinese people have twice been
invited to participate in, respectively, the former Secretary-General of Boao Forum for
Asia Long (2004) and the Research Strategy and Management, the Deputy
Secretary-General Chang (2006).

Secret party

British "Guardian" reporter Charlie? Sigaierdun (Charlie
Skelton) column with interest in the description of his knowledge, he and the other
Bilderberg Conference "tracker" around with inventory, at the
meeting Dolce erected opposite the hotel host high-powered telescope, secretly spying
on the venue's sign of trouble. He saw Barclays Bank chairman Marcus
Agius, Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann, the former U.S. Army deputy chief
Jack? Keane, General, Obama Afghanistan and Pakistan envoy Richard Holbrooke,
and President of ING Group, the Finnish Ministry of Finance Minister of ... ... was the
background of the complex, high status, any other international conferences appear to
have no comparison.

Just a month ago, another world elite, "the Trilateral
Commission" has just held in Dublin, Ireland annual meetings, from North
America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific region senior government officials, academics,
leaders of multinational CEOs and the World Bank, IMF and other international
agencies got together. In the "Trilateral Commission," the
official Web site, we can find the date of the meeting held on May 7 ~ 9. A few
months later, we might be able to spend ten dollars to buy the Brookings Institution in
the United States Conference of essays.

But Bilderberg is meeting with the "Trilateral Commission"
different, more complex background of its participants, but also more mysterious. It is
not the official site, nor any statement, or even prohibit the news media to take photos
or interviews. Last year's "Guardian" reporter
Charlie? Sigaierdun track in Athens, Greece Bilderberg meeting that year, they had
been arrested by local police. Sometimes even the host governments are not aware of
the existence of Bilderberg meetings. 2000, meeting in Brussels, Belgium, held near
the town of Genval, the local mayor was awakened by a telephone stalkers, surprised:
"You're kidding, if the Queen of the Netherlands and Henry?
Kissinger came here, how do I may not be notified? "

The last two years the situation has changed. "The Guardian",
"The Times" and other media began to limited space on the
Bilderberg meeting reports, the mysterious world has become increasingly concerned
about the meeting, all of which should be attributed to the professional Bilderberg
tracker tireless efforts. Some tracker has been studied for decades Bilderberg
Conference, a unique source of information and tracking methods, they can accurately
quote a few days before the meeting time and place of holding, or even be part of the
list of participants.

Who is at the party

Obtained in the tracker list, not difficult to see the composition of this elite club.
Rumor has attended Bilderberg conference of some important figures are as follows:

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry? Kissinger: From 1957, Kissinger participated
in almost every year, Bilderberg meetings, but did not participate this year; former
chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, David? Rockefeller: As Bier De Berg
session's few remaining veterans, Bi Hengli? Kissinger's
attendance is also high; former Federal Reserve Chairman, the incumbent President
Obama Economic Recovery Advisory Board Chairman Paul? Walker: Since 1982,
Walker participated in the Bilderberg meetings almost every session; Ireland
politicians, BP, Goldman Sachs and a number of multinational director Peter?
Sutherland: Sutherland is the Bilderberg conference organizing committee members,
after participating in the 1989 the previous meeting.

In politics, former U.S. President Bill? Clinton (1991): Clinton was not elected
president; former British Prime Minister Tony? Blair (1993): It was not yet elected
prime minister; former British Prime Minister Gordon? Brown (1991): At that time,
was elected prime minister; former U.S. Secretary of State Colin? Powell (1997);
former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; the U.S. current Secretary of State
Hillary? Clinton: Obama has been rumored in 2008 to join.

In the financial and business, there are Federal Reserve Chairman Ben? Bernanke
(2008,2009); U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (2008,2009); former U.S.
Secretary of the Treasury, the U.S. economy Summers, Chairman of the Commission;
the World Bank, the current row Long Robert? Zoellick: In recent years, each must;
former World Bank President James Wolfensohn: always with his old friend Paul?
Walker concurrent; Daimler? Chrysler former CEO Jürgen E . Schrempp: participated
in the 1994 after the previous session; former Barclays CEO Martin? Taylor; IBM
CEO Lou Gerstner; former president of Shell Oil and Nokia Jorma Ollila, and so on.

"Financial Times", "The Economist" and
other professional financial media, every year 1 or 2 editors to attend, but never write
any story. Reported in 1998, "The Economist" behind the boss
Evelyn? Germany? Sir Rothschild is the Bilderberg conference met a beautiful female
reporter Lynn? Forrest, 2 were subsequently held in the beautiful White House

Tracker information

Currently the most famous Bilderberg tracker, when the number of best-selling book
"Bilderberg Group" author, Russian-born Canadian writer
Daniel? Estulin (Daniel Estulin), and the U.S. senior reporter Jim? Tucker ( Jim
Tucker). They bought the venue or service, or through other, more mysterious insider,
can often get a lot of exclusive information. While the lack of adequate information
credibility, but still allows us to glimpse some cases from.

In 2006, the bigwigs gathered in Ottawa, Canada, this time the U.S. subprime
mortgage crisis has been created. In 2007, the Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul, Turkey,
on the day prior to the meeting on May 30, over the years never missing 席彼尔德伯
格 meeting Robert? Just been nominated as World Bank President Zoellick . Climate
is the focus of the meeting in 2007 one of Bilderberg is neither signed the
"Kyoto Protocol" and has refused to make a commitment to
carbon emission reductions the United States became the bigwigs subject of criticism,
according to tracker broke the news, U.S. President George W. Bush was to call the
venue hotel room one by one, promised before the end of 2008, introduced bills
related to carbon emissions.

Select the annual Bilderberg conference 2008 in Washington, held near the town of
Chantilly, a number of foreign dignitaries to take the opportunity to visit Washington
to participate in the event. These include Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende,
the Dutch embassy in the notice, admitted by the Prime Minister will visit the United
States the opportunity to participate in the annual Bilderberg meetings by the way, this
may be the mysterious name first appeared In the official circular. The meeting in the
United States have been more considerate of security, some trackers have been
arrested. It was noted that two of the Democratic Party was highly competitive
presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary? Clinton almost at the same time
"disappeared", and there is news that their "Northern
Virginia" met somewhere, and Bilderberg conference venue is in the

2009 Elite Club meeting in the Greek capital Athens, the financial crisis is the topic of
hot debate. U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the president special envoy
Richard Holbrooke and so attended the meeting.

This year's Bilderberg meeting took place in the euro zone sovereign debt
crisis, when the mouth, according to Daniel? Estulin agenda was a euro crisis not
expected to become the number one issue. This year's meeting, David?
Rockefeller and his friend Paul? Walker again in the participants list.

The bigwigs at the foot of this land - Spain, Europe, the debt crisis is one of the
countries most seriously. Stalkers joked last Bilderberg meeting held in Greece, the
result of that country nearly bankrupt, so far this year, plus Spain careful.

"Bilderberg of the wall to fly"

Bilderberg meeting dates back to 1954, when the Queen's husband Prince
Bernhard (Bernhard) come out, elites invited to the Netherlands, held at the Hotel
Bilderberg conference, to bridge Europe and the United States widening rift between,
to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. Later, the party is fixed once a year, although
the location changes, but still retains the original host name in his honor.

From its inception, the Bilderberg Conference on Asia-Pacific countries have not
included. In 1972, David? Rockefeller proposed to Japan to join the meeting, was
rejected. He then reinvent the wheel, set up a "trilateral
commission", "Trilateral" means North America,
Western Europe and the Asia Pacific. Seven eighties of last century, "the
Trilateral Commission," was very popular with members including a large
number of politicians, the "shadow government" said. With the
2005 Asia-Pacific Forum of the Committee held in Beijing, "the Trilateral
Commission," For China, is no longer mysterious. Last year, the Chinese
Academy of Social Sciences Acdemy Zhang was invited to Tokyo to attend the 2009
annual "Trilateral Commission," Annual Meeting, the meeting
is to announce the first issue of China and India to accept full membership.

In the end, the "trilateral commission" to address the
Conference organized into books, the insights of the participants made public,
"the Trilateral Commission" has in a sense become an academic

Many people speculated that a more privacy and the views expressed at Bilderberg
meetings will be more unconstrained. In this Bilderberg meeting, the British
"Guardian" website came up with a vote: "You want
to fly the wall to see what Bilderberg meeting you?" Resulting in 90.6% of
the people to choose "is They should be monitoring. "