The strange phenomenon of SME Marketing Analysis

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					The strange phenomenon of SME Marketing Analysis
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The strange phenomenon of SME Marketing Analysis
1. Sales-type Networks often succeed

There are many such companies, Internet companies have a lot more sales-oriented
industry with the most famous Chinese enterprises, but these companies trade-based,
from the previous Chinese domain name to build their own websites to sell with a
price high price also, in the sale are first-class enterprises, the industry for all to see,
but the results are disappointing. From the follow-up services has been reflected in
sales on the type of vulnerability, but it is impossible to say, sales too strong, you can
coax the birds of heaven down, have to say admire admire. Is amazing. Do not believe
we used the most simple way, the major input in the enterprise search engine liar.
Know. I also acknowledge that many companies smaller than marketing companies,
marketing companies, but the market been so bad this is also true.

2. The traditional barriers to information the company gives

Many times the damage of SMEs in one or two lost confidence, not the other said,
business is a network company, "days, we do not need the
service." The words that a lot. Companies have been in information and the
lack of space, but rely on conventional methods to introduce their products and
introduce myself. Tail is long enough, but many SMEs do not want to like hanging
around in the tail breaking, have to say, enterprises and network service providers are

3. Enterprise network marketing a misunderstanding

Filed network marketing is a system, but many companies do not understand, do not
understand, hurt by unscrupulous traders, not to further interfere up. And
unscrupulous traders to some of their products are not counterparts, the profiteers are
still sold, so companies of course difficult to achieve the desired result, of course, also
natural to think that network marketing is no use of. Similarly to the Internet market
research, as to understand the Internet's market share is what. Many
Internet companies which do not, buy all their own agents of products. Never mind
that these products can bring much return on investment enterprises.

4. The lack of Network Marketing professionals Enterprise

It is very difficult to solve the problem, including e-learning students do not know
what Internet marketing in the end, how the use, business website in the end have to
pay attention to what, seo is. How can this company on the Internet to complete
marketing campaigns for brand building. It is difficult to engage in any network
marketing business, the general Chinese public opinion calling the education gap in
the number of how many e-commerce professionals, but truly understand e-commerce
is only a few, so the information will always be asymmetrical.

What conditions for SMEs to carry out Internet marketing is hard to say, the service
provider is not in place, the market go bad. Students learn theory not keep up with
e-commerce era, companies can not get real help, how to do, we hide in small
building into a unified, control him forget winter and spring!

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