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The power of ambition by fdjerue7eeu


									The power of ambition
?The power of ambition: a need for the era of ambition

   Over the years, "ambition" has always been a derogatory
term. However, since the soldiers did not want to become a general is not a good
soldier, then there is no leadership ambitions, it will not do a good job.
Times a need for ambition
   We live in an era of unlimited potential: the geographical and ideological barriers
gradually disappear, the market becomes more open, commodity, creativity and free
flow of capital around the world, so that enterprises are becoming more and more
around efficient. New technology is creating important new avenues for business and
communication. Whether in personal life or work, never have so many people so
many opportunities to innovate.
   But this is also a dangerous time. Since from Adam Smith, we believe that
advances in technology will bring wealth to every corner of society, but that is not
always the case. Market liberalization and technology popularization of dual power, is
rebuilding an alarming rate, all the industrial landscape. Era of technological change
but also economic and social order has been disrupted era. We should observe in this
era of wealth production and distribution of how and whether we use this opportunity
   In this era, for the leadership, there is no ambition, no achievement. In order to
measure any changes in the probability of success of innovation, I will ask this
question: "What these leaders have ambition? Them for what the future
business vision? Leadership team have the desire for change?" I found :
Leadership for change in size, the more likely to succeed. Every great leader is a great
start to dream. Ambitious vision demands a major change not only the ability to
inspire others and also provides the energy and inspiration. These tasks - describe a
dream, and others to rally around in this dream - is the essence of leadership.
A must ambition
   Long time, "ambitions" is seen as a character flaw, in fact,
ambition should be to be a better reputation. To change the face of corporate
leadership, market and technological advances in order to be applied more widely,
need more ambition. The ambitions of the great leaders have a more targeted, and to
create some cause beyond the personal interests of the driver. Whether in the industry
to provide the best products and services, or to eliminate childhood diseases, and their
ambitions are far beyond the accumulation of wealth and power.
   Today, the ambitions and achievements are an unprecedented rate rise and fall. But
back in the history of great men and heroes of today's commercial and
social (such as: Michael Dell and Sam Walton), we find all the great ambition to
follow a predictable path. People at different speeds along this road radial climbing,
some go even higher, some come sooner, but the same is: they have gone through a
three-part arc path:
   Upswing. This first phase of a very personal, often begins with a fresh insight,
discovery or conviction. "Careerists" in the pursuit of their
vision, the very strong, optimistic and sometimes too detached from reality. They are
always prepared to identify and capture the opportunities of the moment.
   Find a balance. To succeed, leaders must promote a business or personal vision of
the rest of society. At this stage, the grand objective of the implementation is often
limited by the shackles, so many failures. We must deliver on their vow, the values
advocated by practice, or lose credibility and commitment to others.
   The torch. Allow a person to give up control of their life-long career is not easy, but
in fact the best control is to share control. When the decision-making power and
personal reward is widely distributed, and the enthusiasm and commitment to the
cause will be more consolidation. Distributed leadership (and wealth) can help us
identify when to change their role, when to re-structure their own business, when to
make way for the newcomers.
"Careerists" in common
   As with leadership ambitions, as is found in all stages of life, and at different times
and conditions to achieve. For some people, such as Michael Dell, the successful
arrival at more than 20 years of age; For others, like Sam Walton, a successful
40-year-old or even later arrival time. But despite their different backgrounds and
achievements, most successful people share a common advantage. They generally
belong to one of three types, and, while all of the winners must go through ambitions
of these three stages, but their advantage would appear at different stages:
   Such as Ted Turner who is the creator. They can see other people do not see
opportunities. Before creating CNN, and his entire professional career, Turner
predicted the losers are others. But he proved to be most likely to capture the trend of
the times one of the people. Creation of the first phase in the arc - leading up phase.
   Followed by the investors, such as: Ray Kroc and Sam Walton. They carefully
examine the environment, seize opportunities, and then be creative. Crocker is for
ordinary people to find the ideal restaurant (he did not invent McDonald's,
but found it - because he was looking for). Sam Walton hopes to bring extraordinary
value for consumers, so stores in a ready-made based on the creation of the Wal-Mart.
Strong execution of investors, who in the second stage - creation of a balanced stage
to stand out.
   Final phase is the consolidation are - often encounter difficulties turn the tide in the
business of professional managers. IBM to help restore its former glory as the
Gerstner, who can be counted as consolidation can also be counted as investors.
   Creators, investors and consolidation are strong points, but all have the ambition of
the people have some common personality traits, namely: firm, well prepared,
well-targeted, and most importantly - optimism. Ambitious leaders, like ordinary
people encounter the ups and downs, but the difference between them and ordinary
people is the attitude towards adversity. They each setback as only temporary and will
not affect their own efforts. They will not succumb to doubt, and said:
"This is a mistake. I am in trouble." Scaring themselves they
would not say how big the challenges, but the dedication and focus on achieving their
goals. They also clear the risks, because they understand the market, they are
examining the face of the work and look over their own.
   Enterprises to produce ambitious, but if you want enterprise beyond the number of
"careerists," the simple sum of its leadership to promote a
common, charismatic goals, and attract other people involved in this pursuit. By
sharing their dreams, leadership can inspire others to dream, to performance.
Wal-Mart's success is because Sam Walton's death many years
later, he was the enthusiasm for the value and service staff are still first-line
Success from a dream
   Of course, even with appropriate individuals and enterprise resources,
"careerists" sometimes fail. Market is volatile, ruthless, and not
every goal is great enough to attract others to join. Struggling to sell their goals in
often exaggerate their abilities, but if you actually can not do too much exaggeration,
you will fall badly.
   Successful and ambitious but also accompanied with some impulse - arrogant and
greedy - the struggle. For example: many prestigious millionaires were attracted to
Internet start-ups. Many of them are really want to change the world; but there are
some people, entirely brought about by the monetary value of IPO to measure their
own goals. However, without a great business is built on top of arrogance and greed.
   The great winner can learn through self-reflection to adjust their ambitions. They
maintain the values of faith, a thorough understanding of the world and its effective
management of bondage dream resources - time, talent and motivation.
   Everyone wants something great success. Unfortunately, most people were
suppressed from childhood dreams, or at least suppressed to talk about their dreams.
An enterprise can do a major event is to get people to say their dreams, provide
employees with a means for staff to come together to create a personal capacity than
they can achieve more great things to. Enthusiasm for the release of others, is the
leading talent lies. □

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