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The history of headhunting by fdjerue7eeu


									The history of headhunting
Executive search firm originated in the United States after World War II, according to
Connecticut-based executive search consulting firm Chiron executive search
consultants ---- Secretary Ministry of the company (Hunt-Scanlon) estimates, global
executive search company's revenue has recently tripled, In 1993 only 30
million, in 2000 is estimated to reach 8.3 billion. Such as traditional industries, the
industry has generated a lot of giants, such as Korn / Ferry International, Ltd. (Kom /
Ferry Intemational), Heidrick - Special Secretary for Lagos International Limited
(Heidrick Struggles International) and Spencer - Stuart Company (Spencer Stuart),
Korn, and so on.
In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, many multinational
executive search firm is closely linked with some even follow the multinational
executive search firm was removed from around the world, at any time according to
business needs action. IBM Corporation in the bottom phase in, as headhunters go for
the new president of Mr. Gerstner keep the company access to substantial
development. Hewlett-Packard's new head Carly Fiorina is also the
executive search firm Leighton dig them there.
In other countries, a high-level managers often change jobs search results come out,
or enterprise is hard to believe the qualifications of candidates, competence. Credit
rating of the candidates is an important business executive search firm, and career
changers must also search his good offices, he can show the status and worth.
Now, the search is the talent agency's core business. In 1998, the largest
U.S. executive search firm of Korn / Fei Bali global annual sales income of several
billion dollars, Japan in 1998 gross domestic product, is the fastest growing sectors
were communications and human resources, in many Zhiye agencies, the insurance
company and in St. Na libraries Road special company annual turnover has reached
more than ten billion dollars. In Hong Kong, there are 1,200 registered intermediaries.
Increasingly open economy, the Chinese enterprises are facing increasing competition,
particularly with China's accession to WTO to withstand the process of
acceleration, China is facing increasing international competition brought by the
competition means more and more international . As a wide range of mining
personnel for the international business means to search products company embarked
on by the park manager's desk Chinese enterprises.
Executive Search in China:
Executive search firm has been in foreign countries for several decades, the Chinese
search industry emerged a decade thing. In the early days for foreign institutions in
China to find local talent. In recent years, many state-owned enterprises, especially
the shares of listed companies, private high-tech companies are among the ranks of
executive search firm client.
With the reform and opening up, Qi Ye to the market, talent to market, when the
efficiency of enterprises to market has to time is for increasing demand in increasing
human resources, time, Zuo Wei effective way to search for talent, executive search
company to seize the Chinese land very Zi Randi.
The earliest of the executive search firm established in 1992. Beijing 1995 with the
approval of the three search-based independent legal entity and two national executive
search firm executive search services also cater to national talent agency. Time to
1998, the executive search firm for almost 40.
People see, search the soil in recent years in China, the rapid fire up, the media, more
and more reports on the search; companies, white-collar workers to take pride in
receiving the search phone; a growing number of intermediaries involved in executive
search business.
From a national perspective, to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen as the
core of hundreds of executive search firm, and increased exponentially, while the
foreign executive search firm presence in China began in large numbers, almost all
the world's leading executive search firm established in China offices.
Search market in China really starts up. According to incomplete statistics, China is
now the executive search firm thousands of large and small, mainly in Beijing,
Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing and other cities. ---- Human ----
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