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									The Executive Power
A. implement the work plan and work in learning conclusion to ensure that
departments and their staff do not have to be closely monitored in case of realization
of self-management.
B. the implementation of supervision and inspection tips to accelerate the pace of
implementation, to identify the effect of the implementation of the gap expected to be
Conscientiously implement the eight-character principle of C. First, the smart second.
D. the principles of the consumers from the mirror to see the beautiful scenery, not the
performance characteristics of its own as a mirror
E. key to successful implementation dare, right, quick: with determination,
appropriate methods are efficient.
F. implementation of the strategic determination of the first, success or failure of the
second: to have the courage and determination to overcome difficulties
Speed of the first, second perfect: capture the market and gradually improve
Victory in the first, the second reason: a result-oriented
G. outstanding executive program 1. Crisis created: to do great business success
should always be treated cautiously, walking on thin ice ------ Haier CEO Zhang
2. Operational capacity is eliminated out of: your most important job is not the worst
performance of the employees into good employees, but to become a good
performance of the best ------ GE CEO Welch
3. Forward, forward, go forward: This is not the end, not even the end of the starting
point, but may be from the end of the Procter & Gamble CEO Lafley ------
4. People do not do what you want, only do you check: if what you emphasize, you
check what, you do not check is equivalent to ignore ------ IBM CEO Lou Gerstner
5. No one will refuse to change, but all declined to be changed: what if you stress,
then training habits to deal with it ------ DELL Dell president
6. Memorandum: All of our senior managers are promoted from within, but if you
want to promotion, it is best to learn to write ------ Procter & Gamble CEO
7. Personally set the example: There is nothing better than the timing of the general
manager of the company's strategic focus to tell you what's a
president of Grove ------ INTEL
H. powerful implementation of the system most companies in China main problems:
the lack of four and four dependent
1. The lack of targeted business plan and budget / rely on the boss's sense
of war and not on the mind war
2. The lack of clear job responsibilities and functions of the division of labor /
employment depend on the boss's feelings, rather than by employing
3. The lack of institutionalization of business process management / business to rely
on the boss's feelings, rather than relying on scientific management of
4. The lack of a scientific and effective performance appraisal methods / rely on the
boss's authority and affection, rather than unite people through the system
and culture
4R Management System:
R1 (Ready-all): the implementation plan and budget system
R2 (Responsibility): holders of the job responsibilities system
R3 (Review): implementation of the results of the inspection system
R4 (Result): results of the implementation of the assessment system


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