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The classic 2006 Frank Miller comic large _amp;quot;sin city_amp;quot; SinCity all-star lineup of the future film development trends

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					The classic 2006 Frank Miller comic large "sin city" SinCity
all-star lineup of the future film development trends
2006 Frank Miller comic classic large "Vice City" Sin City
All-Star lineup of the future development trend of DVD movie seriously recommend
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Sin city Sin City (2005)
Other Name: Sin City sin city
Director: Quentin Tarantino Quentin Tarantino Robert Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez
Starring: Bruce Willis Bruce Willis Rutger Hauer Rutger Hauer 迈 克 尔 麦 德
Johnson Michael Madsen Rourke Mickey Rourke Elijah Wood Elijah Wood Boothe
Powers Boothe this Nisio Del Toro Benicio Del Toro 卡拉古奇诺 Carla Gugino
The Caribbean: April 1, 2005 (USA)
Region: United States (filmed)
On White: English
Ratings: 8.3 of 10 (27311 votes)
Color: Black and White
Sound: DTS Dolby Digital SDDS
Length: 124 minutes
Type: Crime Drama Action panic Panicum italicum
Rating: UK: 18 USA: R Canada: 18A, Canada: R Canada: 16 +
Play situation:
Film tells the story took place in a fictional city: Sin City. In this city devastated by
violence, the police have been corrupted by the gang. The film has three story lines,
the main role is to police violence, Marv, because he had a one night stand with a
beautiful woman died of revenge because of his sky, he was prepared to slaughter in
this city ... ...
Shown on the United States: April 1, 2005

There is such a movie, it was adapted from the famous comic, like "Star
Wars Episode 3" as full digital production, film star-studded, but ... ... it is
a black and white. Next week, the film will be screened in the United States.
National Award winning cartoon
In 1991, Frank Miller introduced the "Vice City" series of
comics, cartoons previous world has never seen this kind of work: This is a dark,
decline of the city, full of narrow streets, dilapidated buildings, crumbling open
staircase, as if there never during the day, life's losers struggling to survive
in the night, dealing with them is the corruption of the police, the muscles that
blatantly criminals and prostitutes.
"Sin City" is four or five of the last century's Pulp
Fiction and Film Noir comic replica of Miller moved them on paper, then the dark
elements which push to the limit, results in the modern popular, won the National
Cartoon Awards and many other awards, attracted numerous fans. Including the film
director Robert Rodriguez (works include "three-step killing
music", "Mexico's past.")
Highlighting the director seeking authorization
The "Vice City" onto the screen idea, a number of Hollywood
producers talked to Frank Miller. But Frank Miller's work seen as treasures
of their own, do not want people to be arbitrarily added modifications on all refused.
Rodriguez is a "sin city" the real hardcore fans, this book into a
movie he wants to, but not made into "Rodriguez's"
Sin     City    ",",        he     wanted    to    "Frank
Miller's" Vice City, "" stood in the screen.
To get authorization Frank Miller, Rodriguez used the means to be "knees
and begged." He first wrote a script to give a complete look at Miller, the
play of "Vice City" series of three rou came together and it is
signed by Frank Miller, he explained that "all things to all
Miller's comics in, I just typists. "
Next, Rodriguez meeting with Miller, said he will not "adapt"
"Sin City", but the "sin City" in toto to
the movies, in order to ensure real toto, he conceived the film most of the are black
and white, he also invited his co-director with Miller.
The third step is to its own actor Rodrigo Sraffa friends 乔 什 哈 奈 特
("Pearl Harbor", "Hollywood Homicide"
actor), in Frank Miller's Sit back and shoot the film's opening
paragraph , then in their own homes and to complete post-production studio
("Mexican past" of the D9 disc there are a very interesting
video describes how he was working at home), sent Miller to see.
In the face of such good faith, Miller was impressed, agreed to join forces with
Rodriguez directed the film.
"Jointly       directed"       and    "one       day      the
After the Miller nodded, then out another problem, most Hollywood directors are
members of the Association American director, and this association is a rule, does not
allow an experienced director, co-signed with the new director. They asked Rodriguez
to give up the idea.
Mexican descent, Rodriguez really has Ladingminzu the bloody, actually withdrew
Association director. This means that, after he told investors, issuers,
what's the problem, all without the help of the Society. Rodriguez this
indifference, he smiled and said: "I do not deliberately cause trouble, after
I do not know they have this rule, the director Hou gotta Association rules, like the
Yellow Pages."
This exclusion was out of practice, has been sworn Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino
Hollywood geeks support. Tarantino to a dollar reward to the "Vice
City" cast as "the day the director," is his work one
day to the crew, filming a scene.

"Sin City" story super-complicated, because it is not to tell a
story, but through three stories to show people a place and where. So we simply say
that people only talk about the story, because "sin city" is
probably the most movie star this year, there is also some very noteworthy new faces.
Maves (Rourke decoration)
  Maves is the first film's main character story lines and a has-been boxer.
He talked with a woman named Song Di happened one night stand, just as he first felt
"love", she suddenly killed. Maves determined to revenge. The
Rourke played maves (MickeyRourke) is also well-known Hollywood rebel boy, who
in the 80s of last century was a tough, niche rising, star of "Body Heat
edge" "Heaven's Gate" and other films.
Then he suddenly decided to abandon the film, switch to professional boxing fight (of
course, results are not satisfactory). So last century, the late '90s he retired
from professional boxing, when a face has become vicissitudes, the silent supporting
role. Let him play much experience of life boxer, and then there is no appropriate.
Song di (Jamie Gold)
Order maves crazy beauties, U.S. supermodel, on the cover of countless fashion
Kevin (Elijah Wood ornaments)
Song Di ordered the killing of gang leader, actually from the "Lord of the
Rings" in good Hobbit "Frodo" Elijah Wood to play,
really strange casting ideas. Elijah Wood feel that this is his most exciting role play,
the only regret is that Frank Miller does not want an arrogant domineering
"boss", he always kept in the studio to remind Wood:
"calm, speech may Calm down again. "
Devitt (Cleaver Owen)
Devitt is the second protagonist of the story line, he just retired social journalist, is the
"sin city" of prostitutes only trust. Now prostitutes are in
conflict with the gang, resulting in a police death. He had to return to those back
alleys, try mediation. Actor is British actor Cleaver Owen, he just with
"Closer" was a Golden Globe Award for best supporting actor,
but he most viewers are familiar with China's image or "King
Arthur" and John Woo's BMW ads.
Gail (Luoshalinuo Dawson decoration)
Gail is Devitt's partner, "Sin City" prostitute their big
sister. Luosuolinuo Dawson on a role of "Alexander" in
Alexander the Great's wife, now transformed into wearing sexy leather
clothing, holding a Uzi submachine gun Causing loss of lives in the underworld
Shelley (Brittany Murphy decoration)
Shelly is Frank Miller's favorite role, she is a Heibailiangdao are highly
competent waitress before she was three stories from the role in series, is also a key
figure in the story Devitt. Brittany Murphy play this role was in the last century boom
in the 90's romances there is one small idol, later sending a successful
transition to power actor in the "eight miles" "Black
Book" and Tablets performance commendable.
Jackie Boy (Del Toro this 尼西奥德尔 decoration)
The third story of the protagonist, is a corruption of the police. Interestingly, the
actor's image in this 尼西奥德尔 Toro is one of the most famous
"drug network" in the integrity of the Mexican police.
Hatti Gan (Bruce Willis decoration)
Bruce Willis is the only film not to be subversive of the actor, he played a
"sin city" the only honest police Hatti Gan, in the time of
retiring, in order to protect a 11-year-old girl, willing to offend Participation Mr son
"yellow bastard" and therefore formed tangled hatred. Bruce
Willis will play in this large group show in a supporting role, because he is Frank
Miller's fans.
Yellow bastard (Nick Stahl decoration)
Play this bad guy is "Terminator 3" actor Nick Stahl.
Nancy (Jessica Alba decoration)
Bruce Willis to be protected then the little girl who became "sin
city" the red dance girl, actor Jessica Alba is the most promising spurt in
2005 the new red, she was in the TV series "Dark Angel
"known to play a virtual human, this year have taken drama starring three
of Hollywood, in addition to" sin city ", as well as comic
film" dream foursome "(TheFantasticFour) and the action
film" Sharu deep "(Into The Blue).
Mi He (Devon Auki decoration)
Gail men silence women killer, actor Devon Auki is a British supermodel, recently
fought in the performing arts sector, it immediately became very fierce in-coming
actress limelight, works include "Fast and Furious 2" and the
just released "DEBS" . She used in the film Quentin Tarantino
sponsored by the samurai sword is the "Kill Bill" Uma Thurman
was used to.

2006 Frank Miller comic classic large "Vice City" Sin City
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2006 Frank Miller comic classic large "Vice City" Sin City
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