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The Carlyle Group - DOC


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									The Carlyle Group
?The Carlyle Group (The CarlyleGroup, also translated as Carlyle Group, hereinafter
referred to as Carlyle Group) was founded in 1987, the company is headquartered in
Washington, the "President of the club," said, with deep
political resources, assets under management more than 300 billion, is the largest
private equity fund of.

Carlyle's first investment company founder is Stephen Norris (Stephen
Norris), he served as the company's tax Marriot M & A has
identified the person in charge of the company's acquisition of Alaska
Eskimos to a reasonable tax avoidance, which makes him thus engaged in private
equity investment business. Arbitrary its human resourcefulness, perseverance and
very aware of their needs smart, and good political network to help people. Former
President Jimmy Carter's assistant David Rubenstein (David Rubenstein),
is in all his requirements. This is Carlyle's starting point. Carlyle is not the
early success, until 1989, former U.S. Secretary of Defense 弗兰克卡路西 (Frank
Carlucci) to join. Followed suit, Carlyle has hired former Secretary of State, White
House budget director, etc., and in 1990 contributed to Carlyle in the defense industry
is a major investment - from the U.S. Army won the 200 billion worth of arms
contracts, Carlyle group really took off.

   In people's impression, the Carlyle Group in the investment community
has been called the "President Club", former U.S. President
George W. Bush as President of Carlyle Asia Advisory Board, former British Prime
Minister John Major served as Chairman of Carlyle Europe branch, Philippines
Former President Fidel Ramos, former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
(SEC) as its main 席阿瑟列维特 consultant. While Carlyle's unique
background to the government business of convenience, but Dang Carlyle after the
transaction completed early in the series, its largest funds are but only 100 million U.S.
dollars. To solve this problem, the mid-1990s, Rubinstein invited the financial
investment community's most prestigious George Soros became
Carlyle's limited partner. Under his call to raise funds suddenly become
surprisingly easy.

   At present, the Carlyle Group has a total of 28 different types of funds, manages
more than 24.8 billion U.S. dollars in assets. Since its inception in 1987, has invested
13 billion U.S. dollars, mainly in Asia, Europe and North America for corporate
mergers and acquisitions, real estate and venture investments. It is reported that since
its inception in 1987, Carlyle Group, the world's 12.5 billion U.S. dollars in
strategic investments gained huge profits, the average annual rate of return to
investors as high as 35%.
The Carlyle Group is the world's one of the largest private capital firms,
managing over 8.9 billion U.S. dollars of total assets, its total of 26 fund products,
nearly 300 investment professionals in North America, Europe and Asia, 14 countries
investment cooperation. Carlyle is the concern of "capital" has
two points: First, as much as 34% of the average annual investment rate of return;
second, it is extraordinary "family background", in the Carlyle
Group's investment in people, including the current U.S. President Bush
and former President George HW Bush, former Secretary of State, former U.S.
Secretary of Defense, the former White House budget director ... ... The long list of
dignitaries including former British Prime Minister John Major, former Australian
Prime Minister Bob Hawke, former Philippine President Fidel Ramos as well as
celebrities such as Lou Gerstner.

Carlyle Events in China:

The Carlyle Group has so far 14 Chinese companies invested capital
2000: Shanghai web travel company Ctrip Net - 8 million U.S. dollars
2001: Investment in China industry application software, integrated solutions and
professional consulting services in the areas of leadership in the company of long
2002: Investment in China's largest chain of department stores Pacific
Department Store
2004: Beijing's network of video game development company Runstar
International - 1, 400 million (jointly with other agencies)
2004: semiconductor design company in Shanghai China and Asia Microelectronics
Co., Ltd. - 1,300 million (jointly with other agencies)
2004: injection Pacific Insurance
2004: Target Media - 1,300 million U.S. dollars
2005: heavy-duty trucks and chassis production - Jiangsu Xuzhou Construction
Machinery Group - 300 million ~ 400 million U.S. dollars

Wayne - The Carlyle Group managing director / head of the Asian Venture Capital
JP Gan - Vice President of The Carlyle
Ho Yan - Director of The Carlyle Group
Founded: 1987
Headquarters: Washington, DC
Contact: Ho Yan
Tel :852-28785028
Fax :852-28787808

Management Fund:
Carlyle Asia Partners 750M $ business acquisition fund
Carlyle Asia Real Estate Fund 410M $ 2005-8
Carlyle Asia Venture Partners I 159M $ 2000
Carlyle Asia Venture Partners II 164M $ 2002
Carlyle Asia Growth Partners III 800M $ 2005

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