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TESOL is "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages"
in the abbreviation, the Chinese translation is "outside English."
Universities in the U.S. headquarters and research institutes, such as physics,
economics, TESOL is a major, the theme of English teaching methods and theories to
enhance the level of English teachers. (in the United States, Foreign Trade Association
of English teaching is also called "TESOL", often leads to

Objects according to their mother-tongue English teaching can be divided into two
groups: English is the language of the people (such as American, British, Canadians)
and non-native speakers of English (such as the South Americans, Chinese, French).
TESOL Teaching           Object    is   the   second     group.      because it   is
"external", so special consideration to the TESOL teaching the
mother tongue and cultural background of learners. metaphor in Chinese teaching, to
a teach their children growing up in China to a Chinese and grew up in the United
States teach Chinese children, teaching methods, of course, is not the same.

In      particular    to     clarify   that:    TESOL's      theme      is
"English" rather than "English." Made
"language" or "foreign" places people do
not      naturally     possess     the   conditions   for    English    teaching.
"English" is a professional , has its special knowledge, special
eligibility requirements.

TESOL Certificate

TESOL Certificate in English as an international certificate of professional
qualification of teachers, TESOL and has already been more than 80 countries on
more than 5,000 accredited schools, and nearly one hundred corporate members
worldwide and more than 14,000 professionals. In North America, the United
Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand English-speaking countries, most of the schools
and language training institutions recognized TESOL certificate. Present, including
China, have been more than 80 countries and regions opened TESOL courses.

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