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									Ten pirates in human history
Thematic Introduction
Piracy is an old criminal career, has its own vessels at sea, there is the existence of
pirates. Especially after the 16th century sailing developed, as long as the commercial
development of the coastal zone, there is pirates.

1, black beard pirate
Pirate "Blackbeard" was originally called Edward - Teach
(Edward Teach). As early as during the War of Spanish Succession, Teach began
driving privateers plunder enemy ships at sea, after which he became rampant in the
Caribbean in the 18th century's most notorious pirate. The famous
"black beard" nickname came from his face on the chaotic yet
fully shown the wild long black beard. "Black beard" in the
heyday of sailing have formed by the four pirate fleet, which "Revenge
Queen" was the flagship of his.

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2, female pirates Anne - Pauly
Anne - Baliga (Anne Bonny) is the history of one of the most famous female pirate,
she was the daughter of a planter. Early 18th century, she left home to join the pirate
leader "Cotton Jack," the fleet, thus beginning a career in piracy.
Crush in a military battle with the lack of actual combat command experience, Anne -
Baliga and could not flocked to the British, through a desperate fight, the badly
injured she had been captured by British troops. November 16, 1720, in Jamaica the
island's sacred sites 亚哥德拉韦 plus court trial, Anne, and follow her all
the pirates have been sentenced to death.

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3, Sam Black Pirate Prince
Sam - Bellamy (Samuel Bellamy) only lived 28 years of age. In his limited life,
Bellamy robbery against ships at sea through a number of bold acts of their own
"Black Sam" nickname spread throughout the New World, the
famous pirate community, it is also known as "pirate prince."
Sam - Bellamy in the 18th century in Venezuela's La Blanquilla island to
create his pirate base, and a lot of hidden treasures. The treasure was discovered in
1984, the Venezuelan government will begin in June 2007 with the construction of
national tourist facilities such treasures. At that time, La Blanquilla distance of the
island to see the little boats came by.

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4, the Chinese female pirate Zheng Shishi
Golden age of piracy, the most famous is Zheng Shishi Chinese pirates. Zheng Shishi
born brothel, 1801, a hijacked by pirates Cheng, Cheng I died she became the most
power of the female pirate captain. Most peak periods, Zheng Shishi has control of a
pirate fleet with hundreds of vessels. 1811, Zheng Shishi finally decided to accept the
court's amnesty. Zheng Shishi so with 1200, led more than 270 ships and
artillery, 16,000 Ministry of Public surrender to the court, the Qing government was
granted for the 1000 total. Zheng Shishi ultimately make the choice of surrendering,
even at that time under great resistance.

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5, Basha Luo Miao - Roberts
Salomon Community - Roberts (Bartholomew Roberts) is the golden age of piracy is
one of the most successful pirates, the scope of his control to the Caribbean from
Africa has been the extensive waters. In just four years, when most of his pirate fleet
has a total of 400 pirate ship. Roberts is known for cold-blooded, never left to live on
after the robbery against ships. His mind, smart, brave soldier, always take the lead on
board enemy ships. He perfected the pirate Henry Morgan code, and strictly carry out
their own ranks. Throughout the history of piracy is one of the best.

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6, Captain Kidd
What is the privateers or pirates ship? For Captain William - Kidd (Kidd) evaluation
has been no clear conclusion. Kidd was originally hired privateers British
Government captain, in 1701 it was he eventually was hanged on charges of piracy.
Archaeologists in 2008, announced in the Caribbean island in Qatar Linna 21 meters
away from the coast, about 3 meters underwater discovered cannons and anchors such
as shipwrecks, and confirm the wreckage of the 17th century's
"Pirates of the Wang, "" Captain Kidd,
"The seat ship -" Kuida Fu businessman "was.

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7, Henry - Morgan
"Captain Morgan" (Henry Morgan) was once a synonym for
pirate purpose. Morgan led the first armed civilian vessels rampant in the Caribbean,
and later became a real pirate. His most famous story is that of the Spanish colony in
Panama City, looting and destruction. 16-year-old European name of the famous
pirate Hali Mu joined the ranks of new recruits, Captain Morgan, you want to follow
along with the legendary heroes to adventure. He soon took part in a memorable battle
for life.

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8, Jack Cotton
The figure below is the famous pirate flag. Pirate flag as an advocate, leader of the
pirates, "Cotton Jack" is actually not much of a praiseworthy
deeds of piracy. His most famous story is that with Anne - Baoni the alliance and the
tragic death of his method. "Cotton Jack," formerly known as
John - Laikehanmu, the reason why there are so nicknamed because he always
dressed in striped trousers and jacket. "Cotton Jack," began his
pirate career Charles - Wayne vessel control. Wayne is a pirate treasure ship captain,
and a French soldier in the fight, was thwarted.

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9, Francis - Drake
Drake (Francis Drake) is a controversial figure. In some eyes, he is a noble; in the
eyes of others, he is a pirate. Drake was born in Devon into a poor
peasant's home, from an apprentice to a sailor, and finally become a master
mariner, and his status and experience is unique in history. 1568, Drake and his cousin
John - Hawkins led the five slave ships to Mexico due to storms and the demand for
assistance to the Spanish port. But the Spaniards deceived them so that he nearly lost
their lives. Since then he vowed revenge in his lifetime must explain to Spain.

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10, red beard, brother
Erik the Red also called "Eric the Red Devils" or
"red hair Eric" and "Red Eric."
"Red beard" is Turkey's best-known European to
captain pirate brothers to take a nickname. 16th century, the "red
beard" brother used as a base in North Africa to lead his pirate fleet
continued to haunt many towns along the Mediterranean.

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