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Talking Ethics at Tyco Electronics
By Melissa Klein Aguilar                      board meeting we discuss what’s going         pendent upon job function. For example,
                                              on with the ethics and compliance pro-        if you’re in sales, you’re going to get a

I  n the latest of our conversations with
   compliance and governance execu-
tives, we talk with Richard Suminski,
                                              gram, which results in good discussions
                                              and feedback. At least once a year I do
                                              the same with the audit committee, as
                                                                                            course assigned to you called “ethical
                                                                                            selling.” If you’re involved in trade com-
                                                                                            pliance, you’re going to get a comprehen-
deputy general counsel and chief ethics       well as the full board to talk about enter-   sive trade compliance course. So we’re
and compliance Officer of Tyco Electron-      prise risk management and compliance.         digging down deeper to those functional
ics, about the establishment of that com-        About every six weeks, too, we have        areas that we think could benefit from
pany’s ethics and compliance function,        a meeting with the                                               more detailed training.
following its spin-off from Tyco Inter-       compliance commit-                 DETAILS                        At the end of every on-
national in 2007. The discussion is below     tee made up of all se-                                           line training module,
and readers can also visit our archive of     nior management: the                                             employees are asked
Q&A interviews.                               CEO, the CFO, the             Company                            to do a few closing
                                              general counsel. They         » Tyco Electronics                 items. One, they have
Compliance Week: Tyco Electronics             ask lots of good ques-                                           to take a short quiz be-
spun off from the parent company,             tions. So both from a         Headquarters                       fore they can move on
Tyco International, three years ago.          board of directors and        » Schaffhausen,                    to reinforce retention.
How has your ethics and compliance            senior     management            Switzerland                     Secondly, they have
function evolved over that time?              level, there is lots of       »                                  the opportunity to ask
                                              interaction and great         Revenue                            questions and com-
Richard Suminski: About a year before         feedback.                     » $10.2 billion                    ment on the training,
becoming a separate company, we start-                                                                         while still fresh in their
ed by first taking a look at Tyco Inter-      Talk     about     your       Employees                          mind, so if something
national’s Guide of Ethical Conduct as        training programs.            » 78,000                           may not be understand-
a foundation, and then wrote a guide to                                                                        able or a translation is a
make it more specific to Tyco Electronics     Initially, when we be-        Website                            little off, they can let us
and our industry. We spent a lot of time      came an independent           »              know about that. Last-
doing that, involving focus groups from       company, to lay the                                              ly, if anything needs to
all around the world. It took a full year     proper      foundation,      
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