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									22   Canadian Mennonite August 23, 2010

       God at work in the Church                                                                   but served as pastor in other places, came
                                                                                                   home for this occasion to bring the mes-
                                                                                                   sage. Using Luke 11:27-28, he reflected on

 Tiefengrund Mennonite                                                                             how the Word of God had influenced the
                                                                                                   people of Tiefengrund church to spread
                                                                                                   all over the world. He quoted C.J. Dyck as
 Church celebrates 100 years                                                                       saying, “ The Tiefengrund community and
                                                                                                   congregation is visible evidence of God’s
 Story and photos                                                                                  love and mercy and part of his plan for get-
 by Henry Patk au                                                                                  ting kingdom work done in honour.”
 Special to Canadian Mennonite                                                                        The celebration concluded with a noon
 laIRD, SaSk.                                                                                      meal followed by socializing and farewells.
                                                                                                   Indeed, it was a celebration of grace and

 M       a ny p e o p l e w i t h t i e s t o t h e
         Tiefengrund Mennonite Church
 near Carlton, Sask., came to relive the past,
                                                      followed by a time of community singing, blessing! l
                                                      group songs and music.
                                                        Allan Friesen, posing as a news media
 rejoice in the present and anticipate the            reporter, interviewed people of the congre-
 future of this church community on July              gation bringing to light information about       l   Briefly noted
 24 and 25.                                           the congregation. Wilmer and Barb Froese
    The celebration started on Saturday at            used a dialogue to review its history.          Edwin Epp retires after
 Horse Lake Mennonite Church, the ori-                  The elements which have shaped                43 years of ministry
 ginal Tiefengrund Mennonite Church                   Tiefengrund Mennonite Church were pre-          WINNIPEG, MAN.— Sargent Avenue
 building that was moved to Horse Lake                sented as foundation stones of the church       Mennonite church gathered on June
 in 1958 when Tiefengrund built a new                 and community. These are: fortitude             27 to celebrate 43 years of ministry
 church building. Walter Janzen, the pastor           exemplified by perseverance and courage;        by Pastor Edwin Epp. The centrality
 of Horse Lake Mennonite Church, led the              pioneer-hood; freedom for love and hard         of God was emphasized in his min-
 service of remembrance and thanksgiv-                work; families; fun; and foundation in Jesus    istry that began at Hope Mennonite
 ing. During the time of joyful singing and           Christ. The foundation in Christ was, and       Fello
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