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The Wailin' Jennys recorded a song on their debut album which included the following lines: "This is the sound of voices three/Singing together in harmony/Surrendering to the mystery/ This is the sound of voices three." Epp et al opines that like the Jennys, VW is a group that has three voices. Commissions, committees and boards abound in sections IX and X of the area church bylaws, but they are the only ones designated a group. And that fits the score because the responsibilities for which they have been tasked are slightly different than an average area church ensemble.

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									14   Canadian Mennonite August 23, 2010

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               God will approve of his crusading in the Middle East.       “Vietnam” will serve to refresh our memory. Ridley’s
               Instead, this man reluctantly notes that when Richard       version of the Robin Hood legend offers a mirror in
               had 2,500 Muslim men, women and children put to the         which to contemplate our own involvement in the
               sword, he and his men no longer had a God.                  Middle East. One reason I went to see it again was to
                 The answer is disconcerting because, even today,          think more carefully about the possibility that the movie
               crusading in the Middle East is a hard habit to break.      itself is a form of nonviolent protest.
               And, catch-all labels—the Saracen, the infidel, the         Herb Heppner , Selkirk , M an.
               insurgent, the Taliban and, God forbid, the Muslim—
               may well mask the fact that crusading in the Middle         E Church is on downhill skid
               East is a morally and spiritually bankrupt enterprise.
               Richard’s last question, and the answer, suggests that      Notwithstanding Jack Suderman’s determined effort
               an “In God we trust” moral currency does not have the       to be positive regarding the future of the Mennonite
               power to justify and redeem immoral enterprises.            Church in Canada (CM editorial “A Leader for These
                 Hollywood commentary on war is not new. An                Times” /Aug. 2, 2010), the truth of the matter is that

                               From Our Leaders                                        provincial gathering, to name tensions
                                                                                       we have perceived or give voice to issues

               Listening for                                                           that will require greater discernment
                                                                                       over a longer time. These observations
                                                                                       sometimes lead to deeper attention to a

             church harmony                                                            topic and sometimes not.
                                                                                          Recently, the MC Saskatchewan
                                                                                       moderator asked VW to think biblically,
                                                                                       historically and theologically on the topic
    Lorne Epp, Margaret Ewen-Peters and Patrick Preheim
                                                                                       of church membership, as our group had

       he Wailin’ Jennys recorded                  • Keep MC Saskatchewan focused identified membership as a relevant topic
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