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									                                               In the Greenroom
               Theatres Seeing Fundraising Successes
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                  Despite the tough econ-                                                                                                            and the scheduled comple-
               omy, there are some the-                                                                                                              tion this summer of the first
               atres still moving ahead                                                                                                              phase of our construction
               with fundraising campaigns                                                                                                            project, The Campaign for
               and meeting success.                                                                                                                  the Future. With this award,
                  On        January      14,                                                                                                         the Lesher Foundation reaf-
               Southern Utah University                                                                                                              firms its leadership in sup-
               President      Michael     T.                                                                                                         porting significant cultural
               Benson announced a $3                                                                                                                 institutions in the East Bay.”
               million grant to the Utah                                                                                                                In Cleveland, Ohio, Tom
               Shakesearean Festival from                                                                                                            Hanks supported classic
               the George S. and Dolores                                                                                                             theatre as well, donating an
               Doré Eccles Foundation, From left to right: Gerald R. Sherret, former mayor of Cedar City, R. Scott Phillips, Utah Shakespearean      unspecified, but presum-
               earmarked as the “lead gift” Festival executive director, Fred C. Adams, Festival founder, Jyl Shuler, Festival development director, ably large, gift to the Great
               for the campaign to con- Michael T. Benson, president of Southern Utah University                                                     Lakes Theater Festival. His
               struct a new Shakespearean Theatre. The new theatre, along donation allowed the GLTF to reach the amount necessary
               with the current Randall L. Jones Theatre, will anchor the to trigger a $1 million matching grant from the Kresge
               Utah Shakespearean Festival Centre for the Performing Arts. Foundation. The Foundation had extended its deadline
               To be built one block east of the current outdoor theatre, it so that GLTF could raise the necessary funds. Hanks has
               will replace the aging Adams Theatre with a state-of-the-art long had a connection to GLTF, having interned there
               facility designed to enhance                                                                                                          for several seasons when it
               the Festival experience for                                                                                                           was still known as the Great
               thousands of patrons in the                                                                                                           Lakes Shakespeare Festival.
               years ahead. Patrons of the                                                                                                           The grant will go towards
               new theatre will enjoy the                                                                                                            paying off GLTF’s loan it
               same unique experience                                                                    
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