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					Talk about my renovation
New houses were moved a few months, and installation of dust building be set down.
Hidden into the only total solution, look for the necessary renovation of the TX can be

In view of the limited individual economic order, more aware of the decoration is not
the top hole, so highly regarded highly on the decoration. Accumulation of large
numbers of information, market research, do budget work, implementation of strict
accordance with the budget. A line in the past, it is hard work, effort and
time-consuming effort province. But seeing the results of the decoration, a very good
sense to pay all feel worth it.

Grateful mom to pay, deliberately leave 2 months on Chongqing, full-time in the
decoration. Only workers at the scene, she is on the scene. Without her sacrifice and
dedication, not so timely and fitting, so speed would not be completed, I will not be
early to move into new houses. Convince my mom to take the occasion, with the
property management, with the decoration company with the workers, with the
business, treat people with all aspects of cross neighbors ... then say things to play,
give us a small province of weeks together, less conflict, Shun shun books completion;
also convinced my mother to haggle, her own as an individual operator for many
years, both counter-counter-purchase sales already know well accustomed to the chest,
even if not quite familiar with the repair material decoration, but also the maximum
limit reduction in spending. There is a strong implementation force to ensure the best
delivery close to each purchase budget, basically eradicate the act in good faith, and
finally fitting the situation is not down. In the purchase of all materials, the price point
I heard the self-mother, the color pattern on my mother respected my views. Rare in
our tight cooperation, showing power without dispute, one group harmony.

On the Road in detail in the next:

Decoration letter knowledge and the access to drip: This is very major, important
aspects of the origin of a number of: 1 Forum: like Cape decoration plate, SouFun,
both large variety of surface repair Yu online learning materials , optional elements,
but also warm the mouth of the exchange I have net friends, but also learned to play
together the latest suspect information; and family there is much to network online
purchase, buy the doubt for, I eye the radical Confidence cc to really see, or adequate
application of net buying, be able to save lots of time with the spirit; 2 neighbors:
neighbors get muddy two-decoration similar house type is indeed save trouble a lot.
Both on the fitting out of the overall consequences of infection have intuitive feelings,
but also on the data selection step, as a reference.

Or visit the company selected to play Team decoration: decoration is the best interests
of the company after the sale is guaranteed, after some tinkering at the difficult time
of any out of the Quantity and Quality of the answer can Midao people; while visiting
the team that beat the price cheap. I chose the package DPM, sand cement, nails and
wood side I do not have to bother. If the team is playing visit, hearing must be
property owners with full frame, OMG me where to seek? So many seek decoration
companies to save trouble. Kai I found a company in our district's
renovation, the scope is very small, is a neighbor, is still the old city. I feel the
company is not really, just bad soon after the construction team. As the
company's structure can not simply double the brief, so the price is
reasonable, does not have the layers down into the case. Out of people's
trust, I will go out the necessary assessment of the construction site decoration
company. Realistic look to, the decoration is still a good company, all aspects of the
master can be considered responsible, really responsible for day to complete their
respective jobs.

Style: one had thought McDowell are all strictly money to burn. What European
countryside, what days in the sea customs Na, the completion of each type of Wei
strictly necessary from design to material selection and construction to complete the
field with, decoration, each part of the stern request, not less natural in degrees. So
strict is out of my Gateway has style, it must be qualitative, mixed demolition of the
ancient complex. Now a kind of Magnus Ming: Shen Shen software installed
hardware installed, is obsessed with hard equipment is dead, overnight, loaded it will
be difficult to change, fancy style of the trial will be a good long time fatigue Plaza. I
did not do television wall, did not hang the end. The consequences in, simply
double-Hun fresh cool briefly. Vacancies in the wall, I was able to gradually Gaga
painted decoration, and perhaps color to be decorated.

Early preparation: people building the company selected is installed packages and
supplementary methods. They do not have the basic accessories I bother. While
completion of the main material not immediately available, but must book early. In
particular, point out that door and the wardrobe, custom-made, then 1 month time to
the ability to do good, the special need to book early side. Farmers have not had the
initiative once the heap to the hidden field all cc, one concerns damage to both the air
and the wall is to do the midnight move trouble agricultural process.

Processes and duration: the most advanced construction is senior field bricklayer, is
responsible for smashing the wall, changing housing construction, playing groove; I
comprising 70 square meters, shatter the second bedroom balcony of a wall through
life, the other had to move, original concept to the bathroom and living room replaced
with frosted glass walls shatter, good light from the living room, worrying about the
effectiveness of a non-obvious, both to solid glass wall of people wonder, the three
also heard that is not conducive to doing a clean ground glass, were dropped, Ukraine
Wei Wu Wei on the right. The power range up to two days to complete; Secondly,
plumbing, embedded pipes, lines lane. They prompted TX, which the premises when
the installation of sockets, socket a few pull hole, with a large box or small box (I use
the pull of the 108 rectangular base, perhaps 86 square-type seat without pulling it
appropriate), and installation Jizhan Deng, light in what status should be thinking
ahead of good, these are not steps to the front of the reform. Individuals specially in
the living room left a sound line home theater system for the future to prepare to fight.
This process needs only one day. In particular drop to wake up the joint security firm.
I stopped after the invention of the decoration is natural gas leak, forced knocking
wall again, and fortunately only a brick, and exposed brick when there is excess, there
is no color difference emerging situations; third step is the mason approach, exposing
tile, bathroom go digging into the water, apply all his work groove. Another air
leveling, since I use a large area of wood floor, this very necessary step, if the select
homogeneous land tile, then no. I made a separate bowl, (wash brush perhaps our
people's habits Yunyang it) there are cabinet is made of brick stove is
mason work, nothing more than to nominal wage calculations. This process will take
a point of time, to see the skills of workers. During this period I also installed the door.
The fourth step on the approach when painting, I chose to do the paint, do not expose
wallpaper. Needs to play three layers putty, a stress top paint, a topcoat. Every very
time-consuming, not homework slow, but very slow to do a detour to other walls. In
particular to do before painting, the wall must be thorough, otherwise Shang Hao will
play a layer of paint. In order to accelerate progress to the wall velocity point, not
only pay attention to venting suits, also has bought a 1,000-watt light bulb baking.
(1000-watt light bulb for the cigarette lighter and immediately on the) paints end of
the fifth step can be carried out the installation of water and electricity. Completed
before the installation of wood flooring, 51 sq, 1 day An End. Water and electricity
installed, then Bu Bu painter paints, the decoration of the project even finished.
Before and after I spent 40 days together.

Where to next round after round of material:

Auxiliary Needless to say, and when Kai package decoration company. This according
to market conditions, anyway is to use some of that brand. You can rely on a large
mid-priced decoration decoration company materials used into the only cf, with the
decoration company Road, never content with good materials, written contract. The
workers to use before, forgotten inspection. The central government is the main
candidate to buy materials. In view of their strong brand awareness, to his mind is all
with real cards. Can come to the market a snooping, scary high prices. The net with an
example: TOTO a faucet is a 2000, gold, Wrigley ... no one cheap. Slightly cheaper, is
for herons reach and sunny, but you still do not like to add that only appropriate.
Moreover, a few hundred of such material, that material has a few hundred, there are
pre-opening and closing, lights, furniture and decoration works out down .... the
whole, that cost overruns are tens of thousands of. The fitting finish the job that will
show what the situation, but also spent more than ten million renovation and look no
Sha special. I am not down in the case of the budget, all I had to listen to my mother:
the data do not brand, choose a quantity sufficient for the only medium quality.

Economical one: choose to buy the day side. Shopping is the most humble materials,
and what building Mart, even the wild like; and building materials market, which
should be absolutely certain, and choose a number, the initiative to market exclusive
of repair materials. Acquisition is like stone, were very close to a residential stone
market, much cheaper than outside. Furniture is the same as a small factory in
Chongqing foreign goods, furniture, Ma Yan contented rural states than international
cheap Nanping, Qiu Kai, Kowloon market surpasses contented cheap furniture village.
Sometimes the decoration was not being intended to establish ragged rotten market,
but the expense of low ah, the same cc the profit would not be looking so Shen.

Save money two: the selection of lamps. People living room the main light and the
main sat lights are concise with the kind of generous, non-crystal. In addition to two
kinds of color suffer a Category 3 lamp light color, no fancy effects. Shade is mainly
flat, no special flower to take hollow, or dip is very easy to clean and too little gray.
Cost much more than just cheap chandelier, while content with my dirty soul Ya
overall tone of ancient. Door with a brass lamp is also very thrifty, even if it is a good
lamp, plus light bulbs 20 are not. Introduction to the end is embedded in gypsum
board hanging, the very feeling of spotlights. As the end of the hanging wall did not
do TV, so thrifty a variety of negative landscape lights, decoration lights. Disposal of
those lamps were no good to fancy, to a very good looking. But I want to answer your
counter, there are several hours in use?

Save money 3: furniture. Personal initiative or purchase, or make custom furniture.
Share information to enable workers to the scene to do the furniture, it was another
loss expected loss work done into the consequences of over and over again is also
unsatisfactory. As the light paint on that surface water agronomic difference is
significant. This is handled in a few years ago I renovated the house when the very
understanding of Yunyang. None other than the work do not know Shen, how has
technology, the type of technology was used. What is now small apartment home less
space for the thrifty, had hidden field when the field has to do. Another piece of
furniture on my mother's achievements, and sold the furniture of 7-8 years.
Selection, Road no price on a complete bother me. What style, what kind of material
amount of the most tough, the best use, she is professional. Choice of income in the
sand, stand mat is a good spring, is still a good bubble, a call to suffer for her furniture
factory owner: foam good.

Save money 4: not the whole cabinet. 400,500 whole one meter cabinet, fairly cheap.
The table with acrylic, light is good looking, but the quality is not power quality hard,
warm cold expansion and contraction deformation after several years, severe cracking
will continue. Cabinet timber, can be only real serious moisture, is still a question
mark. Along with insects, a the problem. My cabinet is plastering the scene to do.
Table with the natural marble, marble table while doing as long as the color was xuan,
not very good look, but temperature does not change color; nothing more than I still
can not get machetes cut above the bone, the same as the whole table will be broken.
Brick stove cabinet is not only moisture, but also waterproof. (This points to reminder,
do not use brick stove was great, more than 10 yuan per piece, the hardness is too
high, fixed drill, I kind of material in front of doors down is not device) plus I ordered
on the door, using a similar glass material, the entire cabinet red water no problem,
nor protozoa. The entire cabinet of the capital is not high, even higher than the
average overall cabinet that should more!

Regret about the premises of the total solution:

An access control system in line to stay too less, there is no connected to the trunk and
a few, so white outside the probe, the alarm is useless;

2, the height of lower cabinets, selected Western style range hood easily hit the first.
When the original kitchen that endure are the hours of attention cushion;

3 is too warm by the status of devices, the tube too long, had to use strong row;

4 presents the case of leakage of natural gas in the brick mason before the show did
not review the cross head;

5 wooden floor sitting room door distorted metal buckle article;

6 device sitting room door, leaving a large open space free, and there is no maximum
limit to achieve noise;

If there is any doubt to loaded building A, farewell calls to the suspect for questioning,
looking for the TX have been assisted.