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					Zhu Jianhua: Talk about a Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do
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-------- Mark the great Bruce Lee Zhuangao generation of Chinese

Today, the Bruce Lee of misunderstanding, still continues.

One of the most typical misunderstanding, is simply Jiang Bruce Lee's
kung fu as an ordinary actor, so its all the achievements just the propaganda film
exaggerated results, much better than this.

Well, this is the fact that the truth? The answer surely is only one word: No!

Many people mistakenly think that Bruce Lee created but the times, but the effect is
the achievement of the Bruce Lee film media, but, under the same times, the same
among the film How many times, why is it only the Bruce Lee movie for the times
and favored ?!

The truth is: in an international martial arts star Bruce Lee before he had established
in the United States military dominance of the altar, has achievements for the
generation of martial arts master. It is in Jeet Kune Do founder Bruce Lee, martial arts
master generation capacity, with super martial arts strength and charisma, with his
own power, achievement of the Hong Kong and Hollywood martial arts movies,
which for the Chinese film to win the big world Glory! To know that in the sixties and
the seventies are still very serious racial discrimination in the United States, many
Hollywood studios despite recognition of Lee's caliber, but are unwilling to
take risks to Bruce Lee in the film featuring the characters of any opportunity. It is
precisely because in reality suffered setbacks in the entertainment circle and fight,
Bruce Lee was unbearable, issued in the late 60's self-Dragon voice:
"to his times, and for me to create events," As a result, the world
Kung Fu film industry whom a new look.

"I was told that a genius can create your own opportunities, in fact, a
person's deepest aspirations and actions not only create their own
opportunities, or even create their own genius," and believe in Bruce Lee
Success is indeed the success of action learning Masters, he was so that is to do that,
then, Lee not only created their own opportunities, created his own genius, but also
really created the current situation.

Bruce Lee What kind of person? A great kung fu movie star and film artists? A wave
that month, the true meaning of enlightenment Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Master, or
lead the world in real kung fu martial arts pioneer the trend of the generation of
innovation? Or, a bit humanism thinkers, scientists, or Wu Daozhe successful scientist?
believe, take any one as the answer, are few and are insufficient to accurately reflect
all of Bruce Lee.

The fact is that the impact of Bruce Lee, the world is diverse and far-reaching, even
after he passed away 30 years, giving him the world's supreme honor and
from all areas of dizzying birth to respect and genuine.

History tells us that the success of Bruce Lee ----- anyone know if ---- a little rain is
not experienced, how can I have the rainbow? This world there is no casual success.
Success and opportunity, will always only look to those who are prepared!

To commemorate Bruce Lee, more understanding of facts and the truth, today we
once again raised the topic of Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do.

           ?One World Film Star of the Century

In the movie, for years, domestic and foreign organizations, or related fields
authoritative figures for the great achievements and contributions of Bruce Lee are not
stingy to give a high evaluation and recognition, which honors an actor can not
usually look back and items . Can be said that it exerts on Bruce Lee's art
and its overall assessment of achievements, the world cinema, including the Chinese
film industry to give Li Xiaolong Awards to date high-level, creating a lot of China
and Asia in the world, called " unprecedented ":

In 1972, with Bruce Lee "Fist of Fury" in stirring the splendid
performance, won the 10th Golden Horse Awards "Best art special
prize"; April 28, 1993, to solemnly commemorate the 20th anniversary of
the death of Bruce Lee by Hollywood History Foundation, the Hollywood Chamber
of Commerce and the "walk of fame committee," jointly
organized a grand ceremony, will represent the stars selected in the world,
"Hall of Fame" honor "star Bruce Lee,"
set in the Hollywood celebrities Boulevard, Los Angeles Mayor also announced that
this day in the city, "Lee Day" huge investment by the
Hollywood film Bruce Lee biopic "Dragon: The Bruce Lee
Story", also released the same year, made a very good box office, and once
again lead to an international Lee's new wave. In 1993, Bruce Lee movies
in the creation of brilliant, the Hong Kong Film Awards Assembly awarded the
"Lifetime Achievement Award of Bruce Lee", five years later, in
1998, Bruce Lee, United States Performing Arts Association has awarded
"Lifetime Achievement Award", 1999 the U.S. government to
grant Lee's "Dominican Art Award."
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"Bruce Lee Star"
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The picture above shows the Hollywood biopic of Bruce Lee "Dragon: The
Bruce Lee Story" movie poster. In the film's main character,
who plays Bruce Lee Jason Scott Lee has devoted disciple of apprenticeship training
pro-Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do.

Charm Dragon flow and time forever, in 2003, the British television station Channel 4
held a 'history of the 100 greatest movie stars "contest, Bruce
Lee and Jackie Chan Dragons selected; in March 2005, marks the birth of Chinese
film century, the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards for this special award Bruce Lee,
"Chinese Film Star of the Century" award, to show a grand
salute. followed, in July 2005, Bruce Lee was overwhelmingly elected as
"China's century of film the ten most influential people
"one. soon after, in October 2005, Bruce Lee in the foreign entertainment
industry professionals and the public voted in as the only Chinese and Asians, the
authority of the United States selected publication" Variety
"magazine (Variety) "Century 100 most influential celebrities
list" (100 large Icon). The magazine pointed out in People Comment:
Bruce Lee's kung fu movie but many martial arts of the renaissance and the
United States, "Fist of Fury" and "Tangshan Big
Boss "and other movie called century classic. early November 2005, Sanya,
Hainan Island, in the 14th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, Lee
was elected" China's century of film 100 fine actor,
"one; November 2005 18 On the evening of the Boao Forum for Asia,
"China Film Award for outstanding contribution to the world"
awards ceremony on the first break into Hollywood as a great success, and the
Chinese film making indelible contributions to the world of film, Bruce Lee became
the first night winners, won the "special contribution to the world of
Chinese film prize."

It is worth mentioning that night, served as one of Bruce Lee, Sammo Hung film
supporting roles, also received "Special Contribution Award"
acceptance speech he delivered at the table admits: "I never thought when
making a film to To spread the Chinese film culture, received this award, I will show
the best of my life from now on efforts to promote film culture in China,
"while just the opposite, then join the Bruce Lee film, but it is with the
promotion of Chinese culture and Chinese martial arts, glorious struggle for the
Chinese lofty ambitions, this one of the subtle difference, perhaps it is Bruce
Lee's achievements in film, far beyond the contemporary martial arts films
where people's internal, Lee has thus won more industry The extra respect,
for, 2003 --- - a time when the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Bruce Lee, Chow
---- grinding sword sold for two years, "Kung Fu" to pay tribute
to Bruce Lee; American devil's director 昆汀塔伦蒂 Snow (Quentin
Tarantino) in the film after nearly 6 years after their effort in "Kill
Bill" to pay tribute to Bruce Lee.
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The picture shows the "Kill Bill" actress Uma Thurman wore a
Bruce Lee in "Game of Death" in yellow tight sportswear stills.
Bruce Lee era film techniques and capital investment, compared to today, totally can
not compare, however, simply by masterly Bruce Lee, acting radiant personality and
charm, giving him the video footage to immortal extraordinary artistic value and
attractiveness, which is simply inconceivable to four and a half movies, you can not
fell on the ground so far stands at the top of the world's martial arts film
achievements and become immortal legend:

In 1999, the authority in the UK film magazine "TOTAL FILM"
named the "top ten best martial arts films of the 20th century",
the Bruce Lee on the cover of three seats one person (namely, "Enter the
Dragon," "Big Boss" and "Fist of
Fury") The so-called Great minds think alike, into the twenty-first century,
the beginning of 2005, Argos in Britain's "Top Ten Greatest
martial arts movie" Award, there are three kung fu movies Bruce Lee was
selected, "Enter the Dragon" is crowned champions list. From
West to East, coincidentally, in 2005, after the network vote comments, Bruce
Lee's "Fist of Fury" and "Big
Boss" smooth selected 100 Feature Movies Chinese Movies hundred years.
There is no doubt I believe, in later years longer, for similar awards or Bruce Lee
would definitely go ...... All Bruce Lee movies for the world and China's
contribution and its impact is evident.

Code not only director Bruce Lee set the film in one self-performing capabilities
proved particularly value, he advocated martial arts film style, but also in one fell
swoop from the traditional Hong Kong martial arts movie martial arts world into the
modern meaning of martial arts in the world. His kung fu movies the first time,
expanding the international market, even as most representative of Chinese martial
arts film genre, but also for the world cinema to create a "kung fu
movie" Kung Fu in this film kind of language and the use of film language
to express new element, and then for the Chinese film and Chinese film makers to
enter the international film paved the way, and thus in the world erected a kung fu
film to date no one beyond the peak.

According to the United States, "Sing Tao Daily" reported in
early 2006, lived in Canada for over 15 years of Chinese American film star, Bruce
Lee's 3 in the film as the heroine of Nora said: "At first Oscar
award for best director Ang Lee , shot a few years ago, "Crouching
Tiger" can flourish in the whole world, as well as Jackie Chan, Jet Li and
others to shine in Hollywood, all because of Bruce Lee in his lifetime as they paved
the way. " Work hard battles in Hollywood for many years and taste joys of
ethnic Chinese action actor Eric &S226; Lee also said: "In
America, everyone thinks that Jackie Chan, Jet Li special great. But most Americans
recognized or Bruce Lee, he then passed the Martial Arts opens the door to the U.S.
film industry, so far he is still the most representative figures in Chinese martial arts,
no one can go beyond his position. " In fact, the older generation pioneer
Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan himself has said: "There is no Bruce Lee, not
me", while the Jet Li said: "Bruce Lee is my role

Have served as "The Promise", "Infernal
Affairs",         "Spider-Man,"               "The
Matrix" and other large areas of the martial arts action (action) to guide the
Hong Kong film Lindian idol is Bruce Lee, with action movie "Ong
Bak" ( also known as "seek the Buddha") fame, is
Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" rating for the current
"Asia's most neat hands and feet, and most can play the best
effort," the Thai action movie star Tony Jaa (Tony Jaa) idol is Bruce Lee
He has sincerely said: the best martial arts star Bruce Lee is, he said: "Lee
is the first Asian martial arts into the international film circle, his kung fu unique,
accurate, fast and strong." Itself has many zealous fans of Donnie Yen,
Bruce Lee is one of the most loyal admirers, kung fu movies about the world situation,
he also said: "No one can go beyond Bruce Lee," The reason
may be simple, in addition to Bruce Lee is star in the star, idol of idols, as the
American film devil's 昆汀塔伦蒂 Luo said: "Lee is the real
kung fu movie."

In the vast majority of so-called stars can only be leading the trend for three to five
years of the world film industry, after 30 years of relentless time tempered, given star
Bruce Lee is still brilliant light, he still is to make the World Kung Fu (action) movie
Most industry professionals ---- no matter the directors, actors or martial arts (action)
to guide their ------- Gaoshanyangzhi great man, so now, as long as the talk about
Bruce Lee, also the total is let the people feel, "no to those who"
sincerely sigh. In the 1990s, even had a smash hit in China, but still determinedly
abroad Chuang was a female Hollywood movie actor Joan Chen is still hard to speak
out in going through difficult circumstances, is not without complaint: Hollywood for
today's understanding of Chinese film, but also stay in Bruce Lee era.

              Second, the spirit of international cultural icon

In the humanities, Bruce Lee's fame can be described as including women
and children, and their high-spirited, do not break do not scratch, fight the dragon is
neither arrogant nor the spirit of self-discovery, self-perfect dragon martial arts and
philosophy of life As a result, in the world are able to find empathy sympathy and

As an always "I am a Chinese" and proud of the century hero,
Bruce Lee is to change the West on China's "sick man of
Asia" and "inferior races" the first person impression.
"Men's temperament: Mao Zedong and the Bruce
Lee" is a wider spread in the online article, the author believes is similar to
the two great men: "They are both philosophers, all want to change the
status of the Chinese people and China The image in the West, "and, in fact,
they have varying degrees of done this, therefore, the overseas Chinese have generally
agreed that the most influential overseas Chinese in only two: Yi Shi Mao Zedong, 2
as Bruce Lee. Seems to support with this, in March 2006, at Central Television and a
number of linked media, website co-hosted "CCTV-4 China Focus 2006:
What do you think best represents" voting selection activities, Chinese
Kung Fu (Bruce Lee) on convincing the "top ten most representative of
China", ranked ninth, while the top ten, only two people the list, one of
Confucius, the second is Bruce Lee.

Moutain means that, according to Bruce Lee of Canton, vice president of
De-super-research, the early 70s when Bruce Lee martial arts kung fu rage, and set off
when the boom, Mao Zedong also by "internal reference movie"
the first time enjoyed the Bruce Lee several movies, such as "Big
Boss", "Fist of Fury," "Way of the
Dragon", etc., is said to love, and repeated several times, when the officer
asked why it is so like Bruce Lee, Mao Zedong, the film, he said : "Bruce
Lee martial arts is good, excellent performance, he was Chinese by the light, his film
of righteousness, love and hate is clear, moving."

Bruce Lee has become the world's only individual Chinese people active,
healthy, masculine image of one of the representatives, and as its desire, and the
success of the entire Chinese community around the world a positive image of the
re-shaping of national self-confidence increased, and made no forgotten contribution,
thus, a strong impetus to the worldwide spread of Chinese culture for the exchange of
Chinese and Western cultures, for the first time has built a bridge of communication
and understanding. To this end, in October 2005, in accepting international news
channel CCTV-face part lighting program group interview a hundred years, had just
won the "special contribution to the world of Chinese Film
Award" Sammo Hung in the interview that was Bruce Lee, all British
colonial lack of national and ethnic identity during the Hong Kong people began to
re-position itself and began to truly understand themselves as Chinese, resulting in a
more intense sense of national pride. He believes that Bruce Lee "is a
whole can stimulate the activity of each cell of the Chinese people ...... saw him play
since then, many young people are very up, we are Chinese and have contributed to
this atmosphere Such thinking is very important. a lot of big national thinking.
" Japan's foreign critics have feelings and Yu Tian Chuanxing
evaluation said: "The first Chinese film to enter the world view is kung fu
movies, Bruce Lee in" Fist of Fury, "" Big Boss
"and other films show the superb martial arts shocked the world, so far No
one can match his; Chinese martial arts also led to a wave of Chinese culture fever.
because the Chinese martial arts films conveyed the spirit of the cultural meaning and
martial arts, Chinese culture, which is the masculine side of agitation spread overseas
Chinese film ...... not only face the world moved to China, Chinese Kung Fu shocked
the world, but also to influence the world of Chinese thought. "

Many people think that Bruce Lee was able to become the eyes of overseas Chinese
"national hero" type character, or was able to become the
world's vulnerable people worship idols, but stained played
<<Fury>> of Chen Zhen corner light, only to meet the
year in the world, especially prevalent in Asia, the psychological tide of national
independence and self-improvement, which spread through the film, will be the
impact of unlimited expansion and large the Bale. However, this is true? Well, what
then starred Movies similar to countless people, and now affect the safety and care?
At best, we can only say this, but say only half, because the real life of Bruce Lee It is
also active against racial discrimination, oppose any form of oppression, upright,
upright on the face of difficulties and challenges, move forward and not bow to the
true heroes. There is enough evidence, then, despite the racial prejudices of
Hollywood, starred in the film star Bruce Lee is not granted the opportunity, but with
Bruce Lee's personal abilities and talents, Lee went on to win a lot of
powerful figures in Hollywood appreciation There are many opportunities to serve a
variety of supporting roles, or work behind the scenes, martial arts, in other words, as
long as Bruce Lee is willing, in the economic income, Bruce Lee, how much pressure
would not exist, but, even when Bruce Lee because of financial difficulties, once to
break the legs of the glasses to go with the point of money, but still resolutely refused
to star in any degrading, or the role of national image, in exchange for economic
improvements, he said: "I would rather starve to death, nor will their base
sell, I will not accept insult myself, my people, or martial arts work, "As a
result, Lee has won those arrogant Westerners universal respect, his popular
Hollywood celebrity disciples, such as the Academy Award list 斯特林西利 Fendt
and so is the respect of his heart, his obligation to actively run in the entertainment

Lee believes that a real person, must actively shape the perfect self, to express their
loyalty, so he is not only in life, martial arts, self-expression of loyalty, in the film is
self-expression will be realized. In other words, the movie Chen Zhen shown by
uphold justice and national integrity, and defying the power of the heroic spirit, in fact,
true to the real Bruce Lee was really reveal the true strength of character, not
pretentious. not so much Bruce Lee in the role of Chen Zhen, as it is in express
himself. Chen real issue in the film "Chinese people are not sick man of
Asia" cry of the times, in fact, Bruce Lee was then in real life to a variety
of similar language has been made before, and to take action to show off. Is Because
of this, Bruce Lee finally come through and movies and love Emotion common
humanity of human self-expression, success in all human thought break stubborn
human diaphragm, with great spiritual shock, conquered audiences around the world.

Bruce Lee in the film and real life has shown a high degree of fit and strong national
integrity, unrivaled Diocesan temperament, a high degree of confidence fell more and
more excited the super fight, and the emphasis on self-discovery and human equality,
active life full of wisdom harmonious life and values, ultimately, through his
miraculous personally successful practice, but concentrated into a strong sharp rally,
"the spirit of Bruce Lee", a few years of infection with subtle,
almost all the excitement through various channels to understand his people. If the
70's, Bruce Lee is only in the overseas Chinese as well as African
American, Hispanic and other ethnic minorities in the audience and resonant, by
worship, then, in the subsequent 30 years, with the people for Bruce Lee knowledge
and understanding of the deepening of the human spirit charm of Bruce Lee is
becoming increasingly evident, its influence beyond the narrow scope of this
successful, enduring global form of "cultural phenomenon Bruce
Lee": He was not only beyond the movie and entertainment, beyond the
martial arts, it is beyond time, national boundaries, cultural, ethnic and national
limitations to the level of global cultural spirit strong and enduring symbol of
sublimation for the earth and the villagers, especially the "Dragon
fans" who One of the special language of international communication,
which sustained extensive and in-depth penetration of its impact to the earth where
almost every corner of the world's undisputed different human groups,
regardless of vulnerable groups, or groups in a common fashion Humanism Idol:

In 1980, the Japanese "Asahi Shimbun," the Bruce Lee selected
as the "70's representative"; 1986, Lee was selected
as the University of Hamburg, Germany "most Europeans, Asians
know"; in June 1999, the United States worldwide Comprehensive
authority Politics magazine "Time" magazine named the Bruce
Lee "in the 20th century's 100 most influential
people" one, he is the only one selected out of 100 martial arts, the only
Chinese. May 2004, in the "UK's annual Race Media
Award" ceremony, the British media, especially for the Lee Association
awarded the "Legend Award" to commemorate him in the
modern art of attack and the development of performing arts films made great
contributions to The annual session of the "UK's annual Race
Media Award" by the British 300 media organizations, the aim is to spread
national culture, to resist racial discrimination; as justice, victory and a symbol of
integrity, and Bosniak, Serb and Serbs in Croatia three common worship of idols,
bronze statue of Bruce Lee was in November 2005 set in the center of Mostar in
Bosnia, to defuse local ethnic grievances, to promote national reconciliation.
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In 1980, the Japanese "Asahi Shimbun," the Bruce Lee selected
as the "70's representative."
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"Time" magazine named the Bruce Lee "in the 20th
century's 100 most influential people" one.

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