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April 1, there are insider told reporters, one giant state-owned enterprises Shanghai
Shanghai SVA Group (the SVA) a deep loss of the quagmire in Shanghai directly
involved in at least eight banks secure large loans.
"Loans much more than 5 billion yuan this figure."
Authoritative source, a financial sector, bank credit SVA involved thought it would be
more than the outside world. The SVA has a credit dealings with the bank who is
further said, "Statistics on Radio and the size of the subsidiary's
total loan volume has exceeded 10 billion yuan."
According to report, just heavy losses SVA NEC project, involving a total of two
amounts in over 5 billion yuan of syndicated loans, including ICBC, Bank of China,
Deng Jun larger number.
This has led to bank into a quagmire. Announced in the SVA hosted by the Shanghai
Instrument and Electronics ago, began in November last year, banks began lending
found that appear relevant SVA overdue, and held many consultations solution will
meet. However, a variety of reasons, banks have not yet filed asset protection.
"Loans can save the key to see how the Government to save
SVA." The financial authorities said. As the huge amount of loans, the
relevant regulatory authorities have repeatedly reported to the bank credit, the
Shanghai Municipal Government, requested the Government to pay attention.
Syndicated loans or Chaobai Yi
Banks and on radio and television, is a large state-owned enterprises and banks in a
classic example.
SVA in 2003 to develop flat panel display business, a joint venture with NEC of Japan
in Shanghai SVA NEC Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd. (SVA NEC Corporation), has
put China's first large-scale mass production of fifth-generation TFT-LCD
(Thin Film transistor liquid crystal display) building.
December 14, 2003, to the Shanghai branch of ICBC, Bank of China Shanghai branch
of the lead bank's first syndicated loan SVA NEC signed a loan agreement,
to provide 646 billion yen (equivalent to the prevailing exchange rate of RMB 50
billion) in syndicated loans.
Consortium members include China Construction Bank [4.39 1.62%] Shanghai
Branch, Bank of Communications, [6.62 2.00%] Shanghai Branch, China Minsheng
Bank [5.26 2.73%] Shanghai branches of other banks.
Since then, in 2006, in order to achieve the scale of operation to improve market
competitiveness, SVA SVA NEC decided to expand production. According to media
reports additional investment amount of 44 billion yen (about 3.136 billion yuan).
Among them, the Bank of China [3.52 0.86%] Shanghai Bank acted as the number of
banks for the fifth-generation TFT-LCD expansion project for a total capital increase
of 220 billion yen (then about 1.568 billion yuan) in syndicated loans.
The syndicated loan, the increase of the Agricultural Bank Shanghai Branch,
Shanghai Branch of Bank of Shanghai and other support. If calculated in accordance
with these two projects, the amount of precipitation of bank loans more than 50
billion yuan (repayment not count).
May 2008, East Island property assessment companies to produce the evaluation
report revealed that some banks loan situation. One reporter found that the light ICBC,
Bank of China on the very large volume of loans to ICBC Shanghai, for example, the
Shanghai branch of ICBC's total commitment to the amount of SVA NEC
were 100 million U.S. dollars, 39.9 billion yen, 164 million yuan of long-term loans
and 7.12 billion in liquidity loans, the period to June 20, 2010 only. As of May 2008
or so, SVA NEC has returned some of the loan, but the remaining balance of
long-term borrowings were 65 million U.S. dollars, 25.935 billion yen and 106.6
million yuan, and 712 million yuan in working capital loans.
The Bank of China Shanghai Branch total commitments were 13.2 billion yen and
648 million yuan of long-term loans, the period to December 20, 2012 only.
"To the end of last year, we find that the situation does not, there are
difficulties in the return of interest, loan at risk. The new loan would not dare
issued." The bank disclosed.
So far, these loans will be how much bad debt there is also hard to tell.
Disease state-owned credit
If in accordance with the bank said far more than the huge 10 billion credit, the plight
of the SVA today, the bank will no doubt be "kidnapped".
Informed sources in the banks and the Shanghai Municipal Government signed this
year, growth in credit insurance support, the relevant creditor banks have also
expressed the hope that as soon as possible to solve the problem loans on the idea of
radio and television.
However, the problem has exposed the end of last year, the Government has taken
measures to save more slowly. In fact, the Shanghai Instrument and Electronics by the
end of March before announcing the host on radio and television, the first step is to
determine the situation, then how will the assets related to restructuring and loan
"Shanghai to promote accelerated development of advanced manufacturing
industry, is an opportunity to transform advanced technologies should be strengthened
and upgraded, but save on the radio and television, you can not simply repeat the old
technology. In addition, Shanghai SVA also reflects the common problem of state
enterprises, should take the state-owned assets and reform to the establishment of
state-owned enterprises exit mechanism, the introduction of a variety of equity
participation, a mechanism to speed up reform of state-owned enterprises.
"The financial authorities said.
In addition, the case exposed the state-owned enterprises SVA common problem of
credit, also led to market concerns.
At that time, Shanghai's TFT-LCD industry, the government
"during" key support of the industry, SVA NEC project is one of
the most important. Because it is the Government to promote, so Banks will always
scrambling for loans.
Said a person familiar with the bank for various reasons, the risk of state-owned
enterprises to control may be relaxed. SVA's case, the existence of Group
subsidiaries guarantee or mutual guarantee of a large number of related subsidiary
According to report, on the Bank of China Shanghai Branch of the loan, SVA NEC is
agreed to sign the mortgage contract, the date of the invoice value of all ownership of
more than 100 thousand U.S. dollars or the equivalent in other currencies, the
equipment as collateral by the Shanghai SVA (Group) Co., Ltd. and NEC Corporation
to provide security. SVA Group present bad financial situation, but also a larger
depreciation of machinery and equipment.
SVA's also access to its two listed companies.
Comment: This is the most horrible thing. Now the state-owned enterprises long way
to go. Manager and chairman of the intense conflict and massive unemployment.
Without the necessary incentives, the next 50 years, 50% of the state-owned
enterprises will have to collapse!!
A mechanism for the appointment of
Or the use of the planned economy under the Constitution appointed by the provincial
Department of Propaganda?! Enterprise employee congress does not work, useless. It
is very confusing business cliques ah! The middle right of making money using the
upper business and then have to take loss annual salary!!
Second, reward and punishment unknown
Succeed and little of a kind.
Three poor rich temple abbot.
Four countries are re-arrangements of oil, will sell state assets!!
Five state-owned enterprises, ah, ah you'll be hanged!!