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Basic Information Name: Yip Man

Synonyms: Yip Kai asked

Hometown: Foshan, Guangdong mulberry leaves Serbs

Gender: Male

Nationality: China

Date of birth: 1893

Died years: 1972

The times: modern

People relationships: spouse: Yong-Cheng Zhang; son: Yip Chun, Ye Shaohua (alias
Ye Qing)

Occupation: Other martial arts
[Edit this section] Early life
Ip Man (1892 -1972 on December 1), mulberry leaf clan Foshan. Star Lake Union for
the rout native Tau, his father, who was to avoid the "red head
army" Rebellion, moved to the Foshan Mulberry living. In the age of seven,
he studied under coach into the Chan Wah-shun (Chan Wah-shun, as a proud disciple
of the South China Sea Ryazan boxing champion, started prior to the money, money
exchange business for a living, people called Zhao Qian Hua). Chan Wah-shun was
old, and leaves much of age difference between the four-year-old, so the public Ip also
commensurate with China, but this young disciple of Chan Wah-shun great love,
self-closing leaves only asked for the post, you will no longer accept any Science and
technology who thanks to the door, closed the door leaf asked a disciple of Chan
Wah-shun, the older brothers, such as Wu Zhong Su, YT cotton, Lei Yu Qi, this young
junior in the sector is looked after carefully. Chinese public after the death, Yip Man
and then studying with the brothers and Wu Zhong Su boxing skills. To Yip Man 16
years old, from Foshan to Hong Kong to study foreign languages, studying at St
Stephen's School. With the beam after the wall (the son of Ryazan) study
arms. 1950 went to Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Kowloon Hotel Workers Union to
teach Wing Chun in to fame. A real good effort only, the great martial artist. In
addition to his apprentice Association and chapter members throughout Hong Kong
Chinese workers, there are foreign students in Hong Kong. To one man, Wing Chun
can be extended to all over the world, it was the door person elected as the great
master Yip Man, his book called Yip Kai asked, native of Guangdong Foshan, ranks
second in the family, the ancestral home in Fu Xian Road, Foshan , called
"mulberry", as a people, Foshan, within the area of mulberry
field wide, stretching up to the big house a few streets bit, the door on the left, to
Foshan, the famous restaurant (known as Hong Kong-style dim sum),
"Taoyuan Habitat" next to all the most famous cake shops of
Foshan "public booming," said the shop to see sesame cake.
"Mulberry leaf surname" in Foshan, no one can know.

Chinese people in this era were foreigners as sick man of Asia, a leaf through the park
at the entrance asked to see written: "Chinese and dogs not
admitted" and sign, Ip to national justice, jump kick the Billboard kicked to
pieces for the Chinese to let off steam. Another time, Ip foreign seafarers Adam Street
saw 78 abused women, has been approached like something for it to stop Ip, and 78
foreign countries stand a Han dynasty, but his fists face of the four hands, gradually
falling to less than a few rounds wind, the cry of a young man at this time to squeeze
into the crowd along with co-war foreign Ip Han, eventually played 78 foreigners off
their feet a hasty retreat, the youth is the son of Ryazan beam wall.

That is in front of Wing Chun master Leung Jan's son, Ip immediately
thanks to its as a teacher, and thus destined further studies with the Wing Chun Liang
wall technology, an instant after two or three years time, leaves constantly asked for
the wall beam pointing, Wing Chun skills to attain into the Transformation. Early
Republic, known as China's four major towns of Foshan, the annual
popular "Autumn" demonstration event to showcase the unique
ethnic crafts, demonstrations are drawing huge crowds each year, more visitors from
some other place.

Wing Chun in a display of the "Autumn" parade leaves the
number of people were asked their view of his cousin, "Autumn"
procession, suddenly there is a platoon leader at the time the warlords to make rude
behavior of their cousin was wearing a gown Ip, thin Li velvet underground shoes,
even dress up like King Sun Gongzai, and shape are not tall, refined and a table can
look like bullying, the other day that had enjoyed, came forward to its cousin want to
take action in this time, he was Leaf Standard body progress suddenly asked to usual
practices Wing Chun to a share of playing together and see each other on the spot that
should be body lying on the ground, local warlords have always bullied people, has
suddenly lost in the hands of a gentle scholar, Naken swallow This tone is even more
evil side to the bile of Health, drew up, then leaves to ask a horse crash switch body to
the way a lightning, hold each other a revolver, and the strength of their thumbs,
Direct pressure revolver wheels, even the light revolver core buckling, so that it can
not be fired. After the Japanese captured in Foshan, Ip extraordinary effort, has long
been the Japanese military police press note, wish to invite the Chinese martial arts as
a military police instructor, but always cling to his national justice, of course, refused
the request of the Japanese military police, Japanese military police in anger, martial
arts master and Ip assigned contest pledged to be defeated is if Ip orders errand, the
case can not be rejected, but to accept the contest, to those who are tall and strong,
boxing heavy Ma Jian, Ip Man Wing Chun put pile hand, the word clamp
yangmachang, visual each other, but without a word, to be soldiers lured to the block,
the pupils of the other party to the arrow marked MA into force, Ip that change hands
for the cultivation of pile forward hand, cultivation to other arrows, and also turns
kneeling horse, took the other front leg after being knee position, forcing the other
side suddenly lost focus, though not in the other strokes, it was defeated with
absolutely shattered, Yip also received horse in time, I heard assignee , out of contest
drawing to really master blows, touched in passing. Ip after the contest, for fear of
angering the Japanese warlords, temporary leave Foshan, but secretly helped me to
carry out operations behind enemy lines work, After the victory, although a martial
arts Yip Man, but to abandon the setting and apprentices, working in the county
criminal unit , responsible for getting rid of work, had personally detected Foshan Sha
Square, robbery, and the road of peace and prosperity in peace and prosperity pro
cinema capture the robbers, but also have higher appreciation in the Southern District
of Guangzhou City as long patrol post.

In 1949, Yip Man came to Hong Kong people's referral by a friend Lee,
awareness Hotel Association chairman beam phase and beam phase is also a martial
arts enthusiast, martial arts can be said to be human, have been dragon-shaped motor
learning bridge, that Ip Wing Chun Chan Wah-shun for the door, that line coach for
Science and technology, and requested Yip Street, Kowloon Sham Shui Po Hotel
Association to teach the public, except when Li Min, Liang phase, there Lok Yiu and
his nephew, Wenjin Lu, etc., less than ten people, Lee and Yip Man has long been the
world, and can be said to be friend and teacher, after a Yebu Qing, Xu Shangtian ......
and so on have come, as demand and technology are increasing, then put science and
technology, and to the Kowloon Motor Bus colleagues for the most, because
continuous study Wing Chun skills, in order to have more space and facilities, Ip
repeatedly moved for venues in Kowloon Leader Street, Lei Cheng Uk Estate,
Kowloon Industrial Building, and separate the number of hours at night, Hollywood
Road, Hong Kong coach, to push over the 9 Wing Chun skills in every corner of Hong
Kong and Kowloon.
[Edit this paragraph] Interests
In addition, in his personal interest, the day with three to five disciples or friends in
the restaurant for tea, and occasionally to a few laps of Health Mahjong, in addition,
the time of midsummer, Ip is like visiting Douxi Shuai, its The reason is very brave
and courageous fighter Guangdong cricket, cricket, unlike Taiwan, abounds that will
win or lose. Therefore, the two cricket fighting off dozens of rounds can be war, more
crickets legs broken, and still brave fight, compared to the ring wars, more satisfying.
In addition to Douxi Shuai, dog fighting is also the likes also, as Yip watch dog
fighting, mostly in the other martial arts masters were to visit, he is Snake Liangjia
Fang master, he leaves a good friend asked in the same martial arts, but also
Association, can be said that very good friend.
[Edit this section] Character Appraisal
Yip Man in Wing Chun there are profound attainments, on the Wing Chun people
have made outstanding contribution to the development of ethics have exemplary
character, so Ip Man Wing Chun school colleagues, after his home for his
generation's undisputed master .

Published 70s ", Foshan Overseas Chi" has articles on his deeds,
completed in 2000, Foshan Martial Arts Museum has a dedicated showroom Ip, Ohio,
has "Ip Man Museum", Birmingham's "Ye
Q (O ) Martial Arts Association "has a column in his honor, Hong
Kong," Ip Man Martial Arts Association, "hanging his portrait
and practice, and so photos.
[Edit this section] old age
Seven-year-old Yip Man, his skill was not inferior to young age, when the robbery at
the Hong Kong triad wind height, the Yip often visited at night around safeguarding
regional security, soon to see a knife with intent to rob the robbers rogue passers-by,
often saw a shadow now, leaves the question is to blast to the rogue-style kick pedal,
Sharp see the robbers were kicked out of dozens of feet beyond the fall to the ground.
Lida Street has thus become the only peaceful place in Hong Kong. Ip thus repeatedly
commended by the Hong Kong Government, are "good people"
in the title.

Master Ip December 1, 1972 in Hong Kong died, thirty years have passed since the
circumstances. Wing Chun great master, the spirit of John in, the door for future
generations of respected people.

Wing Chun daughter home from a self-defense technique developed to combat martial
above, and rapid development in several decades, the development of Foshan Wing
Chun from every corner of the world, becoming internationally renowned Chinese
martial arts, but also is now up to foreigners learning Chinese martial arts. Wing
Chun's origin and development agreement to be identified as:
"from the Yanyong Chun, Yan in Ryazan, Sheng Yu Yip!"
[Edit this section] Family History
Asked the principal wife leaves two sons and two daughters for their students,
prospective long cotyledons. Times cotyledons are. His concubine for a son, Ye
Shaohua. There is also a woman the other, name unknown. As the half-brother,
Yip's death, two sons and a daughter, finished sub-family property, from
very little.
[Edit this section] and Bruce Lee
Ye have discerned among the disciples asked the public better than blue, and the
world-famous Chinese martial arts kung fu king Bruce Lee's master.

Looking back on those years, Bruce Lee was born in the United States, but his
childhood and youth time spent in Hong Kong. Bruce Lee's childhood is
very thin body, the father to his son's body strong, they teach their shadow
boxing. The Bruce Lee itself like trying new things, adventurous, especially outdoor
sports. So he completely fell in love with martial arts, in addition to Tai Chi, he
studied Wing Chun, Crane Fist Road, Fist, Shaolin boxing and other boxing for the
future and lay a solid foundation own.

Bruce Lee was lost in the street fighting and by the Friends Zhang Zhuoqing
(WILLIAM-CHEUNG) of the decision into Wing Chun Ha's. Suddenly,
because of Bruce Lee's martial feel Zhang Zhuoqing sharp a lot, because
he began to learn the Wing Chun of the reason that the introduction of the Zhang
Zhuoqing official under worship he asked the master into the leaves of the sects, and
began to learn Wing Chun system boxing. Of course, leaves an open question does not
oppose Lee continued to practice Tai Chi, not against his own disciples and other
boxing camp to play against a particular emphasis on the contrary, he has combat
training, because he knows a boxing camp wants is to survive by own strength,
martial arts are only in the "talk hand" or
"combat" in order to constantly improve themselves and the
powerful. All this has profound impact both on Bruce Lee.

Although in many cases by the brothers and Wong Shun Leung
(WONG-SHUN-LEUNG) on behalf of the teachers teaching, and but Wong Shun
Leung Wing Chun is also a path-breaker, called Hong Kong "king of talk
hands", his character has compatibility with dragons, with Ip's
favorite wise dragons and passed to him a lot of Wing Chun tips, all add to the
dragons as a rapidly growing Wing Chun master. Even if the original one was Bruce
Lee martial arts school and became founding generation master, but not yet out of his
Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun's shadow, some of Jeet Kune Do and Wing
Chun core technology is essentially similar, but Bruce Lee in Wing Chun's
technically it was sublimated and reform. Therefore, master Bruce Lee was greatness
or the impact of the Wing Chun he also should not be overlooked, is the so-called:
"Jeet Kune Do from Wing Chun, Bruce Lee benefited from the Wong Shun
Leung," Wong Shun Leung Tuition brothers as Bruce Lee, Bruce
Lee's most Wing Chun techniques taught by him.

Ip and Wong Shun Leung and Bruce Lee Yip deep dragons 6 years teaching exercise
to enable him by a street fighting by the transition to a true martial arts master, Bruce
Lee, then of course this is to become a necessary prerequisite for our . Bruce Lee is a
world-class kung fu master, but he was a first name consistently Lights Wing Chun
enjoy charming. Bruce Lee was the altar in the world, the brilliant military success,
but also spread worldwide and made Wing Chun Although the indirect but very real

Even the American press that he described as "The Forbidden
Kingdom", the Japanese even called him "the saint
Wu," Hong Kong newspapers praised him as "contemporary
Chinese martial arts and film in the history of genius."

Bruce Lee in about 1956, the military museum in the Leader Street, asked the sects
worship into the leaf, but he really is very into, never absent, but emigrated to the U.S.,
but still can not complete all of the attention devoted to continuous learning. After the
development of Bruce Lee, has been re-done so already leaf division, hoping to learn
Wing Chun Wooden dummy. And propose to the cost of building a personal
demonstration please teacher leaves all Wing Chun Wooden dummy, from
Lee's film into a video to bring back to the U.S. on their own learning, but
was rejected by Ip, a number of disciples was that the Bruce Lee of the favorable
conditions, Master can not accept that a pity, but the teacher leaves his or her will is
determined to science and technology only requires the scholars, the best to teach, not
the martial arts as a commercial house for sale, the most important thing is even less
partiality, such large paternalistic, more sects loved by his disciples.
[Edit this section] Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do, the relationship between
Wing Chun Origin:

According to "Yong Chun White Crane spectrum" records,
White Crane is the Qing Dynasty Junji years (1644 ~ 1662) from Fujian Funing State
(now Xiapu County) North Division side held outside the Shaolin daughter Fang
Qiniang created by the clock.

Fang Qiniang - at the Bai Lian (Lotus) Temple weaving, the see a Bai Hefei falling
beam, the triumph of wings, dancing feet get wing, cited title Hui Mao, Shen Jing
foraging like to do, then wrapped bladder rest, wonderful gesture. Fang Qiniang very
interesting, that is in the hands of the shuttle box vote was jumping crane avoid flash;
You Yi Wei feet of wood, complex pop-up by crane Zhanyi. Eer volley crane wings,
red people dauntless. So Qiniang sentiment aside, lapping at his craft, is a blend of
various white crane dancing in the Shaolin boxing in a few years derived visual
imagery to create a unique style of boxing.

After learning White Crane Wing Chun and other places the largest, most widely Fan
trouble, the greatest influence, so that White Crane method in theory and practice
formed a technical system characteristics Yongchun human geography as place of
origin of these people are in Wing Chun, it will This boxing is called
"Wing Chun White Crane."

Were in the White Crane Wing Chun, and Fang Qiniang of White Crane talents spread
through three generations of five Shitai, so Yanyong Chun is no reason to live in
between 1644 to 1662, also with the old Labour Wing Chun school legend that is

It is written by Master Yip Man, "Origin of Wing Chun," above,
the five Shi Tai was less Linbai He Fujian boxing master. Shaolin Temple since the
fire, the South Shaolin sent five old has parted. Zen perfection fled Shuai Guangzhou,
Dunji within in Red Boat "pot head", then leads to a
"stick to boxing for" story.

Jeet Kune Do from Wing Chun (Wing Chun Wing Chun White Crane from)
[Edit this section] personal achievements
Actively promote Wing Chun, in just two years (50-72) of the time, not only in Hong
Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions carried forward to Wing Chun, Wing Chun, even
the seeds scattered to every corner of the world, so that the fruits of Wing Chun firmly
spread on the world's major countries, nurtured the talents his lifetime,
such as beam phase, Ye Buqing, Dr. Yun, Lee, Lok Yiu, Xu Shangtian, Tun Huang
Liang, He Jinming ... ... and so good of a group of disciples, were able to inherit Guru
behest, the further development of Wing Chun, so after the death of Master, Wing
Chun doors were unanimously praised for his great master of Wing Chun school.

All along, the Wing Chun are only a few transmission. The Yip Man in Hong Kong
and transfer technology more than 20 years, this situation began to change. 60s of last
century, the development of Bruce Lee to the United States, founder of
"Jun Fan Martial Arts Museum" gradually became famous
through the film will spread to the Wing Chun world.

Yip Man died in 1972, its quasi-cotyledon leaves are inherited his father's,
is committed to promote Wing Chun overseas. Yip Chun Wing Chun Athletic
Association in Hong Kong, Sha Tin, Hong Kong City University of Science and
Technology, Foshan Science and Technology set up points and apprentices. Currently,
Yip Chun and his disciples in the world, more than 60 national organizations have
Wing Chun will be nearly 3,000. Martial arts promotion in the world for outstanding
contributions, Yip Chun also received praise from the United States Olympic

The Yip Man in Hong Kong, Leung Ting disciples received by a magazine, book,
public performance, training boxers accept the challenge, the form of a film to spread
Wing Chun. Leung Ting Wing Chun in 1973 founded the International Federation, has
set up offices in over 60 countries, more than 400 branches over.
[Edit this section] teaching characteristics
1, attaches great importance to the choice of talent, he often said: "The
apprentice choose a good master, while difficult, but choose a good apprentice master,
more difficult." Boxing as a life vocation is to teach the people, to have
this mentality, no simple task, it can be said that the attitude of his work seriously, and
is responsible for the performance of the Jiaotu Di.

Tai Chi master life, never quoted, nor sell the advertisements on his reason for this, its
only purpose is to keep this a "selective Shoutu Di of the
initiative." Two decades, committed to this principle, as a Tai Chi Chi
person for the job is very valuable.

2, the basic training in early beginners, very seriously, when a small idea of when
passing from the right way, with lumbar horses, to force the use of hair, from no time
limit, as long as the scholar achieve his demands, he would then teach The new course,
never struggling, this is actually a reward academic ground.

3, another feature of boxing award, that is, talents and education, his every scholar, to
the psychological and personality, body physique and to the level of knowledge,
culture, accomplishment and the ability to absorb the first to fully understand more of
each academic different needs and different ways to teach so that every scholar can
easily learn and absorb.

4, the process of teaching boxing very focused're crazy hands and free
fighting practice, it is to train scholars Wing Chun's love and confidence,
thus leading scholars further testimonies and Wing Chun wooden dummy study.
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