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					Supervision Q & Decoration
First, what is the independent supervision of home decoration?
Supervision of home decoration is decorated by professional personnel, examination
and approval by the government, made decorative supervision qualifications play in
the decoration effect of the quality of supervision and management functions of
organizations. Is a professional society to provide paid services of the business entity.
Decoration Supervision must be fully independent home improvement and home
improvement markets outside the company with no "genetic"
relationship of a third party. Consumer acceptance of home improvement is a separate
commission, representatives of consumers, according to the commission signed a
contract on behalf of the interests of home improvement consumers to exercise their
rights given to monitor the consumer signed the home improvement and decoration
implementation of the contract, the maximum to protect the interests of consumers.
Implemented in 1998 the "PRC Construction Law," specifically
on specific provisions for supervision: Supervision should be an independent third
party, is a body with legal personality, and construction units as well as material
supply unit should be free from affiliation and other interests relations. The fact that
its mandate is based, objective, timely and effective recommendations and solutions.

Second, what home improvement services supervision?
Formal legal supervision services throughout in the decoration before the decoration
and renovations of all stages, from the budget review to determining renovation
contracts, check received from the material process operation, from the stage of
acceptance to the Progress Kong Zhi, more effort should also be provided, Sheng
Supervision services when discretionary.
Supervision should just stand on the position of the decoration as an independent
party to monitor performance of the contract, thus reducing the risk of renovation,
maintenance home improvement consumers.
In addition to providing engineering supervision track record alone, if necessary,
because the home improvement company, construction fault caused heavy losses to
the owners, to agents of its proceedings.

Third, supervision should be employed at what time it is first requested the
Commissioner or the first and decoration company sign the contract?
Can be said, a professional "third party" to provide some kind
of supervision commissioning supervision service. As to when the commission
"third party" supervision, is completely engaged by the
consumer's mind the decision of the Commissioner of decoration.
If on the market, information, materials, technology in doubt, we must help in the
supervision of contracts signed under renovation, and so we must advance with the
supervision of authorized delegate contract signed.
However, we recommend whether or not you decide to hire third-party supervision,
supervision of the best companies have to be a first consultation, I believe that it
would be harvested.
4, Decoration supervision to help consumers solve the problem?
Let's look at the following issues now, 1, decoration, including what the
specific content of the contract? Not specify the terms of the implementation of the
projects which harm? These skills and knowledge of the law when the dispute in the
event of the decoration is extremely important; then how fair and just signed the
contract home improvement? 2, how to prevent non-standard text decoration company
to set traps? From a professional on how to avoid? 3, what is plainly transparent
spending? How should the price transparency? Approach the quality of the material,
grade how to ensure consistency with the contract? If the contract were not agreed
upon how to do related materials? The material in the fish in the market to verify the
authenticity? 4, the state of the decoration quality, technology, environment, what are
the specific regulations, standards and rules? How to ensure the quality of home
decoration and materials to achieve the standard contract? 5, choose what kind of
decoration company or project team can be reassuring? Once the fitting problems,
how to solve it effective? ... ...

Faced with so many "Why?", A professional                      home
improvement supervision companies will help you answer one by one.

V. What are the benefits please supervision?
1 worry: the owners can work as usual, did not disrupt the owner's living
arrangements, without the owners on site every day;
2, effort: the owners do not run around material, instead of owner by supervisors
related to quality of materials; construction technology related;
3, time: the owners are not afraid of facilities for time, by the Commissioner to help
you determine a reasonable time, and written contracts, such as the other delay was to
4, save money: owners please supervision, can save about 8% of renovation costs, you
can put an end to decorate the company's overestimation of risk calculation
and shoddy and so on.

6, how to understand please supervision to save money?
Save money, the main factors:
1, the formal signing of the contract, to prevent fraud, illegal home improvement
company owners, to prevent the owners fooled waste money.
2, help you design and review quotes to prevent the medium-term additional costs, so
you get the renovation contract price.
3, to help you check the decorative material to prevent counterfeit and shoddy
materials into the renovation site.
4, fitting quality inspection for you to make your renovation a success, reduce the
space renovation expenses.

7, do not you ask what harm supervision?
If the decoration decoration decoration owners are outsiders, nor time to take account
of household decoration, often result in serious consequences.
1, irregular, unreasonable, unfair contract, you can eat in the budget calculation
over-estimated risk of loss;
2, in the use of decorative materials, as the owners do not understand professional
construction team may use counterfeit and shoddy products or to the old generation of
new, shoddy;
3, is easy to cut corners in construction, shoddy.

8, commissioned home decorating, supervision, how to calculate and collect fees?
Full supervision commission, fees total investment budget by owners renovated 3%
-4% fee, generally do not include owner-purchased home appliances, like air
conditioning, TV, water heater. No matter how much the amount of renovation,
supervision fees from 1,000 yuan (including the amount of supervision fees in total).
Decoration over 100,000 yuan total investment budget by 3% fee. After completion of
the project, and then adjusted according to the total accounts.

9, full supervision of the duration from when calculated?
Formally from the site throughout the construction supervision, materials, admission
start. Review the pre-construction design supervision, budget offer to assist owners
signed a construction contract are free of charge.

10, fitting the company's internal supervision and Project Management
Company What's the difference?
Decoration company's internal quality control is the nature of supervision,
with regular supervision of a strict distinction between home improvement:
1, different talents: decoration company's internal supervision and
engineering supervision of certain markets without supervision qualification issued by
the Urban Construction Commission, are not eligible to play regular supervision,
while standing on third-party position
Supervision of home improvement fair City Construction Supervision Company has
issued supervision qualification.
2, different areas: internal project supervision decoration companies do not require
qualifications and staff qualifications, itself owned by decoration companies, whereas
the regular supervision of the company to audit the company's business
license decoration, renovation and construction personnel qualification qualifications,
audit design, Project quote, construction technology, materials testing, staging
acceptance, final acceptance and warranty supervision, supervision is an independent
economic entity, not fitting the company's financial constraints.
3, different objectives: the decoration company's internal project
management, goal is to make the owners approved the renovation works have been
completed the operation, received a full renovation costs were everything is, can not
stand to work on the owner's position. The standing position on third-party
supervision of the Project Management Company fair, objective is to ensure the
quality of home improvement projects, to meet quality acceptance criteria, so that
owners of legitimate rights and interests are protected.
Therefore, the decoration company's internal supervision and home
improvement market in the engineering supervision of supervision is different from
the formal business, the former Commissioner of their own, most people are not
recognized, is the lack of impartiality, is also unconvincing. From the specification
perspective and Decoration, decoration company's internal supervision
should be more appropriately referred to as quality control.

11, need to hire home improvement supervision of it?
In fact, the owners of each decoration, no do not please supervision, but most of the
supervision of their own when, or family do, but the decoration of ordinary consumers
do not understand, can not ensure the quality of construction, it is difficult to achieve
effective supervision. Team decoration and construction companies constitute more
complex, varies, and renovation project some of the hidden works can not tell time,
identify problems in future
To resolve disputes and wasted time. No time to stare site office workers do not
understand, can not see the problem, interest can not be guaranteed.
Proverb: expert management experts, most line pipe.

12, "independent" Management company What are the
characteristics of home improvement?
"Independent" Decoration supervision that is "third
party" home improvement, supervision, it should have the following
characteristics. 1, independent business license 2, the relevant departments for
approval of the Commissioner of qualification certificates. 3, supervisors must hold
certificates in supervision posts. 4, can not, recommend or limit consumer choice and
decoration materials, decoration companies the power. This means: Decoration
supervision based on national, local, industry and other related standards and
specifications, for the consumer to do full monitoring, surveillance companies and the
consumer is fully consistent: "the real thing, quality and quantity,
somewhere value. "
12, if the company commissioned the supervision of the project after the issue of
quality also how to do? Project Management Company bear any responsibility?
Supervision and decoration company in customer contract before decorating company
audit procedures are complete, if valid, to ask if the customer insisted on the
decorative team without formalities, supervision will assume joint and several liability.
If the customer commissioned formal decoration business, engineering quality
supervision after the end of the company will be supervised by construction
enterprises timely repair and rectification, a free warranty.
13, supervision of staff is not responsible for how to do?
As a decorated Party is entrusted with the supervision authorized to sign the contract,
supervisors if any questions should be responsible for the supervision of the company,
can be "authorized to delegate supervision of the contract" in
the agreement made. Found during construction supervisors irresponsible owners can
direct supervision of staff
Warned that if not accepted to the company reflected a serious problem out of the job
or laid off, re-appointed supervisory staff posts to ensure that the decoration is not

14, supervision of staff to accept the benefits of decorating company how to do?
Collect evidence in cases reported to the company (the company provides staff
supervision to accept the decoration company or consumer benefits, found on a fire),
reported Tel: 13838100518

15, if you and decoration companies colluded in through external cooperation,
deceive consumers, the consumer is worse What does it mean?
It is probably a lot of consumers are most concerned about. In fact, this concern not
absolutely necessary, our company not affiliated with any decoration companies, and
we ourselves do not contract any construction project is an independent legal entity,
engaged by an owner, provide the owners with an independent body decoration Zi
Xun. Plainly, supervision costs are our only income, we take customer's
money, standing position on the owners for the benefit of the owners, to maximize the
interests of the consumers, for the owners speak for the owners of service. Otherwise
the company will not have long-term development, the company more than five years
of solid development process is the best answer.

16, company supervisors what constraints?
Management company also developed a role, but also put forward a four to four do
not request.
1, to observe the time agreed upon time and place.
2, to warm service, patient explanations, 100 do not bother asking.
3 to ground search site, find the problem solved in time.
4, to strictly observe the "three ministries" and the city provided
equipment co.
5, not cliques, please accept an invitation to dinner drink.
6, not private promise, the illegal trade.
7, do not self-dealing, and unhealthy practices.
8, not private change laws, destruction of Supervision program.

17, supervisors how to assess decoration design and construction program?
Construction program to see whether the Ministry of Construction, the Provincial
Construction Commission, the management of the provisions of home decoration and
renovation concept the owners, the amount is accurate room, floor plans, elevations,
Ministry of surface maps, renderings are complete, use of materials, process
requirements are reasonable , the program is practical, not a security risk.

18, how to assess home improvement project quote?
According to Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, "home decoration guide
price", "fixed costs" and the current market brand,
price review, determined to see the brand right, offer reasonable accuracy, whether or
not overestimate the risk calculation, whether Louxiang problems, material grade to
determine the accuracy of the material origin is indicated, the amount of material is
stated below, process description compliance with norms and standards.

19, supervisors how acceptance materials?
Supervision by members of the contract (contract signed before construction
supervision to the closure of the material sample) of the brand, grade, size and
quantity of access to the scene of the decorative material acceptance, not all brands,
not grades, specifications of materials should not be swapped .

20, supervision of staff on site supervision, on what basis?
Home decoration design, construction program, budget quotations, decoration
contracts, power of attorney supervision, supervision and inspection tools, and
"Residential decorative quality standards" and other relevant
national, provincial and municipal decoration of the laws and regulations.

21, on what basis test engineering supervision of qualified and unqualified?
Supervision of the test is the national standard: "Residential construction
standard     decoration",         "Construction         Management
Regulation," "civil engineering indoor environmental pollution
control,"      "Building      Decoration      Engineering   Quality
Acceptance", Jiangsu Province, "R decorative quality standards
"and so on.

22, supervision of personnel to the site every day, it? How long to stay at the site?
According to the site and decorative internal management of the situation, supervisors
time to time to the site daily to inspect, test, next to the station, make a daily diary
supervision, the problems to solve or notice issued by supervision engineers,
supervision and inspection shall not processes the next. Supervisors to solve problems
according to the actual site conditions, ownership of the length of stay at the site.

23, supervision of the decoration, accompanied by customer contracts signed it?
Formal supervision should be to provide this service, the service in the home
decoration of which play a very important role, in a sense, the contract is signed Party
decoration and renovation company in the legislative process, the entire renovation
process The two sides should carry out the provisions, such as: total renovation,
technology agreement, when the payments and the proportion of each payment,
dispute resolution, after-sales service and so on. Supervision of staff supervision and
management contract is an important basis for safeguarding the legitimate rights and
interests of owners and construction side is an important safeguard.
Contracted third-party site selection in the most appropriate Office of the

24, if I signed the contract text is unity, is not no problem?
This is the view of many common home improvement consumers, but from the
practical experience, far from enough. Although the unified contract text in a certain
sense, to some extent played a role.
Because contract writings there are many gaps and the need to consider open to
question both parties in constant communication, consultation to reach a final
Renovation contract mainly includes four parts: engineering materials agreement,
technology agreement, the duration of the agreement, dispute resolution, and agreed
in general terms, the first two parts of the highly specialized, requiring the
participation of professionals and help.

25, requested the Commissioner, the owner what kind of work to be done?
Supervision is not invited to complete down after the owners on the one hand to
maintain regular communication links with the supervision of staff, on the other hand
in the spare time to the site to view, raises doubts about the staff time and supervision
to communicate with serious problems to meet in a timely manner, tripartite
consultation, timely rectification. In the hidden works, sub project and project
completion, the owners should go to the site in conjunction with acceptance before
they can continue with the work (except for special circumstances). Another
self-material part of the owner shall promptly supply to the site, shall not affect the
progress of the project.

26, the owners would like to delegate supervision of staff to help choose how to do
decorative materials?
Company policy does not allow members of the owners and construction supervision
unit description and recommendation decorative materials, such as private owners,
please Supervisers Shopping Service material, identified the problem, the company
does not assume any responsibility for supervision. When the owners explicit material
on the market to purchase certain materials, the supervisors can assist the owners of
the material identified in the quality of acceptance.
27, the owners welcome the kind of Supervisors?
Owners welcome supervisors common characteristics: 1, good moral character; 2,
technology professionally; 3, the user is responsible for, the better the quality; 4, to
coordinate the tripartite relationship.

28, decorated in the owners discovered the problem with who speaks?
Once the renovation process owners to identify problems in the supervision of staff
should immediately speak with, certified by the supervisors about the nature and
characteristics, and proposed corrective plan, and construction personnel to obtain a
consensus rectification, thus avoiding the owners and construction side of

29, supervision of staff and owners how to communicate?
Supervision after the company commissioned to accept the user, immediately
arranged to take the initiative and enthusiasm of supervision staff to contact the
owners, often describes the progress of renovation, to listen to opinions and demands
of the owners to explain the problems the owners do not know, outside of the owners
exceed the contract requirements, good explanation working, fair and reasonable deal
with the relationship between owners and the construction side.

30, supervision of staff in key issues for which the owners call the shots?
1, load-bearing structures are not allowed to change or tamper with disorder;
2, the feed must conform to the quality of the contract;
3, the time of payment under the contract and the actual inspection results to
4, quality of raw END allowed to enter the next process, supervision of staff did not

31, the owner once invited qualified enough decoration company how to do?
Once commissioned the supervision of the owners invited the decoration is not
enough qualified enterprises should be invited to assist the Commissioner's
1, to see whether the lawful and reasonable business license;
2, to see whether the fixed business premises;
3, the strength of enterprises with or without decoration;
4, after acceptance of payment into the way of payment to restrict construction quality
of the final acceptance by the Project Management Company.

32, such as construction and not following the requirements of the construction
supervision companies how to do?
Management company supervision of the construction quality is commissioned by the
owners, is the national quality standard based on the home improvement, construction
side there is no reason not to accept supervision. Owners will and in violation of
norms, while discouraging ineffective cases, supervisors may order the suspension
rework or other. Negotiated settlement after the construction, and according to the
contract Party B to pay a certain economic losses, and to inform the administrative
department of city decoration, decoration industry associations and the City
Municipal Association to warn consumers.

33, if the decoration company and supervision of how companies do not cooperate?
Sentence - replace decoration companies, because the conflict would have on home
improvement company, supervision can not be trusted.
Self-protection awareness of consumers is growing, due to their own professional or
do not know no time to look decorative, professional supervision in its own guard is
gradually being recognized and accepted by people things. Some decoration company
explained that "we have our own supervision, you can only please the
supervision of the company to spend more, we invite meal supervision solve
everything ... ..." Some consumers believed it would fall into the
decoration company in advance set a good trap. Many consumers in the decoration to
the medium after the officers found a track record of construction, but will not dare
mess with them, will once again employ Project Management Company, in fact
contravene the supervision of the decoration company would have to be trusted! !
In fact, consumers choose a Project Management Company, is invited their
professional voice, in
Construction site to ensure the quality for yourself, experience engineering quality,
materials use and project changes, the professional supervision policy planning staff
will negotiate with the construction unit, always check, I believe consumers will be
reduced in this way a lot of trouble.

34, it is not easy people to buy a house, the decoration is spending a small fortune,
and then spend money to hire additional supervision, it is not added to a cost? Values?
Apparently the cost is an increase in supervision costs for, but it creates the potential
benefits, but can not be ignored, it is the home improvement of an
"insurance" to make into the decoration costs more is spent
every penny, a better understanding of each important part of the home improvement
construction under the supervision of consultants, project quality will be more secure,
in fact, refinement of social division of labor is an important expression of social
With Project Management Company for their services, home improvement,
consumers can not only save time, effort, but also save money. In fact, if you change
an algorithm, the first decoration of the Company in assessing the
company's design, the budget can be squeezed out of some water to be
more than general supervision fee. Second, the daily supervision of the quality of
personnel in engineering materials, construction quality, the check, saving you a lot of
time and effort, it is apparent on the surface decoration is the supervision entrusted
increased spending, but in reality ... ....

35, supervision can help recommend the decoration company?
Supervision should not recommend any decorative material and decoration companies,
both consumer protection and also the independence requirements of the supervision.
On the other hand it has a wealth of market supervision experience, grasp a large
number of first-hand information, if consumers request, supervision should provide
some suggestions.
, The current supervision of the owners to employ more than it?
The company customers self-protection awareness of the strong white-collar workers,
tertiary institutions, engaged in trade or industry to the emerging majority, these
owners busy as usual, in the decoration process Meiyou 时间 and energy, but also
the lack of professional knowledge Zhuangxiu, hope the commission thinker and
decoration technology, but also master the relevant normative standards, and good
professional quality and attitude of professionals for them to better fitting quality.
Owner itself the supervision Shizhuwunai. In recent years, home improvement
complaints have been for several years by the Chinese Consumer Association as one
of the top ten complaints from industry, decoration industry is also increasingly facing
"a crisis of confidence." Some consumers do not understand the
contents of the independent home improvement business supervision, but also worried
about the quality, so he had to get professional books, a crash is to make his own
37, only the decoration decoration supervision process control it?
Of course not perfect decoration supervision service should not stop at the quality of
the decoration process, process, material phase, before the renovation should be
extended to staff-service consultancy to help consumers review the budget, determine
the renovation contract; the construction process should be check received from the
material can provide technical operation, the progress from the stage of acceptance to
the control of discretionary supervision services; decoration after the party if the cause
for the construction of major losses, but also agents of consumers legal proceedings.
Supervision of home improvement services can be seen throughout the renovation
before the decoration and fitting the whole process of post. Decoration supervision
responsibility is consumer demand, a certain amount of technical commission fees,
professional team consisting of professionals on the consumer's position, to
help consumers reduce the risk of renovation, maintenance home improvement
interests of consumers, to avoid consumer asymmetry between enterprises and the
construction trade, so the entire home improvement home improvement project
supervision play an essential role.

38, if requested the construction team, supervision is necessary, but if you please
decoration companies, especially large companies, if not necessary, right?
Home improvement project is not ready-made products, regardless of the construction
team or decorators, home decoration decoration design and construction are formed in
the process.
Just think, before decoration, decoration-house quality control (often mistakenly
referred to as supervision), how could point out the loopholes in their own budget to
help consumers to sign a fair, transparent decoration contract it? Renovation process,
the fitting-house quality control monitoring their own athletes double as referees of
several layers of oversight mechanisms for the consumer will get to know?
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