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									 February 2006                Vol. 2, No. 1

Military Construction, Army
Transformation coming to
a fort, base near you
                                                 In this issue:
   Pacesetter                                           You have a need-to-know about the Corps’ Military
  Southwestern Division Regional News Service     3     Construction Transformation mission
 Serving the men and
                                                        Fort Worth partners with Corps districts and small business to
women of the U.S. Army                            5     take on $2 billion Fort Bliss MILCON
 Corps of Engineers,
Southwestern Division
                                                  6     Barry Stuard deploys for Army again and again
Brig. Gen. Jeffrey J. Dorko
                                                  7     The Iraq experience, from someone who’s been there
 Southwestern Division                            8     Media training goes regional
     Rhonda James                                 9     A look at the year ahead
   Chief, Public Affairs
  Southwestern Division                          10     Tar Creek team presents findings

      Michele Thomas                             12     Skiatook chamber awards Corps employees
      Galveston District                         13     Change is inevitable in 2006

      Associate Editors                          14     Corps nears completion of debris removal in Southeast Texas

     Mary Beth Hudson                            15     Agencies celebrate completion of new Edinburg complex
       Tulsa District
                                                        Teamwork outdoes challenges, weather to complete Air Force
          P. J. Spaul
                                                 16     project
     Little Rock District
                                                 17     USACE and GBRA’s present agreement preserves the past
      Edward Rivera
                                                        Chapman, Ruffennach inducted into Fort Worth Gallery of
     Fort Worth District                         19     Distinguished Civilian Employees
unofficial publication published                 20     Corps Cares Program meets area children, families’ needs
under AR 360-1 for members of
the Southwestern Division and                           Leadership Development Program benefits from a senior leader
its retirees. Contents and                       21     view
editorial views expressed are
not necessarily the offi cial views
of or endorsed by, the U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers, Department
                                                 22     Pacesetter Points
of the Army or the U.S.
Government. Articles or
photographic submissions are                    On the cover: George Cardenas, Project Manager, Lackland Resident Office, left, briefs
welcome. For more information                   Brig. Gen. Jeffrey J. Dorko, commander, Southwestern Division, on the status of barracks
about the PACESETTER, or to                     being erected on Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Brig. Gen. Dorko toured other Lackland
make a submission, call your                    construction sites to include a new Schoolhouse for C-5 Galaxy flight simulators for the
local Public Affairs Office.                    Air Force Reserve Command’s 433d Airlift Wing and a Military Operations in Urban Terrain
                                                training area for the Security Forces School. Photo by Edward Rivera

                                 You have a need-to-know about the Corps’
                                 Military Construction Transformation mission
                                 Brig. Gen. Jeffrey J. Dorko
                                 Commander, Southwestern Division

   Have you read about Military                and complement each other. Each of our        how our team fits into the big picture, you
Construction Transformation?                   mission areas is closely related, and the     need to know that the Department of
   Did you hit the “delete” button because     actions we take in one area often have a      Defense is undergoing the most
you thought this effort doesn’t really         ripple effect on many others. That’s why      comprehensive transformation effort in its
apply to you? If so, you are mistaken.         you shouldn’t automatically hit that          history. DoD is transforming to prepare
The Southwestern Division has a vital          “delete” button.                              for the future - a new strategic reality
role in this effort. In fact, we are              If you recall, last September in this      where past assumptions are no longer
anticipating that this mission will bring      column I detailed for you our first and       valid and protracted conflict is the norm.
nearly $5 billion in additional workload       largest MILCON Transformation project         Not only is DoD transforming its
to the region over the next five to seven      at Fort Bliss, Texas. Our management          capabilities, it’s also changing the way it
years.                                         strategy and execution for this fast-track,   thinks, trains, exercises and fights.
   Successful execution of this mission        large-scope, multi-facility project is            So is our Army. While the Army’s
requires the dedicated efforts of our entire   precedent setting. Our application of         number-one mission today is fighting the
regional team. Additionally, we will           Military Transformation and lessons           Global War on Terror, it is also
marshal the capabilities and resources of      learned at this must-not-fail project are     undergoing its largest restructuring since
other U.S. Army Corps of Engineers             already being applied for similar work at     World War II. This restructuring will
organizations as required. While you may       other installations within the region and     transition the Army to a modular force
not directly work on Military programs,        across the nation.                            that is self-sufficient and standardized,
you know that all of our missions overlap         To better understand SWD’s role and        increasing active duty forces by 30
                                                                                             percent and the overall pool of
                                                                                             warfighting forces by 60 percent. The
                                                                                             result of this transformational initiative
                                                                                             will be an operational Army that is larger,
                                                                                             more powerful, flexible and more rapidly
                                                                                                 The Army is also restationing its forces
                                                                                             under the Integrated Global Positioning
                                                                                             and Basing Strategy and Base
                                                                                             Realignment and Closure initiatives.
                                                                                                 The Army’s restructuring to a modular
                                                                                             force, along with IGPBS and BRAC, will
                                                                                             have one-third of its forces on the move
                                                                                             over the next five to seven years.
                                                                                             Installations gaining those forces must
                                                                                             first have the mission-critical facilities
                                                                                             (headquarters and other administration
                                                                                             buildings) in place to support them,
                                                                                             followed by family-support facilities. To
                                                                                             ensure these facilities are in place, the
                                                                                             Corps is on a fast track to reduce the time
   Best of the best                                                                          it takes to plan, program, design, and
   Brig. Gen. Jeffrey J. Dorko, commander, Southwestern Division, accepts
                                                                                             build quality facilities while reducing
   the Army Superior Unit Award from Lt. Gen. Carl A. Strock, Chief of
   Engineers, during a ceremony in Washington, D.C., January 17. The division
   received this prestigious award by direction of Francis J. Harvey, Secretary
                                                                                                 The Corps, like DoD and the Army, is
   of the Army, for meritorious performance of its mission responsibilities                  reviewing its capabilities and changing
   and distinguished service while 60 percent of its leadership deployed in                  the way it thinks.
   support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, during the                          MILCON Transformation requires the
   period September 2001 through June 2004.
                                                                                                   See MILCON on following page
February 2006
MILCON                                         with assistance from Albuquerque and        progress. Following that briefing, the
Continued from previous page                   Sacramento Districts at Fort Bliss, we’ve   RMB reached consensus that: there is a
                                               stood up a Transformation Support Team      regional commitment to retain a military
Corps to change its business processes,        at SWD headquarters. I explained the        design capability within SWD; that the
from prescriptive requirements to              genesis of the TST formation and its        E&C CoP should perform a revenue vs.
performance-based criteria, to implement       basic charter, to assist our districts in   requirements analysis of the appropriate
its basic principles: reduce time for          project execution, in this column last      force structure; that an implementation
product delivery; and, maintain/enhance        September. Since then, we now have the      plan be developed for a holistic E&C
quality.                                       only HQUSACE approved Regional              hiring policy; and, that a recommended
   This means that the Corps’ acquisition      Acquisition Plan for MILCON                 course of action execution plan be
and execution strategies must change to        Transformation in the Corps, totaling $2    presented during a decision briefing for
more closely mirror those of the private       billion; we’ve published our regional       RMB approval prior to mid-year to
sector, with contractors providing similar     Strategic Communications Plan; and, a       maximize our ability to execute this fiscal
services on installations as they would        Program Management Plan will be             year.
elsewhere.                                     completed soon.                                As you’ve read, much effort by many
   It also means that the Corps will rely         The MILCON Transformation mission        has taken place and continues - all to
increasingly on standard facility designs      will touch all of us in SWD, to include     ensure we are best positioned to take care
that will be replicated throughout the         the 550-person Engineering and              of our employees, demonstrate our
nation that utilize commercial                 Construction Community of Practice. The     capabilities and keep our commitments to
construction codes and practices and           E&C team is hard at work developing         our customers.
transition from a design-build to adapt-       evaluation criteria, identifying options       Again, do your part to support and
build acquisition strategy. These changes      and analyzing the inherent advantages       contribute to these efforts. Don’t hit that
to reduce cost and increase speed of           and disadvantages for each, and making      “delete” button, keep up-to-date and be
delivery of facilities requires us to change   comparisons and recommendations ... all     an active member of our regional team to
how we provide engineering and                 to enable smart corporate decisions.        help ensure that SWD remains a ready
construction services.                            To date, the E&C CoP has met twice,      and reliable agent of change for the Army
   The Corps’ military districts will          is continuing its virtual cooperation and   and the nation, now and in the future.
execute this program with increased            coordination, and briefed the Regional
reliance on existing and new Centers of        Management Board last month on its
Standardization. The facility-type
assignments of the COS will preserve
expertise and distribute responsibilities
across the Corps while maintaining the
fundamental objective of streamlining the
design and acquisition processes. COS
will be more involved in planning,
programming and the execution of
standard designs for most types of
   While this fiscal year will be a year of
transition for all of us in the Corps, SWD
is continuing to lean forward to set the
course. As in all of our missions, our
focus is to ensure we are an effective,
interdependent regional team executing
faster, better, less expensively, greener,
and safer because of a capable and
inspired work force and regional
governance. Equally important is our
aggressive, customer-first focus.
   Through the dedicated efforts of many,
we’ve made a lot of progress in a very           Streaming success
short time.                                      Brig. Gen. Robert Crear, former commander, Southwestern Division, and
   Fort Worth District, through its              Gary Loew, former director, Programs Directorate, accept the Army Superior
previous experiences and current work at         Unit Award, authorized streamer from Lt. Gen. Carl A. Strock, Chief of
Fort Bliss, has done much of the                 Engineers, during a ceremony in Washington, D.C., January 17. The
                                                 streamer shown here by Strock, is for units entitled to Lineage and Honors
pioneering to set our course. With all of
our districts now fully engaged, along

Fort Worth partners with Corps districts and small
business to take on $2 billion Fort Bliss MILCON
  Story and photo by Edward Rivera
           Pacesetter Staff

   “If you build it, he will come,” says the
voice in the movie Field of Dreams. Well, the
Fort Worth District hears a different voice,
whispering, “They are coming, so you better
build it, and build it fast.”
   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is not
talking about a baseball field for the ghosts of
18 ballplayers, but, what would amount to a
small city for approximately 19,000 Soldiers,
returning from overseas installations to Fort
Bliss, Texas.
   “My mission is to provide quality facilities
for Soldiers coming to Fort Bliss from
various locations within a specific
timeframe,” said Col. John R. Minahan,
commander, Fort Worth District.                    Lisa C. Billman (right), Fort Worth District, contract specialist distributes
   As part of the Army’s Transformation, a         information to several small business representatives during a networking
division headquarters, four Brigade Combat         opportunity at Industry Day, Jan. 18, at the El Paso Community College. Billman
Teams and a Combat Aviation Brigade will           also gave a presentation to the more than 600 attendees on submitting a Best
make Fort Bliss their home. According to           Value proposal.
Robert P. Morris, Jr., Base Realignment and
Closure program manager for the Fort Worth         districts will join forces with Fort Worth in a    institutionalizing lessons learned,” said
District, this influx brings a need for            new Product Line Support approach to               Morris.
headquarters and administrative space, dining      accomplish the mission. According to Morris,          With the historic groundbreaking in the
facilities, aircraft hangars, arms rooms, unit     rather than hire a large number of new             near future, the Fort Worth District has also
storage facilities and barracks for                employees to handle this increased workload,       broken ground on another new approach to
approximately 19,000 Soldiers.                     the Fort Worth District is taking a regional       managing projects of this magnitude. Morris
   “We’re going to be basically building           approach to the work.                              explains, with most of the units going into
another city at Biggs (Army Airfield). More            ”Fort Worth is partnering with districts in    new construction in an undeveloped portion
than $2 billion in construction projects have      Sacramento, Calif., Albuquerque, N.M.,             of Biggs Army Airfield, the District is using a
been programmed for Fort Bliss,” said Minahan      Tulsa, Okla., Little Rock, Ark., and               Land Development Engineer approach.
to more than 600 business owners at an Industry    Galveston, Texas. Each district is responsible        “The LDE brings large-scale development
Day, Jan. 18, at the El Paso Community             for a particular Product Line and will handle      experience to the Corps and will be valuable,
College, Valle Verde Campus. “We need the          the facilities in that Product Line from ‘cradle   especially in the infrastructure planning and
help of businesses in the transformation of the    to grave,’” said Morris.                           coordination of facilities construction,” said
Army that is taking place.”                           Fort Worth will be responsible for              Morris.
   This tremendous transformation project is       infrastructure, barracks, and training ranges in      New ideas, new directions and new
being undertaken while the Army is still at        addition to providing a central point of           partnerships will be the cornerstone of the
war. Not only must the Corps build for the         contact and coordinating the activities of the     military construction on Fort Bliss. The
new Brigade Combat Team footprint, it              other Product Line Districts.                      partnering between Corps districts and the
must also accept and meet the challenges              The Product Line District responsibilities      desire of the Corps to engage the small
set for it by the Army to meet cost and            are: Albuquerque, company operations               business community, in El Paso and beyond,
schedule requirements.                             facilities; Galveston, ammunition storage          will usher in a new era of teamwork for the
   “The business community’s support is            facilities and parking facilities; Little Rock,    nation and the Soldiers supporting their
essential in helping the Corps of Engineers        dining facilities and aircraft hangars;            country.
meet the challenge of building the                 Sacramento, brigade and battalion                     During the Industry Day, Rep. Silvestre
improvements on schedule and on cost,” said        headquarters buildings and unit storage            Reyes, D-El Paso, made it clear to the Corps
Minahan.                                           facilities; and Tulsa, maintenance facilities.     of Engineers that the small businesses and
   But, the business community is not the             “Besides sharing the workload, this             others in the El Paso business community and
only source from which the Fort Worth              approach also builds expertise levels which        beyond would be supportive, “and show that
District will get help. Five other Corps           should result in time savings and                  El Paso is 100 percent behind the Army.”
February 2006
     Barry Stuard deploys for Army again and again
     Story by Suzanne M. Fournier
      Gulf Region Southern District

   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
   Base Camp Adder (Ali Base) Iraq -
A current passport, government travel
orders and a challenging mission are key
ingredients for Barry Stuard’s success
over the past twenty-plus years of global
deployments. Stuard, a U.S. Army Corps
of Engineers civilian employee from the
Little Rock District, is deployed to Iraq
as a construction representative in
support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in
Diwaniyah Province. He has a
challenging mission overseeing
reconstruction projects to help the Iraqi
   Stuard is working on police and
highway patrol stations, checkpoints and
Iraqi Army compounds which enable the          Barry Stuard poses with his Iraqi civil engineer and school children from
Iraqi security forces to combat terrorists     Zubieda school in Diwaniyah at the ribbon cutting for one of the 14 school
and maintain secure communities in             renovations.
Iraq. He is overseeing road construction
so residents can get to mosques,               who faced insurgent intimidation to          Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom, with the
schools, medical care and move crops to        work for us. He has never known              U.S. Army Corps of Engineers the very
regional markets.                              anything but war in his life,” said          same day, fifteen years later,” said
   He is involved in building 14 schools       Stuard. “And I know a 15-year-old            Stuard.
so children can safely attend healthier        young boy who is a subcontractor,               The Army could almost say— don’t
schools with bathrooms, clean water,           mature beyond his years and the sole         leave home without him. Stuard
safe electricity, ceiling fans and lighting.   support for his mother and seven             supported the Army at every major
He oversaw renovation of six railroad          siblings.”                                   deployment over the past 20-plus years.
stations so passengers can safely board           As Stuard flipped through before and         “I’ve been to 17 countries and 35
and exit trains at clean, healthy railroad     after photographs of construction            states and I couldn’t see any reason to
stations and schedule shipments with a         projects, it is easy to see the reason for   stop supporting the Army now,” said
resident stationmaster.                        his passionate commitment.                   Stuard. “As long as my family supports
   Stuard is building and renovating           Deteriorated, depressing schools turned      my deployments, I will go when the
health clinics so people in improvished        into brightly painted classrooms full of     Army needs me, especially to support
neighborhoods can have local access to         smiling Iraqi children.                      reconstruction missions like these in
health care and provide for a healthier           Stuard says he is naturally               Iraq.”
standard of living. Finally, he is             softhearted, but has tough expectations         Most of Stuard’s deployment life was
rehabilitating and building water              for construction quality and safety.         at Red River Army Depot in Texas as an
treatment and sanitation facilities to            “I want safe ladders, harnesses, hard     electronics technician. Stuard was
provide safe drinking water and reduce         shoes and protective glasses that protect    considered the jack-of-all-trades for the
the transmission of water-borne                workers,” he said. “The contractor           Bradley family of vehicles including the
diseases.                                      knows when I’ve been to his                  multiple launch rocket system when he
   Working on dozens of construction           construction site because I insist upon      deployed to Desert Shield Desert Storm.
projects with Iraqi contractors,               safety and I leave my blue magic marker         “The multiple launch rocket system is
customers and civil engineers, Stuard          scribbles wherever I find problems.”         a NATO weapon, possessed by all
gained a high level of respect for the            Although oversight for reconstruction     NATO countries,” said Stuard.
Iraqi people he meets daily.                   projects in Iraq was an unusual              “Whenever there were problems or
   “I got wrapped up in the great needs        assignment for Stuard, deployments are       scheduled modifications, our team
of people here in Iraq. These people           far from new for this Army career-           deployed wherever the units were
have been living this way because              civilian.                                    located for operations out in the field.”
they’ve been beaten down for years. I             “I left Iraq, Desert Shield Desert           Stuard has certainly given his all to
have a 35-year-old Iraqi civil engineer        Storm, on May 15, I deployed back to                      See Stuard on following page
The Iraq experience, from someone who’s been there
                                             Barry Stuard, civilian employee from the Little Rock District, is
                                           currently deployed to Iraq. He has this to say about the experience:
                                              To my friends and co-workers back          travel, I have a few roads to tell you
                                           home who are looking for a challenging        about. Being from Arkansas, a dirt road
                                           and uplifting experience — one you            is nothing new, but these are the likes
                                           will never get another chance at doing.       of which you have never seen. We have
                                           I am talking about getting to contribute      completed three and just awarded
                                           to one of the most needed and                 contracts for five more.
                                           rewarding jobs available. This is it.            I can go on. How about building an
                                              Where else can you help children of        Iraqi Army Division Headquarters?
                                           all ages to get an education in                  Or if Electricity is your thing, we are
                                           classrooms that previously had no             putting in electric substations, over
                                           doors, windows or electricity, not to         head electric feeders and underground
                                           speak of indoor bathrooms. We have            feeders.
                                           done that here, with renovations to 14           Do you want to help reduce the
                                           schools.                                      infant mortality rate and the spread of
                                              How would you like to help the             waterborne diseases? We are
                                           people of Iraq travel by train, or ship       renovating a Maternity and Children’s
                                           their farm goods, or receive shipments        Hospital, building Primary Health Care
                                           from one end of the country to the            facilities and water treatment facilities.
                                           other by renovating the deteriorated,            You name and we are building it.
Barry Stuard shows an Iraqi civil          unhealthy and nonfunctioning Railroad         There is not a minute to spare, and
engineer how to check quality
                                           Stations? We have done that, 6 of them        these people have great needs. All you
construction of tiles and uses his blue
                                           to be exact.                                  have to do is look in their eyes; they
magic marker to identify those that will
                                              If that is not your bread and butter,      are not the insurgents and terrorists that
need to be replaced.
                                           how about adding to the security of a         you see on TV. They are kind, loving,
Stuard                                     nation that has been living with war
                                           and insurgency for 35 years, by
                                                                                         friendly people that have been beaten
                                                                                         down by an oppressive dictator most of
Continued from previous page               building and renovating Police                their lives. Most do not even know how
the Army and when asked why he             Stations, Highway Patrol Stations and         the rest of the world lives and they are
deployed again, Stuard said his original   Highway Check Points? We’ve done a            learning with a new democracy and
motive was financial, but quickly          few — 32 of them.                             freedoms that are now available to
changed when he realized the                  Now for those of you who like to           them.”
significance of the reconstruction
mission here in Iraq.
   When his year-long assignment is up,      History Office covers 2005 hurricane support
Stuard will return to his job in the Red                                                 United States, Tropical Storm Agnes
                                                The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
River Valley where flocks of white                                                       made landfall near New York City June
                                             Office of History has developed a
pelicans and bald eagles make their                                                      2, 1972. Widespread flooding from
                                             website highlighting some of the
home at the Corps of Engineers’                                                          Virginia to New York made it the worst
                                             significant hurricanes and tropical
Millwood Tri-Lakes in Southwest                                                          natural disaster in U.S. history, at that
                                             storms of the last forty years. This site
Arkansas. More important, Stuard is                                                      time.
                                             summarizes the storms and their
returning to his wife and three children                                                    In 1965, Hurricane Betsy came
                                             impacts as well as provides additional
who support his deployment to help                                                       across Key West, Fla., to flood New
                                             links to reports and images. The
Iraqi families, but are anxiously                                                        Orleans, Louisiana with a storm surge
                                             documents available on the website
counting the days until Dad returns                                                      that overtopped and breached levees
                                             provide insight into Corps support
home.                                                                                    flooding the city, including the Ninth
                                             operations and engineering decisions.
                                             The bibliography on the latest              Ward. Other major events covered
   Note: Suzanne Fournier is the Public                                                  include Hurricanes Andrew and
                                             hurricane support offers historical
Affairs Officer for the Gulf Region                                                      Camille as well as Tropical Storm
                                             works to increase the understanding of
Southern District, U.S. Army Corps of                                                    Claudette.
                                             the results of the storms and the Corps’
Engineers, Iraq. Requests for more                                                          To learn more, visit the website at
information should be directed to                                                            at
                                                The site includes information on five
Suzanne at 540-542-1531. Email                                                           history.
                                             events. Although most of the severe
requests can be sent to her at
                                             storms hit the southern part of the
February 2006
     Media Interview Tips                    Media training goes regional
 When the reporter calls:                    Story by Mary Beth Hudson
 • Find out the reporter’s name,                   Pacesetter Staff
 affiliation, deadline.
 • Find out the interview topic and
 format.                                   USACE 2012 has meant change
                                        throughout the Corps of Engineers. In
 Prepare:                               the Southwestern Division, some
 • Jot down likely questions,           obvious signs of that change have been
 appropriate answers.                   evident in cooperative efforts of the
 • Know what you want to                Public Affairs community such as the
 communicate. Develop your key          Pacesetter newsletter.
 messages.                                 One regional initiative was in full
 • Contact PAO for help with            swing in Galveston District the week of
 preparation.                           Jan. 23 when nearly 40 Galveston
                                        employees took Media Training classes        Ross Adkins, chief of Public Affairs for
 During the interview:                  presented by PAOers from Little Rock         Tulsa District, presented four day-long
 • Do not speculate.                    and Tulsa Districts.                         Media Training sessions for Galveston
 • Stay in your lane.                      The day-long sessions, packed with        District employees.
 • Avoid jargon, acronyms, technical    tips on conducting successful
                                        interviews, included an on-camera            experience regarding our demeanor,
 • Be realistic, positive.
                                        experience for each student.                 do’s and don’ts, preparation, and
 • Short answers are better than
 long; use full sentences.                                                           presenting the benefits of our mission
 • Be honest, responsive, factual.                                                   to the public.” Scheffler said the class
 Don’t talk too much.                                                                was quite timely for him and should
 • Keep cool. Don’t allow yourself                                                   prove to be very helpful in several
 to be provoked.                                                                     public meetings in his future.
 • Remember when talking to a                                                           That’s no surprise to Ross Adkins,
 reporter there’s no such thing as                                                   chief of Public Affairs in Tulsa District
 “off the record.”                                                                   and one of the instructors. “We’ve
 • If there are any skeletons, be                                                    designed this training to answer the
 prepared for them to come up.                                                       needs of those who might have the
 • State matter of factly when you                                                   opportunity to meet with the media, but
 can release information and why.                                                    it’s also good for many other types of
 • If you don’t know answers, say                                                    communication.”
 so, and offer to find out.             P. J. Spaul of Little Rock District Public
                                        Affairs Office “tag teamed” as an               Co-instructor, P.J. Spaul of Little
 • Never lie to a reporter.                                                          Rock District, said media training is a
 • Don’t accept a reporter’s facts      instructor of the training.
                                                                                     valuable service the Public Affairs
 and figures as true; don’t respond
                                           John Machol, project manager in the       Community of Practice adds to the
 to a hypothetical situation; respond
                                        Policy Analysis Section of the               SWD regional team. “It was a privilege
 to negative leading questions with
                                        Regulatory Branch, said he found the         to go to Galveston District and share
 positive statements.
                                        class to be very beneficial. “The            this useful information,” he said.
                                        training stressed how important it is to        Phyllis Bledsoe, Galveston District’s
                                        get the word out and deal with issues,”      chief of Public Affairs, said she
                                        he said. “They teach, ‘Go ugly early.’ If    expected the course to help meet some
                                        you deal directly with a conflict, you       of the communication challenges faced
                                        have the opportunity to get the right        by employees. “Our intention was to
                                        message out. In my case, I see how the       give subject matter experts such as
                                        media can be an ally in the battle to        project engineers and regulatory teams
                                        protect the environment.”                    the opportunity to learn some pointers
                                           Charles Scheffler, water control          in responding to the news media.” She
                                        manager in Operations Branch, said,          said she has received some very good
                                        “Experience may be the best teacher          feedback on the training and hopes to
                                        but to learn from those who have been        schedule it every couple of years.
Don’t touch that dial! Lt. Col. Chris   on the other side of the fence in the           Media Training will be available
Sallese, Galveston District deputy      media arena is great. The training           throughout the region; employees
commander, on screen during his         provided insight into the world of the       interested in signing up should contact
interview with P. J. Spaul.             news media and a wealth of practical         their Public Affairs Office.
                                      A look at the year ahead
                              Col. Miroslav Kurka
                              Commander, Tulsa District

     Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe we’re over a             We are also focused on executing our civil works
  third of the way through the fiscal year already; I’m just    program to a very high standard; John Roberts is leading
  now getting used to writing ’06 instead of ’05 on my          this effort. Thanks to the efforts of numerous
  checks and documents.                                         stakeholders, Tulsa District received numerous
     2005 was a very successful year. Tulsa faced major         congressional adds to our Fiscal Year 2006 budget; we
  challenges with flat or declining civil works budgets and     owe it to congress, our stakeholders, and the great
  resulting affordability concerns. We implemented a            American public to execute these projects in an
  strategic plan; executed a reorganization of all five major   outstanding manner. Excellent EXECUTION is the best
  district offices using VSIP/VERA; and took advantage of       guarantee of future congressional support.
  several key opportunities including our Little Rock              We did not receive any adds to our operations and
  District partnership, renewed state and congressional         maintenance (O&M) program. In fact, to fund hurricane
  interest in numerous projects, and hurricane deployments      recovery priorities, we absorbed large cuts to an already
  to put our district in a very solid position.                 austere program. Our “bare bones” O&M program is,
     2006 promises to be every bit as challenging and           however, sufficient to get us through this transitional year.
  exciting as 2005 was. I’m very optimistic about our           The FY 2007 O&M budget promises to be better. We only
  ability to collectively master these challenges, and look     have to PERSEVERE for a few months, and under Billy
  forward to navigating through what will surely be a           Banks’ leadership, I am confident that we will do so and
  watershed year. We will emerge from this year even            continue to provide a good level of service to our many
  stronger and much better integrated with our sister           stakeholders.
  districts in Southwestern Division. The keys to our              We are able to absorb this large temporary budgetary
  success will be perseverance, flexibility, and above all a    “dip” because we are a very efficient and FLEXIBLE
  focus on EXECUTION.                                           district, and because our folks have shown a terrific
     My personal priority for 2006 is EXECUTION.                willingness to volunteer for hurricane and Global War on
  Delivering quality construction and services to our           Terrorism duty. As I write this column, we have 61 Tulsa
  customers on time and to cost is absolutely the best          District employees deployed in support of hurricane relief
  guarantee for our future. It is our excellent record at       efforts in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, in addition to
  executing that attests to our RELEVANCE, READINESS,           nine folks deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan; 70 folks out
  RESPONSIVENESS and RELIABLITY. We are good, but               of a 654-person district is great effort. Our deployments
  this year, we need to get even better!                        are not only supporting the two most important missions
     Under the leadership of Ralph Hight, we are putting a      of the Corps of Engineers, they are also helping alleviate
  major emphasis on meeting the Army’s and Air Force’s          the worst effects of our austere O&M budget. These
  demanding execution metrics for military construction,        missions will continue well into the summer and will
  especially those concerning timely construction and cost      carry us through FY 2006 into a better budgetary year.
  control. Our standard must be to meet these metrics              Our RELEVANCE, READINESS, RESPONSIVENESS
  without excuse. We will also be working with our sister       and RELIABILITY are the product of our expert, hard-
  districts and the Southwestern Division to implement          working, and dedicated workforce. Be OPTIMISTIC! We
  major changes in how we deliver facilities and services to    have a great future and are very well positioned for the
  the Army. At Tulsa, thanks to the foresight of several key    changes that are coming this year and next. Thank you for
  leaders, we’ve been executing many of the principles of       your efforts. Please continue to focus on your mission and
  Military Construction and Army Transformation for years.      on those you serve, and to take care of yourselves and
  As a result, we are very well positioned to help SWD lead     each other.
  the Corps to make the changes needed to deliver Army
  facilities better, faster, cheaper, greener, and safer.         ESSAYONS!

February 2006
        Tar Creek team presents findings
               Story by Mary Beth Hudson
                     Pacesetter Staff

   On a poster in the Picher-Cardin school administration
building titled “Building Community” are the words, “Know
that no one is silent though many are not heard. Work to
change that.” The Tar Creek subsidence evaluation team
certainly followed that admonition Tuesday night, Jan. 31, at
a press briefing and public meeting held to share the results
of their 18-month study.
   About 500 people attended the standing-room only
meeting to hear the conclusions of the $1.8 million study
funded to evaluate the potential for subsidence in the former
mining area.
   Several of the attendees took the opportunity during the
question-and-answer session to voice their concerns.
   The report’s Executive Summary states, “Extensive
                                                                 Aerial maps of the former mining area overlaid with potential
underground openings left from the historic mining activity
                                                                 subsidence information lined the walls at the gymnasium.
have also resulted in subsidence that presents a serious
hazard to public safety, the environment, and current and           The subsidence study focused on the communities of
future land use.” Although the team made it clear that they      Picher, Cardin, Hockerville, and Quapaw and transportation
could not predict when future subsidence would occur, the        corridors of major significance in the Picher Mining Field.
technical study has already prompted renewed talks of            According to the report, “Shaft related and non-shaft related
buyouts.                                                         subsidence events have occurred in the Picher Mining Field
   At the press briefing preceding the public meeting, Ken       since the beginning of mining operations and continue to
Luza with the Oklahoma Geological Survey explained that          occur.”
the areas mined were done so “to a very high extraction ratio       Of the 4,400 acres in the study area, 1,270 were
—” that miners took out 85 percent and left only 15 percent      undermined, threatening residences, structures, roads, parks,
for pillars. Aerial maps were overlaid to show areas of          playgrounds, etc. As reported in news stories following the
potential subsidence including a 150-foot buffer zone around     report’s release, “More than 200 structures, most of them
each potential site, and team members explained, “Size is        residences, sit atop or near abandoned mines that are in
not the main issue,” rather it’s location since subsidence can   danger of collapse.” There are also more than 100 locations
start out fairly small and then grow.                            where roads are undermined. A copy of the Executive
                                                                                                  Summary is available on
                                                                                                  Tulsa District’s website.
                                                                                                     In its “Turning Point”
                                                                                                  editorial dated Feb. 3, Tulsa
                                                                                                  World writers stated, “It
                                                                                                  would be hard to overstate
                                                                                                  the importance of the report
                                                                                                  issued after months of study
                                                                                                  by the subsidence evaluation
                                                                                                  team headed by the U.S.
                                                                                                  Army Corps of Engineers.
                                                                                                    See Tar Creek on next page

                                                                                                 A view across a portion of
                                                                                                 Picher, Okla., taken from the
                                                                                                 top of a chat pile. The chat
                                                                                                 piles are visible evidence of
                                                                                                 the undermining in the area
                                                                                                 which leaves the potential
                                                                                                 for subsidence.
                                                                                                 Photos by Angie Short

Tar Creek
Continued from previous page
                                                                       Fortelka joins
   “The report, in fact, could become the turning point in the
long, costly and frustrating effort to deal with the                   district staff
environmental nightmare in the old lead-and zinc-mining
area that has come to be known as Tar Creek.                              In late November, Tulsa
   “It is the definitive assessment of the threat posed by             District welcomed Diane M.
subsidence, or cave-ins of the old mines, often connected              Fortelka as its new chief of
with shafts.”                                                          Resource Management Office.
   Jonna Polk of Programs and Project Management Division              Fortelka comes to the district
served as project manager, and Jim Martell of Engineering              from the Civilian Human
and Construction Division was the lead technical manager.              Resources Agency, Aberdeen
The team included members from several federal and state               Proving Ground, Md., where
agencies, the Quapaw Tribe, and contractors. Polk served as            she also served as RM chief.
moderator at the public meeting while Martell briefed the                 Fortelka’s Army career                  Diane M. Fortelka
results of the study there and at the press briefing.                  began when she was
   Earlier in the month, team members met with school                  commissioned as a lieutenant,
administration and housing authority officials to share                Finance Corps, following graduation from the University of
specific results from the study relating to their areas of             California, Irvine, in 1976. Her initial assignment was with the
concern. A school playground is on an area of potential                Finance and Accounting Office, Presidio of San Francisco, Calif.
subsidence as are some properties owned by the housing                    Following active duty, Fortelka transferred to the Army
authority. The study has prompted a weight limit on a                  Reserves where she served for 25 years in a variety of
portion of Highway 69 near Picher.                                     comptroller assignments. She retired from the Reserve in 2004
   Team members also spent Wednesday, Feb. 1, at the                   as a lieutenant colonel.
housing authority where they met with citizens one on one to              In her civilian career, Fortelka has held budget analyst and
help them find their homes on the maps and explain                     management analyst positions, as well as resource management.
information from the report. A steady stream of people took            She had previous Corps experience at Chicago District where she
advantage of the opportunity.                                          was budget officer before becoming the chief of RM.
                                                                          Ms. Fortelka has a son, Paul, an attorney, who is serving as a
                                                                       lieutenant in the U.S. Army at Fort Huachuca, Ariz. Following
Capturing the Dream                                                    his military intelligence training, Paul will be stationed at Fort
                                                                       Hood, Texas. Her daughter, Kimberly, a junior at the University
   As it does each year, Tulsa District had a presence in the city’s   of Notre Dame and chemical engineer major, spent the fall 2005
Dr. Martin Luther King Parade held on the holiday honoring the         semester in Australia.
slain civil rights leader’s life and vision. This year’s theme was        Fortelka says she has felt comfortable with Tulsa District from
“Capturing The Dream: United We Stand, Divided We Fall!”               the time she came for her panel interview. She says she likes the
   In addition to those shown in the photos, Michael Ware, Maj.        people working in RM and the district managers, and that this is
Bob Corrales, Don Butler, and Lisa Samilton also helped                an exciting time to be with the Corps. “There are some changes
represent the district.                                                on the horizon that involve RM and budget management. We’re
                                                                       looking at going to district rates as opposed to district rates.
                                                                       We’ve got some challenges ahead of us. I’m sure that we’re
                                                                       going to hit some bumps along the way, but we’re going to do
                                                                       what we have to do, and we’ll be doing a lot of evaluating.”
                                                                          She says she is still learning the ropes but she’s getting lots of
                                                                       assistance and that her first impressions of the district are
                                                                       proving to be correct. “It feels good — feels like a good move
                                                                       for me,” she concluded.

                                                                          Tulsa District’s voluntary, confidential Employee
                                                                          Assistance Program helps employees and their
                                                                          families obtain professional guidance in dealing with
                                                                          any situation causing emotional distress. To learn
                                                                          more, click on the link on the Team Page.

                                                                                     HUMAN BEHAVIOR ASSOCIATES
Georgia Lewis and Maggie Hellwege proudly carry the
district’s banner while Michael A. Ware II keeps an eye on
the gathering crowd.

February 2006
Skiatook chamber awards                                                                  One good turn
Corps employees                                                                          prompts many
Hunter, Bersche honored for teamwork                                                     others
   At the Skiatook, Okla., Chamber of                                                        Last fall, employees with the
Commerce banquet in January, Preston                                                     Emergency Field Office - West in Lake
Hunter and Greg Bersche were                                                             Charles, La., started a ball rolling that
recognized with a Teamwork Award for                                                     hasn’t stopped yet. The Angela Navarre
their key role in the CrossTimbers                                                       family was living in a small, unheated
Resort Development at Skiatook Lake.                                                     camper trailer because their mobile
Hunter was unable to attend, but                                                         home had been damaged by Hurricane
Bersche accepted on their behalf.                                                        Rita. Their home didn’t qualify for
   The plaque’s inscription read,                                                        FEMA’s temporary roofing program
“Teamwork is the ability to work                                                         because of its metal roof. The Navarre
together toward a common vision. The                                                     family included 18-month-old Taylor
ability to direct individual                                                             who is on a respirator, heart monitor,
accomplishment toward organizational                                                     and feeding tube. She has had one
objectives. It is the fuel that allows                                                   surgery and needs more than 20 others.
common people to attain uncommon                                                             The EFO-West roofing team
results.”                                                                                brought the family from Vinto to Lake
   Hunter is lake manager at Skiatook                                                    Charles and got them a motel room.
Lake,and Bersche is a park ranger. In                                                    The contractor, Shaw Group, agreed to
December 2000, the lake was                                                              cover the mobile home, and EFO-West
designated, along with 30 others, as a                                                   and CH2M Hill (quality assurance
                                            Greg Bersche with the teamwork
National Demonstration Laboratory                                                        contractor) volunteers worked to make
                                            award honoring him and Preston
Lake. This allowed the Corps to seek                                                     the home habitable again while the
                                            Hunter for their work on the Cross
innovative partnerships with non-           Timbers Resort Development at                family awaited its FEMA trailer. Word
federal interests and the private sector    Skiatook Lake.                               spread, and cash contributions and gift
to develop enhanced recreation                                                           certificates came in.
opportunities to better serve the public,                                                    This “good news” story was
protect resources, and create a             high-profile project, and Bersche and        circulated through the Louisiana
healthier social and economic               Hunter have been involved in key roles       Recovery Field Office in Baton Rouge.
environment in the lake region.             from the very beginning when the lake        It ran in the RiverWatch Forward and
   Development of the CrossTimbers          was nominated to participate in the          was picked up by the Engineer
Resort has been and continues to be a       demo program.                                Update. Latest word is that both
                                                                                         “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”
                                                                                         and the Shriners are also looking into
                                                                                         helping the Navarres.
                                            Tar Creek team
                                            honored – again
                                               The Tar Creek Project Delivery
                                            Team was selected as Southwestern
                                            Division’s PDT of the Year. The
                                            nomination has been forwarded to
                                            headquarters for national competition.
                                               The team works with local, state, and
                                            other federal agencies, Native
                                            American Tribes and individuals in a
                                            number of projects in the devastated
                                            Tar Creek mining area. In January,           Kenny Baker takes time from his
                                            team members presented results of a          EFO-West blue roof work to pose
Jonna Polk, project manager, accepted       long-awaited subsidence study to local       with the Navarre family. Baker was
the Southwestern Division award on          and school officials, political interests,   a QA team leader from Louisville
behalf of the Tar Creek Project Delivery    and members of the public.                   District.

                                  Change is inevitable in 2006
                               Col. Steven Haustein
                               Commander, Galveston District

     T   he sun is starting to shine a little brighter, the days    We’re going to change. I’m inviting you to help pull
   are getting longer, grass is starting to green and trees are the wagon instead of riding in the back. I know you will
   starting to show signs of leaves returning. It’s              help and I appreciate it. It’s an exciting time to be in the
   springtime on the Texas coast and that’s a time of            Corps of Engineers.
   change. Change is not only a good thing, it’s inevitable.        2006 is turning out to be action packed and zipping by
   Change is constant; both in nature and in business.           faster than an Aggie’s eight years of college! We started
      We’re changing in dramatic fashion in the Corps of         the year with a sizable appropriation from Congress
   Engineers right now. The number of initiatives that will      (that indicates the value of our projects to the nation
   impact the way we do                                                                             through performance-
   business will affect every                                                                       based budgeting). At
   one of us. On the                                                                                the same time, we sent a
   horizon, the personnel                                                                           large percentage of the
   system has NSPS,                                                                                 district away to respond
   Logistics High                                                                                   to and recover from
   Performing Organization                                                                          hurricanes along the
   and regional hiring                                                                              Gulf Coast. Recently,
   practices. Our processes                                                                         we received over $70
   are shaped by a new P2                                                                           million additional
   system, legislative                                                                              dollars into our program
   direction on continuing                                                                          through the hurricane
   contracts and                                                                                    supplemental. We have
   reprogramming and,                                                                               a large program this
   more and more, a shift                                                                           year, fewer troops
   toward a functional                                                                              available working their
   USACE 2012 Regional                                                                              regular tasks and the
   Business Center.               From left to right, Cpt. Micahel P. Raymo, Col. Steven            clock is ticking. What’s
   Communications is              Haustein, commander, Galveston District and Brig. Gen.            the goal then?
   wrestling with the A-76        Jeffrey J. Dorko, commander, Southwestern Division visit          Execution is everything.
   study of the Information       the Orange County reduction site, where more than 7,000           I still expect the district
                                  stumps have been collected.
   Management staff within                                                                          to execute 100% of our
   the entire Corps.                                                                                program as scheduled.
      Every one of these initiatives takes time and energy to Given our employees’ professionalism and selflessness
   bring it to fruition. The trouble is that every               in the Galveston District, I am confident that’s exactly
   organization has a finite amount of organizational            what I’ll be reporting at the end of the year.
   energy.                                                          In closing, I’d like to say a final farewell to a number
      I truly believe that every one of these initiatives will   of Galveston District members that recently retired.
   bring about a better Corps of Engineers in terms of           Lloyd Saunders, Mike Kieslich, Tom Hunt, Steve Wipff,
   accomplishing our mission better, faster, cheaper, safer      Elijio Garza and Clark Griswold have all left the district
   and greener. I need your help to make that happen.            recently. With them, we’ve lost several hundred years of
   Specifically, I want every employee to spend their own        experience in the Corps. Texas and the nation all thank
   energy in promoting these programs, working to make           them for their many years of service. Those of us in the
   them happen and adding to the momentum toward their           Corps thank them for their friendship.

February 2006
Debris being “chipped” at the Orange County reduction site.

Corps nears completion
of debris removal in
Southeast Texas
         Story and photos by Michele C. Thomas
                     Pacesetter staff

   The U.S. Army Corps of          Approximately 4.75
Engineers announced Feb.        million cubic yards of debris
16, that debris removal is      and 18,404 stumps have
nearing completion in           been picked up and
Southeast Texas with 95         delivered to reduction sites
percent of the debris           around the county by Corps
removed and 88 percent of       subcontractors.
the stumps removed from            “This has been a large
roadsides.                      undertaking and we would
   “We are confident that       not be where we are without
debris in Southeast Texas       the support and cooperation
will be gathered and            of the city and county
deposited at the reduction      officials,” said Haustein.
sites as of mid-March,” said       The Corps and county
Col. Steve Haustein,            commissioners announced
commander, Galveston            last December that certain
District. “Extensive progress   dates in January would be
in debris collection and        the last day to place storm-
disposition is being made at    related debris along the
this time and projections are   curbside. On those days, the
that the mission, including     Corps began their final pass
the final disposition of        through neighborhoods in
debris, will be completed       Southeast Texas.                As of early February, more than 7,000 stumps are located at the
within six to eight weeks                                       Orange County reduction site. The Corps has removed more
thereafter.”                                                    than 18,000 and estimates another 3,000 remain to be removed.

                Aerial view of the Rio Grande Border Patrol Sector headquarters building.

Agencies celebrate completion of new Edinburg complex
                Story by Michele C. Thomas                     Bureau’s small, aging           department.
                       Pacesetter staff                        facility on two acres on           The sector, which consists
                                                               Wichita Avenue in McAllen.      of a geographical boundary
   On Feb. 22 the U.S. Army    have been overcome,” said       About 300 employees             formed by the Starr-Zapata
Corps of Engineers,            Haustein.                       working at this location will   county line to the west, the
Galveston District, the            Construction of the         move to the Edinburg site,      Rio Grande to the south, the
Bureauu of Customs and         complex began in 2004 by        along with legal staff now      Gulf Coast to the east and
Border Patrol Protection and   Sundt Construction of           working in Harlingen,” said     the Victoria-Edna area to the
the City of Edinburg will      Dallas.                         Uvaldo Garcia, the sector’s     north, has grown from
dedicate the new Rio Grande       The three primary            assistant chief in charge of    having 300 agents in the
Border Patrol Sector           structures the Bureau will      new facilities and              early 1990s to about 1,600
Headquarters complex.          use as its new headquarters     construction.                   agents today.
   “The partnership between    are approximately 70               The Bureau will still use       The Bureau has had to
the Corps and the Bureau       percent complete and opened     its McAllen sector building,    lease buildings throughout
has existed for nearly a       in January 2006.                which is located next to        McAllen for departments to
dozen years,” said Col.           The 15,531 square-foot       McAllen-Miller                  use because of cramped
Steven Haustein,               support building and 23,814     International Airport, for      conditions at its current
commander, Galveston           square-foot enforcement         human resources                 sector headquarters.
District.                      structure both have one floor   management and vehicle             Some of the features of
   “In our partnership,with    each and are being built        maintenance.                    the new headquarters include
the Bureau, we have been       first.                             The headquarters is          security cameras, detention
with through some rough           A two-story management       expected to pump $3.4           ponds and lush landscaping.
times. — reorganization and    building totaling 19,401        billion into the city’s         The buildings will have a
name change, delays and        square feet will also be        economy during a 30-year        structural steel frame with
budget challenges — tough      constructed on 29 acres at      period, according to            pre-cast concrete panel
times for any organization.    the southeast corner of         information from the            cladding.
However, through the           Trenton Road and U.S.           Edinburg Economic
cooperative efforts of         Highway 281.                    Development Corp. and the
Bureau and the Corps, many        “The $22 million             University of Texas – Pan
troubles and tribulations      headquarters will replace the   American’s economics
February 2006
              Brig. Gen. Jeffrey J. Dorko (left of center), commander, Southwestern Division, and Col. John
              Hesterman, 12th Flying Training Wing commander, flanked by base and local officials, cut the
              ribbon Jan. 4 at the new main gate guardhouse to signify completion of the Randolph Main Gate
              and Harmon Drive construction project.

Teamwork outdoes challenges, weather to complete Air Force project
     Story and photo by Edward Rivera          Harmon Drive.                                   important milestone for the Air Force was
              Pacesetter staff                    “The project delivery team had to deal       met, ensuring Randolph Elementary School
                                               with many unforeseen site conditions and        would have a smooth first day.
    Illustrative of the cooperation between    obstacles because of the replacement of the        “The timely opening took pressure off the
armed services, Brig. Gen. Jeffrey J. Dorko,   80-year-old underground infrastructure,”        school district and the Base by allowing
commander, Southwestern Division, and Air      said Wayne Carter, project engineer.            school buses and parents to drop off and
Force Col. John Hesterman, commander,          “Replacing the massive infrastructure was       pick up students in the normal manner,” said
12th Flying Training Wing, shared ribbon-      challenging enough but was at times             Carter. “The milestone completion target
cutting duties Jan. 4 for the opening of the   hampered by inclement weather delays.”          could only have been accomplished with
Randolph Air Force Base Main Gate and          During the first ten months of construction,    close teamwork between the Corps, AETC,
Harmon Drive.                                  the site had to contend with 80 days of bad     Base Civil Engineers, and the contractor,”
    The spirit of teamwork between both        weather. Within minutes of the                  said Carter.
entities was the hallmark for the successful   groundbreaking, construction was hindered          As the project moved forward and the
completion of this project. Meeting the        due to inclement weather.                       Base leadership continued to assess their
many challenges and ensuring the attainment       The PDT faced many challenges on the         needs, they communicated their desire for
of an interim milestone garnered the Design/   project which began at the start of the         the contractor to concentrate efforts on the
Build Renovate Main Gate and Harmon            construction phase in May 2004.                 guardhouse area in order to open it in
Drive Project Delivery Team, the Fort          Responding to these issues created a tight      conjunction with the roadway. The
Worth District August PDT of the month         knit agenda and intense management by the       contractor agreed to try to make the ribbon-
honors.                                        team to address and comply with funding         cutting date of Dec. 23, but due to inclement
    The reconstruction of Harmon Drive was     caps and statutory limitations.                 weather and the holidays, the ribbon cutting
considered by the Air Force to be a crucial       After award, the Air Education and           ceremony was set for Jan. 4, 2006 with
turning point for storm water control and      Training Command commander asked the            traffic being allowed through two days later
compliance with new force protection           Corps to reconsider the construction-           on Jan. 6.
criteria. In addition, the quality of          phasing plan and provide a means or                “The opening of Harmon Drive would
construction and constructability techniques   method for an earlier completion date for       not have been possible without the steadfast
had to comply with the Base’s historical       the Harmon Drive roadway. The                   efforts of Project Engineer Wayne Carter
nature.                                        construction traffic-phasing plan was           and Quality Assurance Representatives Pat
    The PDT had to oversee several different   eliminated, thus allowing the contractor free   Selsor and Dick Eisele in meeting the
construction areas to include a vehicle        access for construction activities and          interim milestone,” said Mike Bratlien,
inspection station, by-pass road, vehicle      concrete deliveries. Also, a non-contractual    deputy civil engineer, AETC. “Their
containment berm, guardhouse, security         goal was requested by the Base to target the    teamwork and partnership with Base Civil
gates and controls, all new underground        completion of Washington Circle and a           Engineer Project Manager Dwight
storm sewer system and replacement of all      portion of Harmon Drive by Aug. 22.             Micklethwait, and the contractor ensured a
other underground infrastructure                  “Turning over Washington Circle early        smooth start to the school year. We look
components, new street lighting, landscape     alleviated much of the cross traffic for base   forward to their continued outstanding
block faced berm, landscaping and              occupants traveling to and from housing         efforts to complete the rest of the Harmon
irrigation, new temporary visitor center and   areas, the Base Exchange and the                Drive and the associated Randolph AFB
over-watch tower, and concrete roadway         commissary,” said Carter.                       Main Gate renovation project.”
replacement for Washington Circle and             Because of the team’s diligent efforts, an
USACE and GBRA’s present agreement preserves the past
                Story and photo by Edward Rivera
                         Pacesetter Staff
   Nature seems to always find      begin developing the Canyon
a way to remind us that no          Lake Gorge as an educational
matter how fast we can build        and natural resource.
something, nature can destroy it        “This is going to be about
even quicker. In July 2002 with     teamwork and partnering for
the help of an overflowing lake,    the future of this gorge,” said
nature demonstrated its             Col. John Minahan,
destructive and creative powers     commander, Fort Worth
all within a 48-hour period.        District. “In a team effort, many
While rushing waters                different agencies came
devastated homes and                together to react to the flood
businesses along a 20-mile          and recover from the
stretch of the Guadalupe River      devastation so it is appropriate
in Central Texas, nature            that it be preserved in a team
unearthed history and left          spirit.”                            Canyon Lake Park Rangers Brett Delk, Wade Reinhardt
behind lessons in ecosystem             According to Timothy Horn,      and Lionel Castillo stand ready to help escort visitors
building.                           Canyon Lake manager, even           through the Canyon Lake Gorge, Nov. 29, 2005.
   This ecosystem, better           with floodwaters going over the
known to those in Comal             spillway, Canyon Lake Dam
County, Texas, as the Canyon        still prevented an estimated        not only left behind, but what it    tracks and even a fault line that
Lake Gorge, like all ecosystems     $38.6 million in damages            uncovered as well. The flood         was exposed by the raging
is a web of living and nonliving    downstream during this one          ripped through the limestone         water. “The three-toed prints
parts. Plants, animals, rocks,      event.                              exposing different layers of         were probably made by a
soil, air, water, sun, and people       In the wake of the              rock as old as 100 million years     theropod dinosaur,” said
are all links in the Earth’s web    tremendous loss from the heavy      that revealed fossils and a set of   Keairns. “The theropod,
of life.                            rains which filled the              dinosaur tracks.                     walking on hind legs with a
   According to the Fish and        Guadalupe River watershed,             “Early on after the recovery      stride of about nine feet, was
Wildlife Service, ecosystems        allowing the lake to flow over      efforts had been well under way      perhaps 30 feet in length. These
can be as small as a backyard       its uncontrolled spillway, the      thoughts began to surface on         tracks are similar to the ones
pond or as large as the Earth.      one-mile gorge was carved into      what to do with the gorge,” said     found in Glen Rose, Texas,
They could have been created        the limestone. Roaring down         W.E. “Bill” West, Jr., general       which shows that there was a
when dinosaurs roamed or as         the spillway at a peak flow of      manager, Guadalupe Blanco            dinosaur presence in the state.”
recent as three years ago.          just under 70,000 cubic feet of     River Authority. “We wanted to          As the tour drew to a close,
Ecosystems and habitats are not     water per second, the water         find the silver lining in the dark   Comal County Judge Danny
just concepts for biologists;       carved a gorge hundreds of          cloud of the flood.”                 Scheel remembered standing on
they are real places that are       yards wide and 50 or more feet         Castillo said the goal is to      the spillway when the water
valued by people for                deep back one mile to the           figure out a way to let people       was just feet below the crest,
recreational, aesthetic, and        Guadalupe River channel.            see the beauty of the gorge and      with Corps members wondering
economic reasons.                       According to Park Ranger        learn about the ecosystem            how bad the damage would be.
   Representatives from             Lionel Castillo, when the water     created by the flood without         Now, three years later, he
federal, state and local            receded, a series of pools were     causing harm to one of nature’s      stands a few hundred feet from
government, civic organizations     left behind with several springs    newest creations.                    that spot and can see a bright
and community activists             and waterfalls bubbling from           After their lunch, it was time    attraction for his county.
gathered for a box lunch picnic     the rocks. Living in the pools of   for the group to explore the            “If it weren’t for the
atop a limestone shelf Nov. 29,     water are carp, which swim          gorge themselves as they were        leadership and the positive
2005, just a few hundred feet       through spring waters that flow     divided into two groups and          attitude of the Corps of
away from the spillway that         through the gorge, and other        escorted through the area by         Engineers and all of those
created this gorge. The group       wildlife which now make the         Dr. Carter Keairns, Texas State      involved, things could have
of more than 40 was there to        gorge home.                         University geologist and Dr.         been much worse. It’s fitting
celebrate the signing of a              At the moment, the Corps        Bill Ward, a retired geologist       that we celebrate this
cooperative agreement between       has taken geologists and            on the Citizens Board and the        agreement here and continue
the U.S. Army Corps of              educational groups through the      Gorge Scientific Committee.          our partnership to preserve and
Engineers and the Guadalupe-        gorge on guided tours focusing         During the tour, Keairns          share this resource with
Blanco River Authority to           on learning from what the flood     pointed out fossils, dinosaur        everyone,” said Scheel.
February 2006
Chapman, Ruffennach inducted into Fort Worth Gallery of
          Distinguished Civilian Employees
             Story and photos by Melanie Ellis
            Fort Worth District Public Affairs Office

    There are few ways civilian      Worth District as a forestry
employees can achieve lasting        technician at McGee Bend, now
recognition for their service and    known as Sam Rayburn
contributions to the Corps and       Reservoir, in 1959. From 1961
the nation. “It really comes down    through 1992, Bobby worked as
to the Distinguished Civilian        a construction inspector, park
Galleries, which most District       ranger, and reservoir manager. In
and Division Offices have,” said     1992, following the realignment
Dwight Quarles, former chief of      of the Operations Division field
the Operations Division.             offices, Bobby was named the
    Friday, Jan. 20, marked the      first Operations Project Manager      From left to right, daughters Brenda Boyd and Wendy
annual Gallery of Distinguished      for the Little River Project          Jamison, Jean and Bobby Chapman, Pam and Bill Hannes,
Civilian Employees induction         Office.                               Chapman’s son.
ceremony in which Robert C.              Quarles introduced Bobby          stories and expressed his            years of federal service with the
Chapman and Ronald J.                and spoke of his work                 gratitude to his family and          Pittsburgh District, U.S. Army
Ruffennach were inducted as the      experiences and his greatest          friends for their support            Corps of Engineers, in 1973 as a
50th and 51st members. The           contributions to the District and     throughout his career.               visual information specialist. In
induction ceremony was held at       the Corps as a whole.                     “I am very honored that the      1977 Ron continued his work as
the Petroleum Club in downtown           “Bobby’s biggest contribution     people I worked with thought         a visual information specialist in
Fort Worth.                          was his ability to recruit, develop   enough of me to even nominate        the Europe District until he
    The significance of the          and retain truly outstanding          me for the Gallery. I was very       accepted the position as deputy
Gallery in the Fort Worth District   people,” said Quarles. He noted       surprised to learn I had been        chief of public affairs for the
is apparent to anyone who enters     that about six months after           selected,” said Chapman.             Savannah District in 1981.
the District office. The Gallery     Bobby’s retirement, the Canyon            He continued, “you                  In 1984, Ron moved to the
was remodeled and moved to a         Lake flood occurred and those he      sometimes wonder if you were a       Fort Worth District where he
more prominent wall on the third     had spent years training, sprang      good boss, or if they will forget    worked as a public affairs
floor of the District office last    into action.                          you when you retire, and then        specialist until assuming the role
year. The Gallery lines the              “The performance of the folks     you hear that you have been          of chief of public and legislative
hallway leading to the Executive     he had left in place was really       nominated for something like         affairs in 1994. Ron lost his
Office.                              exceptional under very trying         this. It’s very flattering.”         battle with cancer in 2003 and
    “I think it’s important for      conditions,” said Quarles. “Their         As Operations Project            was represented at the ceremony
District employees to notice the     high level of performance             Manager for the Little River         by his wife, Connie, and his two
new Gallery wall as they come to     continued in his absence.”            Project, Bobby had the               children, Justin and Courtney.
my office. It reminds them of the        “Bobby also made great            opportunity to work with people         Retired Col. Gordon M.
great things that others before      contributions to the Corps            from all different backgrounds       Wells, former district
them have done,” said Col. John      through his willingness to share      and made an impression               commander, spoke of Ron’s
R. Minahan, commander, Fort          his experience by teaching            everywhere he went.                  contributions at the ceremony
Worth District.                      Proponent Sponsored Engineer              “Bobby had a huge, positive      and expressed his immediate
    The Chapman and Ruffennach       Corps Training, or PROSPECT           impact on the Corps,” said Pope.     recognition of his leadership
families and friends joined          courses,” said Quarles. The           “He expected and accepted            skills and value to the Fort Worth
Minahan, District employees,         PROSPECT courses are                  nothing but the best from his        District. “Very shortly after
and former District employees        significant because they “teach       people and he took care of his       assuming command of the
for the ceremony. “I was very        Corps employees from around           people. He earned the respect of     District, Ron became my close
impressed by the professionalism     the country about the various         the people who worked for him        confidante and friend,” said
shown throughout the entire          contracts that could be used and      as well as his peers.”               Wells.
event. The manner in which it        how to administer those                   Bobby retired in January 2002       “I first met Ron in 1999 when
was conducted impressed on me        contracts,” said Greg Pope,           and continues to work with the       he visited me at USACE
the significance of the honor,”      project manager, Little River         Federal Emergency Management         headquarters. I immediately
said Chapman.                        Project Office.                       Agency on disaster relief efforts,   recognized him to be a valuable
    Chapman, also known as               After assisting Minahan with      most recently Hurricanes’            member of the Fort Worth
Bobby, began his 40 years of         the unveiling of his plaque,          Katrina and Rita.                    District team who could help this
civilian service with the Fort       Bobby shared a few personal               Ron Ruffennach, began his 30      See Gallery on following page
Continued from previous page
combat engineer navigate through the mysteries of public meetings,
Congressional inquiries, press interviews, and ever-present competing
stakeholder interests,” said Wells.
   As Chief of Public and Legislative Affairs, Ron demonstrated his
expertise as a communications strategist, planner, and administrator
for conveying critical, sensitive and controversial information to local,
regional, and national level news media and other publics.
   “During a Middle Managers meeting on Sept. 11, 2001, it was Ron
who pulled me aside to tell me that the first plane had hit the World
Trade Center in New York. When the second plane hit, we conferred
again and Ron immediately helped me to pull the district leaders
together to begin developing a district response plan,” said Wells.         From left to right, Courtney Ruffennach, Connie Ruffennach,
   “Over the next year plus, Ron continued to serve as a critical           and Justin Ruffennach.
member of the district leadership team as the Corps called on Fort          counsel as I was about to enter the same war zone he served in
Worth to take the lead in developing the Forward Engineer Support           following Desert Storm, when he worked as a senior public affairs
Team concept, organizing the Infrastructure Security Assessment             officer in the Kuwait Recovery Office in 1991,” noted Wells.
Team and Risk Assessment Management Dams evaluations,                          Connie, along with her son, Justin, assisted Minahan in unveiling
Contingency Real Estate Support Team deployments to Afghanistan,            Ron’s plaque which will hang alongside Chapman’s in the Gallery.
and so on,” continued Wells.                                                   “It was very well done, a beautiful ceremony, and a memorable
   Ron’s work ethic and love of the Corps was apparent to all who           occasion,” Connie said of the ceremony. “We were deeply moved
knew him. “The last time I spoke with Ron, I was sitting in an airplane     by the kind words and I know Ron is honored to be among the other
on the tarmac of DFW Airport headed for Kuwait, and eventually,             inductees in the Gallery.”
Iraq,” said Wells.                                                             Bobby summed up his feelings on the ceremony by saying, “being
   Ron was battling cancer at this time and “despite the personal pain      inducted with Ron made it even more special for me since he was
and discomfort he was feeling, he still wanted to pass along his wise       such a great friend.”

Disaster relief work brings team member a new job perspective
                   Story by Jason Foltyn                                    Roofing and Structural Safety.       being away from the family for
 Fort Worth District Engineering and Construction Division                      Working a debris mission isn’t   30 days, especially young
                                                                            for everyone. Work conditions        children. It requires sacrifice
    If you want to help those in      issues, and prepare respective        vary depending of the timing of      from the family and is an added
distress and are looking for a        reports in ENGLINK. While the         the mission. A typical work day      burden to the spouse, especially
little “adventure” from your          mission was stressful at times, it    is a minimum of 12 hours per         during the holidays. Therefore, it
current job, then working a           was rewarding to see the              day, seven days a week and can       is important to have a good game
disaster mission may be the           progress made in the local            be either a day or night shift.      plan in place with family and
answer you’re looking for.            community and to those in need.       Lodging accommodations can           friends prior to deployment.
Working with disaster relief will        Working a disaster mission         vary depending on when you are           The best part of working a
bring a new perspective in your       may put you in a work                 deployed and can range from          disaster mission is the
everyday life and job. It is          environment out of your normal        very nice hotels to make-shift       camaraderie experienced from
rewarding as well as challenging      comfort zone. I was amazed to         sleeping areas on cots in work       working with people from other
to be put into positions that are     see the talents of individuals,       buildings. The work may be in        Districts, within your own
normally “out of your box”. It        who are not normally in a             remote and austere locations,        Division, and even other
really becomes an eye-opener.         supervisory role, managing teams      having you do “non-typical”          government agencies. In our
    I recently returned from a 30-    of people to get the job              duties. The phrase “other duties     group, we had folks from
day deployment in East Texas in       accomplished. It was great to see     as assigned” can take on a whole     Galveston and Fort Worth,
response to Hurricane Rita.           these people in a different light.    new meaning. The days go by          Texas, Tulsa, Okla., Little Rock,
While there, I served as a            The Corps really does have a          fast, but working the long hours     Ark., Huntington, W. Va. and
mission specialist on the Debris      wealth of talented individuals        eventually takes its toll after a    Los Angeles, Seattle, Honolulu,
Removal team at the Beaumont          who are extremely motivated and       while. One begins to forget what     and Alaska Districts, along with
Recovery Field Office. My             effective. Valuable experience is     day of the week it is. The key       folks from the Department of
primary assignment was to assist      also gained working with local        thing to remember is that this is    Interior and the Federal
the mission manager in the            governments while gaining a           an emergency operation and           Emergency Management
overall mission management,           better understanding of the           details on the mission change        Agency. It was interesting
identify manpower for staffing        Corps’ other emergency missions       daily. You need to be flexible.      working alongside these
requirements, aid the resident        such as Ice, Water, Power,                I believe the hardest part in    individuals and learning what
engineers in resolving contract       Temporary Housing, and                working a disaster mission is         See Volunteer on following page
February 2006
Corps Cares Program meets area children, families’ needs
 Story and photos by Melanie Ellis
 Fort Worth District Public Affairs Office
   The Fort Worth District once again
accepted a hearty task - helping to provide a
memorable holiday season for children and
families around Fort Worth. In order to
handle organizing and managing the Corps
Cares Program, the Real Estate Division,
responsible for the 2005 project, assembled
a project delivery team.
   “The generosity of the Fort Worth
District was tremendous,” said Pam
Eppinette, administrative officer, Real Estate
   Eppinette, along with approximately 16
others, served as PDT members in order to        Nancy Brown, left, Child Protective Services Research Spcialist, and Pam
fulfill the task at hand. The District           Eppinette, Real Estate Division, Administrative Officer, discuss the Corps Cares
partnered with three Fort Worth agencies:        Program.
Child Protective Service of Tarrant County;      have very little.”                               USACE from some large government
the Cornerstone Community Center, a                 Hill commented that there are                 agency and gave us a face as a caring
Catholic charity organization; and, the          approximately 1,200 county children whose        member of this community,” said Eppinette.
Willoughby House, a home for young               families are in need. “Your gifts give them a       Bobby Camp, assistant chief, Real Estate,
women. The partnership allowed the District      chance to have a very Merry Christmas, but       recognizes the remarkable demonstration of
to adopt 54 children and seven families from     most importantly, it gives the children hope     support for the Corps Cares Program. “This
the immediate area who received an               for the future,” she said.                       program offers a great opportunity for us to
estimated $10,000 in gifts.                         The Cornerstone Community Center also         actually see the benefits. I was fortunate
   The need for charitable contributions was     submitted the names of seven families, all of    enough to get to deliver Christmas packages
greater this year than in years past. This was   which were adopted by Corps employees            to local families and the Willoughby
due, in large part, to housing evacuees of       and/or offices. As in years past, the response   House,” he said. “The recipients are truly in
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the               from District employees was overwhelming.        need of assistance, either financially or just
Metroplex. “We saw an increased demand           Each family was given clothing and toys for      to know that someone cares.”
for charitable giving and at the same time       the children, gifts for each parent and a food      The PDT was amazed at the stories they
our partner agencies saw an increase in          basket of nonperishable items along with a       heard about the personal sacrifices made by
needs and the outcome was overwhelming,”         gift card at a local grocery store.              co-workers in order to help others in need.
said Eppinette.                                     Families that sign up for assistance          “Some decided not to exchange gifts but to
   The District was able to “adopt” 30           through Cornerstone sign a waiver allowing       pool their money, others decided to spend
children from CPS. “They know through            those who are donating to meet them and          less on their own families so that they could
your generosity that there are people in the     visit with them. While this can be very          donate to the children and families, and still
community who care about them and want           uncomfortable for some, the families were        others adopted three or four children and
to help them succeed in life,” said Lisa Hill,   very grateful for the help and invited the       provided for them,” said Eppinette.
director, Tarrant County CPS. “Your              employees delivering gifts into their homes.        The Willoughby House is a temporary
Christmas donations go to children who              “In my opinion, this single act took          home for young women ages 14-20 from
                                                                                                  around the Fort Worth area who are
   Volunteer                                                                                      experiencing hardships in their lives and are
                                                                                                  in need of guidance. The organization
   Continued from previous page                  the satisfaction of helping those in need. I     submitted 24 names and the Fort Worth
   they did back in their home Districts. The    also suggest that all supervisors support        District responded in overwhelming
   neat concept was, regardless of your          those interested in wanting to deploy as         numbers.
   background, be it engineering, operations,    this experience will have huge impacts in           “Not only did we receive more gifts of
   administration, regulatory, environmental,    the growth and development of your               the “necessities,” but we also received 26
   design, construction, or planning, we all     employees. This is truly a rewarding             gift cards, some in the amount of $30-$50,”
   worked together for the common goal. It       experience. Should anyone be interested          said Laura Cazabon, director of Willoughby
   is also a great opportunity for networking.   in participating in an emergency mission,        House.
       I strongly recommend that everyone        please talk this over with your supervisor          Some offices, like Real Estate, make the
   serve on at least one emergency mission in    and then contact your Emergency                  giving process a year-round competition.
   their career for the experience as well as    Operations folks for details.
                                                                                                                  See Cares on following page
Leadership Development Program benefits from a senior leader view
        Story by Vickie Akers                    establishment of leadership development         participation. We can’t afford to lose sight
  Fort Worth District Emerging Leader            programs has increased in priority for          of what it takes to train our future leaders,”
                                                 business and government organizations.          stated Hyla Head, chief of Real Estate
   Leadership may summon visions of high             One way the Fort Worth District             Division. “It is equally important to make
rank and corner offices, but in reality          addresses its leadership needs is to            everyone aware the LDP has the full
everyone is affected by leaders, or in some      encourage team members to participate in        support of the senior staff and that we see
way, probably, is a leader. Whether called       the District’s Leadership Development           the program as an important tool to help
upon to lead in government or business,          Program. The program curriculum provides        build our future leaders,” said William
raising a family, organizing a household,        abundant opportunities for team members         Fickel, chief, Planning, Environmental, and
teaching a class or mentoring a new co-          to enhance and develop their leadership         Regulatory Division.
worker, everyone has a leadership role they      skills, gain a wider perspective about what        Col. John R. Minahan, commander, Fort
play. When called upon to lead, what kind        it takes to be a successful organization, and   Worth District, views the LDP as a long-
of leaders will we be? To whom can we            how to improve mission execution.               term benefit to the organization. “The true
look to for the direction we need?                   Larry Rogers, chief of Engineering and      benefits of participation will appear in a
   Senior leaders must continually address       Construction, said, “LDP participants have      more gradual form, more evident in years
these questions to ensure the success of         an opportunity to see a bigger picture and      to come.”
their organization. In recent years,             as a result have a greater appreciation of         “The end goal of the LDP is to reach the
developing future leaders has increasingly       how their efforts and those within their        individuals within our organization that
become a major focus in government and           organization support the U. S. Army Corps       possess leadership potential and advance
business. Rapid changes in business,             of Engineers missions.” Programs like this      them into leadership roles,” added Tom
political and social climates, coupled with      provide unique opportunities that are rarely    Fleeger, chief of Operations Division.
an aging workforce have sparked the need         found in the private sector and certainly not      Like USACE as a whole, the LDP has
to prepare younger workers to assume             for free.                                       transformed during the past year.
future leadership roles. As a result,                 “As managers we have to encourage                   See Leadership on following page

Continued from previous page
“We sell our cans, have doughnut eating
contests, and hot dog eating contests,”
Eppinette said. By doing this, Real Estate
started off with $500 and used it to adopt
one of the families submitted by
   In addition to adopting children and                                                              From left to right, C.J. Netting,
families from the Fort Worth area, the                                                               Paul Dippolito, and Michael
District raised an additional $505. The                                                              Lindner load gift baskets onto a
money was used to purchase additional gift                                                           truck.
cards, toys, clothes, and other gift items.
“An individual donation may not seem like        behind the agency,” said Shelton. “They         Cares Program shows the public something
much, but coupled with other gifts, there is a   typically think they are just public servants   beyond this.”
lasting impression of what we are truly          who are paid to be that way. The Corps
about,” said Bobby Shelton, environmental
engineer, Planning, Environmental, and
Regulatory Division.                                 December PDT of the Month
   “My hope is that not only do we as an               The PDT was selected Team of the Month for December and received a letter
organization truly connect with those in our        and certificate of appreciation from the Director of the Willoughby House. The
community who are less fortunate but also           team was composed of:
see them as human beings, not just a name
on a piece of paper. This program also                 Pamela Eppinette, Jean Dillon,              Julie Gibbs, of Planning
allows the community to see the Corps of            Brandi Betts, Kathy Davis, Penny             Environmental and Regulatory;
Engineers as caring neighbors,” Eppinette           Greenwood, and Vicki Akers, of Real            Misti Sloan, of Resource
said.                                               Estate;                                      Management; Ali Marshal, and Sheila
   The Corps Cares Program, like the                  Annette Young, Pricilla Cisneros-          Garrett, of Contracting;
Adopt-a-School Program, allows District             Camacho, Bernadette Monday, and                and Kelly Beck, and Sharon
team members to reach out to the                    Carol Smithhart, of Engineering and          Roberts, of Operations.
community and offer support.                        Construction;
   “The public rarely recognizes the people
February 2006
Pacesetter Points
   Troy D. Collins was selected as the new Program Director          Corpus Christi, Texas.
for the Fort Bliss Program Office, Fort Worth District. Collins         Miles Waldron was selected as the Operations Project
last served as the Director of Construction in the Gulf Region       Manager at Carters Lake, a Corps project located in Northwest
Division. Collins brings to the position a wealth of experience      Georgia. After many years of dedicated service to the Mountain
                                                                     Home Project Office and the Little Rock District, he will begin
and is highly respected throughout the Corps for his
                                                                     work at this new duty station sometime in January. Carters Lake
contributions to the Military Construction program.
                                                                     is approximately 40 miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
   Robert Geiger was selected as the new Chief of the                   Mike Smith, Little Rock District’s Logistics Office is one of
Resource Management Division for the Fort Worth District. He         29 awardees Army wide who were the first to receive
will be a tremendous asset to all of the District team members,      certification under a program begun in the fall by the U.S.
the Regional team, and all of our customers.                         Army Logistics Management College. Smith’s designation,
   Denver Heath, Procurement Analyst, was promoted to GS-            Demonstrated Logistician, is the first of three levels, with the
                            14 as Southwestern Division’s            next level being Senior Logistician and the highest level being
                            Military Construction                    Demonstrated Master Logistician.
                            Transformation Acquisition                  Vicki Akers, Real Estate Division and Brian Phelps,
                            Manager, Business Management             Operations Division, have been selected as the Fort Worth
                            Division, Regional Business              District representatives to the 2006 SWD Emerging Leaders
                            Directorate. Heath, formerly with        Program.
                            Fort Worth District, assumed this
                            position in December.                    Outreach Activities
                               Anjna O’Connor, Natural                 P.J. Spaul, Little Rock District Public Affairs Office, gave a
                            Resources Specialist, will join the      presentation Jan. 12 to the Arkansas Chapter of the National
     Denver Heath           Southwestern Division, Regional          Association of Government Communicators about his
Business Directorate, Business Technical Division, Feb. 19.          experiences in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.
O’Connor comes to the division office from Fort Worth
District.                                                            Welcome Aboard
   Ralph Rubalcaba was announced as the new Area Engineer,             Joining Little Rock District’s Navigation Branch are Chad
Southern Area Office, Galveston District, effective Jan. 22.         Crain at the Dardanelle Marine Terminal; Brian “Wade”
 Ralph takes on these duties after serving as the Galveston          Williams, M/V Shorty Baird; William Tarvin, Russellville
District Immigration and Custom Enforcement/Border Patrol            Lower Locks, and Richard Riggs at the Russellville Project
Resident Engineer.  In addition to his duties as the Area            Office.
Engineer, SAO, Rubalcaba will continue to oversee the                  Mark Eddings has joined Mountain Home Project Office as
administration of our contracts for ICE/BP from his office in                                  See Pacesetter Points on following page

  Continued from previous page                                       implementation of the LDP will empower the organization as a
  According to Fickel, “this last year, the curriculum was           whole to more effectively and efficiently accomplish even the
  revamped in an effort to make the LDP more relevant for the        toughest future obstacles.
  participants, with a greater emphasis placed on getting senior         So, why is this important to you? As current and future
  management more involved in all phases of the LDP activities.”     leaders, learning how to be an effective leader not only benefits
      Minahan emphasized the importance of adherence when            you, but those who will come after you. The bigger question
  speaking about the LDP. He referenced the book titled              is why someone would not want to partake? The only expense
  “Sticking to It: The Art of Adherence” by Lee J. Colan. The        is your time; but the return on that investment is priceless. Just
  content of the book is very simplistic: Make a plan and stick to   like anything else in today’s society, the benefits received
  it. Minahan said, “The problem with leadership is that people      depend largely upon the efforts you put forth. Little effort reaps
  tend to focus on a whole lot of things and fail, instead of        little benefit. How will you know what the program has to offer
  focusing on a few things and getting them right”.                  if you never make the effort to find out? An anonymous author
      With that mindset, the District is taking proactive steps to   wrote, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you do
  develop its team members to meet future challenges and stay        have to get started to be great.” So get started.
  competitive with corporate competition. Successful

Pacesetter Points
Continued from previous page                   Business Directorate, Southwestern            Va., He also proposed to his high school
Chief Ranger. Mark had been the Park           Division, retired Jan. 3, after 31 years of   sweetheart, Sarah. Suhail and his wife,
Manager at The Dalles in Portland              service.                                      Vivian, celebrated their 25th wedding
District, and began his career in the Tulsa                                                  anniversary.”
District. Eddings and his wife, Tally have     Transitions
two daughters and are looking forward to          After nearly 20 years of service to the    Condolences
the challenges at Bull Shoals and              Little Rock District, most recently as           Mildred “Millie” Crabbe, born May
Norfork Lakes.                                 Assistant Chief of the Design Branch,         26, 1926, died Dec. 28. She was born in
                                               Mark Freedle has accepted a position          Windom, Texas and worked 38 years for
Retirements                                    with GSA in Little Rock.                      the Federal Government, including the
   Jerry Howard, Maintenance                      After 18 years of government service,      Air Force, Navy and US Army Corps of
Mechanic and David Lindsey, Towboat            Ruben Villigran is leaving the                Engineers, Galveston District as an
Pilot, with Little Rock District’s             Galveston District for bigger things. His     Accountant during the period of 1944 to
Dardanelle Marine Terminal retired in          last day in the office of counsel is Feb.     1986. That employment took her from
January.                                       28.                                           Texas to California, Alabama, Oklahoma,
   Mike Kieslich, Chief of Operations             Dava Kaitala, Fort Worth District          Illinois, New Mexico, Washington D.C.
Division, retired Jan. 3 from the              Office of Council is leaving for a job in     and back to Texas. She was the first
Galveston District with 31 years of            the Washington, D.C. area.                    Federal Women’s Program Coordinator
government service.                                                                          for equal pay for women in Tulsa,
   Helen McCullough retired from the           Family matters                                Oklahoma, COE in 1968 and continued
Little Rock District after serving nearly         J. Alan Conner, husband of Cari            to promote equal pay for all people. She
26 years as a typist, secretary and            Conner, Administrative Support                worked with church youth programs
contract specialist. Helen had a               Assistant at Little Rock District’s           during her younger and older years of
distinguished career with the district         Clearwater Project Office, was ordained       life.
highlighted by several noteworthy              as a minister on Feb. 12 at the Faith         Services were held Jan. 6, 2006 at 10:00
achievements.                                  Christian Church in Piedmont, Mo. Said        a.m. at Cooper-Sorrells Funeral Home
   Tommy Papageorge retired in                 Cari, “This is a very exciting time for us,   Chapel in Bonham, Texas.
January after serving the Little Rock          however, I never thought of myself as a          Carolyn Murphy’s, chief of
District with distinction for nearly 43        pastor’s wife!”                               environmental section for the Galveston
                              years. It           Laura Cameron, Civil Engineer in           District, mother passed away Feb. 4. 
                              would be safe    Little Rock District’s Design Branch,            Kristine Brown’s (park ranger for the
                              to say that      gave birth to a baby girl on Jan. 7. Her      Houston Project Office, Galveston
                              Tommy            name is Alison Mathea Cameron and she         District), father passed away Jan. 14. 
                              probably         weighed in at 8 pounds and was 21             David McClintock of Alamo, Texas, died
                              knows more       inches long.                                  from complications resulting from a
                              about the           Scott Walker, Hydraulic Engineer in        recent accident in his home. A memorial
                              engineering      Little Rock District’s Reservoir Control,     service was held at the Resurrection
                              details and      graduated with an MBA at the University       Catholic Church in Alamo, Texas
                              history of the   of Arkansas at Little Rock in December,          Valerie Miller’s father-in-law, Eddie
 Tommy Papageorge             locks and        2005.                                         Miller, passed away in late December.
dams than just about anyone else.                 PFC Charles Hubsch, son of Little          Valerie works in the Resource
   Vinod Patel, Value Engineer and Cost        Rock District’s Park Manager Don              Management Office for the Galveston
Engineer for the Galveston District            Hubsch, graduated from Army Advanced          District.
retired Dec. 31.                               Infantry Training Dec. 15 at Fort                Beth Wise, mother of Bill Wise’s,
   Janie Saldivar, Information                 Huachuca, Ariz. He is currently deployed      Chief of Project Management, Galveston
Managment Office Secretary, Fort Worth         to Korea for a one year assignment.           District passed away Nov. 25 following a
District retired Jan. 13.                         December was a month to Remember           courageous the battle with cancer. A
   Lloyd Saunders, Chief of Planning           for Suhail Idriss of Project Engineering      Visitation took place at Buck Ashcraft
and Environmental Division, retired Jan.       Section, Galveston District, his son, Jay     Funeral Home, Nov. 29. and funeral
3 from the Galveston District with 36          Idriss graduated from Texas A&M with          services in Harlingen, Texas.
years of government service.                   master’s of Engineering, and accepted a
   Mary Anne Sawey, Budget Officer,            position with the National Ground
Business Resources Division, Regional          Intelligence Center in Charlottesville,
February 2006

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