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					Students must-read book
NO1. "Who Moved My Cheese": of Spencer. Johnson, (Spencer
Johnson), medical doctor, he thought the world famous pioneer, speaker and
best-selling author. Many of his ideas, tens of thousands of people find the simple
truths in life, make people's lives healthier, more successful and easier. The
face of complex issues simple and effective solution, in this respect, he is considered
the best expert.
"Garcia gave the letter" a remarkable success by the initiative
leading to the model, global sales of more than 800 million! A legend centuries of
management concepts and methods of work. A legend on the messenger, contains a
win-win business success and personal development of the essence. A hero of the
story reveals a pattern of success, the story's hero is the person the letter
sent to Garcia. Today, every enterprise in the call to "Garcia, who sent the
letter." As the letter sent to Garcia who find the letter sent to Garcia who
reuse the letter sent to Garcia who became the main theme of today's
workplace. A book called the Bible of Success.
"How can we stop worrying start a new life," Carnegie
(preferably English) These are books to help me, help me get rid of the confusion of
life, get rid of 4 years web - travel addiction, set life goals, maintain a positive
attitude , of course, greatly increased the standard of English. Although I have not
made a real career success, but I believe that success for me is just a matter of time. I
hope they were able to inspire the later.
NO4. "Awaken the giant heart," the Chinese version of Anthony.
Wake up! Control of your life! Anthony. Robbins is the master of the
world's top motivation. You will master in this book to share with the
unique and powerful program that used to wake up your mind dormant giant. He is a
recognized expert psychological changes of control, in the book, he provides a
foundation of progressive courses to you through the wealth of inspiration and fun
anecdotes, examples and a solid strategy step by step, form a control emotions and
financial difficulties and get the giant brilliant life process, to help you find your true
purpose, and control your life and inspire you to control your destiny.
"Forrest Gump": With this book into a film, I believe we are all
familiar with, the movie adaptation of the original book was in 1995, the 67th
Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Best adapted screenplay,
best editing, best visual effects six awards. Film adaptation of Winston. Groom of the
same name. Each of us has a mind Forrest Gump. The original and the film there are
many different, compared to a more genuine, touching the same.
NO6. "Soldier surprise"
This book is Reying in mainland China after the rise to an "soldiers
fever." Xu seven with more than three and steel the phrase "do
not abandon, do not give up," I believe we are to have weak power. From
an old A company's Tuoyou Ping Wang Bing, Xu more than three ordinary
people to show us the great dedication.
NO7. "Keep the dream" may be the book for some readers a bit
strange. This is the first western volunteers to support education documentary, the
author as college students, the United Nations in 2006 came to be known as the
"most appropriate areas of human existence" - Ningxia Xihaigu
area to participate in a one-year volunteers Zhijiaogongzuo. One to tell you the
experience that he had seen the western Loess Plateau on to say that the ideal group
for their hard recourse children's story, tell you every day in the hinterland
of northwest China's calm and tragic what happened story. Book,
everything is true life. I believe this to support education documentary will be seen
that simple language be moved to tears. The first step toward maturity, is cherish,
cherish the people around.
NO8. "Chicken Soup" series
Jack R26; Jack Canfield and Mark R26; Hanson Both are American motivational
speaker, has helped millions of people find our courage, they launch
"Jack", was the "U.S." New York Times,
"the first were best-selling author "title, but a warm welcome by
the global audience. Their works have been translated into dozens of languages.
Works of "Jack" 1-6 set, "Jack - Incentive
woman", "Chicken Soup for the - To the world
lovers," "Chicken Soup for the - family records" and
other books.
NO9. "Ordinary World"
Chinese writer Lu Yao's life for their abilities of. The novel two-Loess
Plateau Water Village Sun, fields, centered on the fate of three gold, reflecting from
the "Cultural Revolution" late to the reform of the early broad
social outlook. Mr. Yao was because of cancer deaths, but the novel inspire many
young people in China.
NO10. "Shawshank Redemption" of the book the movie is
famous. This book is Stephen. King most acclaimed outstanding representative of the
income of his four novella. One of the most famous is Oscar nominated for seven
awards, known as the film in the history of the most perfect movie,
"Shawshank Redemption" (also translated "to
stimulate the 1995"). Stephen demonstrated the novel. King was good
outside of a horror theme extraordinary skill. One not to be missed, people
Shoubushijuan masterpiece, with seasonal changes as you experience despair and
hope as the human journey.

"Ordinary World" Author: Lu Yao
"Muslim's funeral" of: Hoda
"Norwegian Wood" Author: Haruki Murakami
"Count of Monte Cristo" author: Dumas
"Godfather" author: Mario Puzo
"Sophie's World" by: 乔斯坦贾德
"The Catcher in the Rye" author: JD Salinger
"White Deer" Author: Chen Zhongshi
"Broken April" Author: Ka Dalai
"Wanli 15 years" by: Ray Huang
"America's History" by: hou
"Besieged City" author: Qian
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" author: Stowe
"Settled" on Lai:
"Root" of: Alec Hale
"Life from tomorrow" by: Heart Man Chun Man
"Live" on: Yu Hua
"Selling Blood" author: Yu Hua
"Gadfly" on: Voynich
"Wuthering Heights" Author: Emily Bronte
"Biography of Napoleon" by: Liu paradise
"Cao Yu's play selection" of: Cao Yu

1, "What color is your parachute"

In the job in the book which, I think this book is closest to the Bible. There was
probably the first version of the late 70 century when, for decades, constantly
updating and adding even the latest Internet job content, today, this book can be
purchased in bookstores, CITIC Publishing House, its total sold 7 million is huge, but
seems at home and not fire. I think this book is enlightening book job problems, and I
marvel at the problem one can study the job to that extent.

2, "Now, Discover Your Strengths"

This book is also a classic, is Gallup's two executives, the latest out a
"Now, discover your career strengths." It's the core
point is that people should be to recognize the innate ability, rather than to try to make
up for weaknesses. Chinese students are generally trained to become experts in their
own weaknesses, but asked what his strengths, what preferences, most people are
confused, this book practical guidance significance, but on the Silu inspired

3, a "market of new species"

Back home, the first teacher recommended my boss Xu Xiaoping, the
"workplace of new species," Features of this book is that it
reveals the 500 foreign companies that enter into the evolution of the cattle people
experience, these people look really days pride. Especially those elite students, was
getting into the top foreign companies, how to plan next four years, with considerable
reference. Also can refer to "Figure poor Dialogues",
"mailbox light," "fairy guiding" and other

4, "to do their best"

Kai-fu Lee teacher for many years and Chinese university students for a dialogue of
blood coagulation. This book has good ideas and theoretical system of Chinese
college students believe that motivated a long staff.

5, "received no white-collar"

Xu Guoqing teacher's job book has been reprinted many times, the job of
technology has reached the extent of it as a precise science. One example mentioned
in the Harvard Business School, resume format, resume format of their demanding to
alarming proportions.

6, "foreign-paid job interview guide"

The book is divided into volumes, can be said to guide Daquan foreign employment.
Even then added some industry analysts, including investment banks are doing, what
is required, what development path; consulting firm is doing what, Marketing, Sales,
HR, PR is what to do so, for the job and workplace culture students do not understand
the rules, in many ways this book can be a wealth of information.

7, "The reason no one told you"

This is the first teacher Yang Shui books, which mentioned many students have not
learned in the workplace reason. As New Oriental interviews conducted in English
teacher, Yang Cui first teacher experience, the truth in this book are classics, but also
with a high actual guidance, the book has a lot of interview questions in English and
Chinese control, and how to correct response explain the analysis. Memorize the text,
it can not interview to fluent.

5,6,7 to read three books can be compared more easily digest, and not learn rigidity.

8, "university, how to read what"

This book should be from the perspective of students recently presented a
Mentor's enlightening voice. Stage in the school who do not know how
students spend their college years, you can find easily fooled.
9, "Du Lala Getting Promoted"

Career in the end is how foreign companies like, how to play in the future job market
fared better, this book provides a good perspective for future career preview, and this
book more readable, not utilitarian needs people can read.

10, "the University does not know"

This book is geared toward traditional education methods are dissidents who,
confused for a transition of students and not so good rules of "poor
health." And previous job compared to the book, the object of concern and
problems it is fundamentally different. This is a written job for the alternative career
planning and job search related books. I recommend it most important reason is that I
write this book.