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									Stands for the International Trade Terms

Stands for the International Trade Terms


AA system of automatic licensing system
AAC Asian-African Conference
A.A.R Risks (All Risks)
ABC コ - ド ABC Commercial code
ac. acres
a / c (or A / C) Bank deposits
acpt acceptance; accepted
a / cs pay. payables
a / cs rec. receivables
ACU Asian Clearing Alliance
A / D out of votes
ADB Asian Development Bank
a.f. prepaid freight
AFA foreign exchange allocation system automatically
AFDB African Development Bank
A.F.E.B. authorized foreign exchange banks
agcy agency
agt. agents
AIQ auto import quota system
Mutual insurance A.M.
A.N. Arrival Notice
A / P authorized payment card
A / P commission purchase card
A / P additional premium
A / P paid
Asian Productivity Organization, APO
APU Asian Payments Union
A / R comprehensive insurance, all risks
A / S sales bill
A / S see the votes
A / S will be honored
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
U.S. selling price ASP
ATA grades posted Hikaru ネ temporary permit books, temporary transit permit
A.T.L. actual total loss
A / V from the price
A / W actual weight
A.W.B. airway bill


B / A レ - Suites Bankers Acceptance rate
B / B purchase money orders
B / C collection bill
B / D bank discount
B / D bank draft
B / E into the territory declaration
B / E bill
BETRO British export trade research organization
BIS Bank for International Settlements
B / G bonded goods
B / L bill of lading
B / N note
B / N delivery record
B.O. branch
B.P. notes payable
B.R. notes receivable
B / S re-import duty-free certificate
B / St that votes
BTN Brussels Tariff Classification
B.T.T. bank wire transfer


C.A.D. voucher payment
C.B.D. payment before delivery
C.B.S. payment in advance before shipment
C / C Chamber of Commerce
C.C. current prices
CCC Customs Cooperation Council
CCCN Customs Cooperation Council, tariff classification
C.F.S. container freight station
C.H. cargo
C.H. clearing house
C.H. Customs
Chq. Check
C.I. consular invoice
C / I Insurance Certificate
Conditions of tariff 込 CIF cost, insurance, freight tariff conditions increase
Conditions CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight Tiaojian
CIF cost of clearance charges 込 conditions, insurance, freight and all import fees
CIF & C conditions of cost, insurance, freight terms plus commission
CIF に relevant si ru CIF Contracts in International Uniform Rules of uniform rules
C.L. goods "コ" (Container) FCL cargo
CLP packing list
C / N shipping notice
C / N credit notices
C / O transmit
C / O certificate of origin
C.O.D. delivery payment
C.O.F.C. flatbed shipping container
COGSA Carriage of Goods by sea Act
cont. contract
c.o.s. payment on shipment
C / P charter party
C.Q.D. used to fast loading and unloading
C.T. cargo tonnage,
C.t.l. constructive total loss
C.W.O. order payment


D / A Documents against acceptance
D / C deviation terms
D / C discount, discount
D / D Terminal Delivery
D / D demand draft, with a single bill
D / F dead freight
D / M dispatch money
D / N Debit notice
D / O delivery order, delivery receipt
D / P documents against payment
D.P.V. duty-paid price
D.R. terminal receipt
d.t. delivery time
DW load
D / W terminal single stack
D.W.T. dwt
DWTC cargo tons

ECAFE (UN) Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East
ECE Economic Commission for Europe
ECM European Common Market
E / D Export declaration
EEC European Economic Community
EFTA European Free Trade Association
E / L export license
EMA European Monetary Agreement
EPU European Payments Union
ESCAP (UN) Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ETA estimated time of arrival
TTD is expected departure time
ETE estimated time of sailing
exch. convertibility, foreign exchange; Exchange
exd has found, has been tested


FA quota system for foreign exchange
F.A cargo agents
f.a.a. not lose all the average
F.A.K. "コ" the same rate
F.A.Q. good average quality, popular and dependable
F.A.S. shipment to the prices of goods alongside the vessel Chiao Tung University
F.B. single freight
F.B.E. foreign bills of exchange
FC & S about section "guarantee" to capture other
than detention provisions
FCL FCL cargo
FCL fully equipped container
f / d free port
FEFC Far Eastern Association of feet of water
f.f.a FAS
f.g.a general average does not pay
F / L Tariff
F.M. force majeure
f.q. firm offer
FOR the train turned over to commodity price
FOT truck turned over to commodity price
F.P.A. alone does not pay average
frt.pd. prepaid
frt.ppd. Freight Prepaid
F.W.D. water loss
fy.pd. paid


G.A general average
g.b.q. failure of goods
G.M.Q. Shanghao to sell quality
grs.wt. GW
GT gross tonnage
G.T.C. withdrawn before the effective
G.T.M. effective this month
G.T.W. effectively this week


H.O. Corporation
Hr port


I.B.R.D. United International Bank for Reconstruction
I.C.C. International Chamber of Commerce
ICHCA International Cargo Handling Coordination Association
I / D import declaration
IFC International Finance Corporation
I / L import licensing
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMF International Monetary Fund credit loan
IMF International Monetary Fund SDR leads Quan
International Incoterms INCOTERMS
INTRADE International Trade Development Association
I.O.P. no matter how full compensation for loss
IQ system of import quotas
I / R inward remittance
ITC International Trade Centre
ITC International Trade Charter
ITO International Trade Organization
IUMI International Union of Marine Insurance


L / A correspondent of discharge
L / A power of attorney
LASH barge
L / C Letter of Credit
L / G guarantee
L / H pledge certificate
L / I letter of indemnity
Lkg leakage
l.t., L / T long ton, ton
LWL Load Line


marg. Margin
m / d out of tickets in the future ... ... months (payment)
MEA export agent of manufacturers
M / F manifest, manifest
MFN Most Favoured Nation
M.I Marine Insurance
min. at least
M.I.P. marine insurance
mk packaging symbol
M / L ク ロ - ズ less clause
M / O transfer form
M / R mate receipt
M.T. mail transfer
M / T metric tons


n / a refusal of acceptance, do not accept
N / C new charter contract
N.C.V. no commercial value
N / F (bank) no deposits
N.G. net income
N.L. net loss and net loss
N / M free shipping mark
N.N. (Notes) without signature
N / R equipment installed to inform
NR ク ロ - ズ Disclaimer
N / S of stock
N.S.F. insufficient funds
NTB non-tariff barriers
N.U. its name not known
NW, N.wt. NW


OAEC Asian Economic Cooperation Organization
O / B issuing bank
O / C Claims charter cargo port
O / D will be honored
O.E.C.D. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
O.F. sea freight
O.G.L. Open General Licence
OR risk owner
O / R outward remittance
ovld. overload


P / A single average
P. & L. profit and loss
payt. to pay, payment
pd paid by
P.D. harbor dues
p.l. part of the loss
pm. premium
P / N promissory note
P.O.C. port of call
P.O.D. payment on delivery
P.O.R. refuge in Hong Kong


Q Quarantine
Q / D express parts, fast loading and unloading
qlty. quality
quotn quote, market price
quty. number


rd. received
R / D and drawer contact
R.D.C. collision terms
rept. Receipt
R.F.W.D. rain water damage


S.C. salvage
S.D. average
S.D. shipping documents
s.d. short delivery
S / D demand draft
SDR Special Drawing Rights
sgd signed
SHEX except Sunday and holidays
SHINC Sundays and holidays included
sig. signature
SITC Standard International Trade Classification
S.L. salvage loss
S / N shipping notice
S.O. vendor selection
S / O shipping order
SP Port of Loading
spec. manuals, specifications
S.R. receipt of this ship alone
S.R. cargo receipt, loading receipt
S / S Ferry
S.S.B.C. sank, touch pestle, fire and collision
S.T. short ton
stg. pound
stor. warehousing costs, storage expenses

tfr. transfer, transfer
T.L. total loss
T.L.O. only the preservation of the loss
T.M.O. electric bill
T.P.N.D. theft and insurance vain delivery
T / R Trust Receipt
T / T wire transfer
T.T.B. buy wire
T.T.P. meet the wire
T.T.R. wire transfers receivable


W.A. underwriting a particular average, WA
W / R for war risk
w.r. warehouse receipts
W / W warehouse receipts
W / W ク ロ - ズ warehouse to warehouse
W.W.D. sunny days

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