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									Standardization of enterprise ERP
Standardization is the basis for enterprise information, no sound business move an
inch standardization of enterprise information. This article describes the basic work of
enterprise standardization and CAD / CAPP / ERP systems development and
application of the basic work of standardization.

   Enterprise Standardization is the foundation of informationalization in our company,
without which informationalization would not be possible. This article will introduce
the satandardization of a few main aspects of an enterprise, as will as the
standardization in the development and applications of CAD / CAPP / ERP system.

   To ERP as the representative of the modern production management technology is
built on the basis of scientific management, management style, to implement the
advanced management techniques and must have the corresponding management
system, improve the rules and regulations, stable and reasonable in the running order
and integrity accurate data base. Standardized system, is the development of modern
production management, an important foundation for the implementation of ERP.
   Recently, the National Standardization System of the enterprise and business
review of good standardization efforts in increasing business, quality and technology
supervision departments at all levels, enterprises also require replacement, it must by
GB / T 15496 series standards system certification. The following is from the
technical aspects of ERP integration process of our company ERP implementation and
lessons learned, look at standardization.
  ?A basis for standardization of data
ERP is a data processing line, so the raw data complete, accurate and timely data
processing line is the key to operate effectively. To this end, requests the raw data of
sector enterprises to carry out solid data standardization. ERP system, data preparation
is the most things to attend to the process of system implementation, time-consuming,
involving the most extensive work; and data preparation often have to be combined
with industrial engineering and EPR, it has to consider the plant layout, process and
production monitoring and many other side. Data preparation and management need
to match, the work involved in the management of ERP it must first master the basic
principles of change management concepts in order to proceed with this work.
ERP implementation is based on computer data processing production line carrier,
which required a "one-third of technology, seven management, and twelfth
of the data." Data preparation accuracy, completeness, timeliness is a
prerequisite for the use of ERP implementation, if the input data is not reliable, then
the processed data is not credible. On the users, ERP system implementation of
software, hardware configuration, operating system and network options can be
through "outsourcing" was, only the basic data of their products
can not be bought by money.
   1.1 The enterprise organization, responsibilities, job standardization work
The application must ERP and Advanced Manufacturing Technology and
Management technologies together, the new management, new technologies
necessary requirement to ensure a certain degree of organization, so the application of
computer analysis and design of the new system must make the request in accordance
with transformation, and establishing a new system run organization and work
standards, this is the system implementation, operation, results achieved to ensure the
enterprise can survive and develop. This fully demonstrates the advanced productive
forces, will promote the development of relations of production. Under the terms of
reference of ERP applications work with the post system functional requirements
according to the decision but also of the division of labor between man and computer,
which would still use the manual processing, people close cooperation with the
machine, all play their long, organized as a person composed of people with machines
─ machine system.
   1.2 The design of standardized
Implementation of the ERP technical data is required for many of the design phase of
the product generated in the product design and development at every stage of the
process will be the formation of various technical documents. Although there are
standards or requirements, but under the conditions in the application of computer,
requires these standards or requirements to be suitable for computer processing
requirements. For production management process optimization, product design must
implement standardized results for ERP implementation to provide basic access. In
addition, the product catalog to meet the demands of production planning level.
Companies use raw materials, purchased parts are often tens of thousands, and
because the market changes, new products will continue to increase. If you do not use
a certain specification, the designer freedom to choose raw materials, purchased parts,
not only cause difficulties in procurement, increasing the cost of products, but also
unnecessarily add to the workload. Made it necessary to design and development,
according to Di requirements and the market may be a change, An Lean The Jing
Shen Sheng Chan, the establishment of the company's raw materials,
purchased fittings Xuanyongguifan, such as standard parts, GM parts and materials
used. Essential requirement in the specification of data required for design selection,
performance parameters and a uniform code, if necessary, could provide the required
shape drawn diagrams, structural diagrams, CAD system to automatically select the
raw materials, purchased parts and graphics drawing.
   1.2.1 Project definition data material
Product material defined data item is the most basic of production management, at
least the basic data, the so-called project can be defined as a product, components,
parts or consumables such, its scope should be based on business management,
computer resources may be , with the deepening of management, increasing the range
gradually, the production of each product, components, parts must have the sole of
Ding Yi and the corresponding of Shujumiaoshu content including design, Gongyi,
production, finance and other aspects, such as project number, name, type, units of
measurement, material, weight, process number, material fixed and so on.
   1.2.2 the definition of product structure (BOM) data
BOM is a description of the structural assembly of the parts list, including the
manufacture of an assembly of various materials and the quantity required. Material
Requirements Planning (MRP) system to calculate the correct time and quantity of
materials needed, first of all manufacturing enterprises to make the system aware of
the product structure and the materials to be used, it must explain the various
components of the project in the amount of material needs and the relationship
between the composition of the structure. In all data, material inventories and the
impact was greatest accuracy it demands the highest, it is receiving customer orders,
Xuanze assembly, heuristic rules lead time, the preparation of production and
procurement plans, logistics tracking, tracing tasks, calculate costs, tender bid to
improve product design work is essential for important documents. The work involves
the enterprise of 销售, planning, production, supply, cost, design, technology and
other departments, so we could Shui 物料 list of a relation to the Zheng Ge
enterprise management file is Lianxi and Gou Tong Ge sector of the bond, all
enterprises departments must use materials list, materials list should fully reflect the
data sharing and information integration.
   1.3 Process design data standardization
It includes work centers, routings, time quota, material fixed and so on. In the
manufacturing system is the logistics information flow guidance, ERP to make
logistics optimization, first of all need to optimize information flow, and optimize
manufacturing information, is the process route, process planning and process design
and preparation of the fixed and so on. So get real benefits requirements necessary to
make ERP process design standardization.
In order to adapt the work of computer applications in technology, computer
application to be re-enacted under the conditions of process management standards.
   Preparation for standardized production technology. Computer Aided Process
Planning (CAPP) applications, so that preparations for conventional production
technology changes. CAPP computer technology personnel with the preparation of
process documentation system, to enter certain information system, and then by the
computer processing and the development process route, process planning, material
fixed, fixed working hours, and tooling, materials, a summary of fixed working hours,
etc.. Technology staff input file proofreading process, review. Due to the way of
changes in working order, to be adjusted according to the operational requirements of
CAPP management restructuring process and be standardized.
CAPP system of regular maintenance, increased process information database content,
product process information database of routine maintenance, etc., became the new
content management technology, needed to be integrated process management
   Standardization of data production and management 1.4
   1.4.1 planning of units of measurement (time, quantity, unit) standard changes.
Traditional production planning to Taiwan, the year, quarter, month, issued a plan for
the units of measurement, assessment plan. As the dispersion of mechanical products,
plans were issued in Taiwan, its executive arm (shop) to do a lot of work, the product
down into components, parts, and to identify the department to arrange for the
production of parts production, it will not only result in the Department duplication,
inaccurate, and cause difficulties to the production planning department, so
scheduling is invalid, the production out of control. To change this extensive
production management, to issue the necessary parts directly from the planning
department      plans    the    program     offered    as    a   standard     by the
"Taiwan" to the number of parts, "parts."
The company holds many lessons to "part-level" program, to be
stable for some time, the workshop program management can be upgraded to
"process level" program.
   Planning departments can directly control parts cases, easy to organize production.
In the scheme of time, in order to improve the accuracy of plans to adapt to changing
production conditions, reduce the planning time of the unit, usually by the
"month"           to     "Week"          or    less
   1.4.2 standards of known amount of standard operating plan is to organize the
production of important data. Period is the period that the manufacture of a product
(or parts and components) need more time; volume is the amount that the number of
manufactured parts. And the volume of production operations constitute an integral
part of program is to ensure coordination before and after the production processes
developed by standard data, different types of enterprises, application of the period
and quantity standards are different, and reasonable in the period and quantity
standards to ensure the balanced production shorten the production cycle, reduce the
backlog of products, speed up cash flow.
   Volume was made at a time or to order some items the number of items used for
each batch of what algorithms are based on management to achieve the goal to select,
these goals include: reducing order costs, reduce preparation costs, reduce transport
costs, reduce product level.
Typically, the use of management policies to determine the volume algorithm, to
enable enterprises to achieve their goal of inventory management. Decision-volume
methods can be divided into two categories: static and dynamic methods. Static
method is the order quantity is a constant, such as fixed-volume method, the
economic batch method. When using the dynamic method to determine volume, only
in order to plan, the number of orders is available and has been re-calculated, such as
direct volume method, a fixed periodic batch process.
  ?Lead in the ERP system plays an important role, such as for workshop scheduling,
start date of the determination of material requirements planning in a reasonable time
and accuracy are directly related. So how do we get this data accurate? Each device
processing a part of the time how statistics? According to experience, general
manufacturing enterprises in processing a part of the mobility and preparation time is
not long, long time is wasted in the process to move and wait time, so in advance of
the setting on the process to take into account the movement and queue waiting time.
But most companies are only prepared to end the fixed hours of work time and run
time. Statistical analysis and from abroad, production practice found that parts put
into operation only 5% of the time workers in the machine tool during preparation and
processing, 95% of the time in the waiting process (waiting for the arrangements with
the machine next to the waiting process). If you do not put 95% of the time counted,
fixed working hours with the status quo would not lead to accurate projections. Study
and formulate the necessary time and ordered to wait for the calculation of standard
time in order to correctly calculate the lead time. Outsourcing parts by ordering in
advance of the meeting can not order way. Calculation of foreign enterprises in
advance of purchased parts, contract negotiations are ordering the production cycle
time + supplier + transit time + inspection time. Only in this way, plan carefully in
order to change the original extensive management.
   1.5 based on the standardization of data management and control
In order to enter data in the database up to the required standards to ensure the
uniqueness of the data, integrity, relevance and accuracy of test data necessary to
establish assurance system. Computer application system is the system of human
domination, but by the mental state of people's work, physical, external
environmental constraints, in a lot of detailed work prone to this or that mistake, and
therefore build a large database of test data must be established module, using a
variety of special inspection procedures to verify the input data, their work efficiency
and quality is possible with manual proofreading. Test as follows:
The only test data. All input data required in the system is already set and can not
repeat some of the definition of.
Test data format. All input data must conform to the definition of the format
Data correlation test. Relationship between all relevant data according to their
relationship tested.
Data integrity testing. Some data are often recorded by a set of data or composition,
so the integrity of testing procedures can be set to test.
Logical test data. Product structure tree, such as multi-level affiliation test.
Test the accuracy of some data. Matters that can be said that the accuracy of certain
relations, the program can also be tested.
The purpose is to establish a database to use, the data used in the
enterprise's various functional departments, the job requirements are
different, some Shuju confidential and After the database is set up so Bixuzhiding data
system, ie the use of permission settings on the available units and individuals
authorized to ensure the normal use of the database to prevent illegal use and
compromised data.
   2, the standardization of work processes
Since the 80s of the 20th century, with the increased level of consumer demand, the
market has changed over the last common pursuit of personal consumption,
conspicuous consumption demand its own characteristics, which enable high volume,
low variety of modes of production can not meet the situation requires, must be less
quantity and variety, fast-paced mode instead. Management of business processes is to
develop management standards based, and management is the process of restructuring
the standard formulation of the continuation and refinement and manage operations
management standardization work is to be repeated there management business,
according to the objective requirements of modern business and management
experience in Guiding their work content, procedures, forms, methods and
requirements to be met, the standard must be typical, scientific, measurable.
   2.1 Standardization of work order
Enterprises should be based on the purpose of production management and orderly,
rational production and operational activities. Production and operations can be
abstracted as the information flow (data flow), material flow, capital flow activity
process. To achieve good economic returns, they need to optimize processes, and
these processes has its own laws. Manufacturing processes such as material flow
according to the requirements of the decision and order of their flow, but the amount
of materials and flow time and subject to the requirements of the constraint
management. So, first of all necessary to optimize the logistics optimization of
information flow, information flow through the realization of a reasonable quality
control of material flow and cash flow requirements of rationalization. Therefore, the
optimization and standardization of procedures is to establish the basis for enterprise
computer applications. On the other hand, the computer system running a strict,
scientific process, not only to meet the operational requirements of the logical concept,
but also need to adapt to computer processing. To this end enterprise computer
application system must be designed to work in the analysis of enterprise business
processes and data flow on the basis that the current system in the control process in
circumstances Fenxiyanjiu optimized as a computer application system design basis.
Traditional inventory is a means of regulating production, resulting in increased
inventory levels, cash flow is slow. By JIT,? MRP requirements, zero inventory best.
In the actual production order cycle should be part of developing proper insurance
amount. In order to strengthen the control of inventory, according to the traditional
regular inventory of materials A, B, C classification determined cycle inventory, the
key material to enhance inventory control. Therefore, development of the insurance
amount of inventory cycle counts and the standard is very necessary.
Traditional cost control is controlled by a group after accounting for the cost of
production. Under the conditions of the use of the computer can control the change
after the pre-control. Target cost can be elected to the implementation of cost control
to all levels of management, technology, production jobs, change from passive to
active, thereby strengthening economic management.
 ?2.2 The establishment of system standards and procedures of Operation
ERP for the enterprise as a whole provides a management tool. It is a standardized
management. Enterprises of all staff positions in different parts of the implementation
of a unified plan, which calls for uniform work standards and procedures to
standardize the way people work. In the modern production management system, such
as data on all aspects of the definition, preparation and input, master production plan,
material requirements planning, Nengli requirements planning, production control,
purchasing, inventory management, Gongchenggaibian, Cheng Ben should have the
appropriate accounting Deng Deng's Gongzuo standards and procedures.
Establish work standards and procedures is very important. However, the process of
implementing ERP system, which is one of the most easily overlooked work. This
work is often omitted or in a very hasty manner. This was engaged in the
implementation of faster, but Zai system into operation occurs after many problems,
there is no standard and procedures, systems Zhong of each user Du Zuochujueding
their respective ways. System communication is difficult to coordinate, not the normal
flow of information, more and more of the error message appears, lower the overall
system reliability, in order to maintain the system's operation, the user had
to take non-standard solution, the result is confusion and even paralysis of the system ,
the loss is immeasurable.
   Work standards and procedures established no substantial difficulties, in fact, these
key files should be a company in determining how to use the ERP system will process
the natural result.
Work standards and procedures in conjunction with the project team should be a
common requirement of all functional departments to form a company official
document. To specify the number, subject, commencement date, edition, prepared by
responsible persons. In the pilot process, should the establishment of standards and
procedures for verification and revision, finalized by the Steering Committee for
approval, sent to the entire enterprise implementation, and periodically summarize
amendment. Recently, my company in the technological process, equipment use
procedures have been completed structure, follow-up will improve the standard of
work posts. In the production process can be found in various positions related to
norms and standards.
   3, the standardization of information classification and coding
Information Classification and coding is important for some commonly used to
classify and code data elements, information classification and value is directly
related to the scientific and rational information processing, retrieval and transmission
of the level of automation and efficiency, the information code is affected and norms
and standards determine the exchange and sharing of information and other properties.
Therefore, information classification must follow the scientific, systematic, scalability,
compatibility and integrated the basic principles, from the engineering point of view,
the local problem on the system as a whole to consider, to the effect of global
optimization, in accordance with international standards National Standards ─ ─
─ ─ ─ ─ industry standard enterprise standard principles, to establish suitable
and meet the needs of the unit management information coding system and standards.
Enterprises to raise awareness, unity of thinking, a clear basis for standardization in
the modern production management system in an important position, one should rule
out the existence of the work of the heavy workload of time-consuming, and can not
produce immediate results such as the fear of the situation, second, overcome the
individual units in the internal information system development of information when
there is no standardization, but also built and put into application and effective, so that
pursues the standardization of information standardization tendency indifferent
contempt. Enterprise information technology must be guided by the principles of
standardization, the first direct reference to and in the light of the promulgation of
international standards, national standards and industry standards, and in light of its
specific conditions and practical requirements, establish a scientific, practical,
comprehensive information standardization system. First of all, the standardization of
business information enterprise-wide information resources to investigate the situation,
find out all kinds of information distribution and processing, if the direct reference
and reference has been issued by international standards, national standards or
industry standards is a direct quote. No international standards, national standards,
and industry standards to follow, then Zunzhao information systems classification and
coding of the basic principles and methods, the preparation of enterprise standard
system, to determine the standard specification information included therein and their
relationship. When necessary, without prejudice to the above criteria and based on the
information to carry out target expansion, code-digit expansion, thinning and layering,
the expansion of code bits to determine the meaning and value rules to meet the needs
of the unit management .
Application of computer code is the basis of modern production management data, is
a data form of expression. ERP systems from the perspective of many different types
of code, such as coding, department code, process route code, work center code and
so on. In developing a computer application system should be developed first, the
preparation of a series of code standards, including the management system itself uses
some of the identification code, and then the preparation of various types of code
based on these standards manual, and stored in the computer for data entry and data
maintenance verification. This will be my company's ERP implementation
in a further, gradual improvement of the important content.

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