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					Southwest University for Nationalities, 2009 Art Brochure
Ministries and commissions directly under the State Universities
Southwest University for Nationalities in 2009 Art Major brochures
The first Ministry of Education Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assessment
For five successive years, "Employment of Graduates in Sichuan advanced
group" title
Our new campus was awarded the "China Habitat Environment
Award", "Chengdu Comprehensive Environmental Art Award
for Habitat"
【Overview】 school
Southwest University for Nationalities is included in Philosophy, economics, law,
education, culture, history, science, engineering, agriculture, management, medicine
and other disciplines of the 11 national comprehensive university, located in the Land
of Abundance, the beautiful capital of Chengdu, Furong , and adjacent to the famous
Temple of Marquis Wu. Schools formerly known as Southwest University for
Nationalities, founded in July 1950, on June 1, 1951 was established in April 2003
was renamed the "National University" in Zhou Enlai, Deng
Xiaoping, Wang Wei Zhou, the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries
personal care, the New China one of the earliest established national institutions, the
State Ethnic Affairs Commission in charge. School covers an area of 2800 acres,
divided into the old campus, the new campus, Pacific Campus of the three campuses
and Hongyuan County in Aba Tibetan plateau ecological protection cum high-tech R
& D base for animal husbandry, building area of 85 thousand square meters.
School has 56 ethnic groups in school 2 million people, has more than 1,600 staff, of
whom more than 1,000 full-time teachers, more than 500 associate professors,
doctoral tutor, master instructor of nearly 200 people. 43 people have to enjoy special
government allowance issued by the State Council, the existing 18 man-made
outstanding contributions to the State Ethnic Affairs Commission or of experts in
Sichuan, 32 people in Sichuan academic (technical) leader and a pool of reserves.
Visiting over a hundred people employed at home and abroad.
School consists of 19 schools, a system 1; has 65 undergraduate programs, 42
master's degree, professional degree Master 4, Ph.D. 2; existing one a
discipline at the provincial level key disciplines, 10 2 Subject provincial level key
disciplines, a two provincial key disciplines (training) subjects, seven provincial-level
undergraduate specialty, three national specialty, five provincial-level undergraduate
training base, a state-level Change laboratory, 11 provincial (ministerial) level key
laboratories. Currently, the school collection nearly 3 million books, teaching and
research laboratory equipment worth 220 million yuan; establish a more complete
campus computer network system; school infrastructure and construction practice
teaching conditions have reached the Ministry of Education Teaching A-level
evaluation index standard. School follows "to strengthen basic and broaden
caliber, capacity and unique" principle unswervingly push forward reform
leading to credit the teaching reform, strengthen the quality of education, efforts to
improve teaching quality, continuously improve the educational level . In recent years,
schools in teaching information technology, digital, networked and remote education,
and made fruitful exploration has taken shape with its own characteristics and features
of the times of the personnel training system and operation mechanism of modern
higher education.
School has strong research capabilities, with Southwest Research Institute, West
China Development Research Institute more than 40 research institutions, has
considerable influence at home and abroad Tibetology Documents Center and the
largest-scale Yi Better. "15" has been completed on more than
1,300 scientific research projects, authored more than 5800 articles, 430 published
academic works and teaching materials academic books, tem-level scientific research
achievement awards more than 100 times. Particularly in the development of new
materials, animal husbandry and veterinary theory and technology, classical literature,
cultural studies (Tibetan, Yi, Qiang, Miao) and the minority language information
processing (Yi, Tibetan, Dai) and other areas of research, in China have a greater
impact outside academia. Published in academic journals, mainly to the domestic and
international     distribution     of      "Southwest         University    for
Nationalities," and within the Journal, "Yi Studies",
"Tibetan Studies," and so on.
Schools to set up 50 years, train 12-thousand people all kinds of talents. Among them,
the emergence of new China's first Tibetan doctor, Dr. Qiang,
China's own emerging new culture of the first Tibetan generals, emerged in
a number of well-known experts and scholars and a large number of leading cadres at
all levels more graduates students to become the backbone of fronts for the liberation
of ethnic areas, government building, border consolidation, national unity, economic
development and social progress made outstanding contributions.
School is open to all units in Sichuan Province, so far, more than 70 countries and
regional experts, academics, government officials come to the school for academic
exchange or visit. School and University of Manchester, Birmingham University, the
University of Waikato, New Zealand, University of Washington in Seattle over 20
foreign universities and research institutions have established inter-school cooperation
and exchange relationship.
School is a unified multi-ethnic microcosm of the socialist motherland. Staff and
students of all nationalities of equality, unity, mutual respect, common progress, the
native language and customs are fully respected.
【Introduction】 Arts
Southwest University for Nationalities of professional art education began in the early
20th century, 50, 2000 based on the original Arts Institute of the Arts. College of Art
and Design is located, painting, animation, music, dance and film performances five
departments and theory teaching, there are art and design, painting, animation, music,
science, music, performances (dance performance), performance (TV show), dance
director, photography, sculpture and other 10 undergraduate programs, and set up Fine
Arts, Master of Chinese Ethnic Arts 2 points, a performing arts, film and television
production, form, design, sculpture, MIDI music, screen plate painting,
multi-dimensional animation, etching, recording studio, studio and other laboratories
and studios. The school now has 2407 undergraduate students who graduate 52, 129
teaching staff, which is an associate professor of nearly 40 people, a group of
well-known painters, singers, musicians, dancers and performing artists in charge of
professional, college has recruited More than 30 famous artists and art educators as
Honorary Professor, Chair Professor and Visiting Professor. In recent years, the results
show a large number of students awarded the creative international and national gold,
silver, a number of theoretical writings tem-level research excellence award. It has
been built, and teachers, researchers investigated more than 20 trips abroad, lectures,
continuing education.
College and University of Wales College of Art, Korea Institute of Plastic Arts,
Chinese Folk Orchestra Society, the Central Nationalities Song and Dance Troupe,
Beijing Dance Academy, Beijing Film Academy Animation School, Central
University for Nationalities Academy of Fine Arts, Music, Dance Academy, Central
University for Nationalities Institute of the Arts , of the Tibet Military art troupe,
Northwest University for Nationalities Institute of Fine Arts, Music and Dance
Institute, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Art Institute of Sichuan University, Sichuan
Normal University, College of the Arts, Conservatory of Music, Art Vocational
College in Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, the U.S. Association, Music
Association, Dance Association units set up exchanges and cooperation with the
University of Wales, the establishment of a "3 +1"
(undergraduate co-culture), "1 +1" (Joint Training Master) of
the cooperation model, and Chengdu Military Region banners Backstage starting a
"banners Class" , joint training of high artistic talent, his
outstanding art troupe who senki preference according to need.
College has heart charm, charm, dance rhyme, the gentle, sculpture House, Concert
Hall classroom building and theater star, modern practice of art education facilities
and practice facilities offer a variety of favorable conditions for running. In the
world-famous scenic spot - Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong established along the complete
function of teaching practice base; the same time, in Dayi, Langzhong, Mao County,
Guangyuan, Sichuan and other places jiange Fine Arts Publishing House, Ethnic
Publishing House, Children's Press, banners Backstage, Sichuan Province
Song and Dance Troupe and other units built outside practice base.
To achieve the construction of the school to develop a modern people's
satisfaction with the overall goal the development of national universities, arts
institutions in developing the famous brand, a fine, outstanding personnel, building
first-class arts institutions in the development goals and "give national flag,
take West Road, singing Southwest drama, integrate East and West, linking ancient
and modern "development strategy, established the" teaching,
creative and theoretical research combining classroom, projects and social services
combined, "the school idea, and strive to work through the five to ten years,
the Southwest University College of the Arts into distinct features, excellent quality,
outstanding advantages, in the west and the considerable influence of the Arts.
College of the Arts for more information, please visit our school enrollment
Information Network (
】 【Admission Scheme and the scope of

  Notes: 1, art classes, music, specialty applications in accordance with provincial
exam situation of professional preparation of provincial plans, performance (dance
performance), performance (TV show), the three choreographers to implement
national plans specialty.
2, no candidates based test centers provinces provinces through our school agree to sit,
but no qualified candidates in the province of professionals, our school enrollment
plan not to vote.
【Application】 test methods and time
First, recruit conditions:
1 year colleges and universities comply with the provisions of the Enrollment of the
conditions of registration.
2, Art Major program science class to be nothing prepared provinces (municipalities
and autonomous regions) recruit only Arts candidates.
Second, essential materials: Entrance registration number, ID card and a copy of the
recent front end an inch hat with color photos.
3, Application:
Chongqing, Sichuan Fine Arts candidates and the class of candidates invited to
participate in the organization of the provincial art Admissions professional
examination; the other candidates to participate in my school alone professional
examinations organized by art.
1, where the provinces where the candidates set up a test center specified time, please
press my school to apply for the examination test center where the provinces, not
inter-provincial candidates.
2, the same candidates can register to participate in an examination test center, or their
test scores considered invalid.
Fourth, the professional register for the test location and time:

Test centers in Tibet: Tibet accepted applicants musicology, music performance,
performance (dance performance), performance (video performance), choreographers
professional candidates;
Test centers in Liaoning: Liaoning accepted applicants musicology, music
performance, performance (dance), dance director of professional candidates;
Beijing test center: setting up test centers in the provinces not to accept candidates
performances (dance performance), performance (TV show), dance director of
professional candidates;
School test center: receiving Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, Qinghai, Gansu, Guangxi,
Ningxia, Shaanxi sit musicology, music performance major and my school did not
apply for setting up test centers in the provinces performances (dance performance),
performance (TV show), dance choreographer professional candidates.
1. Art and Design (Graphic Design), Art and Design (Environment Art and Design),
painting, sculpture
① sketch: 200 minutes; ② color: 100; ③ sketch: 100; professional achievement
total score of 400 points.
2. Animation
① sketch: 200 minutes; ② color: 100;
③ Animation: 100; professional achievement total score of 400 points
3.'s Studies (Teacher Education)
① Vocal: Students singing a song, will bring their own accompaniment, 100;
② Instrumental Music: Piano Etudes audition, music or movement of a sonata
allegro; other instruments playing music a candidate, 100;
③ Solfeggio: sight-singing within the increase and decrease; ear training interview,
50 points;
④ music theory: reference edited Lee Chung-kuang, "basic music
theory" (two volumes) and the existing secondary school textbooks for 50
Professional achievement total score of 300 points.
4. Music Performance
Vocal (with vocal, national) direction: ① Voice: Candidates prepare a song, need to
own accompaniment, 200 points; ② Solfeggio: sight-singing within the increase and
decrease; ear training interview, 100;
The total score is divided into 300 sub-professional.
Instrumental music (including piano, accordion, erhu, matouqin, suona, cello)
① instrumental music: playing the Etudes; polyphonic music, foreign music, sonata
Choose one; 200 points;
② Solfeggio: sight-singing within the increase and decrease; ear training interview,
The total score is divided into 300 sub-professional.
5. Show (TV show)
① language (reading materials, self-described fragment, and propositions), 100;
② vocal (singing a song, popular, ethnic, vocal style, open), 100;
③ form (dance, martial arts, gymnastics not limited to, free show), 100;
④ performance (Proposition performance), 100;
The total score is divided into 400 sub-professional.
6. Performance (dance)
① Interview (A. B. language visual appearance), 100;
② Basic Skills (A. soft opening balance and rotation and control B. C. bounce and
skills), 100;
③ Imitation and Improvisation (A. imitate dance movements, rhythm B. fragments
on the specified music improvisation), 100;
④ fragment or a combination of self-Dance (any style but with self-accompaniment),
The total score is divided into 400 sub-professional.
7. Choreographer
① interview (A. B. language visual appearance), 50;
② basic skills (A. soft opening balance and rotation and control B. C. bounce and
skills), 100;
③ Imitation and Creation (A. imitate dance movements, rhythm B. fragments on the
specified music improvisation, 2 minutes), 100;
④ repertory test (dance productions or clips, open style, with self-accompaniment),
⑤ Dance Creation structural testing (written part of the idea of writing for the
designated topics described) 50.
The total score is divided into 400 sub-professional.
Principle】 【Admission
1, taking measures
Qualified professional and cultural achievement test scores to the host provinces
(municipalities and autonomous regions) to take control of scores of cases, according
to the total test scores for candidates from high to low, and reference to related
subjects results, according to candidates to declare their voluntary, round physical and
moral appraisal, merit.
According to the Ministry of Education, "Colleges of Art, 2009
Enrollment," such as our school enrollment provinces organized art
professional examination, candidates must also participate in the joint entrance
examination, and examination results can only those who pass the admission rules for
participation by school enrollment. Dance (Specialist) professional, direct use of
candidates for admission examination results.
Second, other provisions
1, to participate in our school art professional examination candidates, please visit our
school enrollment Information Network ( query results.
Professional examinations of qualified candidates, please admissions information
network through my own print of the "National University of Arts
qualifying examination certificate", as candidates can complete my Art
Major voluntary school vouchers, the school will no longer mail certification.
2, a student is enrolled, the school will be based on careful review of relevant state
regulations. Do not meet the admission conditions or acts of fraud, cancellation of
admission, back to their hometowns, where the candidates and report to provincial
(municipal, autonomous regions) admission charge for the record.
Address: Southern First Ring Road Chengdu, Sichuan Siduan 16
Postal Code: 610041
Recruitment and Employment Office: (028) 85522012
College of the Arts: (028) 8,570,778,785,707,790
School Website:

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