South African Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu on homosexuality by fdjerue7eeu


									South African Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu                       on    homosexuality
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Reporter: community acceptance of same-sex partnerships appears to be increasing,
but this church is still very controversial. Although the Church of England has
gradually begun to accept homosexuals in long-term partnerships, many people still
think this is inconsistent with their beliefs. This week in the Methodist Conference
which also has a very heated debate. You to comment the most senior church, has
signed an ad supporting gay Christians were the main sports. What are your reasons
for this.
Tutu: I have been committed to the cause of justice. I believe this is a justice issue, but
also a theological problem.
Reporter: Some people argue that only the sexual life of homosexuals is not
acceptable, ask the Archbishop about his views on this issue?
Figure: If we say God determines what kind of person you are, and then accuse you of
acting according to his intentions, then we are like God for why the witnesses? In my
view, if we accept that sexual orientation is to behave as part of this does not make
sense. In many cases, the expression of a person through sex sexual orientation is a
manifestation of human nature.
Reporter: Some say the Bible against homosexual sexual orientation, the Archbishop
of this response?
Figure: The Bible say to eat pork, who abide by it? Most people stop eating bacon and
eggs yet? This is why? The Bible says that we should follow the Saturday Sabbath,
but almost all Christians have ignored this point, while the Sunday as the Sabbath.
Why are we so clearly in this regard and in the other hand, contrary to the
Bible's teachings g keep it?
We have to make another interpretation of the Bible. I think Jesus would stand on gay
side. Gay Beishou abuse, do you really believe that someone would take the initiative
to choose the homosexual?
Reporter: Finally, we mention a lot of people have thought about. If the church
receives a stable relationship between same-sex couples, then it should provide some
form of same-sex marriage.
Tutu: We have to provide the point of God, has it? You must know, I do not make men
and women wedding witnesses, that the church that they make their own decisions,
their own pastor, we are just trying to convey God's blessing on their
marriage. I think why not? I have seen many homosexuals, they have talent, the most
the most gentle compassion, it is difficult to get people, whereas we tend to treat their
dung. In my own case, if that is the will of God, thank you, I do not believe in that
kind of God. I believe in God will say: "You are beautiful, I make you a
present you, I hope you get the maximum potential level of play, you can get the
greatest degree of development."
(Tutu, 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner)

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