Minnesota’s Clean Water Cabinet Recommendations for Conservation

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					   Minnesota’s Clean Water Cabinet
     Recommendations for
Conservation in the 2007 Farm Bill
        Where it all started:
  Governor’s Clean Water Initiative
            (launched June 2003)

“More so than any other state, the quality
 and quantity of water in Minnesota is
 central to our way of life. It helps define
 who we are and what we value.”
 Governor Pawlenty
     Minnesota’s Clean Water Vision
    As Minnesotans, we expect our waters to be clean
    and plentiful, both today and long into the future.
            This requires all Minnesotans to:
   Guard their waters from present and future threats
   Restore waters that are impaired
   Maintain an accurate picture of waters for citizens,
    managers and policy-makers
   Ensure adequate reserves of safe water to keep
    Minnesota prosperous and sustain healthy communities

      Clean Water Vision Principles
   Keep working lands working to achieve
    commonsense balance between economic
    advancement and environmental protection
   Focus on priorities to achieve better results
   One size does not fit all, so acknowledge
    regional differences
   No one agency or organization can do it
    alone; we must all be part of the solution and
    build partnerships

    Minnesota’s Clean Water Cabinet
   Clean Water Priorities
       Impaired waters restoration
       Safe drinking water
       Fish & Wildlife Habitat
   Clean Water Cabinet member agencies
       MN Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)
       MN Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
       MN Department of Agriculture (MDA)
       MN Department of Health (MDH)
       MN Board of Water & Soil Resources (BWSR)
       MN Environmental Quality Board
       Metropolitan Council
        Why the Clean Water Cabinet
    is Developing Farm Bill Conservation
          Policy Recommendations
   Good fit between MN Clean Water priorities &
    Farm Bill conservation objectives
   2002 Conservation Title has provided more $$ for
    clean water activities than any other source
     Largest Cons Title ever — more programs, objectives,
      dollars than ever before (>$10 billion authorized)
     Minnesota ≈ $870 m (≈ $140 m/yr) by Dec 2007

Farm Bill Conservation Programs Fit Well
   with Clean Water Cabinet Priorities
                                                    Clean Water Priorities
 2002 Farm Bill Conservation Programs             Impaired   Drinking
                                                   Waters     Water

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)                                      
Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
(CREP)                                                                  
Conservation Security Program (CSP)                                     
Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)                
Wetland Reserves Program (WRP)                                           
Grassland Reserve Program (GRP)                                          
Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP)                               
Farm & Ranch Land Protection Program (FRPP)                              
     Cabinet’s 2007 Farm Bill Conservation
        Policy Recommendations Will:
   Be sent to MN Congressional delegation & USDA
   Focus on the Conservation Title relative to
    Minnesota’s clean water priorities
   Be developed by a state agency work group (MDA,
    BWSR, DNR, MPCA) with stakeholder input
   Not replace or supersede stakeholder positions
   Not necessarily represent all Minnesota stakeholder
 Process & Timeline for Developing the
     Cabinet’s Recommendations
The goal is to complete recommendations by June or
       July 2006, but timeline isn’t set in stone

    Guiding Principles for Developing the
        Cabinet’s Recommendations
                (adopted Dec 2005)

To meet national & state environmental goals, the
  2007 Farm Bill should:
   Strengthen the economic viability of farming
   Facilitate state & local efforts to address
    environmental priorities
   Implement long-term conservation plans

     Strategy Areas Leading to
    Specific Recommendations
   Technical Assistance
   Conservation Planning
   Financial Incentives
   Results-Oriented Accountability
   Strategic Targeting
   Flexibility

             Stakeholder Input
   Letter inviting stakeholder input (sent Jan 2006)
   Online forum (to be launched Feb 2006)
   Meetings with stakeholder groups (as time allows)

              Farm Bill Conservation Policy
Ducks Unlimited                                                 MN Soybean Growers Association
Izaak Walton League MN                                          MN State Cattlemen’s Association
Land Stewardship Project                                        MN State Technical Committee
Midwest Forage Association                                      MN Trout Unlimited
MN Agri-Growth Council                                          MN Turkey Growers Association

MN Association of Wheat Growers                                 MN Waterfowl Association

MN Barley Growers Association                                   MN Watershed Districts / individual districts
                                                                Pheasants Forever
MN Conservation Federation / imember organizations
                                                                Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association
MN Corn Growers Association
                                                                Southern MN Beet Sugar Cooperative
MN Deer Hunters Association
                                                                Sustainable Farming Association of MN
MN Environmental Partnership / member organizations
                                                                The Minnesota Project
MN Farm Bureau Federation
                                                                The Nature Conservancy of MN
MN Farmers Union
                                                                University of MN Extension Service / Water Resources Center
MN Impaired Waters Stakeholder Policy Group (G-16)              OTHER
MN Milk Producers Association
MN Pork Producers Association
MN Soil & Water Conservation Districts / individual districts


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