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Chen Rong: He graduated from Tsinghua University in 1982, the same year, obtaining
the CAS Institute of Computing students studying abroad. 1984 to study abroad. 1987,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the United States to obtain a
master's degree, after five years in the University of Illinois for the
operating system and the design of object-oriented programming. Microsoft is
working to enter the U.S. in 1992, has participated in multi- media software, operating
systems, IE3, OLE Automation, OLE, COM + development work. Created in 2000 to
China to attend Beijing Elcoteq century company is "pleased"
the major operating systems and ezCOM technology architect. January 2004
"Programmers Magazine" will be included Rong Chen,
"China's software development affecting 20 people"

Chen Rong: build China's own operating system

Chen Rong was born in an intellectual family, his parents are scientists. The primary
school, he had in the Science Hall on the use of computers, and computer chess over
the next, and perhaps that when planted on the computer of interest and dreams.
Reading the third grade when his parents went to the 57 cadre learning work, home,
the burden fell on his body, his sister six years younger than he, in kindergarten, every
weekend he would turn 34 buses home with his sister, but also buy food to cook,
when his people not stove high, often cooking time to hop to hop up to see above the
stove on his head frying pan. Because he is black five generations, although living in
the organs of the compound, but not into the urban primary school go to college, only
to close the rural schools, rural children and children Courtyard of the fight, he can
not which side participate, regardless of which side took part in, he is a little traitor,
because there is no sense of belonging, he felt pain and anxiety. Nature of each child
is very naughty, like to play with kids, and even gang war. His little head and not
understand why he was living in the body compound, but to go to the rural school, he
did not like the rigid teaching school, he began skipping classes, and a people to the
river fishing in troubled waters, rolling in the mud, stealing school books to hide t he
woods to see. His class teacher has said that this child is extremely bright, growing up
is not a miracle man, and evil is a person, a word will not be a mediocrity.
And, like all the people of that time, Chen Rong, after graduating from high school
went to the outskirts of Beijing Yongfeng commune, every day from morning to
evening, farming pigs sweat, it was a life experience that makes him difficult to adapt
to different environments .
Chen Rong is the 77 th of the students, that is, after the Cultural Revolution of the
first students of Tsinghua University's computer. Exam at that time the
university entrance exam is easy, but very low enrollment ratio, only 1%. His second
year in college when, Tsinghua University have software professional, learning the
language BASIC and FORTRAIN. Graduated in 1982 passed the CAS Institute of
Computing students studying abroad, study abroad in 1984, the Super Computer
Center located in the United States - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
studying computer degree. Operating system is the foundation and soul of all software,
Chen Yung get started, we aimed at the piece of hard row to hoe. University of Illinois
when the first object-oriented C + + language developed operating system Choices.
Chen Rong think there are many merits, but it seems that any connection with his
mind always a gap between object-oriented, and began a more in-depth study of
object-oriented technology. He spent much time studying as Smalltalk, C + + like
object-oriented languages, also wrote a large number of C + + package. He also got
the V kernel and Stanford University Carnegie Mellon University Mach system, 20
million lines of source code see Chen Rong pitch darkness. These known as
object-oriented, micro-kernel structure of the operating system for all to see down,
Chen Rong's hand on the itch and began pondering his design an operating
system. However, the road to success is not so smooth, stay up late to get up early
each designed a system, often a few days, it gave its own denial. Chen Yung
frustration is always stuck in someone else's shadow, it is so associated
with the desire to develop new systems and concepts were caught in the shackles of
the computer operating system, find no way out of regret, Chen Rong arrived at
In 1992 he joined Microsoft, and participated in a number of software development,
done component technology. This time in the Microsoft software empire with a
million years, Chen Yung doing a lot of engineering practice, such as we now widely
used browser in IE3.0 version of the former is no picture function, which is when
Microsoft Chen Rong, the The technology integrated into the browser, so we see
every day on the Internet must be pleasing picture a sense of Mr. Xie Chenrong.
Microsoft 8 years, he learned how to evaluate a software product, how to implement
component-based approach, real access to the components of the system
implementation. The late 90's, Java platform, turned out an eye-opening
Chen Rong. C + + compiled file name is. Obj, while the Java compiled file name is.
Class. obj is Object, not that object, and elements? Class is not set it? People are busy
compiling their own daily program, but who will really penetrate through the Java?
Thought here, just that easily fooled by Chen Rong, puzzling difficult problems
solved immediately. Had been on how to solve the problem of object-oriented
operating system, loss of Chen Rong, finally realized that: Why can not figure in the
end did it to see choices where the design does not, "did not know the true
colors, only from within the mountains", at the element level , is unable to
understand the concept of the collection. However, the real object-oriented technology,
which is now often said that the middleware technology, precisely in order to set in
the metadata-based.
In 1999, Chen Yung returned to Nanjing to visit relatives, his wife, the people of
Nanjing, in and chat a few Tsinghua old classmates talking about the Internet when
the time has come, operating systems and networks forged a bond. With the
acceleration of network appliances, embedded operating system to provide the driving
force of the pack will become the new competition for the battlefield. After breaking
up old classmates, by E-mail, overseas telephone calls, Beijing and Silicon Valley,
Seattle established a straight line between the contacts to do general-purpose
operating system to become China's Tsinghua Alumni old pillar of their
faith. At that time, Chen Rong theory put forward by the operating system and
middleware for Ma Qideng people are greatly excited, but he made: the United States
has been difficult to obtain venture capital to build China's own operating
system, the prerequisite is to have money, as long as the availability of funds to
implement it, I will return home with you a go.
Tsinghua students past these ideas also smoldering in COSTIND Professor Shen
Rong-Jun hearts. As has long been leading defense technology and the old experts,
has been hoping to have our software common operating systems completely
independent property rights. After the original radio series in the same year Qinghua
Ji Wei Wei of the referral, that Tsinghua students have of trying, deep recollections, so
he invited a group of dedicated academicians and other experts who Rong Chen
demonstration projects. At that time experts praised the idea, while that may not be
easy, not enough manpower to carry out the project. Venture capital and talent
naturally indispensable. Understand the project implementation and expert appraisal
opinions, Shen Rongjun will personally finance the project. Received the Lun Xiong
Huazhong University of Science Fellow, Northwestern Polytechnical University
Vice-Chancellor Professor Gao Deyuan and computer sc ience Professor He Huacan
help. In the company's early days, from two schools to become a strong
human resource development of embedded operating system Zyco Elcoteq century
and a major force ezCOM Component Platform.
Can not think of Ma Yung Chen Qi was called, found the funds have been
implemented, the Government's 863 funds, human resources also have
back-up, you ever return? This fall he will be the military, he thought, that is done in
foreign engineers coming to an end, work for others, and then higher wage is not
much room for development, his dream is very difficult to achieve in the Microsoft.
As for salary, it is a relative of, say, 30,000 dollars in salary paid in the country would
be in the United States can only be regarded as the poverty line. This year, Chen Rong
into a four-year-old threshold. His own talents and 10 years of struggle, has been
made in foreign countries enviable success: a paying job, with the stock, there are
villas. Continue to stay abroad, you can Shunshunda ngdang along the road continue
down the original, neither lost, and need not linger. Foreseeable future, but unwilling
to so, used to meet the challenges they face, "mid- life crisis."
Life can have some back stroke? Him back the sense of historical mission to build
China's own operating system is the dream of his 20 years, now everything
is ready, waiting for a home business, but also hesitant about?
May 2000, Chen Rong, Liu Yi-ping were returned to Goma in the oldest of 80 millio n
yuan Qi start, Beijing Elcoteq Century Technology Co., Ltd. formally established.
They moved into the North Fourth Ring Road in the Olympic Center, Olympic
Stadium, where athletes at events or training activities, they can open the windows to
see, just in the preparation process of dry and tired brain can relax and stimulate their
competitive state. Their offices in the Olympic Sports Center has become
"Ju Yiting" and focal points, many far from Tsinghua University
in overseas students to come here to look at Kyoto, and some also clear that they do
have to go back to join the project come to an end; some domestic duties as a senior
army, division, Tsinghua seniors take the initiative to participate in the project
demonstration and consultation; aspiring IT cause of youth have come here especially
to gather independent intellectual property rights in China under the banner of e
zCOM ......
Filed Elcoteq century, it must be mentioned Tsinghua five swordsman. Chen Rong,
1984, the United States to study, University of Illinois in the United States after
completing doctoral programs, entered the United States in 1992, Microsoft has been
engaged in the operating system core technology research and development; Liu
Yi-ping, MA, 1989, study abroad, since 1995 has been Netscape work in the United
States, is the company's more senior network software experts; Wu
monsoon, MA, former Associate Professor of Fuzhou University, Department of
deputy director of the software, and later founded the company in Fuzhou stars, he
was Chief Engineer. Yang Weikang Ph.D. from the University in Tokyo, Japan, Sharp
Corporation of Japan had a senior adviser; Ma Qi is the "Five Swordsmen
Tsinghua" in Big Brother, has founded several successful high-tech
companies, after the Beijing North China Electric Cage Technologies Managing
Director. They are the "Cultural Revolution" the first call after
the reopening Computer Department of Tsinghua University classmate, two years
after they entered middle age gather together to re-start, their hearts still young
energetic heart.
Elcoteq company is set up, start developing skills with today's high-profile
Java and Microsoft. Net technology similar to that of the embedded operating system.
Operating system has long been dominated by foreign systems. From the Unix,
Windows to Linux, is our IT person the pain inside. People have been looking forward
to a completely belong to our own operating system. In fact, Elcoteq to be involved in
the embedded operating system, not the desktop operating system. As more and more
automated electrical, mechanical appearance, the importance of embedded operating
systems become more sophisticated. Embedded operating system will be new
opportunities. In this regard, the development of China is blank. "Tsinghua
Five Swordsmen" started China's first embedded operating
system development.
Several founders and they did not own circle inside the academic ivory tower, they are
not to send a few papers or get a few awards hanging on the neck as a symbol of
success. Their desire is to Zyco operating systems this product can really be used after
the PC era, the industry turned to more traditional electronic and digital output. This
market is too great a. If the day then people would like, then the information on the
transformation of our industry really contributed. Founder of several companies like
happy, "bachelor", get up early every day the river early in the
shop, the lightly against something, they begin to keep our noses to work. Shop-boy
mix the first round of lobbying in the out come back but also know that a few more
than a year has been no change in place, might still muttering mind: whether they are
the same and there is no capital to open their own trading, or are less competent, can
not find a suitable job. Young man often given a free hand to give it some mercy has
come to middle-aged "sorehead" what milk Dorset point. They
now have a forties. For fame and fortune, since they made with the idea of young
people nowadays have a very different thing, because after so many stories, just want
to be able to realistically do one thing. Several scientists seem to have reverted to the
old school days, they lived together, started a new journey. They want through their
own efforts to prove to the world something.
Chen Rong once said: architecture of a system, like Gailou. To change the overall
structure of the product components can access from the outside, such as frame
windows, door frames and the like, but the installation of new parts have to be done in
accordance with new ideas.
Over time, Chen Rong planning a Zyco technology systems and ezCOM. Zyco name
comes from the middleware, the Internet, operating system, the first three words in the
Pinyin alphabet, which made it clear that the Zyco are Internet-based next-generation
operating system and middleware. COM component technology, has been well known
among technology developers, Elcoteq century, the minds of the component
technology should be easier to grasp. To reduce the technological barriers, developing
technology should be easier (Easy), which is the origin of ezCOM named. Outline the
future direction of development, we must begin systematica lly implemented, which
also requires the participation of more people. As engineering and technical experts
from Netscape Liu Yi-ping, rushed to Beijing Elcoteq century as the chief engineer.
He and Chen Rong large software company with the United States a n effective
software project management methods, brought Elcoteq century, helped establish the
company's project operation management mechanism. Former Associate
Professor Department of Computer Science, Fuzhou University, was then run
software companies Wu monsoon, as deputy chief engineer of the company, have
realized that the gap between domestic and not in a product, process, but that they
thought the gap level. All standardization work is moving in this direction, only in this
way, the software factory development is possible. Chen Rong and Liu Yi-ping, then
the real set of software engineering model to the United States introduced to the
Elcoteq century, very smooth with a year and a half and produced a test version of
Zyco. Often combine embedded software and hardware form, which is another
classmate Yang Weikang strengths. Microelectronics as a post-doctoral, University of
Tokyo, he has studied the hardware and software products. Wide range of embedded
operating system applications, both for the cell phone, PDA, can also be used for
CNC machine tools and other industrial control field. All of these are involved in
integrated circuit technology Yangwei Kang's forte, with a group of people
his horse, is to look enigmatic of the operating system and component technology
with the everyday use of household appliances, which makes the software really
Elcoteq century to practical application, and as a model.
Tsinghua University and other shareholders in the financial support of 20 million yuan,
after three years of research and development, in January 2003, "and
welcomes" the operating system released. The subject of the
"863 plan" major software special support 32-bit embedded
operating system, has become a domestic leader in operating system.
A computer expert highly, said: "In the United States, Netscape and
Microsoft have a lawsuit for the Microsoft operating system is bundled with the
browser, where the operating system directly support the browser, the browser is the
operating system and friendly user interface, like Microsoft and Netscape are here to
achieve a perfect combination. "coincidence the same thing: Chen Yung
from Microsoft and from Netscape's Liu Yi-ping, They were as Elcoteq
century chief scientists and the chief engineer, work coordination and cooperation
have "achieved the perfect combination."
Elcoteq century and a half years the company a foundation for early development
work has yielded fruitful results, Z yco has entered the application development stage,
such as remote monitoring devices, CNC controllers, PDAs, Detection and Diagnosis
of cardiovascular function device, the network terminal equipment. Currently, they
are transplanted to the Z yco made 32 CPU "Ark 2", transplant
is completed, can provide hardware, software, all made of system solutions.
National Day 2003, the eve of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology
Commission sent a letter to the Ministry of Science recommends Z yco operating
system, file, said: "The project has been included in the Beijing
'fifth' major projects, technological development, Beijing
actively support the project report ' 15 'during the National High
Technology Research and Development Program (863) key project in the computer
software. "" If by the Ministry of Science and reviewed and
approved the project project, Beijing will be the proportion of 1:1 matching funds
accordingly to support it. "
October 9, National Day holiday 7 days is simply not the rest of "Tsinghua
Five Swordsmen" thick stack of files completed amended, the
"National High Technology Research and Development Program (863
Program) subject application" was handed a national science and
technology Department.
"Science               and            Technology             Daily,"
"People's             Daily       (Overseas       Edition)",
"Shenzhen Special Zone Daily", "Hong Kong Ta
Kung Pao," and many media have reported that Tsinghua students to
technology to serve the motherland's deeds; several television stations also
produce the Graduate School of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen academic and
research model reported. Academician Wang Dazhong, president of Tsinghua
University, met with Elcoteq century, Chen Rong, the founder who returned to
Tsinghua students in business encouraged them to continue to maintain
self- improvement spirit, said students should support the development of original
technology Tsinghua University, Tsinghua, and Elcoteq century to promote
cooperation. Tsinghua University, Department of Computer Science Week column
director, Yang Shiqiang Deputy Director of the graduates o f the innovative project
was very appreciated, decided to jointly set up basic software research team, the
department has sent a full-time research staff to join Zyco Caozuojitong R &
D work together to promote and Tsinghua University Elcoteq century of research in
the process of the operating system.
However, in Microsoft's. NET has introduced a variety of embedded
operating systems compete with each other on the market, Elcoteq century, the
success of the operating system also faces serio us challenges. But Chen Rong
confident, he used an example to show: Microsoft is a lot of products in the 1.0 and
2.0 versions of the time do not be optimistic, to 3.0 before they are mature and
Soon, Elcoteq On this basis, began developing "and welcomes
the" smart phone operating system. Smart phone operating system, the
company itself in Elcoteq's 'and Yan' processing
system formed. Application of smart phone operating system to function, only part of
the embedded system. However, according to the needs of mobile phone functions,
Now mobile phone operating system, an average of four U.S. dollars per Licence. The
smart phone operating system due to its complex and more expensive. Curre ntly, the
domestic Nearly 250 million mobile phone users, which more than one billion U.S.
dollars in the market, had previously been dominated by foreign manufacturers.
"If each of the 10% of new customers, or is for mobile phone users, then
this market will more than one billion yuan. But it's all phones on the
operating system, are not domestic manufacturers to develop, and all the mobile
phone maker, Du the time required in the production of mobile phones to pay the
appropriate software licensing fees.
The face of the rapid rise of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, Elcoteq also
hope to produce their own domestic mobile phone operating software. There are many
software and standards they can be by domestic producers to design and develop, so
manufacturers can avoid the licensing fees, cell phone operating software now also
facing this problem.
With the development of the market, China's mobile phone ownership has
reached a global first, to November 2003, the country's mobile phone
ownership has as many 263 478 000, followed by the demand for smart phones
increasing .
Beginning of the year 2004, Elcoteq century research and development in smart
phones has made gratifying progress. Has a number of domestic mobile pho ne
manufacturers started and Elcoteq contacts and relevant information in the continuous
feedback to the Elcoteq for the operating system improvements. In the global mobile
phone market, smart phone operating system around, Microsoft, Symbian, Palm and
other camp has entered a heated dispute the Warring States era. Chen Rong,
developed this system, is a leading, before them, the domestic market, smart phone
operating system, 100% are foreign.
Elcoteq century, based on ARM7 and ARM9 introduced dual-CPU "and
welcomes the" smart phone operating systems and solutions. The system is
now more stable and improved. In the smart phone operating system, also added a lot
of entertainment software. Music, image set and video, can be in and pleased in
achieving this operating system.
Chen Rong said, in October 2004, complete with independent intellectual property
rights of this smart phone operating system, you can actually put into application the
next year to digital television into smart operating system.
Cease to struggle and rest, he is a man of action toward the goal of progressive.

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