Agriculture Role-Players to Improve
                  Partnership in Agriculture in SA

               Presented by Mr Thozi Gwanya: Chief Land Claims Commissioner
                on behalf of the Minister for Agriculture & Land Affairs, Ms Lulu

                     Agri-Outlook Conference : CSIR Conference Centre
                                    26 OCTOBER 2007
   Programme Director, Dr Briedenhann             REPUBLIC OF
                                                  SOUTH AFRICA

   Dr Herman van Schalkwyk (CEO: AMT)

                                                    LAND & AGRICULTURE
   DG for DLA, Mr Glen Thomas
   Dr Kobus Lindeque of Monsanto
   Acting CEO of Land Bank, Dr Phil Mohlahlane
   Honoured Guests
   Ladies & Gentlemen
 Let me convey the best wishes from the Minister, who         REPUBLIC OF
                                                              SOUTH AFRICA

  could not be able to come, because of urgent

                                                                LAND & AGRICULTURE
  commitments associated with her office.
 She has asked me to deliver this message on her behalf
 This Agri-Outlook Conference has continued to be a
  very important platform for Dialogue in the agriculture
  sector, you must continue to encourage all of us to talk.
  We are where we are today in South Africa because we
  agreed to talk it over into this democracy
 We are a proud rainbow nation today, united behind the
  Wining Rugby team, die BOKKE!! We say “Viva Die
  Bokke Viva!!”
 In this agriculture sector we must work as a team, if we
  are going to be counted among the nations of the world.
 In the short period that I have joined the sector I have declared my         REPUBLIC OF
                                                                              SOUTH AFRICA

  commitment to provide support and leadership to all those involved
  in the sector, from the farm laborer, to the tractor driver, to the farm-

                                                                                LAND & AGRICULTURE
  owner to the markets
 I have also made myself available to go hunting with the farmers
  unions, (AgriSA, Nafu and TAU-SA) and none of them have taken
  me up on my offer!
 I have attended several meetings with the farmers unions and I
  know that we have agreed and disagreed on a number of issues.
  We have agreed on the need to provide support to agriculture, so
  that the contribution of agriculture to economic growth can improve
  significantly. We have agreed on the critical importance of the
  agricultural Sector Plan, even TAU-SA who were not signatories of
  the sector plan have agreed to participate in its review as well as in
  the Presidential Working Group on Commercial Agriculture, which
  they did not before.
Introduction                                                   REPUBLIC OF
                                                              SOUTH AFRICA

 We have disagreed on the participation of women at all

                                                                LAND & AGRICULTURE
  levels of agriculture, from the farm to the markets. We
  have disagreed on the issue of farm evictions. I have
  disagreed with some of the farm dwellers on illegal farm
  occupations. I have condemned farm killings in the
  strongest possible terms.
 I know we disagree with some of the farmers on the
  purpose of land reform. Some of the farmers, such as
  TAU-SA have expressly said that they do not support
  our land reform program.
 A strong marriage is not measured by the non-existence
  of differences, but rather by the maturity with which the
  partners deal with their differences
Priorities for New Dispensation
Economic                Rapid growth                      REPUBLIC OF
                                                          SOUTH AFRICA

                        Basic services (water, energy)
 Growth &

                                                            LAND & AGRICULTURE
                        Employment
                        Social inequalities, focus on
 Stability               people & not things/ places
Job Creation        
                         Access and participation
                         Human capital development
Poverty                Infrastructural development
                        Beneficiation
 Alleviation            Sustainability



Critical Issues in Sector Plan
 United & prosperous agricultural sector     REPUBLIC OF
                                             SOUTH AFRICA

 Equitable access & participation

                                               LAND & AGRICULTURE
 Global competitiveness and profitability
 Sustainable resource management
 Good governance
 Integrated & sustainable rural
 Knowledge management & innovation
 International Cooperation
 Safety & security
Outcomes of the Sector Plan
   Creation of wealth in agriculture & rural areas         REPUBLIC OF
                                                           SOUTH AFRICA

   Increased sustainable employment

                                                             LAND & AGRICULTURE
   Increased incomes & foreign exchange earnings
   Reduced poverty & inequalities in land & enterprise
   Improved farming efficiency
   Improved national household security
   Stable and safe rural communities, reduced levels of
    crime & violence, sustained rural development
   Improved investor confidence, leading to increased
    domestic foreign investment in agriculture
   Pride and dignity in agriculture as an occupation &
    sector of choice.
Review of Sector Plan
 Review success indicators of the Sector       REPUBLIC OF
                                               SOUTH AFRICA

  Plan and progress made to-date, actions

                                                 LAND & AGRICULTURE
  and omissions in all strategic pillars. We
  must be able to say whether or not we
  have met the objectives of the Sector Plan
  and if so, to what extent?
 consider views of the signatories to the
  Sector Plan regarding its implementation;
 consider value chain issues on the
  implementation of the Sector Plan;
Review Sector Plan cont…
 In this review we must take into account      REPUBLIC OF
                                               SOUTH AFRICA

  our history and ensure that issues of

                                                 LAND & AGRICULTURE
  transformation , as captured in the
  AgriBEE are addressed, and thus there is
  broader participation and beneficiation of
  the previously disadvantaged people.
 identify any perceived policy gaps in the
  Sector Plan or in its implementation; and
Review Sector Plan cont…
 Make recommendations regarding the             REPUBLIC OF
                                                SOUTH AFRICA

  Sector Plan coverage or its further

                                                  LAND & AGRICULTURE
 Also critical are the issues of inclusivity
  and optimal participation of all; in the
  implementation of the sector plan,
  including TAU-SA. the Agribusiness
  Chamber, the South African Agricultural
  Processors’ Association, Women in
  Agriculture and Rural Development and
  the Food and Allied Workers’ Union etc.
Partnership in SA Agriculture
                                            REPUBLIC OF
                                           SOUTH AFRICA

                   acceptance    Trust

                                             LAND & AGRICULTURE

     Recognition   Successful    Support

     Strategic Partners for Partnership
   Organized Agriculture (Unions, including all sectors)    REPUBLIC OF
                                                            SOUTH AFRICA

   Emerging Farmers

                                                              LAND & AGRICULTURE
   Food Growers
   Farm Workers and Farm dwellers
   Government (esp. DoA, DLA, DTI, SARS, DPLG, SAPS,
    PDA, Municipalities)
   Women and Youth Groups in Agriculture
   Financial Institutions (Land Bank, ABSA, Sanlam, DBSA
   Research Institutions (ARC, OBP, Universities, HSRC,
    CSIR )
   Marketing & Trade Organisations (NAMC, WTO, etc)
Enabling Environment : Partnership
 Identify sector needs that may unite the    REPUBLIC OF
                                             SOUTH AFRICA


                                               LAND & AGRICULTURE
 Agree to disagree on specific issues
 Agree on strategy to address the needs &
 Regular focus sessions to be on the same
  page (shared understanding and
 Reviews and assessment
 Support to Ministerial Advisory Council
Sector needs
                                                                      Business               REPUBLIC OF

                Supply-Side                  Demand-Side                                    SOUTH AFRICA


                                                                                              LAND & AGRICULTURE
             —Limited water                —Inadequate             —Lack of shared
             —Scarcity of arable land       access to market        vision across
farmers      —Soil degradation
                                            information             role players
             —Climate change
             —Rising input costs

                                            —Inadequate focus on   —Negative impact on
             —Limited innovation in risk     new markets            competitiveness
    1st       management
                                            —Limited product       —Cost of compliance to
economy                                      innovation             SPS & TBT standards
 farmers                                                           —High cost of
                                           —Limited access to       compliance to labour
             —Limited access to
                                            markets                 legislation
              financial services

     2nd     —Poor infrastructure                                  —Limited supporting
             —Inadequate basic services    —Limited access to
 economy                                                            institutions
                                            local markets
  farming    —Limited access to capital                            —Limited settlement
challenges   —Limited skills                                        support
             —Slow Pace of Land Reform
 Dialogue and Negotiations led to the SA miracle                REPUBLIC OF
                                                                SOUTH AFRICA

 The Implementation of the Sector Plan is the test for

                                                                  LAND & AGRICULTURE
  successful partnership in the agriculture sector
 Collective effort from both the Government and the
  sector Partners will take us where we want to go as the
 This country has many opportunities for all of us, we
  must simply learn to work together in the spirit and letter
  of the new SA
 Let me thank all those who have made constructive
  inputs at this conference. I hope we’ ll all make optimal
  use of the valuable knowledge.
 I Thank You.

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