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Shan is - pure love album


									Shan is - pure love album

Album Description: to live, singing heart, brave love
Shan 【six months after the album for the pure love ... that summer】
It was hot, people are calm, almost every day explosion
Why, some people started Qinliang up
Some people began to miss ... remember the taste?

Shan-music adventure for the reborn
Taiwan's long absence, the whole lyrical concept album
Quiet down after the whole world: sincere, fresh and bright

Memories of waking to the hearts of pure love
You never thought to listen to "Feeling singer": Shan to

Why is the pure love?

Japan really is the culture of many Asian countries, engines, from movies, television
dramas to the novel, a fever of "pure love fashion,"
"pure love phenomenon", but also cross-sea spread to our media,
book fairs and the human heart. Obviously the story may be virtual, but easily let us
look back and think: "This is not that kind of good feelings?"

From the "Love Letter" to "Love in the center of the
world shouting," from "Tokyo Love Story" to
"Train Man", each has a resistance of a relationship, but there
are stronger characters are genuine, and time of calm grips.

No hurry to go to bed, even in no hurry to make an appointment to the future,
Japanese Review writer Liu Li child that "pure love" is
"as much as possible stripped of the social factors exist." Is the
atmosphere of pure love, faith and the memory of a scene, the two pure love heart
really belongs to the moment of communication.

In Taiwan, the popular sector, the 2004 "Turn Left, Turn Right"
books, movies, and her as the theme song of "meeting" Why red?
Why a sudden, everybody happy, etc.: their own "number plate"?
Advertised in such a fast, real-time, SNG's desire to age, we, surprisingly

Pure love die, it is only temporarily invisible society desires, greed and selfishness
behind. Pure love may be renewed at any time, maybe a movie, a book, a song, you
will call in his mind and meet it.
Why Shan is?

You have to admit: a lot of male singers. Good looking, speak fluently, turn sound
beautiful, sex scandal, Many will be creative, street dance, engage in self-closing,
selling ... have a lot of muscle.

King, ABC, Taiwan passengers, idol group, writing group, we are also a number one.
Rock, Hip Hop, R & B, rap, dance, and any of the above 12 kinds of hybrid
and more filled in on each album.

Looks very lively music scene in recent years, in fact, fewer and fewer choices.
Countertop all assertive male singer, a gesture, but they like it, believe and do come
out, and actually almost the same.

10 male singers in a kind of title song of nine left: American rhythm style.

Fortunately, we have the Shan to.

One is not not known, but it's not so famous, and even works of a wide
range of roles changing, a little difficult to classify the male artist.

An acting, singing, writing (lyrics and books), chair, occasionally to dance and imitate
the full range of entertainment all young.

1 2-7 years of age in Taiwan called him "black brother",
8-15-year-old    calling     him    "Malaxianshi"  in    the
"tadpole", 16-20-year-old loves "all about
entertainment" program and an excellent Hakka spokesman
"strawberry fairy," people over the age of 21 he unwittingly
seen countless ads, he might have heard two songs of the artist.

One knew, gradually grow into the most promising back with the next
"National Idol," the potential of hard work artists.

"National Idol," do not look particularly handsome (although he
considers himself ultra-handsome), do not have gossip to report every day, but his
time exposure of each work, whether serious or humorous, regardless of lead or
supporting role, regardless of the children, youth or grandmother who speak, have a
happy close to the power of people.

We thought it might be a kind of hidden in the hearts of every person, even though
outside the community to be chaotic, I still pursue your sincere, true and working hard
The Shan was, even then cherish to have.

Four years, the China Youth Corps activities from singing songs "Give me
5", he is not soaring, but efforts to stabilize the culture from 2 to 70 years
in the mass basis. He some time in the program often beaten, but he did not make
enemies. He considered a certain degree of red, or treat people the same kind of
difficult work to make every effort as "going down into the same

He shyly, in the unconventional young artists, the look a bit retro. Shan is believed
that all the simple things and still believe, like Hakka, to settle his family, the hard
parents received from Taipei, Miaoli, artists go wrong one day when the kindergarten

This texture of life, such personality, Can you sing the more soothing work, Can
reinforce the strength of his singer features are no longer afraid, and preschool
education, the success of the image funny fight? If his career in show business first
and most real dream is: pure love a good sing a song to someone else.

2005, Qingtian record is absolutely prepared to                       believe     him,    but
"miraculously" to help him achieve.

Why is this a record?

While the IFPI on the "P2P" case the media lost the first trial,
although the ubiquitous Internet download technology, but we really want from now
on, forever to download songs to listen to one song after another?

We, from only ask, "single", no longer expect any one

This is not just the recording industry and new media rights and interests of the war,
this is not just what to listen to the vehicle (CD vs
iPOD) is more suitable for modern war, there is hidden an old discussion:
"We have to fragment, or a whole?"

Is a single point, the album is a circle; track is a flat, the album is a facade; the track is
a strong emotional drama, the album is a colorful journey.

Not as many record only 10 singles collected and style chaos, would deny that the
world was in production, in the interpretation of "album," want
to tell the listener in multi-storey section of a soul, a feeling of more scripts , a
diversity of vocal style performance.
Album, after all, never die (Album never dies).

Shan is the latest album, "six months ago ... That summer," not
just 10 divided, split to listen to the track, but worth listening to from start to finish, a
better understanding of Shan for the amazing transformation and the "new
pure love songs" appearance of important works.

You might be surprised to find that: create group album, we bring together three
generations of excellence include the creator, to accompany good to do this adventure

From 80, 90 years, "shouted the water will be frozen," the
legendary names such as Chen vigorously, Xiu F, Chen Yue Rong, Liu Yu Rui, Lin
Linan, Ricky Ho, Mesozoic continue their duties of Chris Yu, Chen Yaochuan, Mr
Chan, the popular young singer-songwriter JJ Lin, "FIR" Ah
Qin, author also ready for cutting-edge.

These outstanding musicians, there is no lack to create countless star Behind the
scenes, for no other songs will be, in order "to live, singing heart,
courageous love" Shan was, gave the most innocent work.

These musicians, as well as to look "good songs" listeners long
for the dyke to create such a long absence, recording the whole lyrical album.

Seven or eight years, Chinese-language pop album sales plummeted, while several
wave and piracy affected, but too many companies to abandon the "melody
guide", rushing to the American "rhythm-oriented,"
and seeking Defeat is absolutely critical.

When everyone is asking: sound good, "Love Song", why less
and less? Why not show up singer was able to sell better than the people who frequent
the exposure? Will they not tell us: the market do not only one American style, nice
melody is benevolent.

Mandarin songs had a good era that's gone entirely to blame piracy and
internet crimes, but because those in charge do not believe in starting their first album,
no longer believe in the strength of pure melody.

Qingtian album can do, but at least willing to use our sincerity and practical, step by
step start, return to the "melody-oriented" production style.
Perhaps our resources as large companies, perhaps the market is not under my
achievements, but as Shan was the first dream does not give up, we do not give up.
Even believe that the same dream, it seems deep in many hearts are no longer buying
Pure love this album from the start, a chance to Song of the Month!

What kind of 10 pure love of song writing?

※ After six months ... That summer words: Chen Yue Rong Qu: Shan Tian Yu
If a very short narrative love songs in general, opened a one fall in love with the
winter break, also pays homage to the early summer of pure love story. Song is a
coffee shop looked out of daylight clouds, and rain under the endless affection like.

※ love you so lyrics: John Chan
Boys turn into men, they would want to go through the pain? Feelings hurt, you can
resentment, but can also Cantabile generally casual. Is not no love, but even more

※ your love lyrics: ARAB (FIR Ah Qin)
Summer, and memory full. Unable to control themselves when, or will want to go to
the beach shouting, knowing your feelings, but really want to let you know what my
heart is still sore.

※ Memory taste words: Chen Yue Rong Qu: strong & Shiu-Nan Chen
Unexpectedly received a phone call to shake the hand of coffee are flashed up. Once
the most pure emotion of innocence, it is the sub-two of the social man. Filled within
a few minutes the waves for several years - ah! Youth.

※ hands words: Shan for the song: JJ
When he was young, sweet, when people are like this. Sweet people are young, or
young people sweet? Holding hands, like roll up the universe.

※ I have a good word for you: Liu Yu Rui Song: Chen Yaochuan
At that time, really being smart lover beat. All for each other, do not want to calculate,
are not allowed to forget. As for the other party has its own number, where important?
Now think up? Can not help but smile.

※ I was a lonely mouse words: Lin Linan Song: Chris Yu
It turned out the most brilliant smile at you and me, the shadow is already there.
Because the shadow of the other mind, you become humble up. And you really see
that I was not just a clown it?

※ shoulder (female: Tan Jiayi) words: Shan for the song: John Chan
Actress last appearance talking. Fortunately, when not in the most cruel. Began to
grow in love, lost when the eyes start to each other given a warm - though, is silly Oh.
※ 1234567 words: Shan for the song: Tian Shan Yu
"Willing! I will!" Courageous commitment is the most lovely
boy. Like the excitement of waiting for fireworks, about to enter the hall of illusions
as promised here is more ado, shining golden promise.

※ Q days. Asked to. Ask your words: Chen Yue Rong Qu: strong &
Shiu-Nan Chen
Time blurred, I do not know how long the world, youth become weathered, pure love
is still strong. Classical to not do feelings, but sings in KTV roared. Who said the era
of pure love belongs only to fade away? At least, I also believe ...

This album all the songs
Artist name - album name - duration - song name
Shan is - pure love album - 00:04:18 - six months after the summer of that year ...
Shan is - pure love album - 00:04:35 - love you too
Shan is - pure love album - 00:04:25 - your love
Shan is - pure love album - 00:04:57 - I was a lonely rat
Shan is - pure love album - 00:04:21 - I am good for you
Shan is - pure love album - 00:04:20 - hand in hand
Shan is - pure love album - 00:04:17 - the taste memory
Shan is - pure love album - 00:04:19 - shoulder
Shan is - pure love album - 00:03:54 - 1234567
Shan is - pure love album - 00:04:18 - asked days. Asked to. To ask you
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