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									Set, and finally set it! !
Hard for us to serve a six-year colt, soon to retire. Looking back six years,
accompanied by a pony days, full of practical and trust ah. Newly renovated house
completed in 2004 and I can not afford more upscale Bao Jun cars cars, cars can only
travel from some selected. Year's auto market is still to be Santana, Fukang,
Jetta the old three-dominated, so far there is no fancy car market now, we have very
few alternative models. I began to abandon the old three, although they have a good
reputation, good quality, low maintenance vehicles and other advantages, I just do not
like conformity open street car. Because of funding limitations, our budget can only
be controlled at 6-8 million, through the internet was integrated contrast, the
alternative models will be set at Kia Maxima, Ford Fiesta also Fiat. After the ground
to see cars, the colt's form suddenly attractive to me, and well-behaved
little Mimi feeling nervous before the face, reveals a lovely and kind, I would pony up
the final decision immediately. We do not want to borrow money at home with both
sides, are out of all savings, loan repayment has been made, finally married the colt
home (in fact, the colt was bought before we married, in accordance with the strict
sense of the will, I can only count Small 2, colt is the first wife, ha ha ~ Colt with our
6 years, has 120,000 km, and almost no Sha illnesses, but routine maintenance, never
lie halfway embarrassment nest; good handling characteristics, initial acceleration so
fast that I often tell other truck traffic lights Biao start, the colt was suddenly sprang to
Sou, and also with a strong push feel, in particular, Meng; colt also of grain, 100 km
fuel consumption is 6-7. Because of its excellent performance, we have been reluctant
to replace it.
Mom Dad to us as to create conditions for the house, I never speak of the heart thing.
Married for so many years, I Chun Po basically no major expenditures, with more up
our savings will come / Kexin upcoming, pony is not suitable for some of us, we had
to change a large number of the cars. Select any of the car that became the first issue
to consider is for a medium-sized cars do? Or for a SUV then? Kiki Davis spearhead a
BMW530, then Kiki was born, feeling travel inconvenient, they bought a Ford Escape;
toot home a Toyota Camry, a Honda Civic, then Doodle was born, the original two
vehicles can not travel to meet family needs, only one family each time with a friend
by Benz GL350. From personal experience of friends and relatives around the point of
view, or replaced SUV more in line with the sustainable development of our family.
SUV's holdings in recent years was the growth spurt, is essentially a
family's second car. Which SUV do in the end choose? I started the system
of research and comparison, the current Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4, Kia Sportage,
Nissan's sales in the market Xiao-off particularly well, but I chose the
principle of car is still not street cars, not outstanding personality. The car we put the
budget on the 200,000 or so, After a series of evaluation and consideration, the
decision to be taken into account in the SUV on vehicle imports. The first round of
screening include snow 佛兰卡帕奇, JEEP guide who, Mitsubishi Outlander, 斯巴
鲁森林 people Dodge stroke cool, modern new wins up, from Yasuolantuo.
Snow 佛兰卡帕奇: advantages - cost-effective, reliable, and configure high, nearly
80 years history of production of SUV; drawback - cost too much oil, and control is
poor, small lot of problems. Colleagues bought a Chevrolet car cost too much oil on
the total complaints, and speed up the meat was too, so not an interview, I directly to
PASS a little odd.
JEEP Guide by: the advantages - shape lovely choose the easy way out, 10 of olive
green, particularly rare trick me; shortcomings - drink 97 oil, everyone knows that a
promotion discounts are now 93 oil, so this can only eat a small South concentrated
feed or after the interview to let go of me.
Mitsubishi Outlander: the advantages - large space, rear seats can be moved forward,
large trunk space, more technologically advanced; shortcomings - interior is too rough,
and more than 20 million cars, have not we pony interior fine really a big flaw, no
skylights, in an interview to the sideline after I had thoroughly.
斯 巴 鲁 森 林 people: the advantages - a good comprehensive performance,
cross-country and good; shortcomings - the paint is too soft, easy to scratch; interior
general; space is small, 97 to drink oil. This pseudo off-road for our family, for
off-road performance is not too concerned about, so this car is not the economy,
although dealers have told us that the forest people can drink 93 oil, but fuel ratio of
11.6, significantly more suitable for 97 oil, I can not accept it big appetite.
Dodge Cool stroke: the advantages - the traditional American muscle cars, Dodge
logo is a goat head and pull the wind, and the JEEP guide by the same chassis, the
open trunk with the BOSTON sound can be used as camping public release, leather
seats Charged heating; defects - small space, trunk space is small, car low vision is
not good, rear seat center armrest has a cup blocked off by the middle of a bad ride,
and no parking sensor. I am very optimistic about the start cool Bo, as it attracted a
unique appearance, it is cross-border station wagon SUV and MPV, with passenger
car comfort, there is a space and off-road SUV and, as I once as a transfer of its
Modern new Shengda: advantages - a large space; drawback - the first round of
screening the highest price of the car, still waiting for the bus fare; front face is ugly.
Jun Bao is not cold for the modern car, so cost of oil, not to mention that I also see no
increase in the car, where it so Well? I just do it.
From Yasuolantuo: Advantages - looks good, panoramic sunroof, rear large, large
trunk space; drawback - cost oil, non-reversing radar, only to increase the current car.
In fact, we Sorento as an alternative, in fact, because the colt left us with a good
impression, so we feel a good impression on the Kia brand. However, its high cost
does not cool Bo, it was PASS.
After the first round of screening interviews are now thriving only Dodge stroke cool.
We are ready to be finalized is the time, Shanghai's friend recommended
me kore Renault proud of mine I am proud of the Internet to check the information,
surprised by the pride of many of the details and mine are very good word of mouth.
Kore will be proud of in the strict sense is not a pure SUV, it should also be
cross-border car, but for us in terms of such pseudo-cross-country family, kore proud
of by nature can cope with travel needs. The appearance of its atmosphere, intelligent
sensor keys, sensors, door handles, chassis armor protection, reversing radar, space,
the trunk opening mode, panoramic sunroof, electronic parking system, a key starting
system, heated electric leather seats, 3, 10 10,000 km warranty, as well as intimate
promise attendant services, etc., these powerful configuration once took hold of my
heart, really it at first sight, the only question Bo cool slightly higher price than some,
we tangle for a while, in the end is to choose a 100% favorite car, or choose a
cost-effective vehicles, the ultimate emotion overcome reason, I am a bite, a stomping
decided to select kore proud of. Looking at kore pride, but also with understanding the
concept way a little, to fire at this car is simply not, increase 30 000 have to wait
several months, I have strange, dealers who are these foul problems to the used to
come out, the manufacturers of the distributors of such despicable behavior is also an
eye, close one eye, came to light in the CCTV, dealers converge slightly, although not
say that the increases, but it must be in the store to make 2 million decoration This is
not the same? They can really be too shameless, I seriously despise the public view of
this bad practice purposes, even if I have money I do not it.
Kore proud of a small public car ownership in Beijing is still more than the market,
the Beijing only 5 dealers, of which only two 4S shop, we went to see the real car
Wangjing 4S shops, 10 Lei, a total of eight colors proud . Black: The most significant
grade, but most can not help but dirty, we should always care for my kind of lazy, I
can not wait on it is old, not elected. White: pony is white, so for the second car does
not want to be white. Beige and light blue: the color of waving some more suitable for
20 year olds, Jun Bao steady pursuit of the atmosphere, so the two do not elected. Red
wine: really red wine is very pure and beautiful, very nice atmosphere, with the X5 is
almost red, I like, but do not like Chun Po, he always felt a big man to open a red car,
especially awkward, to take care of his emotional, I can only afford to spare the.
Silver: I'm more inconsistent start bright silver, is filled with silver car, and
Renault cars marked with the same color, simply highlight not come out, I do not like,
I do not want to be too popular, not elected. The rest is ash: This is kore 10 of the
main colors proud, very stable atmosphere, but also no lack of exercise can be said to
give a low-key in the sense of luxury, has been the family favorite, this is very rare of.
After nearly a month to understand, study, research, selection, we finally selected
Leinuokelei proud of the two driving comfort version 2.5 volcano gray. She now kore
more and more proud of his followers, the two vehicles set a timetable 4S shops are
arranged in July, and have not got a discount promotion, with a mat and foil do not
send children, my heart it is uncomfortable, but it does porridge Who I can only put
up with. June 14 straight early in the morning Jiugen Bao Jun Lei Feng Tai 4S shop to
proud to set down, the next is the long wait is expected in July officially opened in
mid-Ray Cherry family proud, haha! !

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