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SEO Technical Memorandum Jianzhan the beginning of the 12 major strategies seo

SEO various introduce a brief summary of the Technical Memorandum. Google the
following methods for optimization of the default, but including Yahoo, including
most of the search engine robots to follow the main index page or less the same
principles, so this article did not specifically search engine for individual research.
1, Keyword Strategy: identification of the site core keywords. Page allows search
engines to crawl all the text with key words as much as possible. These areas include:
domain name, title and meta tags, text, link text, file name, alt, header tags (ie text
title, etc.). Let your key words everywhere, but avoid piling up too much in one place.
Long Tail Keywords selection techniques: relevance (ie, positioning), degree of
control hot (too hot easily, the top well, too cold nobody search)
2, the domain name strategy: the best domain names containing your keywords, and
using a hyphen "-" the keyword alone exposed to facilitate the
search engine recognition. Some experts believe that domain names containing
keywords for the role of a weak position, but does have an undeniable role, so both
cases can be considered as keyword domain name. SEO Optimization
2, 3 domain name is clearly no competitive advantage.
3, virtual host strategy: testing shared IP address of site: current large number of small
sites are sharing a virtual host, with the same IP address. If you share the IP with a
certain site is search engine penalties, will not compromise you can not login to the
search engines. In addition, an IP as often have hundreds of sites, so it will affect your
page load faster. Especially if some of them particularly when Web site traffic. If the
search engine to crawl a page, half page to download could not, the search robots will
be deserted. Therefore, in addition to sharing with you about how many websites IP,
whether punishment is best to further understand the general situation of their traffic.
If the situation is not good for the host quickly.
In addition, search engines do not want your free home page space on the site, even if
included, are also difficult to rank well.
4, the document root strategy: an orderly, reasonable arrangements for file directory
structure, naming specification. Presents a simple Web site up to three levels on it.
Important content on top- level directory. Directory naming the folder containing key
words, and HTML web page file names with keywords. Image files may contain key
words. The key words here referred to the main page content-specific terms. File
name is the phrase on a short dash or underscore separated. Standard practice is to use
the English alphabet instead of Baidu SEO
5, externalfiles (external file storage) strategies: the javascript files and css files are
placed in an external js and css files. The benefit of this is the important page content
into the top of the page at the same time to reduce the file size. Help search engines
crawl the pages quickly and accurately important. Other font (FONT), and also
minimize the use of formatting tags.
Search engines like the beginning of the page to find the key content of this page.
6, dynamic strategies: dynamic page that uses ASP, PHP, CGI and other dynamically
generated page program, require the user to input conditions can be generated after
submission. There are two ways to let search engines crawl: in a static page (such as
the site map) to establish a link to the dynamic page, or modify the URL o f this
dynamic pages as static HTML files, so that URL no longer contain
symbols? ,=,&,%,+ and $ symbols.
7, the framework strategy: If the site must use the framework should be the proper use
of Noframe label, in the region that contains a link pointing to page frame or a
description of the text with keywords, while the regions outside the framework of the
text appeared Keywords .
8, picture strategy: the use of the code in the image Alt attribute label instructions,
including key words, also in the picture next to it with notes containing key words in
the text. Avoid pure image page (Splash), such as the image of some enterprises Home
Page. Flash must use less, the search engine to track its embedded links not interested.
Including images, including a Web page is best not to exceed 50K bytes
9, Site Map Strategy: Text-based site map site contains all the sections, sub-section.
Site Map of the three major factors: the text, links, key words, are extremely
beneficial to the major search engines crawl the page content. Therefore, the
dynamically generated directory site in particular, need to create a site map. Web part
if the update requires the timely reflected in the site map.
10, title and meta tag strategies: SEO the basics: title content title link title will be
displayed in the search results page. Title general is the site name + short description,
including core keywords, such as:, like too simple. Baidu optimization
The keywords meta (keywords) and descriptions (description): identificatio n of a few
core keywords and combinations of key words suitable to 3-5, best not more than 15
to avoid piling up the horse. Description is a brief description of the site, containing
key words.
If each of the main page content varied widely, it should be different according to
content and meta tags to change the title, not all pages are using the home page title
and tags.
Web page text appears necessary keywords, keyword density is between 3% -7%. Too
many have piled up the horse.
Search results page is displayed after the title in the link description text search engine
is usually the first to grab the text in this page to the text containing the key words of
that period. Said usually the upper left corner of the page this text appears the most
favorable direction.
11, link strategy: as much as possible so that other topics relevant to your site with
links to your current search engine ranking has become the key to success. With this
link you, if not to the search engine submission sites, search engines will naturally
find you and give a good rating.
On the other hand, if the site provides links to topics related to export, are search
engines that have rich content relevant to the subject, but also conducive to rank (this
is worth selections reflect the masters).
12, to avoid the penalty: the search engine it means for the blind identification of
more precise, less commonly used method is easy to receive the punishment of
cheating, refusal included:
Hidden text, or not, the text set text background color; Keywords pile; active sites that
link to linkfarm