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					SEO basics
1, how do I know whether the site is a collection of search engines?
Baidu or Google through the Site directly input commands, such as the investigation
of your situation, enter: site:
2, other: site: (without the www's) investigation is to include
all of your secondary domain name, and if with www, such as site:,
check only Indexed under this domain name, not including
than if they your site: more than that is the search engine
problems, the normal period of time.
2, how do I know my site's ranking in search engines?
Select the site you should know your key words, such as: key words is SEO, then
enter in the search engine SEO, then a page to find your site.
3 How do I know one of the words in Baidu's search volume?
?Enquiries by Baidu Index:
Google also has a: https: / / / select / KeywordToolExternal
?4, how I always do not increase the website ranking?
Website Ranking SEO optimization to go through the system, will there be ranked.
Meanwhile, not any one site can have a good ranking
Here we take into account the situation of website optimization, time, size, keyword
heat, competitors circumstances.
?A site must be properly optimized to have good rankings, but not meant to optimize
the number one certainly will. Ranking, is a competitive process, the other doing
better than you, he will be ranked in front of you. You do better than him, you will
rank in front of him. So how well do? On the one hand from the user point of view,
you want your site better than the other; the other hand, you want the system to read
and study this tutorial, learn how to better express yourself, so that search engines
understand your site better, so the they get better. SEO, from a sense be said to study
the nature of search engines, and then match up.
5, do you think the most important search engine rankings is what?
Factor in the rankings, the importance of the difference is: the title appears keywords,
content in keyword density, stations and stops outside the anchor text.
When the competition is stronger, they also need more knowledge that one by one in
the tutorial we described. You can now immediately access to learning, then some
other people do not know, or did not do the job.
6, how to check it outside the chain?
Enquiries outside the chain, we suggest to check, such as input link: is outside the chain of Baidu search. Note added Http.
Baidu and Google to enter in the link, often inaccurate or not.
7, the website domain name is the impact of the site's ranking? For
example:. Org is not the ratio. Com good?
Yes, at the beginning of a period of time,. Gov is a government organization,. Edu
school,. Org is the organization, which will have a certain advantage in the rankings.
As for the. Com,. Cn,. so little impact. If you want to do a better website, as
far as possible registered. Com,. Because it conforms to all usage patterns.
?8, when the site submitted to search engines situation?
We recommend that you submit after the fixed structure of the site to search engines,
open source if you build a website, then you are sub-12 category, made after 23
articles can be submitted to the search engine.
Then, you have to gradually release in the content, good anchor text.
9, do you think web site URL address of the static and dynamic, what are the pros and
Dynamic URL, generally we say that with a question mark in the URL, technically
done with parameters URL.
In your last, dynamic and static URL, now affecting not. However, we believe, in the
ranking, the static URL is advantage.
Google in particular, English, URL contains the key words in it is very important.
Some programs such as wordpress can realize the static URL and the URL of the
Most open source programs have static generation and pseudo-static function.
But all alone in the development of corporate website, to static URL, site procedures
there need technical support, development of a static code, generation of static pages
or pseudo-static.
10, you think, if you make a website from scratch, how would you start, how to do it?
First of all, you want to better what you do. This is the hardest, but it is actually very
simple. As, what you're looking for the problem, if you a confused, you
feel so hard, but if you clear their interest and expertise, then this is the most simple
question. According to your own capabilities and preferences to select a theme. For
example: I choose, aluminum door sales, I would have a better understanding of some
of the sales, I just need more phone customers only.
Step Two: By understanding a few open source programs to determine which program
to use to do their own website. Or, ask other people to help you develop. I would
choose to do with shopex.
The third step: identifying the target keywords. Baidu Index and Baidu by searching
for related to list keywords and search volume. Aluminum alloy doors and windows
because this is a low-flow, high purpose, high-profit words. Have a telephone, is often
targeted customers, and a lot of time is the store to the phone, it will do long-term
development of a business. Therefore, the flow is not so important, you better
understanding of this line, you know, if someone searches the word. I would choose,
Shenzhen, aluminum doors and windows.
Step four: Home on the choice of target keywords, Shenzhen, aluminum doors and
windows, the title written: Shenzhen aluminum doors and windows - choose a certain
Keyword Tags: aluminum windows Description Tags Shenzhen: Shenzhen aluminum
doors and windows, choose a certain brand. We pursue the best quality assurance,
every household can be a long and durable aluminum alloy doors, no distortion, no
fade, can damp. Welcome you to contact a certain company in Shenzhen aluminum
windows and doors, we provide you with the best price products.
Step Five: At first, many products must not be made overnight, but a fat, 2-3, to send
some every day. Started regardless of the user, since the beginning of your website is
not user. Even if the individual so that they can see some of the sites have nothing bad.
Be less the beginning, then gradually increased, this process is very popular search
engines like.
Hair product, see product name is available for long tail keywords. Through the Baidu
search, and see related searches, Baidu.
Published each product carefully to each product description carefully, and add the
appropriate similar: You might also like these products, product 1, product 2, leading
language. This play interconnection between products. Confidential information, do
not reproduced.
I will make the best picture of each product, because it is far superior to competitors,
while allowing our customers trust us.
Step Six: Create a directory of blog
This blog is used to publish and aluminum doors and windows-related content, such
as: aluminum door and window market dynamics, such as aluminum store experience.
I can do long tail keywords such as: bathroom doors, toilet doors and windows where
the right to buy, how to do the kitchen door is broken, Guangzhou, aluminum doors
and windows, etc. These may be the target long tail keywords.
Step Seven: rankings, traffic, the customer is certain, no doubt.
Please note that the process of doing, not to quick success, slowly. If you are anxious
to order, you can first stop on Alibaba and other industries to find customers, but not
on your website "brute force" such as: mass and so on.
Seriously your site will give you plenty of money in it. Because before you, no one
better than you. Search engine to know.