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SEO Analysis - How to determine the basic key words


									SEO Analysis - How to determine the basic key words
      ?Key words of the most significant words from the beginning. At first, not on
their own demanding, but also not much creativity, just as much as possible first in the
white paper listed out, you know, there may be visitors would enter the words, giving
top priority.
The first step, listing key words.
The second step to check your website statistics to see what keywords are so far
visitors from search engines or from other links to reach your website. If you do not
have the statistics to establish as soon as possible. The traffic analysis system, the
site's success. Specifically how to set up, see Chapter 9, "site
care and monitoring methods."
The third step is to go to your competitors website stroll lap. Download their web
page, view the HTML code of the kind they use keywords.
The fourth step around with your friends, colleagues and discuss, ask them questions
related to your website and see what they are most concerned about. These concerns
also the source of key words generated. Such as "car", you can
see on-line discussion forum warmest vehicles, in the end is a
"four-wheel-drive Jeep," or "fuel line"
more frequent.
4, "search tail" phenomenon, and keyword expansion
Keywords Research phenomenon was present in many of the search engine
optimization industry, the lack of experienced personnel without notice. This
phenomenon is known as "search tail" phenomenon, it is the
beginning of the process of keyword research section. This phenomenon shows that,
with the gathering and site-related in 10 to 20 top popular keywords contrary, the key
words and website content includes hundreds or even thousands of words, those
words are often the most top popular keywords derived, as if the top popular
keywords is the first, which derived from the formation of a long tail terms. This word,
we call the "long tail keywords" or the "long tail
"Search tail" is "understanding" principles.
If we are only concerned with one, two or 10 to 20 top popular keywords, sharpened
his forehead to get the 10-20 top ranking of popular key words, in fact, we missed
more opportunities to position keywords , also give up a lot of the market. This
principle, if you run a careful analysis of data your site is not difficult to see the.
In general, the traditional approach to search engine optimization on the most popular
10 to 20 key words, because these key words account for 80% of search engine traffic.
The remaining 20% of the traffic from a number of other smaller search volume
keywords. And this word may have hundreds or more. In this way, a long time to form
a "80 - 20" rule: people who search the largest concentration of
optimizing the 10 - 20 key words and ignore the rest of the large number of non-core.
However, the remaining hundred or more of these non-core term is also worthy of
attention is necessary, because those 10 - 20 core keywords bring traffic must be less
than the hundreds, thousands of non-core flow of key words sum. "Search
tail" of this principle, if that 10 - 20 core word "head"
on the amount of flow of popular keywords, shown in Figure 5 - 1 shown.

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