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Sentence elements


									Sentence elements
Sentence elements
Students learn grammar in the current becomes a blind spot, where a simple order of
some of this knowledge and practice
Division of sentence elements
(A) knowledge points
1 What is a sentence
Sentence is formed by the word or phrase is the expression of a certain tone and
meaning of language a complete unit. According to use and tone of the sentence can
be divided into declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory. According to the
structure can be divided into simple sentences and complex sentences. We need to
study is a single sentence, divided into components to give it.
2, sentence element names and symbols
Name: subject, predicate, object, adverbial, complement.
Symbol: subject = predicate - object ~
Attribute () adverbial [] complement <>
① The basic components of a sentence: subject, predicate, object.
Added ingredients are: adverbial, complement.
?② subject and predicate part of some plan to open between the available ‖.
3. (1) division of sentence elements, first of all to study the subject, predicate, object.
Subject: is the object of predicate statements, indicating that the
"what" or "What things."
Predicate: a statement of the subject, indicating the subject, indicating the subject of
"what" or "how."
Object: the verb to express action, acts involving a person or thing, to answer
"who" or "what" a class of problems.
Sentence there are two situations: write, write material (written matter, writing
materials). Analysis of sentences, first determine the "write" or
"write things."
①. Write format: "who" + "do"
(Subject) (predicate) (object)
Example: Write the word Ya ‖
?Subject Verb Object
Note: When dealing with complex single-sentence, grasping the trunk.
Example: One of the Ya ║ desk written in calligraphy.
Subject Verb Object
②. Written materials
Format: "What" or "What objects" +
(Subject) (predicate, object)
Example: Cat ‖ catch fish
Subject Verb Object
Example: A cat ‖ side of the basin to catch a big fish
?Subject Verb Object
Note: "Yes" for the typical verb, the general is
For example: He is a student ‖
?Subject Verb Object
(2). Division sentence elements, but also to seize the branches (adverbial,
Attribute: play in the sentence modified, limited subject or object role of the nouns.
Adverbial: modified to restrict the language predicate head, the general language in
front of the predicate head, some in the top sentence, explain the time, place, scope,
and so on.
Complement: A Predicate supplement from the role of language in general after the
words on the Predicate.
Example: thrush singing
This is a subject central to language, Predicate language, object center of language to
propose a sentence. The original sentence was "two beautiful thrush
pleased to sing a song."
①. (2 beautiful) thrush
"Two beautiful" is "Blackbird" - Subject
Centre      for      the    modification       part     of     the     language,   called
②. [Pleased] to sing
Predicate phrase "sing" in front of the modification, restriction
elements - "happy" for "adverbial."
③. (1) song
?Object center-word "song" before the modification, some
restrictions - "1" to "attribute."
④. Sing "Good"
Modified to restrict the Predicate Language "sing" and put some
of it back - "good" to "complement."
4. Division sentence formulas:
(1) sentence elements to plan right, (2) that the big picture to find the Lord.
(3) after the main front like that up, (4) that the former is only like status.
(5)       "and"             set      "to"        like
"get" the meeting, (6) object only by that dominated.
Examples and practice exercises some ---- division sentence elements
1, Lu Ban is the Spring and Autumn Period in ancient China, a famous building
Answer: (LU) subject (a) predicate (Spring and Autumn Period in ancient China, a
famous building) attribute (craftsmen) object.
Trunk: Luban is a craftsman.
2, that time still very backward social productive forces.
Answer: (that time) (social) attribute (productivity) Subject (also) (very) adverbial
(backward) predicate.
Trunk: Productivity backward.
3, Lu Ban received a major construction task.
Answer: (LU) subject (to accept) predicate (the) adverbial (a large building) attribute
(task) object.
Trunk: LU accepted the task.
4, Luban inspiration from.
Answer: (LU) subject (from) adverbial (get) predicate (inspired) object.
Trunk: LU inspiration.
5, Cai Lun was born in a poor blacksmith house.
Answer: (Cai Lun) subject (birth) predicate (in a poor blacksmith home) complement.
Trunk: Cai Lun was born.
1, he is very sincere to seek advice. 2, autumn than spring, richer picture of prosperity.
3, Comrade Zhang Side will always be our role model. 4, car boundless stretch of the
plateau in the Mercedes-Benz.
5, in the long struggle, I have always lived a simple life. 6, peaks just in from the
night revealing a gray outline.
7, a touch of sun light loaded with trees. 8, large drops of perspiration from his face
straight to the whereabouts of non-stop.
9, he stumbled home after a long absence from the field back. 10 farmers in our
village to Lay a layer of frozen straw.
11, has been on the shore of the Warriors took the opportunity to bend down and
rushed up. 12 primary and secondary schools seem so quiet and mysterious.
13, suddenly felt very heavy heart. 14, he opened the door and went in standing in
front of the table.
15, company commander ordered us to immediately break. 16, Xianglinsao called
Amauri peeling beans sitting on the threshold.
?Wrong sentences using grammar analysis and processing problems
Encounter a more complex sentence structures, to find its backbone, not only helps
clarify the basic structure of the sentence, the expression of an accurate understanding
of its meaning, but also to check the sentence structure and sentences have no
problems with components . For example:
(1) the discovery of dinosaur fossils in Antarctica, in support of the crust during the
slow but irresistible movement of this theory, provides another strong evidence.
(2) Today's young shoulders in this century and build China into a modern
socialist country.
Analysis: the first sentence of all the adverbial are compressed down, the remaining
trunk is "found evidence" shows that the structure of the
sentence is complete, the sentence is reasonable with components; the second
sentence of the backbone is the "youth into responsible power,"
it is clear that the structure of the sentence is incomplete, Predicate phrase
"bear" and "build power," not with
"shoulder" behind the general to be "task"
"Mission", "responsibility" such words as
object or object center of language. The lack of such terms in the sentence, so to
suggest that it did not say completely.
Faulty Sentence in mismatches
Predicate mismatches:
1. Guixi County, one was always a quiet farming of cows, pigs recent fought the
Savior who was widely circulated.
2. Ant treatment of rheumatoid specialist out-patient clinic soon ... ... the magic of
little ants start to the world.
3. Winter profile for, the rapid increase of passengers.
Wrong sentences were convicted of the above three main faults that mismatches.
Wrong sentences can be reduced to such a sentence to detect. If wrong sentences in
the sentence after a tight trunk as: cows are spread. This is clearly wrong, was widely
circulated story should cow. Faulty Sentence 2 can also be reduced to: the magic of
the world. "The magic of" can only shake or spread all over the
world, with the "go" to match wrong. Faulty Sentence 3 of the
more obvious mistakes Wu, "passengers" can not be increased,
increasing the number of passengers, so "passengers" after
"discharge" the word can be.
Verb mismatches:
Verb and its object carried by the relationship between the actors and the performance
of the facilities by moving the complex relationship between the various. The usual
verb mismatches are the following situations:
(L) a verb with an object:
Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, held its first annual Arts Festival.
According to the Guangzhou Central Meteorological Observatory information:
Guangzhou ... ... record since 1984 Guangzhou Spring Festival, the highest
Before        the      sentence    should      be    "held"        to
"hold" after the sentence "The Creation"
and "temperature" is obviously not match. "Modern
Chinese Dictionary" in "creative" interpretation: the
beginning (do); (initial) to do. Objects must be followed by "do"
link, the temperature is objective, not "do" to a
"record since 1984, the highest temperature recorded in Guangzhou Spring
Festival", the sentence on the fluent of.
(2) The object of a verb with more than:
Goddess Temple in the incense and feel the strong atmosphere of piety.
The reason they excited because they finally see they have experienced, heard,
imagined the feelings and status.
These two in the noun phrase as object and the verb can have only one match. Faulty
Sentence one "feel the atmosphere" is correct, but should not
"feel the incense", should read: The Goddess Temple witnessed
the strong incense, feeling a pious atmosphere. After a wrong sentences and so on can
be changed: they are excited because they finally feel they have experienced, heard,
imagined the feelings, that they have experienced, heard, imagined state.
Set of mismatches:
A great place where dragons and tigers are hiding here, people ah!
Attribute "place where dragons and tigers are hiding," and
center-word                   "talent"                  mismatches.
"Dragon", "tiger 'toot analogy talent, go
modify" talent "will be repeated; and" possession
"," lying "with" yes "meaning,
and the predicate repeat. Sentence can be changed: This is really the place where
dragons and tigers are hiding to ah!
Shape of mismatches:
One word of a speech to think ... ... "word of the word" and
"that" mismatches.
"Word of the word" clearly describe what people say, here is
used to modify "that" the mental activity that the verb is wrong.
Is simple to read the whole sentence: People say word of a speech ... ...
With improper training::
?One of the century, China entered WTO to achieve the goal.
2, the liberation of the Chinese people in ethnic relations played a fundamental
3 I think this answer, and the investigation and handling of these issues are an
irresponsible attitude.
4 China's cotton production, the past can not be self-sufficient.
5 Before the liberation, my father and brother both paying the money earned is not
enough to feed a family life.
6 However, there are several shortcomings that require our efforts.
7 The General Assembly, on a wide range of views on wage issues.
?Defective components
Components are subject incomplete incomplete incomplete predicate, object and so
1. Subject incomplete
【Cases of serious and sincere】 Lao Chen said: "To be honest, the more a
young man who has a hot blood, to the great age, and the more reluctant to admit that
Mongolian compatriots】     【case of a long life on horseback, carrying refined the knife,
both can be used to slaughter cattle and sheep meat cutting, meat is done, and they can
use it to make tableware.
【例】 In this work, and how many people did not give positive encouragement and
positive inspiration; the contrary, some of the negative effects of plot but many.
【例】 watched this on the rural land contract law of the court business after those of
us "Village Officer" of the legal standard has been greatly
2. Incomplete predicate
Please turn on active participation in society】 his disastrous incident handling, risk
mitigation, stability and responsibility of social life.
】 【Cases a day, cook Zhu Ke-zhong gun series to the artillery position in the road,
suddenly adopting a pig dressed up as people look like grass head toward him.
3. Incomplete object
】 【Cases based on disciplinary approach, the decision to stop participating in the
team of First Division games this year, all remaining eligibility, and a fine of 40,000
yuan. (2004 National Volume Ⅳ)
Some sentences, predicate is a parallel phrase, which is missing a word object, such
【例】 view of legal experts, consumer goods only to humiliate publicly smashed or
express their dissatisfaction. (2005 National Study Ⅲ 4D)

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