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?Definition of words
A way of helping people in need get what they need process, but people who work in
sales, from the exchange process to get appropriate compensation.
Therefore, how to make the two sides focus their mutual satisfaction, create a win-win
situation, is a kind of art. Therefore, the "sales" can be a
"win-win for art."
Sample Sales
For example, the customer's goal is to buy sunglasses, some to want to play
it cool; some are afraid of the sun is too strong, easy to increase the fear of squint eye
wrinkles; some may be yesterday with boyfriend Alfie crying swollen eyes, there is
nothing covered her eyes red and swollen, convenient out, so buy a pair of sunglasses.
The special needs of each person is different, whether it is more cool style sunglasses,
if it is more opaque color lenses, then the site provides play it cool sunglasses can not
meet the interests of worry wrinkles cover the redness of the eyes and hope Two
special needs of customers.
Therefore, the definition of sales for us is very simple. In other words, you can find
the product can provide special benefits to meet customer specific requirements.
Sales Features
Sales is a very high return on hard work, the lowest rate of return is a easy job. Sales,
not so big that small is not small. Little do each stitch, large multinational
corporations do. But their real nature, are similar. Your actions determine your pay.
You can be a hard high-income workers can easily be a lowest-income workers. All
this depends entirely on how you look at how marketing is like to do the.
Sales people must not mind the hard, low, much less the heart of the mysterious
people. It is just a way of life and survival of the test, but it is in a free, stable state of
existence. It allows you to not make a cent, but also allows you to make a fortune
Societe Generale.
Standing customer [1] standpoint, it is that the following simple five sentences: buy to
understand, to buy the rest assured that buying satisfaction comfortable buying, buy
Sales is a very high return on hard work, the lowest rate of return is a easy job. Your
actions determine your pay. You can be a hard high-income workers can easily be a
lowest-income workers. All this depends entirely on how you look at how marketing
is like to do the.
Why do sales? This is not a lot of professional sales staff could not answer the
question, but there are a lot of sales staff is anxious to know the answer. As a person
who loves sales is not difficult actors are those who will not wait. For the active actors
is a feeling, an accumulation of experience, a comprehensive quality of expression, a
character of potential release.
Sales, not so big that small is not small. Little do each stitch, large multinational
corporations do. But their real nature, are similar. Sales people must not mind the hard,
low, much less the heart of the mysterious people. It is just a way of life and survival
of the test, but it is in a free, stable state of existence. It allows you to not make a cent,
but also allows you to make a fortune Societe Generale. If you are a sales person does
not understand, been selling cast a veil of mystery.
Sales, it is a time of accumulation, the accumulation of professional knowledge,
practical experience accumulated, the accumulation of industry contacts. It broke the
traditional means of survival, it has broken the inherent mode to a completely new
look, recorded in the annals of economic development. In its body, and embodies the
pride and inferiority complex, pride, and low. It definitely varies, different sales
represent the value of different products. In people's reckoning, that top
sales people admire the fervor of speech, casual extraordinary and charismatic, they
are constantly scorn low sales. It is a feather, is Mount Tai; is the lifeblood of business,
but also so-called "homeless" home. Everyone laments: It has
such a disparity difference, it has so can not climb the peak.
Sales, it is a mirror to improve the quality of life. Either high or short, fat or thin with
a full one. It can analyze each individual, deep see bone; it can be broken down for
each individual, so that he died; It can also be re-everyone, let him reborn!
Unreasonable, not to speak of the table. Wise self-improvement, fool obstacles.
When faced with difficulties, we will think, "do ordinary salesman or when
the sale of the elite."
Can not neglect their own potential and to acquire new knowledge. "A
World Without Thieves" in the armed robber to be a saying:
"Do you know what the most expensive in the 21st Century? - A
Talent!" A real talent, he should have a full range of things, not only
academic standards should know how to sum up the work of actual combat
experience and feelings. Businesses do not talk about the outstanding business talent
coming. Therefore, the 21st century is the century of human resources. If you are a
top sales talent, you can own future leaders.
If you are a challenging personalities, ultimately to become the top selling elite.
Everyone has the power to choose, you can choose to do business, but you can choose
your own want to do. However, the successful sales from the elite 85% of unremitting
efforts and work attitude.
When the sale of the elite, more complicated; mainly due to the strength of your
character potential and usually shaped by efforts to influence. To be a successful sales
elite, work attitude and ability is very important. Everyone can be leader of the elite
sales, motivate others and consciously willing action. General sales staff was
dominated by only a, let others feel small. Elites do you sell? Want to be a sales elite,
the first question is self-advantage, you know how to play. Breathtaking changes in
the flow of talent and competition, found themselves who know the real you. What
you want to be like? The basis for the establishment of self-esteem.
Confucianism, "Slim", "introspection",
"Buqianshi" principle, the West of religious law, a lot of ink
around this subject down to the bookstore, online, self-edge value-added books and
numerous successful marketing tips number. I think that the advantages of self build is
a rational choice: the power of reason is to develop basic skills, is human knowledge
and experience into the ability of the catalyst.
This "chemical reaction" by a series of problems began, in
different stages of life, we must constantly reflect on ourselves: what I want to be like?
I have great vision and goals? I have worked hard fate determination, but I have not
the courage to face fear? I have the information and development opportunities, but I
have no practical intelligent mind?
I am confident, capable and have talent, but did not know how to appropriately deal
with when faced with Tide's ability? Your answers may, because of things
because of the situation, assess the situation be different, but the thinking is heaven to
defend the destiny of the human shield. Many people are always reluctant to
self-advantage and good luck to be confused, this is a negative and helpless, to some
extent is the irresponsible attitude towards life.
Mr. Li Jiacheng the world's richest Chinese, his youth is also a salesman.
His 14 years of age, or when a poor young man, he himself has a very simple way of
success - I have to earn enough for a family barely survived the costs. I know I can
not change destiny without knowledge, I know that today I do not have capital
ambitious. I also want to fly higher, often in the head to remember his grandmother
exclaiming: "Ah Cheng, When can we Chaozhou city of so and so, like so
rich?" I do not like Greek mythology, Icarus (Icarus ), the Ping Zhang wax
wings flying and falling. On the one hand I hold fast to the role, though I was only a
coolie, but I insist that every kind of matter entrusted to me, are doing well properly;
the other hand, not a waste of time, to any remaining single cent are used to buy old
books useful. Because the lack of knowledge of knowledge, extent, and were far apart,
then the luck comes not know.
There is also a major small point, pay attention to appearance is clean and tidy
self-expression, but can choose to self-attitudes are more likely to mind much
appreciated. Mr. Li Jiacheng at the age of 22, he founded the company after the
enterprising efforts of moral and character level is different for him. Time
"may be able to" "and" hard working
"willpower needs to be given new meaning. Willpower and knowledge
required combination of static self-management approach to be extended to dynamic
management, core of the problem of how to avoid the clever organization was stupid
thing. may not have established a successful formula, it is obvious factor in the failure
to establish the framework to reduce the failure, is moving towards a shortcut to
success. "if" a new meaning to me, multi-layer and multi-ability
were contemplate great value, and that "hindsight" in the
business community, only a very narrow contribution.
Modern marketing
Idea that the modern sales: sales is a consultative selling, customer advisers only way
to get sales success sales.
Why do sales? This is not a lot of professional sales staff could not answer the
question, but there are a lot of sales staff is anxious to know the answer. As a person
who loves sales is not difficult actors are those who will not wait. For the active actors
is a feeling, an accumulation of experience, a comprehensive quality of expression, a
character of potential release.
Internet sales
With the development of the Internet, people access to information is no longer
limited to traditional channels for new business sales channels is a step by step set up.
Network marketing companies overall marketing strategy is an integral part of, is
built based on the Internet, by means of the Internet features to achieve certain
objectives of a marketing tool for marketing. The main network marketing platform
currently has: Baidu Marketing, GOOGLE marketing, YAHOO marketing, TAOBAO
marketing, ALIBABA marketing, and other various industries website marketing
Definition of Network Marketing
Internet marketing is the Internet for the media, new ways, methods and ideas to
implement marketing campaigns more effectively promote the activities of
individuals and organizations to achieve transaction.
Characteristics of Internet Marketing
Marketing of the most important and most essential is the organizations and
individuals to conduct information dissemination and exchange between the absence
of information exchange, the transaction is not the source.
(1) across time and space.
The ultimate goal of marketing is market share. Overloading the Internet with time
and space constraints limit the characteristics of exchange of information, from the
time and space limitations make a deal possible, enterprises can have more time and
more space for marketing, could be 7 days a week, 24 hours a day anywhere to
provide global marketing services.
(2) multimedia.
Internet is designed to transmit multimedia information, such as text, sound, images
and other information, making the deal and the exchange of information can be
carried out in various forms, can give full play to the creativity and initiative
marketing staff.
(3) interactive.
The Internet can display catalogs, linking databases to provide information about
product inquiries, customer can do an interactive two-way communication, you can
collect market intelligence, product testing and consumer can be satisfied with the
investigation, are product design, product information providers the best tools and
(4) anthropomorphism.
Internet network marketing is a one to one, rational, consumer-led, non-compulsory,
progressive, and is a low-cost and personalized promotions, to avoid the interference
of a salesman force a marketing and through the provision of information and
interactive conversation with customers to establish long-term good relations.
(5) growth.
The number of fast-growing Internet use, and throughout the world, users usually
young, middle class, with a high level of education. As this part of the population with
strong purchasing power and has a strong market influence, and therefore a great
potential market development.
(6) integration.
Marketing on the Internet to the collection of information by product, service at one
go, it is also a whole range of marketing channels. In addition, enterprises can make
use of the Internet marketing activities of different unified planning and coordination
of the implementation, dissemination of information in a unified message across to
consumers, the different distribution channels to avoid inconsistencies in the negative
(7) in advance.
Internet is a powerful marketing tool and channel for the same time, marketing,
electronic transactions, interactive customer service as well as market information
analysis and to provide other functions. It has a one to one marketing capabilities, was
in line with customized marketing and Direct marketing of future trends.
(8) efficiency.
Computers can store vast amounts of information for consumers to query the amount
of information can be transmitted with accuracy far more than other media, and can
adapt to market needs, to update or adjust product prices, timely and effectively
understand and meet customer needs.
(9) economy.
Exchange of information through the Internet, instead of the previous physical
exchange, while reducing printing and mailing costs, you can not store sales, rent-free,
saving water and labor costs, on the other hand can reduce the number from the back
in exchange with to the loss.
(10) technical.
Network marketing is built to support high-tech as the Internet, based on the
implementation of network marketing companies must have some technical input and
technical support, change the traditional organizational forms, to enhance information
management part of the function, the introduction of marketing and computer
technology to understand complex talent, in the future to have the competitive edge.
(A) the consumer's attention network
In the information explosion and product information rich society, the wine has deep
fear of the alley, how to seize the attention of the consumer Internet business that
scarce resources will be key to the success of network marketing. After determining
the target market, online marketing manager should be the first to be affected to
consider ways and means to seize the target customer's attention as soon as
Network economy is a typical attention economy. "Attention
Economy" concept is 迈克尔戈德 highburton published in 1997 entitled
"Attention shoppers" in the article put forward. Gedehaibo that
in a computer network based information society, vast variety of information on the
people, information no longer a scarce resource, but a relative excess of scarce
resources is human attention force. Therefore, it is web-based new economy, its
essence is the attention economy. In this form of society, the most important resources
are not monetary capital in the traditional sense, nor is the information itself, but the
attention, the attention of the "virtual economy of hard
(B) information
To manage a business, must manage its future; and management of the future is the
management information. In a networked information age, the diversification of
consumer demand, personalized trend increase, sellers will be an unprecedented fierce
competition between, and only those who master the lightning speed of information
marketing environment, understand customer needs and competitive developments
trends, identify opponents weaknesses, and the fastest or the occupation of the market
into the enterprise, to achieve the competitive advantage of network marketing.
Therefore, the network marketing plan to further improve and make full use of
marketing information system based on the use of fast and efficient electronic
information processing technology, customers, competitors and other environmental
factors for fast, accurate and comprehensive analysis, for the network marketing
program provide the scientific basis for the development.
(C) Soft Marketing
As the Internet with information sharing, cost sharing, transfer rate and so on, so the
network is double-edged sword: on the one hand the formation of a free online
information, on the other hand the spread of information provided for the convenience.
This determines the enterprise network to provide information to customers, must
follow certain rules - Network etiquette, or not mandatory customer information to
impart, not without the customer permitting any information to enterprises broke into
the customer's private life, or the consumer's personal
information to third parties. Therefore, the real network marketing is a soft marketing.
"Soft marketing" is relative to the industrial era of mass
production "strong marketing" purposes. Often with strong
marketing,      ongoing     "advertisement        bombing"        and
"death grinding hard bound" were selling the information to the
customer forced indoctrination. Therefore, the soft market and the strong market is a
fundamental difference: the soft side of marketing initiative is the consumer, and
strong sales of the active side of enterprise. Network consumer demand for
personalized return, so that consumers themselves become active in the psychological
side, while the network of interaction as they become active party has provided the
conditions. They do not welcome unsolicited advertising, but they will be a driven
individual needs, take the initiative to find relevant information online, advertising.
Marketing planning should consider how to adapt to this new environment and
demands, the enterprise network marketing a real soft marketing.
(D) of the customer delivered value
Enterprises to beat the competition and attract more potential customers, it must
provide the customers with more than the competition, "customer delivered
value" products. Information network era for the comparison and
evaluation of different enterprise customers the products (services) to the value or
utility to provide a very convenient conditions. In 1994, Philip Kotler proposed the
"customer delivered value" concept. "Customer
Delivered Value" means the total customer value and customer the
difference between the total cost. The total value of customer is a customer to buy
products and services are expected to get a set of interests, which includes the product
value, service value, personnel value and image value. The total cost is the customer
buying a product that customers spend the sum of all costs, including the cost of
money, time, cost, cost and physical cost of the spirit. Customers buy products, often
from the value and cost comparative analysis of two, choose the highest value, lowest
cost, that is "customer delivered value" as a priority in
purchasing the products to maximize the object. Therefore, the network marketing
plan to implement the customer value: first, to consider how to improve products,
services, personnel and image, and increase the total value; second is to consider how
to reduce production and marketing costs, reduce the time customers to buy products,
spiritual and physical cost, thus reducing the monetary costs and non-monetary costs.
(5) rapid response
Speed is one of network marketing tool for competition. Network Magic is fast and
interactive, because the virtual world and the real world at the speed of the existence
of a huge contrast, the speed of online customer satisfaction and loyalty are obvious,
therefore, the network marketing business marketing business model is no longer the
traditional Environment speculative business models, but a high degree of demand
response business models that companies should stand to listen to the
customer's perspective customers want in a timely manner, desire and
needs, and provide timely responses and respond quickly to meet customer needs.
Network marketing programs in planning, rapid response to the network as an
important tool and means, and in the coordination of quality and service based on
rapid response mechanism, improve service levels, rapid response to the problem and
quickly resolved, in order to achieve enterprise and customer win-win outcome.
(6) Innovation
Networks for customers of different companies products and services can bring value
to compare the effectiveness and brought great convenience. Consumer demand for
personalized Web marketing environment becomes more and more, through
innovation, creativity and customer demand for personalized product features and
corresponding service feature is to improve the effectiveness and value of the key. A
special offering to exchange for special rewards. Bring innovative features,
characteristics, means not only different, but also means that additional value. In the
network marketing program planning process, must understand network marketing
environment, especially trends in customer needs and competitors, based on efforts to
create customer value and to increase the effectiveness of a popular product for the
customer service features and characteristics.
(7) Relationship Marketing
In the networked information age, the new market environment has led to business
and customer relations have undergone essential changes, the key to seize the market
has become the management company managing the marketing mix and customer
interaction. Modern marketing trends show from deal to Relationship Marketing:
winning customers not only emphasized, and emphasized the long term has customers;
from short-term interests to the attention focused on long-term benefits; shift from a
single sale of the establishment of friendly relations and cooperation; from a product
performance core shift to products or services to customers the benefits of the core;
never seriously turned to a high degree of commitment to customer service. This
requires the planning of online marketing programs, we must deal with customers
around the core to expand the relationship, the service, quality and marketing combine
with the customer to establish long-term stable relationship, have long-term client
(8) Brand Marketing
Competition of modern marketing, not only the quality, price and service competition
is brand competition. Not only is the corporate brand, product and service
identification, but also a reflection of the overall strength of corporate and business
levels of intangible assets, in the enterprise Business Competition plays a decisive
role and function. Network brand recognition not only for online customers business
products and services facilitated, but also for online customers to purchase and
consumption of enterprise products provide a credit guarantee. Brand marketing on
the Internet, will benefit the expansion of new customers, and it helps to keep the old
customers. Although the spread of brand image to be carried out through the media,
but the brand image is not driven up by speculation, but has been improving the
quality of products and services, along with appropriate promotion and the formation
of the image. Therefore, the network marketing program planning, not only to focus
on improving brand awareness, more attention should be paid by raising the quality of
products and services to enhance brand reputation, brand image through the
integration and optimization of the elements, eventually establish a public trust
worthy Web brands.
(9) return
The true value of network marketing, in its short-term or long-term enterprise revenue
and profit ability. Network Marketing is seeking return of the momentum of
development, it is necessary to maintain the relationship between the Internet market
conditions. In network marketing, business to meet the needs of online customers,
providing customers with value, but can not do, "servant."
Therefore, the network marketing program planning, must pay attention to network
marketing companies in return for the network marketing to create value for
customers and shareholders, the purpose. In the process of managing customer
relations, companies have to give priority to create corporate profits 75-80% 20-30%
of the important part of building strong customer relationships. Otherwise, most of the
online marketing budget spent on those who create 20% of the profits only 80% of the
clients, not only inefficient, but also a waste.
(10) Resources is a network of integrated online marketing tool for systematic
business activities, it is in the network environment of marketing information flow,
business flow, flow manufacturing, logistics, capital flow and service flow
management. Although the Internet enables enterprises to overcome barriers to access
to global market information, but the acceleration in economic structure adjustment,
globalization increasingly competitive market environment, the competitiveness of
enterprises is no longer limited to research and development of a product, a
technology or a the capital value of a particular operation, but to be good at study and
compare the opportunity cost of a resource and marginal revenue, so that enterprises
maximize capital appreciation. In order to achieve this goal, businesses must network
machine commercial application for the wedge in the global search for business
partners to establish a strategic alliance marketing, from commodities business and
diversifying its assets the management of social resources. According to experts,
statistics, the same project, the U.S. corporate average of 28% of the capital operation
with 160% of business enterprises in Southeast Asia with 50% of the capital on
average 100% of the business operation. This gap is due to lead the one hand, internal
resources of our enterprise management level and efficiency needs to be improved, on
the other hand is not very good at absorbing Chinese enterprises integrate external
resources. Therefore, the marketing competition in the Internet age, only those who
are good at effective allocation of resources and restructuring, which rely on
knowledge, wisdom, and a small amount of capital resources to operate the enterprise
integration market assembled in order to "laugh at the last, laugh
best." Of course, with the knowledge and wisdom integrate social
resources, must have two basic premises: first, to integrate resources according to
market demand; the other, must be broadly true spirit of cooperation. Because market
demand is the source of profit, while cooperation is the best means to deal with fierce

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