Search PPC bid optimization equation

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					Search PPC bid optimization equation
Search PPC bid optimization equation
  ?I believe many people have read an article is an interesting use of the knowledge of
higher mathematics summarized SEO search engine optimization is the optimization
formula SEO = ∫ Clock dx = ∮ (C1 + L2 + K3 + O4) dS, where specific meaning
no more introduction. This so-called formula means that some basic elements of the
SEO to be optimized for search engine-friendly aspects of the work. I have a similar
search in accordance with their bid a bid Experience PPC PPC search optimization
formula, the formula is PPC = ∫ Traffic dx = ∮ (AD1 + B2 + K3 + DA4) dS, if
there are any omissions, we supplemented Kazakhstan. Ado, following my advice,
just Road Come!
Search for purpose in the auction, many were probably intended to search for those
who know some of my web site some of the main product page using some search
words to let you direct point of entry, it may be to cater to SEO, it has more than 1 +1
2 role. But I personally feel, do PPC, some have been more famous website is to keep
existing customers while adding new visitors. But not more than five years of some
sites, particularly in sales of PPC sites is necessary to attract visitors, increase traffic!
That is, Traffic! So, if the accumulation of practice to do SEO, then PPC is used as
differential equations for the flow accumulation. Site on the flow of the king, there is
no flow to do nothing, probably just Kaishi click Lv conversion rate low, but imagine
if Zai Zhe Ge vast smoke of the Internet, Jingzhengduishou no less than dozens of
cases, no increase traffic, guaranteed website Some people know it not to do PPC
really a purpose? Also be said that the main purpose! Second, before considering
AD1: AD1 this very clear, that is advertising. Advertising terms Advertising
descriptions are important. Regardless of your account which is Baidu Google,
certainly there will be many for the promotion of the project team, for so many
keywords attached to good advertising is not very easy, with advertising advertising
language also determines the quality score and click price . So the first step is the
optimization of PPC advertising. Especially for Google, I believe the article I have
read of people remember, I always say that for Google, be sure to optimize your ad,
not a good advertising terms, PPC not vitality. Term is not only a good advertisement
for Google approval, it must be profound for the search of the person touched before.
So PPC advertising is a top priority!
B2: This refers to the Budget. Is the budget. PPC and SEO have to do is different, a
low cost, a necessary cost, and even more expensive, but may be temporary problem,
so some owners are disgusted with the reasons for doing PPC is so open-minded boss,
but also will have hands caught with both hands in! By the way, an ad group, did not
set a budget, do not know the effectiveness of advertising can bring. That does not do
the so-called split testing, keyword conversion rate is not known. Very simple word,
so PPC is not money thrown into the sea, but within a certain budget (for day) as
control, while ensuring some very important key words must be among the top three
of the better Therefore, the military strategy should be to do PPC, know how to
control the budget, is the effect of receipt of the maximum. This is some of the
contents of operations research. After all, paid search, that is, before clicking pay, as
long as the budget, some very popular keywords should strive for in the forefront, of
course, it is best first. This statement is my profound experience! But note that Google
and Baidu auction differ, not much said here.
K3: The third step is what? That is like a number of key words had. There are three
approaches to this process, the first racking our brains to their own, the second,
watching competitors use some keyword tools to search, the third, a questionnaire
survey. However, introducing key words here are not the source of method, just to
emphasize search and SEO to do the same auction also need to think a lot of key
words, and more demanding. SEO may be because there are several main push a few
words in additional auxiliary words, these are popular search terms. But PPC is not
only to do this, to optimize the long tail keywords. I am sure you all know, long tail
terms of high conversion, but also like the same mathematical permutations and
combinations are varied, which is why this is a difficult task, that is, if the keywords
do better optimization and analysis, PPC also buttoned up much of it!
DA4: this means that Data Analyses. I previously have admonished us to do PPC the
most important is not to say how much I spend money today, I raised the price
reduction or something. Most important is the number of time periods over which the
data download, data analysis, such as GA use Google within a month you can see the
number of clicks, click rate, click on the average price, number of visits, the number
of impressions of a key words If the installation of the code, then you can see the
transformation of the situation you are referring to. You can download each week to
carry out a comparison, calculate the conversion price, conversion unit can determine
the effect of the phrase you how to do this and then proceed to data analysis, see if it
is to make a series of adjustments. Data analysis is done will require a PPC process,
all bids are due share of forms, data analysis reflected in your next stage is to make
price adjustments in the navigation. But the premise is you have to take seriously the
traffic statistics for the data analysis to be careful. You may say, do not quickly
improve data analysis, conversion efficiency, but it can cost. Data analysis and do not
do PPC site workers are always doing good PPC's.
In conclusion, I summarized the basis of their experience PPC optimization equation.
Embodies some very important factors for PPC and processes, if I have any missing,
also please bear remind Kazakhstan.