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The most dare "ready to risk everything" in Sagittarius
Striker has always optimistic, no matter how, how gloomy situation, he has a way to
turn a blind eye, never enough to make people scared of these adverse conditions
when the slope of bile about. In the shooter's view, the courage is kingly, as
"ready to risk everything" after the whereabouts are still
unknown joy unknown, it is rich in this life, it is not necessary to
"possible" risk factors, give up the pursuit and exploration of
the fun.
Find the most confident in downturn Sagittarius
Striker is not an easy flagging, because his life is fun and enjoy life, that those who
deliberately trapped in the dark corners of their own people too stupid, and that he did
not do such a stupid stupid . However, the flowers withered, withered good people,
people always have unhappy low tide, this time, the shooter will immediately move
out of philosophical thought, with the practice of religion, with the optimistic view of
the three unique skills to combat depression, confidence.
Sagittarius is always to avoid the problem
Shooter like to promise not to comply with commitments, feel impatient to wait until
someone else wants him to answer, he looked for all kinds of excuses to avoid doing,
called irresponsible typical. Because of overly optimistic view of their striker, that he
"should" can do, so they give a promise, does not know his
early outburst, people took a moment of promise turned to forgotten, and the way that
people recover from, Huang came to remember, already too late, had to run away.
Sagittarius overcome tension
Be frank, acting styles sit on the striker, with the "tension"
seems to be very difficult to stick on top, because the shooter with the same music
used to be in the mood to participate in something the size of each one, winning or
losing becomes less important, "tension "Of course, also no use
of. Moreover, even if the striker occasional tight situation, according to his excellent
ability to react, and the funny happy skills, like Qingqi clearance is very easy.
Can enjoy the charm of Sagittarius release
Striker's charm in the first seconds of his appearance, had followed him to
the presence of a person infected with the owner of the. However, the striker itself
seems not to understand their own charm, but also that the Da Cici's
character, not to hide itself, the attitude of respect for nature, should not be subject to
the general public of all ages, but the fact is we love the candid shooter good faith, see
him Paitui laughter, joy and Fiat, are an alternative ...... unfettered charm.
Sagittarius do not want to meet others
Shooter like to make friends, love to some of the lively place, he is very close human
contact, more importantly, frequent exchanges in such a process, the striker will not
only get along well with each and every kind of person, but also to retain The idea of
self and space, of which the key is, shooters do not have to be any desire I just want to
enjoy the happiness of people, so he can then come together, sub-rules are to go under
the interpersonal, relaxed posture.
Know how to exchange their time for space Sagittarius
Basically, the striker is no concept of time a person who is familiar with the shooter as
long as people must often by his late, mistaken time, lose track of time so exaggerated
acts of anger. But the magic is that once a problem or disadvantage, the striker is very
good use of time for a way to turn things around space or win the game, the original,
for the time control, shooters are not can not, but do not want to ah !
Perform as expected gives up Sagittarius
Whether the face of serious shooters or fun things to do, have maintained a consistent
style - no not to do with Xing natural and happy like. Shooter on any situation are
very relaxed attitude, allowing him to tame, they can open their minds to pleasure,
and in the performance as expected, it does not blindly complain or regret, but put it
down, upset, timely slam the brakes, until the mood after precipitation, and then
choose opportunities moving.
Difficult to hang on until the final Sagittarius
One thing you want to do the last, we must have extraordinary determination, but also
less susceptible to outside influence with a serene heart, but the two characteristics of
the striker, almost nothing to do. Harare, striker favorite dog chat, even if there is big
hand of the events, as long as his friends call, he immediately flew away, In addition,
the striker also love sightseeing, a bit, and stopped, I felt that whole body wrong,
non-first play to say, not to mind what fame and success, the final objective.
Sagittarius can keep a secret
Striker like chat, talk and have something to nothing is, as long as they are interesting
people that things can be shared with anyone as a topic, the cure love and hatred
between people, not when the striker is about children's , simply saying
there are not too interesting, regardless of right wrong, should not be, even if the
parties have already asked a thousand Reminder 10000: "can not say
that!" still has only one outcome - the world know.
Friends do not force Sagittarius
Sagittarius attaches great importance to a friend, as long as friends are in trouble, will
try to help real intent of the situation. In the shooter's life, there is the color
of life friend companion, so no matter what a friend needs help they will Qing Li,
friends to borrow money, their efforts to raise money and friends to people very, their
full support, in a word, regardless of rich and poor, as long as friends alike.
Even if the betrayal is still willing to forgive each other Sagittarius
Too good to impress your friend Sagittarius, it is neither possible to care about little
things with my friends, nor because of adverse events with each other friendship.
Sagittarius idea is bold, no constraints, they like freedom, but also to others the same
space, they think people would have different personalities, some people may stingy,
but practical advantages, and some people may love to lie, but not the benefits of
harm, in short, they will find an excuse for every friend, even if he hurt does not
When and where all feel comfortable with the Sagittarius
Sagittarius is the philosopher with the Xing can be advanced in the golden treasures to
enjoy elegant dining room, talking about the beauty of art, you can also sit on the
floor inside the dusty nature, eating simple food, Ting Feng Yin, listening to insects,
feel at ease anywhere, anytime, without the impact of external environmental
conditions, good or bad, enjoy a money life.
I remember soon forget quickly Sagittarius
Like studying for their principles of Sagittarius, the memory function should play in
useful and meaningful things on, as normal daily chores, interpersonal gossip on
casual listen, even when the joke finished, do not waste brain power to remember
these do not use the value of garbage.
Sagittarius can not stand a serious topic
While the likes of strikers or to talk about profound philosophy, but they know how to
use the learning fun way to share, instead of holding a pointer to the threat of
punishment as a tool for keeping your eye on every erratic flashing eyes, had the does
not want, not impose on others, will never compromise on the serious archer under the
Sagittarius likes to justify
Sagittarius life in the dictionary there are all kinds of "truth",
some of these principles can be vertical series, and some can be horizontal integration
of the operation, but some can cross whatever reason, can be called the shooter Block
from the refining of the unique elixir, providing them the world preaching, jokes
Does not take into account the feelings of others Sagittarius
Sagittarius will not deliberately stepping on others to make the blood of the evil things
to move forward, but "do not want to" and
"do"           is    a     distance,   they Dadalielie,     may be
"unknowingly" in the neglect of others and not feel self- know,
therefore, in the spirit of Sagittarius is innocent, but in the actual performance, they
are cruel.
Sagittarius like to come forward to smooth things over
Striker with a religious orientation, although usually appear laughing, love jokes, but
in fact they are very concerned about friends, help others, not thinking that is both a
rational and emotional person. Sagittarius man is not power, friends, regardless of
rank or grade, can see the situation, but also know how to play it by ear, which is why
we often see the striker who was busy for this consultation, the reason for the man
Easily be seen through a Sagittarius
Seems to be no issue that makes Sagittarius particularly worried about, plus they do
not care about other people's vision and criticism, even if they are
degenerate also detract from the image that they remain unchanged. Sagittarius has
always been to me straight, have emotional outbursts Zhi Changzi direct
representative of the circuitous hate beating around the bush, if their ideas or thoughts
will soon let people know, communicate with each other to save time, perhaps a good