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Guo Degang should become the main force of the network the first Spring Festival
Evening (2009-12-20 07:50:53)
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Guo Degang should become the main force of the network the first Spring Festival
■ Text / Murong End of the World
As we all know, the network with the spread of the phenomenon of popular
entertainment today, has not only made for common hot scene. And when the festive
season coming, the traditional entertainment and reunion will be a close relationship
with the television media. As everyone knows, when the twists and turns of the
"Network Spring Festival Gala" hot again, the emergence of the
emergence of a number of star performers is extremely necessary.
When you see "Guo Degang PK Zhou Libo," the combination
appears on the network the list of Spring Festival Evening of alternative programs,
can not help but sigh the idea of the sublime. However, from the topic, recreation or
even known, the latter obviously can not compare today with the first only
north-south cultural differences have led to the average person in the name of the first
allocated. In general, they can not hide Devon troupe became the first Spring Festival
Evening main network next year, the possibility and necessity.
Why? Just because old Guo line network that sets the special Spring Festival Gala, are
Internet users rave party temperament, is the most grass-roots stage star should appear.
The General Assembly in Beijing from the early comic dialogue, the Devon Social
difficult start to become a unique cultural phenomenon. Difficult to be included in the
section from the yard to win over customers returning to shop yesterday, to the tenth
anniversary of the glorious celebration, until the growing singles, hot tea and a bit
wide off de floor. Sanlitun now and then to the opening and Kuo
restaurant's diversity. Private enterprises rely on the same team of dozens
of dollars in ticket money gradually into the public world. Frequently in
today's cultural "Deal or No Deal"-like utility play
over and over, the both seem out of tune, they have the difficult years of invasion and
so valuable.
The most critical is that Guo Degang's stage skills, comic dialogues do
Cishi the family on the door, never dropped. Some comic dialogue and monologues
are commendable. Pacific lyrics singing learn to sing the full flavor you are, and
sonorous Department to make "professional" the words go hand
in hand. In recent years, Guo Degang yard in the traditional section of the re-design
pad family on constantly, said scripts insist on different occasions using the new
burdens and "are linked." "I" word series
marquee name like this program, the first achievements of the early network of
popular Guo Degang. In 2005, a section full of people, reflect the little people and not
contrived comic dialogue psychological popular overnight. This popular position in
the network.
Although in 2008 the "you" series, part of the work may seem
uneven quality, but "you do good man," with vivid descriptions
of the people depicted the outskirts of Beijing traffic. "Do you pressure
me," with "Prison Break" and the latest cultural
phenomenon to drop hanging. "You have to marry me," let
users re crazy. Until the "Monk Biography" broadcast-quality
virtual continuous cool place votes hard to get a ticket. And then to today's
"twenty years anniversary for art!" Old Guo kept talking, telling
the truth! To tell the truth! That other people dare not say so! In a happy and
auspicious moment, most true words to hear, not see the false atmosphere of civility
and harmony created is the best choice.

And the biggest advantage of Devon community is large and rich with troops ability
to control the stage. All "wire" know: When Devon Social
sealing performance last year, 60 people performed "I want the next Spring
Festival Gala," chorus the moment appears, Guo Degang the large ones
have been from that time and the "Spring Festival Evening"
rivalry, into and "Spring Festival Gala" The topic of moving
together, complement each other. He himself presided over the 2008 Spring Festival
Evening Liaoning TV scene, happened to show very long for this stage will. Lee Jing
and He Yunwei The pair in Beijing Taiwan "Starry Night Story
Show" in the excellent play, it is to the advantage of playing their own
resources to the limit. Zheng has been coupled with a good teacher in Shenyang
station FM92.1 popular cultural identity of the host, the peak experience of high-stage
boss. Cao Yun Kim during the General Assembly will be "crazy"
one of the excellent performance and high popularity. Devon team entered the
network of Spring Festival Evening this idea seems fitting though, and hope that this
wonderful just around the corner.
So, do not say, Guo Degang humor and wisdom, brought hot Devon community, but
also will and the "Network CCTV Spring Festival Evening" all
together as a "powerful combination" of the model. When you
expect a real pleasure, and you can see on their favorite platform, the most real, most
grass-roots advocate would create humor, rather than when a false ingratiation star. It
is this special holiday event, the greatest and most simple meaning.

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