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					Rozen Maiden
The first doll mercury

Chinese name: mercury

Japanese Name: desu い ん と う ぎ

English name: Mercury Lampe

CV: Tanaka Rie / Mamiko Noto / tea too [Animation, Movie and colleagues in the

Attack moves: launching black feathers, do defensive blue flame, manipulating dolls,
can change the mercury sword out of thin air, can be turned into two black dragon

Rozen Maiden dolls first in a series of artificial Wizard is the United States and the
United States / Mei Mei / gold gold / tied to / shoot buds, dark purple color. Often
black feathers and wings for the attack. A very high, with aloof personality, on the
other dolls do not look in the eyes, with a total of "stupid" call,
but "Junk" (garbage) the word is offensive. Because her father
made when suddenly disappeared, so did not have a complete body. Because of the
extreme love for his father, won the game in Alice as Alice have great attachment,
wounding to attain its objective at the beginning just did not complete the doll, no life,
but when his father cast aside to do her other dolls, she missed her father and because
of the dynamic, experienced true red and true red will do a good sister, rock star when
she was defeated by Cang, Luo really gave her life, but true Red does not seem like it
has been said that his mouth could not, obviously unfinished product ... mercury gas,
so as really red as a thorn. For the previous battle with the real red interval of time can
be quite true to say that out of (586,920 hours another 37 minutes, about 67 years).

Salient features: the orthodox Gedeluoli costume (and reverse cross), black wings,
rose hair, purple eyes, white hair

Modeling is Gedeluoli / Geteluoli style, because the relationship between the shape
with the seiyuu, popularity is quite high (Rie Tanaka has been personally COSPLAY
mercury). Th episode of the animation in the first quarter because of the shibazaki
Genji had to say: "There intake of lactic acid bacteria do?" The
painter of many colleagues as Yakult spokesperson spoof.

Mercury is Rozen (Roden) the first doll to do, which is the prototype of Alice, may
feel wrong to do so was to stop production (dummy abdomen 3 global-shaped joints,
mercury less a ring), so her body is not complete.

While the second quarter of mercury has found its own media - Kakizaki benefits.
Hsiao Hui to see the critically ill, the purpose of seizing Rosa Mystica quietly
changed. Life experience the same benefits and mercury vapor lamps, the body was
defective child, can only live in the bed. Set the contract with the mercury, the
mercury can only hope as far as possible the use of her power to end their own lives.
But the mercury was at this time of psychological change, from adults to just love his
father has compassion on the benefits too.

At the same time that mercury from the Rose Crystal Department Our Lady of Rosa
Mystica Rosa 『』 to save the benefits of life, her purpose seems to shift from a saving
benefits as Alice, of course, things are not true red and true red rose camp young girls
know and understand. Inadvertently for the true red rose crystal Dangxia lost Rosa
Mystica after the attack, was the true understanding of red. Crystal Rose eventually

Mercury originally conceived by the name: black honey. Later changed to mercury.


* Hate: really red (actually or love), the rose (or rose)

* Mantra: stupid

* Weapons: wings with feathers, mercury sword
* Medium: Kakizaki Hui

Character analysis of mercury

1. Strong mercury.

Because the producers caused the sudden departure is not perfect, water of a dark
mysterious, cold and noble, elegant and beautiful, like empty as the night elves, but
also noble angel Wan. Beautiful exterior is so mysterious and lonely! Mercury is
probably the "Rozen Maiden" one of the most content of the
characters, or, rather - as bright as the stars in the night ......

"Overture" In the beginning, the show gives us a very sad scene
- really red high as the throne sat the big chair, the other girls are lined up in roses
sitting in a chair, peacefully napping, Romania really really red pick up gently. Our
mercury, but curling up in a small corner, only completed the first part and lower part,
did not connect. She is a girl who's older sister Rosa, is the first doll, but
can only whine in a corner ...... the beginning, mercury is a poor, have not been
completed, there is no rose Mary, can not stand uncertainty, She has never been
"lord father" of love, can not be recognized sisters.

However, she is strong. In order to "Father adults" reunion, she
gives her life and mobility. She did not complain about the unfairness of heaven, nor
jealous sisters have a "lord father," but they did not love. She
strongly with their own actions to prove themselves as a Rozen Maiden's
glory, even if the cost to life. It is her dedication, moved the "father of
adults," she finally got his own soul rose. Please keep in mind the strong
mercury chicks beauty - it is her iron will and love with the deposit. Her first love and
care from others, from the true red, she loves really red, really red and she was eager
to other sisters able to recognize themselves, to themselves as the glory of Rozen
Maiden. Mercury vapor lamps are strong, and she does not inferiority complex that he
is a semi-finished products, and strive forward to become Alice!

But the really big red near-contempt that she expected sympathy (in fact not the case),
her angry, weak gas from the gentle big sister, the embodiment of rage in the black
angel wings. Love over all, the deeper the hate. Last decisive battle in the face of the
attack rose crystal, able to avoid worth mentioning, avoid them worth mentioning, in
short, she physically blocked the attack is true red is a fact. Perhaps in order to
"true red only for me to beat" this reason, perhaps she
pondering ever get along with really good time red, short, and finally she not only
once again be "the father adult" repair, but also has supplement
finished missing abdomen and can be tied with the other sister, received the coveted
recognition. When the other sisters bathed the "Father adults"
love of glory, she in the brink of life and death struggle; when the other sisters in the
media, under the spoiled, their care, she sought the light in the darkness; eventually
her own hands, put themselves into the dazzling star, lit up his first, and then began to
light the others, this is the mercury!

In her view, this world is simple: the strong survive, the weak or become strong or
perish. Mercury vapor lamps have chosen themselves into strong!

The second doll canary

Chinese Name: Canary

English name: Kanarienvogel

Japanese Name: grades posted ナ リ ア

CV: Yumi Shimura

Rozen Maiden dolls Second, artificial Wizard is Piqikanuo / pull string (ピ チ grades
posted ー Suites), the color is golden yellow. Claiming to be the first head Rozen
Maiden School.

Known moves of "the first movement attacks Waltz"
(redesigning の ワ Hikaru ツ ), "the second movement pursuit of
jazz" (chasing Ji の grades posted ノ ン ), "discordant
voices" (video game ィ ス コ ー ド ), "rebuttal of
Variations" (anti-Ji ィ ー の パ Hikaru タ TE) and "final
movement of Symphony of destruction" (broken Huai の シ ン フ ォ
the writing is ー), Wild Rose of the Overture / bowed soldiers in the march / leading
to the passing time of the Requiem,

Third Rock Star Doll Jade

Chinese Name: Green Star Stone

Japanese Name: desu い せ い せ ki

English name: Jade Stern

CV: Sang Gu Natsuko

Rozen Maiden Doll third. Wizard is the dream of artificial water (ス ィ ー ド リ
ム) / water dreams, emerald green color. Allusions came from Chi-Jei Shiao United
States (Anna Sui) brand perfume Sui Dream. Tsang made with the fourth star stone is
the twin dolls, two different color is ruby red left eye and right eye is emerald green,
is a Bavarian style clothing style, capacity, "gardener's like
rain" (Court Division の such as rain), to give tree heart let it grow
nutrients, and Cang-sing rock gardener shear is a right, collectively, the
"Dream Gardener" (Dream の court division), you can use the
wizard manually open the door to the dream. The main battle will be filled in as rain
sprinkled the Oasis, clinics and between the plants will quickly grow into huge vines
trapped enemy action.

Is the second contract with the pure set the doll, with a stranger would be afraid of
small animals, character, quiet but apparently is quite vicious speak, just meet on the
net called him "little devil head of human / Little Dot mankind ",
also known as young berries" little devil head Berry "who hid
himself in the wooden box behind. Personality is not honest, often came to Sakura
Tian net with the child after the berry hoax, it was plain known as the
"black heart Puppet" So someone called her belly Blackstone,
however, although often show the bad side of the heart, but they are actually very
good for the mind to fight not always intestinal. So she is Rozen Maiden's
"sharp tongue but a soft heart" of the typical winner.

Although the mouth on the rock star Cui 得理不饶人 always reprove pure, but it is
most concerned about the doll pure, is the standard "Raisin" in
the pure feeling down, bake cookies for him will quietly cheer, plane pure red with
really gets up close will be a little jealous of those who attempt to pure writers do a
good impression. for quite get started for dessert, roasted red tea is also skilled, but
does not seem to know how to use the microwave oven and vacuum cleaner while
engaged in a mess
* Like: chocolate bars
   * Mantra: ま っ く ... ta, ... で desu ぅ (... ... to say)

* Weapons: gardener's watering can

* Artificial Wizard: Sood green Farm / Sweet Dreams / Villa's dream /
Dream of Water (Sui dream = ス ィ ー ド リ ム)

* Medium: Sakurada pure (indirect successor media)

Green Star stone character analysis

3. Good strong rock star Cui

Rock Star Doll fourth Cang

Chinese Name: Cang Star Stone

Japanese Name: そ う せ い せ ki
English name: Lapislazuli Stern

CV: Morinaga Science

The fourth Rozen Maiden doll. Artificial Wizard is Lei Bika / Blue Bi Jia (レ ン ピ
grades posted), the color indigo. Allusions from the French brand perfume Lolita
Lempicka, this fragrance features are divided into two kinds of female and male.
Green Star stone twin sister, also two different colors, but with the rock star Cui about
the opposite, wearing men's, ability to prevent heart of the tree to remove
weed growth, "Gardener of scissors" (Court Division の clip),
the battle is to use shear gardener attack, the same can also use the wizard manually
open the door to the dream. You can also use the hat when the boomerang. Cang Shi
no clear language satellite addiction, but she used the men themselves.

While with the Green Star stone for the Gemini personality, but very different, with
maturity and calm thoughts, thoughtful, and sensitively capture the inner thoughts of
others, and the brave and courageous battle, is talkative, a man of action. Cang star
stone of the biggest advantages than willing to sacrifice their own well-being of

The master (media), a power not available to her grandfather's loyalty is
high. In the original comic book medium is a leaf node while the animated version of
Link is shibazaki Genji. The first person as opposed to Green Star stone for stone
Cang-sing more able to understand other people's feelings. She needs to
know his master, so even forced to sleep on the floor, without complaint. Shibazaki
Genji is considered to be his son, his wife slept Shibazaki, Tsui Star Stone's
departure, Alice Game is the pressure ... ... it all she has to suffer in silence.
Undeniably, Cang-sing rock as a doll, the maturity of his thought on the ways of the
world's understanding and quiet dedication to others than the other dolls
and even humans.

* Weapon: Gardener of shear (also can use a hat when the boomerang)

* Artificial Wizard: Lei Bika / Blue Bi Jia / thunder will card / lang Bika (lempicka =
レ ン ピ grades posted)

* Media: Results Ling leaf (comics) / shibazaki Genji (Animation)

* Like:? (May be baking tea)

Cang Shi character of star

4. Cang soft rock star

Cang-sing rock first met her felt different from other Rozen Maiden - especially the
gentle, even if their master is there a serious paranoia and can not provide power to
their useless old man, but Cang rock star because it does not and despise him, but
even his favorite sister, and also take care of his enemies, and that death due to severe
Silian his ill son and his wife ... on the one hand the face of her sister's
question on the one hand the face of mind is not clear, two elderly people, do not
know because Cang Shi Tiansheng is a gentle and kind-hearted star plus filial children,
so the expense will not abandon the two old ...

In fact, I think, Cang star stone is the most capable to become the perfect rose doll -
Alice's: She has a very strong first insight, only promised to make cookies
from the true red true red can see the thoughts and usually different; and, also as a
Rozen Maiden, she was the only one not being "Library Library
Detective" some beautiful people, and similarly, in the initial search for
unauthorized entry into the house canary, the real Red on only is installed a look, but a
real role to play but our calm composure Cang star stone ... wearing a dark blue dress,
headband a dark blue hat, the words and deeds are so powerful, these are after careful
consideration before spoken, and the hands and feet action faster than the brain
response to the young berries and Canary totally not the same grade of the person;
also, in the words respect her star than her sister Jade stone is really strong too a, and
a good strong rock star Cui different, she said, never make people feel
"Huazhongyouhua, the phrase barbed", whether in the face of
strongly commend the pure rock to pure understanding of Green Star Green Star stone
good side, or raised sharply on the real problems of red, have people feel the depth of
her shrewdness.
Do not Cang star stone is the first true red to them challenged, and is still fighting his
own hands holding scissors pointed at your sister, said she was cold, it is wrong; the
reason that she was gentle on the grounds that it full - the beginning, thinking of her
two children are willing to take care of the elderly into the illness of view, she is
gentle and kind-hearted good boy; from the patient to tell her good side of pure rock
star Cui, and reveals the tone of pride when can see that she was a loving sister, a
good sister (soft kind); and sister farewell, and when we say goodbye to her words
also reflect the frustration (reflection of her gentle, otherwise she will leave a letter,
and then When she walked out ...), Green with scissors pointed rock star when the
spoken words are helpless when the can feel the love of her sister and the
sister's care and thought ... all this all, not a tender heart can not do good ...

I began to understand that the good kids like this are destined not tender their partners
to start, destined not to hurt the people around, so, although the left of their true red,
but the mercury will not join them himself .. . but such an outcome is only one - the
cruel mercy of people will lose the game ...

Cang Shi Although Star has a powerful force, but she is not suitable for combat, not
only because she has a strong and can take care of her sister, but because she is a
gentle child, with the Green Star Stone's words, - Cang rock star not for the
fighting forces there, but to protect everyone ... but she also understands that, in such
case, a sister to help, Cang star stone will become less imaging mercury
ruthless's girl right?

Cang-sing rock, although you gentle cause you to lose the first in the game, but you
helpless look, your elegant manners, your voice is soft and gentle with all of you, I
believe, the audience will not forget , in their hearts will remember a gentle Rozen
Maiden - Rock Star Cang

Fifth doll really red

Chinese Name: True Red

Japanese Name: し ん く
English name: Reiner Rubin

CV: Miyuki Sawashiro

The fifth Rozen Maiden doll, artificial Wizard is He Liye / Minjiang River (ホ ー リ
エ), the color rose. Double vision with blue, blonde hair length and to double in a
pony tail wearing a red dress, eye-catching style. Is the first pure Sakurada Rozen
Maiden concluded contract, personality arrogant conceit, pride and, with the
Queen-like temperament (with the earth's nickname is the Queen really
red), others say the tone of most of the command will be pure and century as a servant,
the doll in the Tian Ying is the existence of a leader is often cool calm attitude,
discipline saw her great surprise and very much like her discipline, and even willing
to do anything.

Main weapon is the blow from the palm of rose petals, and have the ability to
communicate with the spirit dolls, make dolls action when necessary, and to allow the
object a special ability to reverse time winding (often destroyed in the Tian Ying
windows and the kitchen), when used in normal cauda equina attack (pure play), in
the comic has been evolved to use the top rotary attack complex objects (31 words
Comics). Also often hit people a slap (hit canary and pure).

Particularly fond of black tea, black tea brewing for quite a stress, also has its own
exclusive red cup prepared group, usually like to see German books, books almost
their hands, like to watch the "Name Detective Library Library"
TV series (puppet theater) , on which the main role "Library
Database" considerable fascination, and sometimes purely for
"Library Database" voice, as real, true red that the database
library is completely real life. As the pure love beck and call, to be pure as
"cursed dolls" (Zhou い human form), but will only show in
front of pure fragile and spoiled the other side. Rose and another girl
"mercury" is a dead head (due to mercury crush his father gave
real red badge, red being the language of real attacks, resulting in two by friends into
enemies), she will lose the usual case of cool, when excited to
"Junk" (garbage or waste) called mercury. Other nasty things
are cats, Laplace of demons, darkness. For the Alice game wants to end their own way
by the.

* Hate: Laplace s demon, cat, dark, lonely, mercury vapor lamps
* Like: library libraries, black tea

* Mantra: ... na NODA わ

* Weapons: rose petals blowing from the palm, cane

* Artificial Wizard: He Liye / Holly / Minjiang River / Dutch in field / Dutch Lane /
Huoli Yi (Holly = ホ ー リ エ)

* Media: Sarah (former) / Sakurada pure (current)

True character of red

5. Noble True Red.

As the No. 1 real red heroine, her every move, every move in with her waking up
from a few hundred years ago in modern life do not even like to drink black tea
beverages also holds fond of habit, are all showing her noble temperament; on others,
never smiling, but crying about his name, and then told his own ideas, if that person
did not listen, she will first have to cool as the other two first, and then in front of him
gave him a foot, or thrown him with braids, a royal look; happens that vested absolute
power and in some ways the person has shown a little girl or girls only have the
character; for example, that what "library database" Dogs
exploration, each can actually really red in front of the TV completely lost the image
of the usual coolness, can actually facing the shouting on TV, he also quietly to pray
for it, feel it is the sense of and by which the suffered (not to dog you ...); there is the
true red decided to make cookies, and when their find themselves even when the
biscuits are done well (even when cookies are not conquered), she demonstrated that
only little girls have, but they can not have the temperament of the King - I even you
have clash, and that I live there any point; me will prosper, who resist shall perish! Oh,
a strong sense of conquest and self-willed! True Red understanding of things is very
fast but also thinking, when she broke his arm and connected again, she was known to
become a "waste" when the mood is so distressing, so when she
mercury in a in a dream saw, she did not hesitate to put down high king of the shelf,
personally apologized to her, and her tears of truth is also reasonable to mercury
among the soft-hearted; her sister is very loving, when she see Green Star Stone
crying in the arms of pure, she is not the first Green Star Stone asked what had
happened, but the net is not directly ask for Tsui Star stone cry, from here you can see
her sister strongly love.

Sixth Puppet young berries

Chinese Name: young berries

Japanese Name: い ち ご Hina

English name: Kleine Beere

CV: Nogawa Sakura / Tomoko Kaneda

Rozen Maiden dolls VI, artificial Wizard is the Berry-Bell (ベ リ ー ベ Hikaru),
the color pink. Debut with "Kashiwaba Pakistan" to set contract,
cry Pa Jimo personality, really red for Alice in with the game almost the power of the
original Palestinian media depleted, while in regret quickly rescind the contract to
save his the Palestinian life. After losing True Red in the red for the indirect real
media access to events from the pure power from on Sakurada lived down. Finally,
Alice started the game because they can not get from a pure power that lost their lives.

In their areas will be puppets have a huge capacity of the main offensive weapon rose
from him sprawling vines to trap the enemy's actions, but strawberry vine
canary Bows can be cut off. Love to eat sweets, especially the "strawberry
Tai Fook" and Sakurada century as the "Flower Egg
Burger" (take pills ハ ン Information found ー グ). Interest is the
crayon graffiti, and the red together with the true look, "Detective library
database", usually in the mouth, often humming their songs at random.
Personality is the simplicity, rock star Cui always bullied by the discipline of spoiled,
but always rely on her, to get along with everyone under are slowly changed, and
there alone to finish the thing. By Green Star Stone jokingly " Little Kito
berry (or Little Dot Berry) "(チ ビ チ ビ Berry).
* Like: strawberry Tai Fook

* Mantra: ... な の ~, ... の よ, う に ゅ ~

* Weapons: Strawberry vine

* Artificial Wizard: small bell / Beilibeier / strawberry bell / bell fruit (Berry Bell =
ベ リ ー ベ Hikaru)

* Medium: Kelin Nai (former former) Kashiwaba bar (former) Sakurada pure (the
current indirect media)

Character analysis of young strawberry

6. Pure young strawberry

Seventh Doll Rose Crystal (pseudo)

Chinese Name: Crystal Rose

Japanese Name: ば ら す い し ょ う

English name: Rosen Kristall

CV: Saori Goto
Original character animation in the second quarter, the seventh Rozen Maiden doll
puppet, puppet made by the Huai seventh doll. Rozen Maiden is full of the ultimate
mystery, the biggest feature is the eyes, the shape of the purple rose eye,
doll's clothing has a form different from other styles (lavender buds skirt).

Strong fighting ability, formed from the ground amethyst as the main offensive
weapons, with one hand to block the formation of a similar attack Wall. Quiet, but
with strange words like duplicate each other's language addiction,
poker-faced, encountered a strong enemy will reveal a smile, is the militant faction.
Great love for their father, unbearable after the other six dolls of Rose Mary and the

? Like: repeat each other to speak strange language addiction

? Weapons: Amethyst, Crystal Sword, Amethyst fragments

Character analysis of rose crystal

7. Poor rose crystal.

Rose Crystal, in the second part of an appearance on the red to the true words against
them, discerning eye to see that she is a villain, really, with the plot development, she
instigated mercury to capture their true red rose well to save Our Lady of small
consideration; rhetoric Rock Star break the psychological defense of Cang Cang-sing
rock and the real cause of their separation and other red, all, everything that a real red
rose crystal is their biggest enemy, and we could see the rose crystal to achieve their
goals ruthless, evil thinking plus the characteristics of terror ... So I want you to see
Crystal Rose Law because they can not really absorb and to pieces when the mother
of Rose, it must feel Yuanmin ~ ~ as if to say, "See ~ ~ This is the
arrogance plus the consequences of arrogance ... "it! Indeed, this wish is
normal, but still, we are aware, crystal rose last with her" father
"tone of voice, demeanor, and content ... because her words so I told her
there was a better understanding of, and she must not only pure evil, she also has a
lonely side, lonely to the bone side ... an evil person, even if they are facing death,
will be convinced that their views However, Crystal Rose in his last moments, did not
say, I am Alice, or that they are really red waste to the group, but she has been
repeating the word "father" ... in the case of fragmentation of
her body She did not shout, "Come Help Me" to the group, but
from the heart to the cries of his father - father! In fact, we can calmly think about it,
really red if the meaning of life is to carry out their games to make themselves Alice
Alice, then Rose Crystal what the meaning of life? And really red, like them, as Alice?
Wrong! Become just a form of Alice, the real purpose is to defeat them really red,
what is not, but that - his father Biro really strong, she deeply loves his father, did not
consider themselves for this reason alone, she faced numerous crystal Rozen Maiden,
it relied on the support of a father's love with Rose Mary are the body can
not absorb the fight ...
Xue Hua Qijing seventh Doll

Chinese Name: Snow Hua Qijing

Japanese Name: ki ki ら う し ょ

German Name: Schoumln Schneegloumlckchen Kristall

The seventh Rozen Maiden doll, comic books, then publish the names of serial No. 35,
the media is Annie. One eye, and rose crystal difference is that she give birth to an
office in the right eye covered by a white rose naturally, clothing in white tone. But
the two have to repeat each other's language to speak of strange addiction.

(Cartoon version) Alice Lo really go to the extreme to create, in the production of
snow Hua Qijing even when the body of the material world, she also abandoned, so
there is no snow Hua Qijing entity can only appear in the virtual world. Unfortunately,
even if it still can not become snow Hua Qijing Alice, to make up their own complete,
she seized the child's body prepare for berry Alice Game, also controls the
Cang-sing rock. Thanks to the entity, so she can appear in reality.
Weapons: white rose vines, spider webs, white lens (my colleagues in the game)

? Artificial wizard: Sha Bier

? Media: Annie / Ao Dilu


Pure Sakurada (桜 field _ GUI ュ ン) CV: Sanada ア サ ミ / small Yulin Desert