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Routine maintenance of home central air conditioning and maintenance


									Routine maintenance of residential central air conditioning and maintenance
      Air conditioning is already necessary for each household appliances, but you
know how you like better services? Let us look at the following recommendations
      ?Air-conditioning running, the air 80% of the tiny dust and bacteria through the
filter into the air conditioning, and plug the condensate in the evaporator, after
bonding, the impact of air conditioning refrigeration and cooling, while the wet
surface is the evaporator breeding ground for bacteria breeding. Currently people on
the cleaning air conditioning Gainian stay in Cleaning and filtering online, Qi Shi
dirty air conditioning evaporator Eastern Tibet in the aluminum of the gap Zhong,
simply can from Biaomian less than Zhiyou with Zhuanyong air cleaning agent will
be introduced to dirt later was it clear realize how dirty their air conditioning.
Air conditioning is like the human body, do not care, physical inactivity, some small
problems do not go to the doctor, the body naturally is getting worse. Air conditioning
with long, naturally dirty, dirty cleaning and maintenance have to. Well maintained,
not only to eliminate air pollution problems, clean air, air-conditioning can also shine
like new, energy saving, long life.
?Air price war last year in full swing, this year they desire to rekindle some of the
air-conditioning brand. As a consumer when purchasing the first air-conditioned,
one-time 1,000 yuan to buy the first set of air conditioning and the availability of
more than ten years of air-conditioning, in the end will choose which one?
   Buy cheap or buy necessary?
   Purchase of air conditioning, you are buying the cheapest? Or to buy the most
needed it? Only 1,000 yuan, also can create air conditioning, but the air conditioning
so you are dare to do? A number of manufacturers that can produce 1,000 yuan a fully
air-conditioned, exterior and almost 3,000 air-conditioning can also be cooling, the
internal may well have said. Because they are low-cost raw materials used in society,
for example: 3,000 air-conditioning use is galvanized sheet imports two-rotor
compressor. 1,000 yuan for air conditioning is cold-rolled sheet, or even second-hand
single rotor compressor. One difference from the board of view, a ton of difference
reached 1,000 yuan, more compressors and electronic control components not to
mention the difference between a. Exterior looks the same, can the quality and service
life there is a huge gap. In order to save 1,000 yuan, so air conditioning shortened life
expectancy 10 years, cost-effective it?
   Not mean that all are low-quality low-cost air-conditioning, but it is undeniable that
some manufacturers at low prices to win on the performance of air conditioning
products were cut. Simple refrigeration and heat, forced air conditioning prices very
low compliance, but its use after purchase costs will continue to increase. Power
consumption, cooling capacity and other properties, comfort, lower, consumers would
lose more money and time. For an energy efficient air conditioning, the purchase price
may be high, but due to high energy efficiency refrigeration, energy saving, ten years
down the air conditioning on to save a set price.
   With the increasing living standards, consumer demand for more personalized,
diversified, energy-saving air-conditioning, comfort, health factors are all of concern
to consumers gradually. Purchase of air conditioning, buying not only the quality of
products, as well as health and the Heart.
   Buy one-off air conditioning or durability of air-conditioning?
   Air conditioning is still belong to high-end consumer durable goods instead of
disposable consumer goods, its price, including material costs, technical costs and
service costs. Buy air-conditioning not only depends on its quality, depends on its
technical content, services and manufacturing air-conditioning business potential.
Now the evaluation of management scholars on four categories of business: the
pursuit of quality growth is the development of the quality of growth is no longer fat,
not the quality of growth was not cancer, not the quality of negative growth is death. *
Low earnings are simply air-conditioning manufacturers only to their pockets in a
scuffle, the result can only be death.
   In fact, last year's air war has led to a large number who want to buy
cheap air conditioning consumers Taihushangdang. Careful consumers may have
discovered two years ago because of cheap and popular in the market in a short-brand
air-conditioning has disappeared. No guarantee of quality, service can not keep up, let
the consumers buy the cheap air conditioning, "called not being heard by
anyone", a thorough understanding of the "cheap no good
goods" truth.
   To the primary service or innovation in place of service?
   Air-conditioning installation and after-sales service to consumers who purchase air
conditioning is also very important. According to statistics departments and
enterprises, more than half of the air conditioner failures are due to poor installation
caused. Some cheap price air itself has any money, for air conditioning installation
and other services saved, naturally. Low-cost products often with a low-cost service: a
simple air-conditioning installation, without a strong network of services, and even
some manufacturers have not trained installers only charge a few feet Buddha interim
report only. How can such a primary service to consumer confidence? Said Haier air
conditioning has now launched an innovative service called the dust-free installation
and security distribution that is not now safe air dust as in the past, and particularly in
their own homes If the power is far from air-conditioning, the Haier can pull free
electricity. Place this innovative service and a simple primary service which is more
Italian You do?
   Therefore, experts warn: Buy Air Conditioning, MO to get petty. To a bed of roses
to buy some from the air-conditioning quality, service, technology fully into account,
do not blindly follow, calm and analytical, rational consumption.
   Lu Beijing China Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the central air conditioning,
central air conditioner parts of York, York, central air conditioning repair, central air
conditioning and maintenance of York, York Parts, York Refrigeration oil, Carrier
accessories, refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning engineering and
related products of modern technology system services business.
Refrigeration and air conditioning business scope covers all fields: from the domestic
(commercial) to install central air conditioning sales; to the chiller, freezer cold
storage design and construction; to large industrial and mining enterprises and central
air conditioning units, water chiller maintenance and repair. Particularly in the various
large-scale central air conditioning, water chiller, oil (gas) boiler technology service
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