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Rose Bowl


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									Rose Bowl
 World Cup finally came to an end, grad, some low, some pride. Italy's
victory in the history of search and saw his Rose Bowl stadium in the United States in
a holy war.
 Rose and Bowl, what a wonderful combination. "Rose, deciduous shrub,
odd pinnate, with dense thorn, color purple, filled with fragrance, can be used in
incense, spices and preserved fruits, etc., more time for good things - a symbol of love.
Bowl, is tableware, a Tanemori eating utensils, mouth end of a small, usually round,
usually rice bowls; love, but that is the highest state of human spiritual life,
"bowls" the most simple representative of material life.

Rose: Legends and controversy

 In different countries and regions, roses have different terminologies, such as rose,
rose, rose, etc., and people always confuse it, though they both belong to the same
family, but not identical, which is the most preferred, or Rose. Europe and the United
States rose in many countries because of preference, put three flowers collectively
referred to as rose. Many countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States,
regard the attack as a flower Rose or Rose to show my dear, it is also stem has thorns
that serious.

 Rose has such a high position, there are many legendary stories. One said that from
the Passion of Jesus Christ. Although the story is not to be Old Testament New
Testament of the Bible included, but in Christianity, Jesus was betrayed rumors after
being crucified alive, drop by drop the blood of Jesus infiltration in the soil, and soon
after, the growth of the Cross will be a species of special flowers, bright red, fragrant,
and barbed, sacrosanct, this is Rose. Another said that from ancient Greek mythology,
Cupid is said to save her lover, run so fast to be a rose thorn pierced her hands and
feet, blood red roses. Red roses and become a symbol of love, is a token between
lovers, and finally become the world's universal language of flowers.

 But in the United States, rose to become the national flower, it does lead to
controversy over a longer period of time. In 1985, U.S. Senator John? Board proposal
to Congress, the rose as U.S. national flower. September 23, 1986, after a formal vote
after the House passed, establishing the rose as the national flower. U.S. House of
Representatives of the national announcement, said Rose is love, peace, friendship,
courage and dedication in disguise. Red roses symbolize love, love, and courage, pale
pink pass approval or praise of the information, on behalf of worry elegant pink and
noble bearing, deep pink thanks, white symbolizes purity, yellow symbol of joy and

 The national flower is usually established after a long history and culture of a
country after a conventional precipitation, did not need Congress or the government to
vote. For example, the Chinese national flower peony, sunflower Russian national
flower, daisy flower, Italy, Netherlands, tulip flower, flower iris France (Golden Lily),
the Japanese national flower cherry blossoms, are often also the emotional and
customs of a country's comprehensive national symbol. Why the United
States launching a campaign to vote? In addition to the United States advocating
democracy, a more significant reason was greater in the United States disputes. In fact,
on the national flower of the war, before and after the experience of the past hundred
years. Rose the most competitive one and is Calendula officinalis, the late Senator
Dixon has offered to Calendula as the national flower, said as Calendula found only in
North America, is the real, American, United States 50 states have such a flower,
calendula adaptation to the environment and the resistance of the pest is other other
flowers can not be compared.

 But in the end, the U.S. Congress gave up its own characteristics to choose the rose,
commented that, in addition to Rose Calendula Suomo You have the history and
culture of Shang's Xiangzheng value, more importantly, the yes she is
Quan Qiu. Anywhere in the world, can find the charming Rose's body color,
at least in line with U.S. global strategy, that is, since the Coca-Cola,
McDonald's, as well as Microsoft and IBM are both global, why can not
the roses?

  Of course in China, both rose, rose, or roses, but also has long before, or even
already have our own legend. In China, such as roses and peonies as 12 flowers
perianth God. Legend of the flora, the original duty in heaven, for wedding music or
other things non-vertical, was found committing the heaven, then, the Jade Emperor
Jiang demoted them to the earth, the flowers of God came to earth, they naturally
brought the flower seeds, and flowers planted in the church flower world, so, world
soon became the colorful and stepping, no less than heaven. As a result, people spend
12 to thank the gods, and financed the construction of the temple flowers. Beijing
took the fall flower temple in Beijing and stepping Fengtai Town, site of the century
home damiaocun North. Flower Temple was built in the Ming Dynasty, the temple is
the top of hanging a "historic temple flower" of the plaque. The
front hall for the temple of God and Zhu Lu Kao took the tablets of God. Here is the
flower growers who worship God took place, is also the venue of Beijing Flower
Association and the Guild line. Lunar New Year on February 12 each year for the
birth of Kao God, that the "flower Korea", and stepping of the
flower have all this pilgrimage flowers. March 29, further developments have
performed, that the "thank God." Dataichangxi attract You Ren
Yun Shi and literati of many, and improvisation and composition and joined in the
chorus, often form a market, great excitement. Today, the 58th Beijing Temple of
secondary and primary schools shall be spent flower temple site.

 United States, a famous stadium called the "Rose Bowl
stadium," Women's World Cup 1994 is open there, so the
"Rose Bowl" is a North American element in a sense symbolic.
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