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									Rockefeller (Rockefeller)
Rockefeller (Rockefeller)
Reference to modern and even contemporary American history, it is difficult to avoid
the family name Rockefeller: Standard Oil, Rockefeller Foundation, the Chase
Manhattan Bank, Museum of Modern Art, Rockefeller Center, University of Chicago,
Rockefeller University, there is the sadness of the United States of America In the
"9" 11 "in the twin towers dumping.
In the business world, bring the wealth of famous Rockefeller family, with
"household names, including women and children" to describe
not an exaggeration. The six have so far been busy on behalf of the "World
Wealth mark" with the United States and the international political and
economic are inextricably linked.
The older generation of entrepreneurs
Founder John "D" Rockefeller (1839-1937) originally a dry
goods store in Cleveland, Ohio, work, earn 5 dollars a week. He later founded
Standard Oil, in fact, the U.S. oil industry began.
In 1910, when John "D" found themselves in the name of
Rockefeller wealth has reached nearly 1 billion U.S. dollars, he began to consider how
the sum of wealth. Since his purchase of the French manor or castle in Scotland are
not interested, they bothered to buy works of art, yachts, or the medieval charm of the
suit and all the rich people to tell about something, he put much of their income to
invest in coal mines, railways , insurance companies, banks and various types of
production enterprises, the most famous is the iron ore business.
If John "D" Rockefeller is still alive, he converted into
today's dollar worth about 200 billion - according to the 2008
"Forbes" billionaires list, then the world's richest
man, Warren. Buffett's net worth is 620 million.
Today, the old Rockefeller estate still dominates the world oil industry, he also called
today's omnipresent, all-powerful symbol of the personification of the
Western oil industry.
Six generations of family wealth for
An old Chinese saying that "the rich, but three generations", but
the development of the Rockefeller family is now the sixth generation, and still high
noon, alone "rich" world.
Experienced more than a century the Rockefeller family, still writing a glorious
history, John "D" Rockefeller's descendants were not
all 躲在房间里 plan to hold their wealth, let money into the pockets of others, but
active participation in cultural, health and charity, With full of guilt will be a lot of
money for the establishment of various funds, invest in universities, hospitals, the
whole community to share their wealth.
In America today, to completely avoid the impact of the family is almost impossible,
is no exaggeration to say that the Rockefeller family in the history of the past 150
years of American history is the epitome of a precise and has become the spirit of the
U.S. National outstanding representatives of the affected people around the world.
〔〕 First generation family business
Rockefeller: Earth's first billionaire
Early American Regal, most successfully by the opportunity, only John
"D" Rockefeller exception. He is not versatile, but the unusual
calm, shrewd, far-sighted, with their unique energy and means to start from scratch,
step by step to build his vast oil empire. In his long life, people he mixed, some
people think he is just very ambitious, profit-oriented entrepreneurs, while others
compliment he is a generous philanthropist. In any case, as the first billionaire in
American history, as the oil giant, he was a considerable time in control of oil
resources in the United States, and the creation of a trust enterprise system, economic
development in the history of capitalism in the United States occupies an important
Commercial gene genetic
July 8, 1839, John "Rockefeller was born in New York, a Hudson River
town named Patrick. His parents, personality is different: his mother was a convert
does," Bible "of the devout Christian Christians, she diligent,
frugal, simple, tutoring strict; while his father is a pragmatic playboy, his
self-confidence, good adventures, good communication, self-willed but self-centered.
Rockefeller as the eldest son, his father learned from stress practical way of doing
business, and from mother to learn the fine, thrifty, trustworthy, conscientious and
strengths, which he had great success in the future impact.
Father, William Low, known as the "big man Bill" is a timber
merchants battles everywhere, horse dealers, is also a mountebank of the witch doctor,
selling so-called "stand see miraculous, cure-all" panacea. In
addition, he sold the land, the sale of fur, salt traders, selling groceries, almost nothing
quit the knowledgeable person.
Father to go out business, a visit is a few months at home on children's
education is mainly borne by the mother. But the father also occasionally go home the
same expectations for their children and mothers, a free teach John how to write
business letters, how to accurately and promptly paid, and how to clear account. He
knew the reality of society and morality in the cold, so he often uses some special way
to educate children so that they can be strong at the start before the community
together and smart.
However, the blood flow to his father John, what has not completely accepted, and he
did not father that Playboy's mettle, but his mother inherited the virtues of
thrift. He put this belief as a "commercial training", keep life
branded "non-thrift Kui" criteria; from which he derived from
his conclusion: "Only a comprehensive and balanced number."
The biggest decision of his life
John "Rockefeller after graduating from high school, in a firm when the
grain business accounting clerk. Three years later, the 19-year-old Rockefeller 10%
annual interest rate loan to the father of 1000 U.S. dollars, plus his savings of 800 U.S.
dollars, and Clark started a business partnership grain and meat companies. It is run
by Rockefeller's life the first company.
Then, in the United States has found oil in Pennsylvania, tens of thousands of portraits,
like the original gold rush boom oil zone. Cleveland, the new line when business
people have bangs, they elected to promising young broker Rockefeller personally
investigate oil producer in Pennsylvania.
Rockefeller came to oil production, the eyes of all to his shocking: full of tall derrick,
messy humble cottage, the well-digging equipment and storage tanks grotesque, a
pandemonium,         confusion.    Rockefeller through the surface              of the
"prosperity" scene, saw the potential behind the blind
exploitation of the crisis.
Rockefeller is not cool to go back to Cleveland businessmen eager to report on the
findings, but oil production in the United States of hotel living down further to make
site visits. He read the newspaper every day, market conditions, quietly listening to
endless anxiety and oil traders who account seriously take detailed notes.
Study over a period of time, he returned to Cleveland. He suggested that merchants
not to invest in crude oil production, where oil exploration has been too limited
demand, the oil market's price will fall. He cautioned that, in order to build
a successful career, you must learn to wait, patiently waiting for a winning premise.
Sure enough, not Rockefeller expected, because oil drilling madly, causing oil prices
kept falling, oil drilling pioneer who defeated one by one.
3 years later, the sharp fall in crude oil once again, the Rockefeller thought that the
time to invest in oil, and this far beyond most people's expectations. He
and Clark, 4000 U.S. dollars joint venture with a British work in the refinery, opening
up a refinery Andrews. Andrews refined kerosene with a new technology, so Andrews
- Clark rapidly.
Rockefeller was in his early 20 has been quite sophisticated to do business. He was
patient, calm and observe for a period of time, decided to let go big dry. Then his
partner Clark can be hesitant and afraid to take risks. Two decisions in the oil business,
there was a serious disagreement, and finally had to separate ways.
When property rights in the auction, both refused to give up their original brokers
Andrews - Clark's stake in each scene is very intense outcry. Rockefeller
was determined to put in the oil business, so every time without hesitation shouted
Bikelake higher price, until the last Clark Distressed said: "I will not raise
prices, John, this option is yours . "Rockefeller, 26, finally won. He later
recalled that at the decisive moment, I said: "This is the best decision I
ever made." Since then he has the company changed its name to
"Rockefeller - Andrews Company", with hope and began his oil
Father of trust
Rockefeller enterprises to expand awareness of the need to be able to withstand the
impact of waves. He later combined the two financial strength, reputation good
investment partners to create a capital of one million U.S. dollars of Standard Oil.
In Business, Rockefeller nasty price war with competitors expulsion. He is more
willing to offer cash to competitors or standard stock (Related: Money Finance), to
buy their oil refineries. He is a pioneer in understanding the value of mergers. While
the merger company, Rockefeller has amassed a group of capable, in his own words:
"That far exceeds the value of all the companies merged."
By the end of 1879, the standard has controlled 90% of the nation's oil
refining industry. To 1880, U.S. production of oil and 95% by Standard Oil refined.
From the United States history, has never been a business can be so thoroughly
dominated over the market completely.
It is at this time, Rockefeller's lawyer Duo Deti out of the
"trust" the concept of this monopoly. In Dodd's
"trust" theory under the guidance of Rockefeller incorporates
more than 40 companies, dominated the country's oil refining industry,
80% and 90% of the pipeline business. 1886, Standard Oil has created a natural gas
trust. Standard Oil Standard Oil last named. Trust is rapidly across the country, the
industry spread, in a very short period of time, this form of monopolies accounted for
90% of the U.S. economy. Rockefeller has successfully created a unique American
history era - the era of monopoly.
As a monopolist Rockefeller offended a lot of people: business rivals, Wall Street,
Court, Congress. Monopoly control of the economy so that social unrest. President
Roosevelt in the old "anti-trust law" under the big stick, Mobil
mutilated. Rockefeller angrily scolding the old Roosevelt was despicable. And vowed
to no longer finance the Republican candidate.
Desire for the metal, such as living life
While Rockefeller has amassed enormous wealth, but his life is very frugal, but all the
time to educate his children in his impoverished childhood form values. The first step
is to prevent their spendthrift ways let them know that his father was a rich man.
Rockefeller Some children grow up before, never been to his office and refineries.
Rockefeller out at home a virtual market economy, saying his wife was
"general manager", that require children to serious account.
Children to earn pocket money by doing chores: Da Cangying 2 cents, pencil
sharpener, 1 cents, 5 cents per hour, the piano, then earn a dollar repair vases, one day
without sugar can be 2 cents, the first 2 days do not eat awards a dime, in 10 per pull
weeds in vegetable field can earn a penny, only a small boy John firewood
remuneration is an angle of 5 cents per hour, per day to maintain a clean yard path is a
dime, Rockefeller for their own children into a small home can feel very proud of
labor, he pointed to another 13-year-old daughter, said: "This little girl has
started to make money, you simply can not imagine her is how earned it. I heard that
gas used carefully, the cost can dynasties down, they told her that the monthly bill
from the current savings of the money under her. So every night she was driving
around and saw no one the use of gas lamps, and went to close it little bit. "
In order for children to learn to mutual accommodation, he can only buy a bike for
four children. Little John grew up ashamed to admit that his 8-year-old used to wear
skirts all, because he was the smallest home, in front of three are girls.
Rockefeller desire for the metal, such as life, 16-year-old spent a dime bought a small
book record amount of revenue and expenditure for each, account books regarded as
their life's most precious monuments.
September 8, 1864, Rockefeller 24-year-old high school with Laura wedding.
Although he had accumulated great wealth, buying a wedding ring but only spent
15.75 U.S. dollars. This spending recorded in the "miscellaneous
expenses" item. Rockefeller had a friend who owed 5 points to keep the
change, a friend let him do not hesitate, and he insisted the coins into a
friend's pocket, said solemnly: "This is one U.S. dollar for a
whole year's interest ah."
Second-generation family business
Little John "D" Rockefeller: tough second-generation
Old Rockefeller said, "the ability to make money is a gift given to us by
God." Out of family responsibility, ailing old Rockefeller was to pass this
life of his only son - Little John "D" Rockefeller,
David's father he is.
Small Rockefeller became head of the family, not only took over the family oil
business, and also took over the family philanthropy. Sometimes, small Rockefeller
found: their wants in the oil business and charity between the two ancestral family
business is very difficult to find psychological balance, so he often suffers from
nervous disorders of the suffering and torture. Small Rockefeller once described that,
when he feels like doing business and their own conscience to participate in a race to
compete. David said his father suffered frequent religious ideological education so
that he could not help but doubt: their own in the business world doing what is
Small Rockefeller established the Rockefeller Center in New York, and managed to
save many of the western United States mountain ancient redwoods. In fact, he
carried forward the cause of the family also gave up many opportunities, and now
come back to look at his life, he spent the greater part of time to get out of the family
wealth, not accumulate more wealth for the top. David pointed out big in the process
of doing philanthropy, his father "was a great meet, he saw many problems
exist in society, just as way to help solve these problems."
Rockefeller on the protection of historical heritage of small and has a strong interest
in protecting the environment. Through his efforts, the British colonial era on the
North American continent created by the Williamsburg city and the Palace of
Versailles in France was able to completely preserved.
Therefore, the Rockefeller family to have this reputation, little John can not be denied.
Little John "D. Rockefeller's Creed - I believe
I believe that the supreme value of each individual, and his freedom, the right to
pursue happiness.
I believe that every right is a responsibility; every opportunity is a responsibility; each
property is a responsibility.
I believe that the law is established by man, not man for any set of laws; the
government is the people's servants, not masters of the people.
I believe that to get the dignity of labor, whether physical or mental; the world will
not make people live, but it is less opportunity for people to live better.
I believe that thrift is a sound financial structure of the top necessities, whether in
government, business or personal financial management (Related: Securities Finance)
I believe that truth and justice are the fundamental of a harmonious society.
I believe the promise that everyone ought to have that sacred language as well as their
treatment of the bonds; promises - not wealth or power - but the supreme value.
I believe that to obtain the necessary return on the common needs of mankind, to
eliminate self-serving, cleaning scum in the fire is, to a collection of great soul.
I believe that the supreme wisdom and love of God, whether he gave the people what
kind of name, the highest individual achievement, the greatest happiness, and the
most broad to be present in which his own wishes.
I believe love is the greatest thing in the world, only it can help you overcome all the
hate, so you have to be happy.
Third-generation family business
Lawrence "Rockefeller:" Father of Venture Capital "
Wealth, but his platform, to give him more convenience to love nature;
Family, his honor, the National Park is the destination of his soul.
Wall Street genius
Lawrence "Rockefeller on May 26, 1910 Born in New York, he is Little
John" D "Rockefeller ranks the fourth among six children.
70 years ago, Lawrence "Rockefeller began his Wall Street career, he
became a pioneer of modern venture capital, but also to inherit from the wealth of the
Rockefeller family turned several times successfully. In the New York Stock (Related:
Money Financial) Trading The number served for 10 years, he often used his innate
instinct to make the next important business decisions. He was not satisfied to simple
to earn more money, but to make money and produce something out of lasting
significance. Little John "D" Rockefeller is now the only
surviving son, David, "Rockefeller said of his brother:" I admire
him in the business world has shown exceptional ability in the field of venture capital
to do things I always followed him. He was the is indeed a true pioneer in the field.
"Father of Venture Capital"
Lawrence inherited the money from his grandfather's talent, his name has
15 billion in assets, has been in the "Forbes" ranked the
world's 587 billionaires in the first 377. 1937, Lawrence inherited his
grandfather bought the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street stepped from the road
business, opened a U.S. venture capital precedent. Surprisingly, he did not buy more
blue chips, but a beginning to help the newly established investment and
entrepreneurship. His first attempt is by chance. At that time, he and his new wife
prepare custom pieces of furniture. When he saw the Finnish designer Alva Aalto
designed wooden furniture photo music, had a premonition that the furniture would be
ideal for the modern home, then set an order to buy a number, opened a store in New
York. Although many people had expressed doubts about business prospects, but the
result of furniture is very sought after, until the supply of Yin Fenlan Winter War of
1940 affected the business was forced to stop. Lawrence's second was even
more influential trading. World War I pilot, he made the acquaintance of Eddie
"Ruikenbeike that Ruikenbeike on commercial air views about the rise of
insightful. Thus, in 1938, he set up funding Ruikenbeike Eastern Airlines, and for a
long time the company's largest shareholder and the post-war Eastern
Airlines has become the most profitable airlines. In addition, he invested in 1939,
McDonnell Douglas military aircraft carrier has become a major supplier.
During World War II, he freeze the business, entered the Navy, rank at least school.
After the war, he returned to stores, to continue to seek new investment enterprises
established. 1959, "The Wall Street Journal," Lawrence said in
an article in the special "risk capital" contribution in this new
field, which established his "father of venture capital" status.
Lawrence and other members of the Joint Rockefeller family, including the Museum
of Modern Art, including a number of institutions set up Locke who specializes in
venture capital venture capital firm. As of 1996, they invested a total of 221 at the
initial stage of the company, these companies are good investments have been made
after the performance.
Decades of experience in business, so he believed that to maintain flexibility and the
importance of the times, so he was happy to accept new things, the introduction of
new concepts, to promote venture capital funds, development of high technology and
other emerging industries, including investment Apple and the nation's
largest chip company Intel Corporation.
July 11, 2004 and overlooks the wealthy, all-powerful in the United States Lawrence,
"Rockefeller died in his sleep at the age of 94. The third-generation
descendant of the Rockefeller family, though born in Golden Key mouths, but by no
means a Dandyism children, his lifetime risk investment not only opened the first of
its kind, also for the U.S. environmental and charitable causes enduring contribution.
David "Rockefeller: third-generation proprietor of economic empire
David "Rockefeller, 1915 was born on June 12 a two centuries of the most
influential names of family - the Rockefeller family. He is the third generation of the
economic head of the empire.
Biggest names in political and economic
As the first family, the descendants of the United States, David has no chance of other
people, you can access the world's most influential economists, the most
powerful families and the whole Europe and the United States Council of politicians,
each of the next U.S. president, involved in a number of important patterns of access
to change the world. He visited the former Soviet Union during the Cold War, with
Khrushchev and Gorbachev have had a direct and sharp face to face, he is also the
first Sino-US relations began to thaw in 1973 after the visit of China's
capitalists, or in the reform and opening up in close contact with China, and
successfully carry out business activities of international financiers.
As Hayek and Schumpeter's students and students with well-known
economist Paul Samuelson, his economics, impact on business and government all
have a profound insights, these insights are also widely affected the U.S. economy
direction and policy development. He redefined the identity of the entrepreneurs that
"entrepreneurs represent itself as an opportunity to meet
people's inventions and innovations in the pursuit of rights and the nature
of gambling ... ... In fact, the process of the pursuit of success, for many of its own
people is a goal, but in the eyes of those who profit worth the effort just a by-product
", which may better explain his use and creation of wealth to do.
Rich social responsibility
David grew up, when on the Chase, "Governor of the Bank of Manhattan,
specifically responsible for supervising the bank's international operations.
At the same time, he also engaged in charity work and keen interest in the arts. He
was also in charge of a family heritage, this legacy still influences American life.
In addition to their own company have steadily Dangdang, David has done a lot of
grandparents have not tried to do. For example, he wrote a book called
"TECHNOLOGY" book, about his family in the United States
the most powerful in the personal life. Also wrote a biography -
"Memoirs," which include the family history, a good reference
to the sub-grandchildren. Both in his book, or in life, David is always kept on to
emphasize that a person who has a great social wealth should have a sense of social
responsibility. "The rich should bear a sense of responsibility to society, to
do useful things for others." Every time someone wrote to him or ask him
face to face charity money, David will do according to his father's practice.
It appears that without the burden of the family business, David should be a writer,
historian or something. David, "Rockefeller said he hopes his family will
be" helping family "image name go down in history:"
wealth, others do not also have the opportunity to grasp these opportunities, is also a
very important matter . "Rockefeller family's cause has been
passed on behalf of the pick 3 years, may be to the fourth and fifth generation of
children, a pulse has been a legend in the habit of strong opposition. The Son of David,
there are many extremists kills the Rockefeller sign name, incognito into the world.
According to statistics, 80% of the family business can not successfully reached No. 2
on behalf of the people's hands, the remaining 13% are not reached the
hands of the 3rd generation. I do not know whether by the Rockefeller family
David's book, "Memoirs," family history, continue to
maintain the survival of 7% of it?
Link: John "Rockefeller: The philanthropist
John and father work hard, diligently, have a strong sense of responsibility, but
"emotional tension" in the "social occasions very shy,
very clumsy," and even "for his remark or idea of pain flash
across better days. " However, the shy, John has another side, as opposed
to hand control of his brother Nelson family affairs, he launched a fierce struggle, and
achieve final victory.
As a family of philanthropists, John put his life focus to solve social problems, he has
a loser in life and feeling. The Vietnam War, the turbulence of American society
makes the tide against the war John had a natural identity, and that era who have long
hair, love to drink is considered unorthodox youth preference for me. John David
praised the achievements in charity "is the Rockefeller family members
can be proud of."
Nelson "Rockefeller: excellent politician
Nelson's character more like his mother Aldrich family, not the
Rockefellers. He has countless wealth, but never thought of just sit waiting for the
successful buckle the door, he courage to overcome all obstacles, including his
reading with a serious disorder. He has successfully re-record four times in New York
State Governor's amazing record, to become self-Roosevelt, Truman and
Eisenhower, a politician since the most attention.
Winthrop: Banker family
The initial stock market crash of 1929, not long before the trust's president
and sudden death benefits. Little John "Winthrop Rockefeller proposed
temporary replacement. Winthrop reluctantly accepted this position, but insisted only
dry year.
When the president of Winthrop, after looking for a financial partner to provide
domestic strength and support. He found Chase the partners - the country's
most powerful domestic banks. Early in 1930, he negotiated the merger Chase, will
create the world's largest bank at that time. Little John,
"Rockefeller fully support the merger move, and was allowed to appoint
two representatives, a total of 25 new bank's board. While Little
John," Rockefeller of the shares as merger and reduced to about 4%, but he
was the largest Union Bank shareholders. After the merger, served as president of
Winthrop. Wall Street and the U.S. financial community to respect Winthrop, and
Chase Manhattan Bank in his 20 years at the helm is also prosperous. But Winthrop
had not received training for bankers, banks rarely intervene in the daily operation. He
likes the role of business politician, became the outstanding spokesman for the U.S.
financial sector.

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